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Seminar And Workshops of " Coalition Against Work-Career-Representation and Civilization in South Asia"

Seminar and Workshops of " Coalition Against Work-Career-Representation and Civilization in South Asia" with John Zerzan thinker and philosopher from USA at different places in India .

Here follows the details with the brief note:-

Lecture and Workshop Tour in February 2012 Main Speakers and participants : John Zerzan, Faridabad Majdoor
Samachar, Vilas Sukhdeve, Rabbi Shergill and Gangadin Lohar

1. Can We Survive Career? In the 1950s, children were heroes if they
secured 50% marks in their high school and secondary exams. In the
'80s, children were well set for life if they secured 80%. Today,
securing even 100% can be meaningless. We are creating entire
generations stalked by despair and fear of failure. There is no
mistaking the signs: the number of children committing suicide in
India is growing at a rate of 30% every year. What explains this
collective madness if not the twin spectre of increasing
knowledge-load and time-poverty? If not the fear of fall in social and
economic hierarchy and the fear of remaining unemployed : what else is
the driving force behind the economy ? Has not the growing pressure to
outcompete Others in the job-market, accumulating over decades and
centuries, turned generations of parents and teachers into natural
enemies of the younger generation?

2. Can We Survive Work? In the 1950s, one male member with an
8-to-10-hour day job was somehow able to provide for a family of four
or five children and extended family members. In 2012, both spouses
work 12 hours = a combined 22 to 24 hours each day. Add to that the
share contributed by ageing but 'economically active' parents: 3-4
working hours, wherever possible. In total, our shrunken domestic unit
spends 28 to 34 hours working everyday. We slog three to four times
more at the workplace today. Still, the ruling ideology never tires of
telling us how much more hard-working and motivated we should be.
Welcome to the new hierarchy from old hierarchy ! What else but our
existence as workers and wage-workers explains our misery? The more we
work, the more it turns against us and and robs us of our humanity in
our relationships - in our family, community, society and with
ourselves. Who is the real thief of time? The workplace or our
friends, relatives and community?

3. Can We Survive Civilization? What the elites called civilization
was always work for (in true sense: against) us . What did, after all,
civilization bring to the planet, to nature, to people ? Was it not
an out-of-control death machine for the nature ? Was it not for the
majority of human populations a labour camp ? Civilization and work
atomize and alienate everyone and everything from each other :
humans from animals, animals from humans, humans from wilderness,
wilderness from humans, individuals from community, community from
individuals, individuals from individuals, mind from body, body from
mind and finally, one part of the self from another part of the
self. And turns them against each other.

If If we want to become normal with ourselves, with other members of
our species and share the planet with other living beings together:
the abolition of our existence as workers and wage-workers is its
precondition. This is one of the most central questions that should
be raised and discussedtogether. We want to have relationship with
nature, human beings and other living beings at the centre of our
life. Not career and work. We want to live our life, not just spend it

3. Searching the Way Out, Together: At the end of our workshops and
talks in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram, we would
like to share ideas and experiences from history and contemporary
societies about attempts to overcome work, career, representation
and civilization. We would like to establish a non-hierarchical
coordinating centre to pool our resources at the South Asian level, as
a part of similar attempts everywhere else. Everybody is welcome to
join in.

The Programme *
Date/Place Time Theme Venue


Tuesday, February 07 11:30AM Gupshup with workers and students
Majdoor Library, Autopin Jhuggi, NIT, Faridabad 121001, Haryana
Wednesday, February 08 3:30PM SSS-I Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi-67
Thursday, February 09 3:30PM SSS-I Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi-67
Friday, February 10 3:00PM Lecture Hall, Second Floor, Faculty of
Social Science Building, University of Delhi (North Campus), Delhi-7
Saturday, February 11 5:30PM Gandhi Peace Foundation, near ITO, Delhi
Sunday,February 12 2:00 PM Seminar Room, Indraprastha College, DU, Delhi-7


Tuesday, February 14 3:00PM University of Hyderabad
Thursday, February 16 3:00PM Osmania University


Monday, February 20 3:00PM National Folklore Support Centre ,
Chennai-42 (Talk)
Tuesday, February 21 3:00PM National Folklore Support Centre ,
Chennai-42 Workshop)


Thursday, February 22 Vyloppilli Sanskriti Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram
Friday, February 23 Vyloppilli Sanskriti Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram
February 24

*Date and time of programmes subject to change. Visit our website for
updates and texts on key concepts like work versus human activity etc:
www.anhilaal.com Coalition against Work, Career, Representation and
Civilization in South Asia ( CAWCRC).
Contact: sukhdeve.vilas@gmail.com, baatein1@yahoo.co.uk,
Contact Central: Vilas Sukhdeve +91-9822880834




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