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31 May, 2003

Fascist Future Of The Past
By K.N.Panikker

The history of India is being retold in a way to mould the future generations in a communal way

The Marad massacre
By V.R. Krishna Iyer

The Marad massacre proves that minority Islamic communalism is as militantly blood-thirsty as majority communalism... The voice of secularism cannot be soft towards either

28 May, 2003

Another 'Survey' Of Christians
By Manas Dasgupta

In total disregard of the Gujarat High Court's orders, the Patan district police have launched yet another "survey" of the Christians and the institutions run by the community

26 May, 2003

Marad: Untold Story Of An RSS "Liberated Area"
By Mukundan C. Menon

Within hours of the May 2 killing. All the 500-odd Muslim families of Marad moved away. The Muslim-free Marad is now an "RSS liberated zone".

21 May, 2003

Politics And The Rule Of Law
By Ajay K. Mehra

The trishul, talwar and lathi have unfortunately emerged as bizarre symbols in Indian politics. Whom are these symbolic weapons, of cultural nationalism , being brandished against?

The Madrassas In India
By Mushirul Hasan

Though conservative in outlook, the madrassas in India stand opposite to fundamentalist Islam and contribute to a rather pluralist attitude among their students

Empowering Women, The VHP Way
By Hubert Vaz

A visit to all-girls' summer camp at Juhu, Mumbai, conducted by Viswa Hindu Parishad

20 May, 2003

Complaint Against Praveen Togadia

Complaint against Praveen Togadia under Sections 153A, 153B, sections 295A and 298 and 505 of the Indian Penal Code filed by Teesta Setalvad Co-Editor of Communalism Combat

19 May, 2003

Sociology Of Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Communalism is product not of religious hostilities but of political and economic struggle for share in power and resources between the educated elite

18 May, 2003

Quest For Harmony
By Valson Thampu

Communal harmony is a logical impossibility.What we ought to seek is not "communal", but "spiritual harmony"

Probe or Persecution?
By Dionne Bunsha

Muslims in Ahmedabad bear the brunt of the investigation into the assassination of former Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya

17 May, 2003

Kerala Government Must Crush Fundamentalist Forces
By Indiathinkersnet yahoogroups

People of Kerala must not allow their souls to be sold to the forces of communal fascism

16 May, 2003

Sermon Of Hate

An English translation of the VHP international general secretary, Dr. Praveen Togadia’s entire speech at a meeting of the Rashtriya Vichar Manch on March 16, 2003 in Mumbai

15 May, 2003

Massacre In Marad
By N.P. Chekkutty

Despite its long tradition of Kerala multi–culturalism and secular, democratic politics, Kerala is fast turning into a communal cauldron, thanks in large measure to the short-sightedness of the Congress and the CPI(M)

14 May, 2003

Allah Baksh Versus Savarkar
By Anil Nauriya

Since many of the contrary voices, like those of Allah Baksh,
represented the unifying tendency within India, their muffling has fed Hindutva

13 May, 2003

Communalising Kerala
By K.N. Panikkar

A transition from the communitarian to the communal has been taking place in Kerala, slowly but steadily

11 May, 2003

VHP Builds A Temple In Idukki Dam
By Mukundan C. Menon

On April 30, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad hurriedly conducted the "idol installation ceremony" at the "Ayyappa temple" it constructs within the reservoir of Idukki Dam

09 May, 2003

I Am A Mumbaikar
By Pamela Raghunath

Shiv Sena steps up campaign against Mumbai migrants

06 May, 2003

Minorities Commission Gives Clean Chit to VHP

VHP leaders including Praveen Togadia met the National Commission for Minorities and to everyone's surprise, endorsed the trishul diksha.

Peace Activists Beaten Up in Delhi

Three peace activists including the well known Gandhian Vimal Bhai were beaten up by Bajrang Dal members while they were protesting against "trishul" (trident) distribution ceremony.

My Experience with Dharam Sansad
By V.K.Tripathi

An eye witness account of Dharam Sansad held in Delhi

A Leap of Faith in Indian Politics
By John Lancaster

Congress party Shifts Strategy as Hindu Nationalism Dominates Discourse in Indian politics

03 May, 2003

Arresting Togadia
By Ashok Gehlot and Neelabh Mishra

Rjasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot explains his decision to arrest Praveen Togadia for distributing Trishul in the state

Communalising Rajasthan
By Kavita Srivastava

A report from PUCL Rajasthan on Trishul distribution and communlisation of the state

02 May, 2003

Mosque Vandalised in the US
BY Linda Rush

A Mosque vandalized Illinois"Long live Shri Rama Painted". May be the beginning of a new trend in the US

1 May, 2003

Compulsory Vegetarianism Goes Against Integration
BY V Gangadhar

The decision by Mumbai builders to refuse flats to non-vegetarians is only going to divide India culturally

30 April,2003

Anatomy Of Hate Masquerading As Dharma
By Lalita Ramdas

An eye witness account of a VHP meeting held in Maharashtra

Medieval History And Hurt Psyche
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Should Muslims apologise for the destruction of Hindu temples by Muslim rulers?

'Non-Indian' minorities
By J Sri Raman

It is the premise of the "parivar" politics that Hindus and others
who can be assimilated into the Hindu fold are the primary citizens. The rest are relegated to the status of non-Indians

More Secrets From The Grave
By Poornima Joshi And Sutapa Mukherjee

New evidence suggests a Muslim habitation pre-dating Babar at Ayodhy

Project Impossible: Excavating Myths
By I.K.Shukla

That two graves, and a Muslim settlement unearthed at Ayodhya will not deter the Sangh Parivar. What they sought to establish they succeeded in doing

29 April,2003

Romila Thapar's Appointment to Library of Congress
Opposed by Hindutwa

A petition is circulating on the Internet against the appointment of Professor Romila Thapar as First Holder of the Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South at the Library of Congress

28 April,2003

Will Hitler Be The Hero for Tomorrow's Children?
By Pranava K Chaudhary

"Do we want our students to be brought up on this type of chauvinist and utterly baseless statement?" asks historian Bipan Chandra.

Muting history
By Amulya Ganguli

‘Time and space constraint’ and ‘font size forces a ‘professor’ to write about Mahatma Gandhi without mentioning his assassination for children's text book

27 April,2003

The Origin Of Trishul
By Sheela Reddy

The Trishul which the Vishwa Hindu Parishad claims as part of the legitimate Hindu heritage was better known in Greek and Roman myths than in India.

On The March To Modernity
By Aniket Alam

Standing on their own feet. This is what Hyderabad's Muslims are increasingly doing aided by growing prosperity and confidence. But community leaders say the state is not helping.

26 April,2003

Are You a Mumbaiite?
By Mahesh Vijapurkar

The Shiv Sena declares that all those who came to Mumbai prior to 1995 are Mumbaiwallahs.

Ban Trishul Distribution Immediately
Summary Report of PUCL, Rajasthan

Distribution of Trishuls in the State of Rajasthan must be
Immediately banned to prevent the repetition of Gujarat carnage in the state.

Stopping Togadia
By T.K. Rajalakhshmi

The arrest of Praveen Togadia has temporarily halted the VHP's provocative trishul distribution campaign in Rajasthan, but will the Congress(I) government deal firmly with the Hindutva forces?

Building Hatred Around Bhojshala
By Naunidhi Kaur

The order of the Archaeological Survey of India allowing Tuesday prayers at the Bhojshala complex in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, raises fresh fears about an escalation of communal tensions in the town.

25 April,2003

Stop Hate Speech
Suggested FIR on Hate Speech

17 April,2003

‘Saffron tide is rising...Govt making inroads for fascism’
By Khushwant Singh and Humra Quraishi

In his latest book, Khushwant Singh wrote ‘‘These are dark times for India — fascism has well and truly crossed our thresholds and dug its heels in our courtyard,’’ he says. Humra Quraishi asks him why he feels that way. Excerpts from the interview

13 April,2003

Screening The Truth
By Anupama Katakam

In a concerted effort to muffle the hard truths, the CBFC has denied a certificate of release to Aakrosh, a 20-minute documentary film on Gujarat riots