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Terrorism, And The New World Order

By Rand Clifford

20 May, 2008

Any hope of resuscitating our Constitutional Republic, and keeping our nation from descending into the tar pit of One World Fascist government, exists in an informed population throwing off apathy, turning OFF corporate media, paying attention to what is really happening, and making sacrifices only by which the psychopaths now in power may be exposed for their crimes and brought to justice. They don’t have our guns, yet, but with martial law just one more false flag terror contrivance away (all "legalities" are in place, along with the 800+ Rex 84 "camps" WE paid for), they think they have already won. Surely, the odds are in their favor, and they’re getting cocky—giving us our last, best window of hope—if enough Americans can still think for themselves.

Clarification of the feds’ plans fill neo-con Phillip Bobbitt’s new book, Terror and Consent. For a rebuttal of a fawning review of Bobbitt’s New World Order screed, please see this excellent article by Paul Joseph Watson:

Neo-con cockiness is a fetid odor permeating Bobbitt’s pages. He foresees wars (started by "us", of course) "plaguing" the 21st Century, and posits that the only way to successfully fight them is by replacing sovereign nation states with a new order built around multinational corporations, one with totally unfettered powers of aggression toward any holders of valuable resources. Much like what we’ve seen in Iraq, but with no moral or legal issues impacting profits. Visual neo-con glories of Bobbitt’s book include the line: "Everything must go" above an image of a shredded U.S. Constitution. Also, filling in for a torn-out piece of The Bill of Rights, the words: "How to Fight Terrorism". It’s all the same nefarious neo-con slobber about scuttling the United States in favor of a One World Fascist Government to better fight terror....

A main reason the neo-cons are so cocky: A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves, and our "democracy" has effectively been reduced to two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

Certainly, it started out as a noble experiment: "...a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." So how did the United States become so dosed with systemic biocide that those words, along with the "Pledge of Allegiance", are simply very, very bad jokes? Terrorism.

Exactly what is terrorism? By definition, terrorism is "the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion". Terror is simply a state of intense fear. Fear is the biocide helping turn a nation conceived in liberty, to one decommissioned by terrorism. How is this happening?

Step by step. Systematically, one official lie after another, always. A fresh example of the sheer scope of deceit comes from that terrorist organization, Fox "News". Consider their slogan, "We report, you hide." This little coercion is simply subliminal mind control—the image of John McCain and his wife Cindy flashing almost imperceptibly in a "news" report logo. Please watch, "Who’s That Hiding In My Fox 5 Logo?"

Subliminal mind that reporting? Yes, to Fox "News"; this is the kind of trustworthiness characteristic in everything Fox reports. When not numbing and dumbing people senseless with trivial garbage, celebrities and sports, or frothing the tube with "pundits" in bigot gravy, they augment their fare of fear and lies with tricks like this. And what a candidate they’ve chosen! McCain recently stated that one of the TOP things his administration would achieve by the end of his first term is the killing or capture of Osama bin Laden. Wait a minute! Even Fox reported the death of bin Laden, shortly after he died in 2001. Doesn’t anybody remember?,2933,41576,00.html

For information on the death of a man hiding in remote mountains while needing frequent dialysis to survive, and a list of others that reported the news, such as CNN, please see the article: "Osama Bin Dead".

Recently (5-16-08), the Associated Press announced: "Bin Laden plans new message". Yes, the man everyone in any way connected with intelligence around the world knows has been dead almost seven years, is on the verge of releasing "...a new Internet message dealing with Israel and the Palestinians." Realistically, the biggest problem here is not that domestic terrorist organizations like Fox, the Associated Press and the rest of corporate media keep shoveling these kinds of howlers to Americans, nor is it that they think Americans are ignorant and stupid enough to believe such howlers...the biggest problem is that enough Americans actually DO believe at least enough of the bullshit to doom us all.

Back to could a "news" organization be considered a terrorist organization? All they do is report, so you can hide, right? Well, fundamentally, they are simply a propaganda tentacle of the world’s preeminent terrorist organization, the United States Federal Government (CorpoGov). If not for the fed, terrorism would hardly be an issue. But a government that rules by fear is terrorist by definition. When terrorism is your government’s greatest creation and best friend, well, just look around—

ATTENTION!: Current Terror Alert Status issued by the Department of Homeland Security....




Basically, BE AFRAID!

Basically, this is terrorism.

Unlike a horrendous number of Americans seem unwilling to do, please consider what we have done to Iraq. Cindy McCain, wife of Presidential candidate John McCain, is a wealthy heiress who vows to "never!" release her tax returns—even if she becomes First Lady...could vast profits from war corporation investments be a factor? Cindy insists that America’s reasons for "war" in Iraq (killing over 1 million Iraqis so far, creating over 4 million Iraqi refugees, permanently poisoning their land and water with hundreds of tons of depleted uranium munitions—many other officially omitted horrors), and threatening to occupy them for another hundred years if they don’t surrender control of their oil, as her husband touts (all but the oil part)...the reason is: "Honor, and bringing freedom to the Iraqis".

Orwellian enough? Hideous enough?

Cindy, coy financier of death—don’t you remember, the evening of 9/11, Wolf Blitzer’s immortal deception: "We have been attacked by Iraq!"?

Such are the kinds of things Americans do and don’t get from mainstream "news". Such are the kinds of things keeping people who get "their news" from CorpoGov propaganda tentacles as misinformed, ignorant, terrorized and endangered as any people in history.

UPDATE! John McCain has just flopped away from the 100-year occupation of Iraq, to a pullout of "combat" troops by the end of his first term! So, arbitrarily and in all good senility, he just cut 95 years from our achievement of honor, and delivering freedom to any Iraqis we haven’t murdered by then....

Does anybody really believe there is even a shadow of truth to anything John McCain says? Like all CorpoGov candidates who have passed AIPAC (American Israeli "Public Affairs" Committee) screening, McCain simply says whatever it takes to get votes (remember Hillary Clinton’s recent bluster about vaporizing Iran if they aren’t nice to Israel?)

Back to shining examples of mainstream truth: "We are in Iraq for honor, and to bring freedom to the Iraqi people" long as enough Americans believe such fantastically obvious lies, believe even small wettings of the daily tsunami of propaganda from corporate media, believe federal elections are not rigged, America is doomed. As long as people disregard evidence in favor of what they want to believe, and are told by career liars...that smell of rotting flesh wafting from just around the corner? It’s the New World Order.

Rand Clifford is a writer living in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Mary Ann, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mink. Rand's novels CASTLING, TIMING, and VOICES OF VIRES are published by StarChief Press:


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