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26 November, 2004

Police And Communal Riots
By Vibhuti Narain Rai & Yoginder Sikand

In a normal situation an average Hindu does not necessarily see the police as friendly or helpful but during communal riots he looks upon the police as a helper and protector. On the other hand, Muslim riot victims do not generally feel that they would get any protection from the police, even when their lives and property are under threat

23 November, 2004

Swami And Fiends
By S. Anand

Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati's arrest for murder brings other ungodly affairs to the fore

16 November, 2004

The Brahminist Citadel Shaken
By Ra Ravishankar

"Am I Veerappan?", Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati asked after he was arrested this Thursday on charges of instigating the murder of his bete noire Sankararaman. His character is evident from those who have spoken out in his favor

08 November, 2004

Religion, Identiy And Democracy
By Asghar Ali Engineer

We should not allow religion to be politicised at any cost and democracy should remain a source of people's participation in decision making and for welfare of common masses. One must understand the difference between religion as a faith and religion as a political ideology

07 November, 2004

Oh, That Other Hindu Riot Of Passage
By Khushwant Singh

The assassins of Mrs Gandhi were hanged within four years, while 20 years later, the killers of 10,000 Sikhs remain unpunished

04 November, 2004

Fresh Hopes In Babri Masjid Demolition Case
By Rizvi Syed Haider Abbas

CBI, now has taken some active steps into tightening the noose against Babri Masjid demolition accused, an attitude found missing during the last BJP led NDA government

India's Far Right Drops Its Mask
By J. Sri Raman

India's far right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), drops its mask and and takes a more assertive and aggressive stance

03 November, 2004

Verdict Maharashtra: 2004
By Ram Puniyani

We are witnessing the 'mini Pakistans' and 'borders' right in our cities and small towns. Surely no society Can progress under these circumstances. The need is that we try to build bridges between our communities at social level

02 November, 2004

1984 In The Life Of A Nation
By Indira Jaising

Gujarat happened because of the failure to punish the killers of 1984 Sikh massacre

01 November, 2004

Shiv Sena On The Threshold Of Disintegration
By Kumar Ketkar

Today the Sena has become a pathetic shadow of its supremo. With no ideology or faith to hold on to, with no organised set-up apart from the undependable network of frustrated and militant lumpens; with no second line leadership or charismatic successor, the Shiv Sena stands on the threshold of disintegration

20 October, 2004

Drafting A Law To Prevent Communal Violence
By Asghar Ali Engineer

The Congress led UPA Government had promised to draft a law to prevent communal violence in its Common Minimum Programme but it is hardly its priority. It is no more talking about it nor is it preparing any draft for discussion

12 October, 2004

Communalising Kerala
By R Krishnakumar

A criminal assault on nuns of the Missionaries of Charity in Kerala, the first such incident involving the organisation in the country, raises concerns about the spread of communalism in the State

11 October, 2004

Erasing The Past For Present Political Agenda
By Ram Puniyani

In order to polarise votes in the forthcoming election in the Indian state of Maharashtra the far right BJP-Shiv Sena alliance tried to destroy a tomb sacred to Muslims

09 October, 2004

Hindutwa's Demographic Worries
By Dr T T Sreekumar

A reply to an article appeared in the RSS mouth piece, Organizer, claiming that Hindus in Kerala are fast becoming a “minority”. In this rebuttal Dr. Sreekumar points out that the said article is replete with so many inaccuracies, half truths, lies and bland statements

29 September , 2004

Politics In Demographics
By Ram Puniyani

The religion based census data can serve different types of purposes. If this opens our eyes to the plight of this community, poverty, illiteracy and insecurity and if we aim to redress it as a nation , the data will be worth its while

18 September , 2004

Indian Census: For A Better Understanding
By Yasser Arafath. P. K.

The Hindutwa forces are using the finding of the latest census report to whip up communal frenzy. But we must take a closer look and understand the broader prespectives

17 September , 2004

What I Saw At Babri Masjid
By Jeff Penberthy

Jeff Penberthy, then Time's bureau chief in New Delhi,who was present when Babri Masjid was demolished, gives an account of what he saw on December 6, 1992

15 September , 2004

Caught In Historical Cliches
By Praful Bidwai

The Sangh Parivar's tirades against textbook reform reek of obscurantist communalism and its glorification of Savarkar legitimises his pioneering of the Two-Nation theory and poisonous Hindutva

13 September , 2004

Of Figures And Indian Fascists
By J. Sri Raman

We have heard of chemical warfare, of biological warfare, not, however, of population warfare. It has been left to the fascists of India to discover this new dimension to unconventional warfare

Population Growth? Who Cares!
By Surjit S Bhalla

We are all economic animals first, and religious identities second, and political entities third. Perhaps this reality has struck our fundamentalists, which is why they so often resort to demagoguery, rather than facts

12 September , 2004

Look Beyond The Camel
By Dr Rafiq Zakaria

Hindus and Muslims must pursue the path of reconciliation. Prejudices and suspicions are counterproductive; camaraderie among them is essential for both development and integration. Each has to help the other to make the country strong and prosperous

Indian Census - After the Xenophobia,
The Report Card Of The Communities

By John Dayal

Releasing a false report on the religious divisions and growth data from the 2001 census smacks of of a conspiracy with the Hindutva Parivar

11 September , 2004

Sorry, Wrong Number: Venkaiah Naidu
And The 247-Year Hitch

By Shankar Raghuraman

If the present growth rates were maintained for Muslims to outnumber Hindus in India, it will take 247 years and by that date India's population would be about 158 billion!!! So the sangh parivaar can exit the panic mode

Manufacturing Hysteria: On
Census-Inspired 'Nationalism'

By D.Jayaraj and S.Subramanian

The misinterpreted data on the population growth rate of India has become a tool in the hands of Hindu nationalists to whip up hysteria against the nation's minorities

10 September , 2004

BJP Back On Aggressive Hindutva Track
By Asghar Ali Engineer

It seems secularism is becoming a distant dream in view of increasing communalisation of our politics. Those who strive for inter-religious harmony will have to face increasing challenges in coming days

01 September , 2004

Crime, Politics & Hypocrisy- BJP's Comeuppance
By Praful Bidwai

There is more than poetic justice in the way in which the law caught up with Ms Uma Bharati through a Karnataka arrest warrant, forcing her resignation as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister

30 August , 2004

Religion, Politics And The Modern State
By Ram Puniyani

Last two decades have witnessed a constant invocation of religion in the arena of politics.There are many an arguments , which regard Secularism as a western concept. This stream is joined by an unexpected quarter of Post Modernists

26 August , 2004

BJP's New Stunt
By Praful Bidwai

The Bharatiya Janata Party has proved to be a bad, terribly peevish, loser. It still behaves as if the last Parliament election were somehow stolen from it

25 August , 2004

Veer Savarkar : Brave By Half
By Ram Puniyani

This article was written when Savarka's potrait was unveiled in the Parliament. The article is republished in the context of the latest controversy involving Manishankar Aiyar and the Sangh Parivar

30 July , 2004

On Comprehensive Law On Communal Riots
By Asghar Ali Engineer

The United Progressive Alliance Government has promised, in its Common Minimum Programme that a law will be enacted to prevent communal riots but what is stated therein seems post-riot measures like special courts to punish the guilty, to pay uniform compensation to the victims etc

29 July , 2004

Religion, Power And Violence
By Ram Puniyani

It is time that the people associated with religion realize the abuse to which religion has been put

24 July , 2004

Men In Khaki Proudly Wear Hindu Identity
On Their Sleeves

By Anand S T Das

As you step into any police station in Ahmedabad, you can't help feeling that the force is Hindu first

05 July , 2004

Hindutva Politics: Future Trajectory
By Ram Puniyani

Time is overdue for social groups to combat the communal poison at the level of society; the need for demolition of myths against minorities, the need for intercommunity committees to promote amity. And this is paramount if we want to preserve the democracy and associated principles

18 June , 2004

Lashkar-e-Taiba, Who?
By The Hindu Correspondent

The Ahmedabad police gunned down four motorists including a 19 year old girl student on the way to Ahmedabad alleging them to be terrorists plotting the murder of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. But relatives and friends of the girl, Ishrat Jahan Shamim Raza vows her innocence, raising doubt over the encounter death

29 May , 2004

A Critique Of Hindutva
By Praful Bidwai

A study of the rise of Hindutwa or militant political Hinduism in India

02 May , 2004

Apportioning The Blame Of Communal Riots
By Ram Puniyani

The argument that during BJP regime only Gujarat riots have taken place while during Congress regimes thousands of riots have taken place is totally misplaced

16 April, 2004

Darkness And Light In Modern India
By Harsh Mander

The agony of Gujarat, its blood-drenched humanity soaked in ideologies of hatred and divide, has hurtled the people of our vast country into a defining crossroads. The manner in which they respond today will determine the kind of country and world that we leave behind for our children

03 April, 2004

The Future Of The Indian Past
By Romila Thapar

The discipline of history in India at a broader level may be forced to go into reverse, in an effort to instill an ideology of religious nationalism


30 March, 2004

James Laine, Shivaji And Freedom Of Speech
By Manu Bhagavan

James Laine, a professor of religious studies at Macalester College in MN, is facing arrest through interpol for writing a bookentitled SHIVAJI: HINDU KING IN ISLAMIC INDIA

The spread Of Hindutwa In The South
By S. Viswanathan, R. Krishnakumar, Parvathi Menon

Hindutva has percolated to the nooks and corners of South India, and the routes taken have often been socio-cultural and educational rather than political. Reports from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka

29 March, 2004

My Religion Is Not My Nation
By Anuradha M. Chenoy

Prime Minister Vajpayee has projected friendship with Pakistan as a sop for Indian Muslims. Deputy Prime Minister Advani has stated that Hindu-Muslim relations in India will improve if relations with Pakistan improve. These are dangerousand divisive formulations

24 March, 2004

Islam, Hinduism And Jihad
By Taberez Ahmed Neyazi

There is now a growing propensity among a section of society to dumb together any political resistance offered by Muslims in any part of the world as global Islamic terrorism. It is unfair to punish the whole community for the action of a few fanatics

21 March, 2004

Jhabua's Harvest Of Hate
By Harsh Mander

The fields of Jhabua yielded this year a vastly different harvest from the past - a harvest of hate. For the first time in the history of the district, Christian homes and properties, mainly of tribal converts, were targeted and destroyed in many locations

18 March, 2004

Rise Of A God Woman And The Right To Expression
By Sidharth

The Kerala Chief Minister has ordered the prosecution of Sreeni Pattathanam , the author of the controversial book, “Matha Amruthananthamayi - Mysteries And Realities” on the God Woman, Matha Amruthananthamayi

Future Of Secualrism In India-Down But Not Out
By Ganesh S. Iyer

Resistance to the erosion of secular values is slowly but steadily gathering momentum. Communalism has been challenged by right thinking, liberal Indians

16 March, 2004

In The Name Of Nationalism
By K.N.Panikker

A new identity is being foisted on Hindus. The identity of Hindutva. Are Hindus being coerced to accept that identity, socially and culturally and indeed politically?

11 March, 2004

Saffronising The Mind Of India
By Roshni Sengupta

An enquiry into the way in which the hindutwa forces took control of India's educational system and the media

Hindu Nationalism And Orissa: Minorities As Other
By Angana Chatterji

In October 2003 Angana Chatterji wrote a report on Orissa about the political economy of Hindutva in the state. In this article, she continues to map the entrenchment of the Sangh Parivar

27 February, 2004

British Public Is Funding Hindutva Extremism
By Awaaz - Soth Asia Watch

A report prepared by Awaaz - South Asia Watch Ltd, says RSS branches in the UK have been raising large amounts of money in the name of charity for natural disasters like the Gujarat earthquake and funding sangh parivar groups, including groups that have incited anti-minority violence

25 February, 2004

Uma Bharati's Cow Agenda
By Ram Puniyani

Right from the word go Uma Bharati has brought in Hindutva into her style of functioning and polices.She has banned liquor and non vegetarian food in the three "holy" cities and to back it up she is now giving a 'cow tilt' to Madhya Pradesh's economy by giving primacy to establishing Goshala

23 February, 2004

Hindutva And The Dalit-Bahujans:
Dangerous Portents

By Yoginder Sikand

Hindutva, the unique Indian form of Indian fascism, is the modern incarnation of Brahminism. Although it projects itself as the defender of the 'Hindu' community against imagined 'enemies', such as Muslims and Christians, it is actually premised on an unrelenting hostility towards the vast majority of the so-called 'Hindus' themselves-Dalits, Shudras and tribals

Five Women Tonsured For Converting
To Christianity

By John Dayal

Five women in an Orissa village tonsured for converting to christianity

17 February, 2004

Basis of Minorities-Genetic or Social
By Ram Puniyani

RSS is no spokesperson of Hindus, it does represent the most retrograde values of a section of Hindu community. If it is serious about ensuring that the concept of minorities is done away with, it should stop the whole paraphernalia, which it has unleashed upon the country, to spread hate

13 February, 2004

The Mob As Censor
By Ranjit Hoskote

The Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists who attacked the Garden Art Gallery in Surat, on January 29, appear to have taken destructive criticism to its extreme

10 February, 2004

Chronicling Communal Violence
Book Review: By Ram Puniyani

Review of Asghar Ali Engineer's Communal Riots After Independence-A Comprehensive Account

21 January, 2004

Terror Returns To Jhabua
By Hartosh Singh Bal

Nightmares are revisiting Jhabua. And police don’t seem to be bothered. As many as 12 Christians have been arrested for violence while the Vishwa Hindu Parishad men who led the mobs that terrorised the converted tribals and the Sadhvi from Gujarat who provoked their action still roam free

Hindutva or Development
By Ram Puniyani

The recent victory of BJP in MP, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan is being attributed to development issues taken up by BJP in these states. But a closer look will reveal that it is a lie

10 January, 2004

The Sturggle Against Hindutwa And Fascism
By Dr Dr. Rai Mohan Pal and Yoginder Sikand

Unless we have a philosophical revolution to challenge Hindutwa, real and meaningful social change in India is impossible

03 January, 2004

Communal Riots 2003
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Communal riots have become the fate of India. Most of the riots are engineered by the politicians who claim to be most patriotic. The year 2003 too, like previous years, saw its own quota of communal violence

Communalism 2003
By Ram Puniyani

In India, communalism is rising by default, it is as much the success of the long work of RSS and its progeny as much it is due to the failure of the progressivepeople to understand the multiple dimensions of social, economic and cultural life of the people in all its rich complexity

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