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A Global Warming Message For Christmas 2008

By Dan Bloom

28 December, 2007

Dear Santa,

How's everything up there at the North Pole? I do hope you are doing okay, what with global warming and all that. And yes, Merry Christmas!

Santa, I have a question for you. About this global warming thing. I
keep hearing my mom and dad talk about it. So I want to know: will there be a North Pole for my great-grandchildren in 2100 or will you have moved your operations to maybe somewhere along the Arctic Circle d-o-t-t-e-d l-i-n-e at latitude 66°33'?


Virginia Smith (age 8)
New York City [Macy's department store Santa letters box]

reply from

The True North Pole
Santa's Mailbox
North Pole, Earth

Dear Virginia,

Yes, there is a North Pole now, but your question up brings a good point. Perhaps in 25, 50, 75 years -- who knows -- there might not be a true North Pole anymore because all the sea ice will be gone in these parts. That would be a bummer, wouldn't it! You are a very smart little girl to ask such a wise question.

I can only answer that we must all stand shoulder to shoulder, no
matter how big or tiny we are, and do our best to help mitigate the
problems that are causing global warming around the world and
especially up here at the North Pole. Yes, Virginia, there might not
be a North Pole in the year 2100. Maybe sooner.

So here's my Christmas message for 2008 and beyond. Let's all work hard to make sure that global warming doesn't make a mess of this wonderful world we are all born into. For my part, I think I will take a few giant steps backward from the consumer culture I inadvertently helped spawn when I first let the Coca-Cola company use my image in their ads long, long ago. I might get hanged for saying this, but I can't keep still any longer, Virginia. Christmas doesn't have to be about shopping. There, I said it. So sue me, Bossman!

We need to tackle global warming with all our might, young and old, all of us on Planet Earth, or there might not be a North Pole or even a Christmas, God forbid, in the future. Be a good girl, Virginia, and leave a very small carbon footprint at your door when I come to visit you. I will be watching to see who has been naughty and who has been nice, and by that I mean your carbon footprint.

A big fat North Pole hug from,

Santa Claus

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