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30 July, 2003

Antony Must Resign

Online petition campaign against A.K.Antony's statement against minorities in Kerala. Please sign the petition

26 July, 2003

Foreign Direct Investment In Hatred
By Kalpana Wilson

Pro-Hindutva organisations have come to rely on the moral and material support of the Indian diaspora. The key to this is the fostering of strong idealogical roots in these communities

25 July, 2003

And Justice For All
By Hosbet Suresh

If we look at every communal riot that has taken place in India, we would find hundreds and thousands of victims who have no chance of getting justice. The majority of such victims belong to the minority community

20 July, 2003

Look What Best Bakery Judge Also Dished Out
By Manoj Mitta

H U Mahida, the judge, who acquitted all the 21 accused in the Best Bakery Case links job reservations as a cause for communal riots in his verdict

18 July, 2003

Antony- Kerala's Terminator Seed?
By Binu Mathew

Kerala Chief Minister A.K. Antony's statments against minorities have done irreparable damage to the social fabric of Kerala and will make it a breeding ground of fascist forces

17 July, 2003

It's All About Pluralism
By Mohammad Shehzad

'The Pakistani perception of the Indian Muslims being an oppressed lot is an overdrawn picture. They do have problems, but no government in India has ever denied fundamental rights to the Muslims,' - An Interview with Azghar Ali Engineer

13 July, 2003

Ayodhya: A Future Bound By The Past
By Sumanta Banerjee

Fearful of an adverse judicial verdict, L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others of their ilk are now keen on an out-of-court settlement of the Ayodhya dispute which will put an end to the court cases against them

12 July, 2003

Hating Romila Thapar
By Subhash Gatade

Why the Hindutva brigade has set its sights on India’s most distinguished historian

11 July, 2003

Crisis Of Archaeology
By Irfan Habib

If the unprecedented court order to excavate the Babri Masjid site for historical evidence whether there existed a temple previously, did not do worse at Ayodhya, part of the credit goes to the numerous archaeologists, who maintained a constant vigil at the excavations.

04 July, 2003

Blah, blah, blood
By Rajmohan Gandhi

VHP plan to use the Shivaji-Afzal Khan picture as a weapon; an inspiring example of what Hindus should be doing, and also to provoke Muslim violence which would serve as a pretext for a pogrom of the post-Godhra kind

03 July, 2003

Clandestine Survey Of Christians And
Muslims In Kerala

The Home department of the central government is conducting a clandestine survey of Christians and Muslims to collect information on their churches,mosques and the related institutions like schools or orphanages.

A Devious Ayodhya Solution Will Fail
By Praful Bidwai

There must be no humiliating, dishonourable, unjust compromise, which erases the crime committed against Indian secularism in December 1992

30 June, 200

RSS and Fascism
By Shyam Chand

The RSS is an organised hypocrisy, criminalised communalism, institutionalised terrorism and mytho-logised falsehood. It pretends to be a cultural organi-sation but it is a criminal mafia of the anti-national fascist forces

Religion And Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Religion is not only part of problem it can also be part of solution, if handled imaginatively

29 June, 200

BJP - The Saffron Years
By Sabrang Alternate News Network

Taking a look at the last five years of BJP rule in India

26 June, 200

Hedgewar And RSS
By Sushila Ramaswamy

Compared to Gandhi's elaborate and inclusive plank that included every single Indian, Hedgewar was a minor prophet whose prescriptions reflected a myopic world view resulting in a narrow social base for the RSS

23 June, 200

In Hindutva Genes:Treason and Moral Turpitude
By I.K.Shukla

"Savarkar should have been tried for treason. He was let go in those days of national euphoria. It only whetted his passion for more treason and grosser crime, culminating in Gandhi's assassination"

15 June, 200

How Textbooks Teach Prejudice
By Teesta Setalvad

Forget RSS-run Shishu Mandirs and Muslim madrassas. Textbooks prescribed by even ‘secular’ central and state education boards in the country promote religious, caste and gender prejudice

14 June, 200

Will Bajrang Dal’s Real Dad Please Stand Up
By Shamsul Islam

Many of the organisations of the sangh parivar are organized on a true fascist and clandestine manner. The RSS runs like a well-organized mafia through its subsidiaries

13 June, 200

The Emergency And The Sangh
By Arvind Rajagopal

The Emergency rendered the Jana Sangh, the BJP's predecessor, respectable, and paved the way for it to enter the mainstream of Indian politics

11 June, 200

In Search Of Gandhi And Godse
By Harsh Mander

During a hectic schedule of speaking engagements that recently buffeted me across the length and breadth of the United States, I witnessed a diaspora in tumult, even more polarised, divided and wounded, than the middle classes in India today.

10 June, 2003

Textbook Troubles
By Siddhartha Deb

Hindu Nationalists Rewrite India's Past-Conveniently

The Nation That Is India
By Irfan Habib

There is a strong case for a nation that is India. But Communalism and parochialism are its worst enemies, whatever nationalist masks these might wear. The Indian people, hopefully, will retain the vision of the Indian nation and reject everything that seeks to undermine it