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12 May, 2006

Iran And US: Nuclear Standoff Or Realpolitik?
By Ramzy Baroud

Iran 2006 is certainly not Iraq of 1990-1991, or 2003. Some major changes to the political map of the Middle East have taken place and serious challenges are appearing day after day to the astonishment of the beleaguered U.S. government and its president

Letter From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President Of Iran, To George Bush

Re-shuffling The Cards In Iraq
By Ghali Hassan

Unless the U.S. is forced to withdraw from Iraq immediately, no re-shuffling of the same cards will change the situation on the ground in Iraq. The only option remains for people around the world is to provide moral support for the Iraqi people Resistance to self-determination and national independence

Comments On David Sirota's New Book:
Hostile Takeover

By Stephen Lendman

I'd like to begin my commentary on David Sirota's important new book Hostile Takeover with my strong endorsement of his fine work. Everyone should read it to learn what's really going on around us that affects us all in the most important ways I know and which most people at best only vaguely understand on many if not most of the major issues

The Royal Nepalese Army And
The imperialist Agency In Nepal

By Pratyush Chandra

The imperialist network fears that this rise of the red scourge in this supposed "backwater" of global capitalism will blow away the mirage of the new Asian "miracles" in the region, who have been long fishing their booty in these same "backwaters"

What Mothers Really Want
By Lucinda Marshall

The great thing about Mother’s Day is that for one day, everyone has to at least pretend to listen respectfully to what mothers have to say. So come on Moms, let’s not pass up 24 hours of precious soapbox time, we can talk about what we always talk about. Children

Israel’s Road To ‘Convergence’ Began With Rabin
By Jonathan Cook

With his coalition partners on board, Israel’s prime minister Ehud Olmert is plotting his next move: a partial withdrawal from the West Bank over the next few years which he and his government will declare as the end of the occupation and therefore also any legitimate grounds for Palestinian grievance.From hereon in, Israel will portray itself as the benevolent provider of a Palestinian state

09 May, 2006

Is US Provoking Civil War In Iraq?
By Robert Fisk

The Americans are trying to provoke an Iraqi civil war so that Sunni Muslim insurgents spend their energies killing their Shia co-religionists rather than soldiers of the Western occupation forces

"Reason For Their Death Is Known"
By Dahr Jamail

The numbers are being hidden … and the Badr, operating out of the Ministry of Interior, which is funded by the US, are making sure the numbers remain shrouded.Yet on Tuesday of this week, a spokesman at that same hospital, speaking on condition of anonymity of course, announced that in the last 48 hours alone Yarmouk Hospital had received 65 bodies, most of them slaughtered by death squads in execution-style murders. That day they had received 40 bodies, and Monday, 25

Challenging Hillary Clinton
By Joshua Frank

Hillary Clinton is pocketing enormous amounts of cash across the country for her reelection campaign, from Manhattan to Hollywood. Yet, Hillary is facing what seems to be fierce opposition from within her own party, as well as from third parties here in New York. The main reason candidates have signed up to challenge Hillary is her position, er, non-position on the disgraceful "war on terror"

Washington’s Next Military
Crusade Is Beckoning

By Amr Ismail

Contradictions of America’s capitalism are getting sharper, and the language of force and total destruction is hardly absent from delivered statements by White House officials and some members of congress. Can we justifiably signal Israel for using the US as proxy for war and for its chief role in manipulating the American public?

Sudden Resignation Of CIA Director Goss:
Another Tremor In Bush Administration

By Patrick Martin

The resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss, announced abruptly by the White House on Friday, is another demonstration of the instability and vicious infighting within the Bush administration

An Open Letter To The Class Of 2006
By Paul Moore

You know when your class started the journey through this high school four years ago you were nearly a thousand strong. There are but 492 of you left. Even more tragically there will be several empty chairs at the graduation ceremonies on May 25th

Kansat, Cricket And “Caretaker”: Height Of Regression
And De-politicization Of Bangladesh

By Taj Hashmi

Witnessing the cricket fiasco and the hyper politicking over reforming the election machinery while Bangladeshi police were killing innocent villagers at Kansat is like visiting a nihilistic world of anarchy and absurdity

Non Violent Protest - Then And Now
By Anuja Mirchandaney

Reflections on the Narmada Bachao Andolan's recent experiences in Delhi

08 May, 2006

Ice-capped Roof Of World Turns To Desert
By Geoffrey Lean

Scientists warn of ecological catastrophe across Asia as glaciers melt and continent's great rivers dry up

Games, Cock-Fights And Fandangos
In The Persian Gulf

By Mathew Maavak

After Osama bin Laden kicked off the game on 9/11, the bulls veered off their objective and geography to perform a bloodsport in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Iran may get into the game

Straw's Departure Strengthens Blair's
Agenda Against Iran

By Abid Mustafa

The media has given three reasons for Straw's dismissal: a) forging closer links with Gordon Brown b) admitting mistakes over Iraq c) undermining Blair's authority over Iran. The latter appears to be the real reason for Straw's demotion to the leader of the commons

Raid On Nuclear Fuel Market
By Rudo de Ruijter

In the background of the political joust about Iran, a few countries are reshaping the world. They are taking possession of the global nuclear fuel market

To The Rogue Tyrants Belong The Spoils
By Jason Miller

Regardless of what one believes about Chomsky or his motives, Failed States is a brilliant dissection of the increasingly inhumane and authoritarian political structure of the United States

Spinning America's Forgotten War
By William Fisher

“Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work.”This is the conclusion reached in a new report from CorpWatch written by an Afghan-American journalist who returned to her native country to examine the progress of reconstruction

The Long Path Back To Umm al-Zinat
For Palestine’s Refugees

By Jonathan Cook

On Wednesday 3 May, Israel celebrated its 58th Independence Day, marking the declaration of statehood on midnight 14 May 1948.But not everyone was included in the celebrations. One in five of Israel’s population is Palestinian. The names of their dead from the 1948 war -- including unarmed women and children killed in a spate of massacres documented by Israeli historians -- were not listed on television

Reservation Debate: A Great Opportunity
To Restrengthen Dalit Bahujan Alliance

By V.B.Rawat

It is time the Dalits, backwards, Adivasis come together and give a fitting reply. Organise debates and debunk the upper caste merit

05 May, 2006

The Salvador Option Has Been Invoked In Iraq
By John Pilger

The American public is being prepared. If the attack on Iran does come, there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no truth

Beating About The Bush? Not With Hersh
By Robert Fisk

Sy Hersh is an ornery, cussed sort of guy, not one to suffer fools gladly. As the man who broke the My Lai story and the atrocities at Abu Ghraib, I reckon he has a right to be ornery from time to time – and cussed

Evo Morales' Courageous Move Now Makes
Him A Us Target Along With Hugo Chavez

By Stephen Lendman

I'll only state my strong belief that something big is planned to oust President Chavez (and now maybe Evo Morales as well) that will only become apparent once the fireworks begin. Today's feature article in the Wall Street Journal only strengthens my view

04 May, 2006

Global Warming Fastest For 20,000 Years
By Steve Connor

Global warming is made worse by man-made pollution and the scale of the problem is unprecedented in at least 20,000 years, according to a draft report by the world's leading climate scientists

Relentless Drive For Oil Company Profits
Threatens Overall Economy

By Evelyn Pringle

The higher oil prices are a threat to America's overall economy and the skyrocketing costs of heating public facilities and keeping school buses, police cars, emergency vehicles and snowplows running are wreaking havoc on local governments all across the country

Failed States
By Stephen Lendman

Comments On Noam Chomsky's New Book

Australian Iraq Kickback Scam –
Did Bush And Blair Know, Lie And Betray?

By Gideon Polya

The Australian Wheat Board (AWB) scam is estimated to have killed up to 21,000 Iraqi infants through diversion of scarce funds from food and medical supplies. However this appalling “collateral damage” from a greedy corporate scam has simply not been reported by Australian or Anglo-American mainstream media

“Diplomacy”, The Smokescreen For Savagery
By Ghali Hassan

Open any Western newspaper and you are struck by the abundant use of the word “diplomacy”. It is the second most used word after “democracy”. However, careful analysis shows that U.S. version of diplomacy has become the favourite smokescreen of U.S. war of aggression. Iraq and Iran provide the best cases

Call A Spade A Spade
By Remi Kanazi

How long is a sane man expected to sit on his hands while his enemy slaps him in the face? The Palestinian people have endured a prolonged aggression by a pariah state, and yet the world not only expects them to sit on their hands, the world blames them for it

National Sovereignty And Military
Occupation Not Compatible

By Ramzy Baroud

Without real control over the country’s physical space and wealth and without a serious and fully independent political role, what can any prospective Iraqi government really achieve? How can Al Maliki and his sectarian government end the ‘insurgency’ without ending the occupation

Non Violent Protest - Then And Now
By Anuja Mirchandaney

Reflections on the Narmada Bachao Andolan's recent experiences in Delhi

Kansat, Cricket And “Caretaker”
By Taj Hashmi

The dust has settled on the cricket pitches in Bangladesh after the humiliating defeats of the home team by Sri Lanka and Australia in a row. Meanwhile, the average Bangladeshi has forgotten the brutal massacre of innocent villagers at Kansat by Bangladeshi police in the midst of the ongoing debate on reforming the unique (and absurd) “Caretaker Government” to hold free and fair elections










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