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Impeach Obama Over Libya

By Prof. Francis Boyle

03 April, 2011

Impeach Obama over Libya, Prof Bolye tells Jack Blood on Deadline Live


World-renowned International Law Professor Francis Boyle tells Jack Blood on the March 30, 2011 Deadline Live radio show that to prevent a U.S. land invasion of Libya, the American people through their representatives in Congress must immediately begin the call for the impeachment of President Obama for his unauthorized "Shock & Awe" U.S. bombing of Libya.

The deadly bombing begun 2 weeks ago on March 19, 2011 ... 8 years to the day when his predecessor President George W. Bush launched his own deadly "Shock & Awe" U.S. bombing of Iraq ... continues to this day with American ground forces already in place to invade Libya.

The American people need to act now in voicing their call for impeachment of President Obama and some member of the House of Representatives who takes their oath to the U.S. Constitution seriously needs to step up now and introduce Aritcles of Impeachment.

To learn more about what you can do to help, go to http://www.ProsecuteThemNow.com and (1) link the the Impeach Obama for War Crimes resolution to your webpage or blog, (2) forward the link to ProsecuteThemNow.com to your friends and associates, and (3) download, print and endorse the Impeach Obama for War Crimes resolution and mail it in to the address listed on the form.

Also, for up to date information and breaking news, tune in to Deadline Live with Jack Blood at http://www.DeadlineLive.info and listen to his show broadcast live M-F from 3pm to 5pm, CST on the Oracle Broadcasting Network at http://www.oraclebroadcasting.com




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