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11 April,2003

LS adopts resolution against cow slaughter
The Hindu

The Lok Sabha adopted by voice vote resolution moved by Prahlad Singh Patel, asking the Centre to enact a law banning cow slaughter.

Myths and Dreams: Hindutva Nationalism
and the Indian Diaspora

By Angana Chatterji

Diaspora Indians must acknowledge the ascent of authoritarianism and tyranny in India and stop Sangh apologists in the United States from justifying hatred in the name of cultural nationalism.

Lesser Children Of Gujarat
By Anand Soondas

Muslims are shut out from the basic necessities of life, like schools, banks, and a house. Welcome to Gujarat's version of apartheid.

'Digging Won't Resolve Ayodhya Dispute'
Talking with Professor Irfan Habeeb

As a special team of the Archaeological Survey of India begins excavation at the disputed site in Ayodhya, Professor Irfan Habib, speaks about the futility of the exercise.

IDRF Admits to Being an RSS Operation:
Issues New Report Defending the RSS

IDRF admits that it is indeed part of the Sangh, but sidesteps all charges of Sangh’s documented role in violence against minorities, and its orchestration of communal violence

Secularism Under Siege
By Kamal Mitra Chenoy

The all-out assault on secularism is not merely against tolerance; it is against democracy itself and the very basis of a pluralist India.

Hierarchies Of Hindu Rituals
By M.S.S. Pandian

While the ritual practices of the lower caste Hindus are ordered to be removed or reformed in the name of science and humanism, a stony silence often meets the innumerable Brahminical religious practices that can no way be defended by the the same yardsticks.

Order on excavation At Ayodhya:
more questions than answers
By Neena Vyas

The order of theLucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court on excavation at the disputed site in Ayodhya raises the larger question whether prior existence or antiquity can be invoked as a legitimate and legally sustainable ground for reversing what are essentially historical events.

V. D. Savarkar In Parliament -Glorification Of
The Politics Of Assassination

By Anil Nauriya

The unveling of the potrait of V.D.Savarkar sends out alarming signals. Is this going to be the beginning of the glorification of the politics of assassination?

Godhra, A Year Later
By Jyoti Punwani

The arrest of Godhra's chief maulvi has nullified months of peace efforts in the ultra-sensitive town.

Pota For Eating Beef Sandwich While Architects Of
Gujarat Genocide Get Laurels

National cattle commission appointed by the NDA government has recommended to ban cow slaugheter and make it a non - bailable offence. The commission goes even as far as to recommend to arrest those transporting cows under POTA

Holy cow! Look what they're talking about
By Tavleen Singh

At a time when crores of Indian citizens are living in abject poverty, with living standard far less than that of European cows, the political deabte in India is about cow dung and 'gau mutr'. Tavleen Singh analysis the bizarre politics of India

In Memory Of Kerala
By Binu Mathew

The attack on Christian misssionary and his subsequent deportation is the beginning of intolerant communal politics alien to Kerala

Hindutva and ethnicity
By Gail Omvedt

The ethnic definition of Hinduism denies the ethnicity of Dalits and other religions in India . The exclusionist nature of Hinduism denies individual human creativity and freedom. Gail Omvedt argues that the argument for "no conversion" seems to assume that humans are less than human, that they are tied down to instinct and heritage.

Confronting Hindutwa - Thoughts For The Pathless
By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

The principal requirements for combating Hindutva-a vast and energetic organisation, an appealing alternative ideological formation that carries any degree of conviction and a leadership that inspires confidence- Pratap Bhanu Mehta explores the ways of confronting Hindutwa

Hindu Nation, Hindu State and Hindutva
By Ram Puniyani

Do religions have Nationality? All those living in India Hindus? All those Indians who do not practice Hinduism foreigns?In this insightful article Ram Puniyani explores these questions in the context of the aggressive Hindutwa politics.

Kerala Government bans preaching by foreign missionaries
By Mukundan C. Menon

The Kerala Chief Minister, A. K. Antony, told the Assembly on January 31 that his government would take "strict action" against foreign missionaries coming to Kerala on tourist visa and engaging in religious preaching.

Fact-Finding Probe on RSS attack on US Missionary Joseph Cooper in Kerala

"People's Watch" (Tamil Nadu) and CHRO (Kerala)

The Enemy System
By Dilip Simeon

The "enemy system", is an instrument by which political leaders sustain popular hostility towards imagined adversaries as a means of maintaining power. It thrives on lies, intolerance and ignorance, the demonisation of other peoples, the surrender of personal responsibility to 'great men'.

Who is afraid of Cooper?
By A. J. Philip

The Kerala government's haste to deport Mr. Joseph Cooper shows how much the congress and the ruling UDF government is in collusion with Sangh Parivar in Kerala. This strange marriage is going to be very costly for Kerala. It's at the secular roots of Kerala that the Hindutwa forces have struck.

Converting Immigrant Guilt Into Funds For Hindutwa
By Gaiutra Bahadur

Hindutwa organisations are trying to tap into the guilt, nostalgia and financial resources of its diaspora.

The story Thackeray never wanted told…

How a local journalist witnessed shiv sena chief Bal Thackeray giving orders to kill Muslims during the Mumbai riots of January, 1993

A saffron offensive
By R. Krishnakumar

The Sangh Parivar's media offensive against secular writers and intellectuals in Kerala reflects the growing stridency and influence of communal voices within the State.

Gujarati Primer

Suman K Jha interviews political psychologist Ashis Nandy on the fall out of Gujarat election results.

An ode to the Indian Constitution
By M.N. Buch

Can a democratic India afford to call its non-Hindu citizens Untermenschen? Or create concentration camps for Muslims, Christians and 'liberals'? Or murder millions inside gas chambers?

The wages of fundamentalism- Lessons from Portugal
By A.J. Philip

A.J Philip draws parallel between India and Portugal and explores how religious obscurantism put a break to the intellectual growth of Portugal, affecting the overall growth and finally leading to the downfall of the Portugese Empire

Hijacking India's History
By Kai Friese

"While some of us lament the repetition of history, the men who run India are busy rewriting it." Kai Friese writes about the efforts of NDA government to Hinduise India's education system.

Hindutva storm will not be limited to Gujarat: Togadia
By Neena Vyas

"All Hindutva opponents will get the death sentence and we will leave it to the people to carry this out''

The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate

The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (SFH) announces the launch of Project Saffron Dollar to bring an end to the electronic collection and transfer of funds from the US to organizations that spread sectarian hatred in India.

A Foreign Exchange of Hate -IRDF and and the American Funding of Hate - Full Report

‘A FOREIGN EXCHANGE OF HATE,’ presents detailed information about the role of the Hindutva movement in spreading sectarian hatred in India, and conclusively links IDRF to it. 'A Foreign Exchange of Hate' is being co-published by Sabrang Communications based in Bombay, India, and South Asia Citizens Web (SACW), based in France.

Follow the Money
By Vijay Prashad

Do you know where your charitable contributions are going?

U.S. corporates suspend funding to IDRF

Cisco Systems, one among the several IT companies in the United States which contributed funds to the U.S.-based charity, Indian Development and Relief Fund, has suspended donations to the organisation.

Strangle The Funding of Fanaticism
By Ra Ravishankar

Islamic fanaticism continues to pose as much a threat as it does, doesn't Hindu fanaticism, operating under the patronage/indifference of Indian and American governments, pose a much bigger threat?

Unholy Alliance: IDRF and Hindutva
By Angana Chatterji

Citizens initiatives must demand accountability of international groups that finance the apparatus of Hindutva.

Hindutwa and the Threat to Indian Democracy
by Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Many Hindus recoil at the violence that the VHP's ideology produces, but many of those who are uncomfortable with its shrill edges are nevertheless in sympathy with its broad ideological message.

Glimpses of Gujarat in a Martyr's City

A Fact Finding Report on Sholapur Communal Riots by the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights Mumbai

Kalyan Riots: A Case of Containment
of a Communal Spark

A Report by the Fact finding Team of the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights, Mumbai

Hindutwa And The Politics of Terror

We must prepare ourselves for increasing violence in the years to come if the BJP moves towards more muscular varieties of Hindutva. Violence will spread and intensify if the party has its way.

For Dissent Against Hindu Extremism
by Angana Chatterji

Non resident Indians and Americans of Indian descent must take seriously their moral obligation to ensure that their dollars are not funding malice and scrutinise the organisations that are on the receiving end in India.

Whither Democracy, Welcome Mobocracy
By Ra Ravishankar

After the Gujarat carnage, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said, "... if Modi stands today from any constituency in India, Hindus will vote for him." I hope the public sends a strong message that violence begets ostracization, not votes.

Politics by Other Means: Attacks Against Christians
in India

Human Rights Watch Report