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Swami Asimananda's Judicial Confession
And Its Implications For Indian Fascism

By Niloufer Bhagwat

02 February, 2011

The press and TV reports of the voluntary judicial confession made in Delhi on 16th December 2010, under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure , which provides for a voluntary confession to a Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate, made by one Naba Kumar Sarkar alias Swami Asimananda, a member of the Sangh Parivar , who on his own admission had “devoted a lifetime to the cause of ‘Hindutva’ as espoused by the Sangh Parivar, as distinguished from the religious philosophy of ‘Hinduism’ of which one of the most eminent devotees was Mahatma Gandhi , disclosed what was already suspected by the politically discerning , that the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon bomb blasts ,the 19th February 2007 Samjauta Express attack , the 2007 Meena Masjid bomb blasts in Hyderabad and the 11 th October 2007 Ajmer Sharif blasts, were the handiwork of Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh( RSS) Pracharaks, in which conspiracy , the Swami actively participated. Earlier the Swami had established the Shabri Dham Ashram in the Dangs District of Gujarat , a tribal region and indulged in violent attacks on Christians and Christian Churches , on the pattern of the organizations of the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashrams, organized by the RSS and its Sangh Parivar, in the predominantly tribal regions of the country , as part of the penetration into tribal areas for better commercial and economic control of these areas, amounting to internal colonization, for the take over of forest ,lands and water resources , including rivers, of the tribal people, the first or Indigenous people of India, by trading ,financial and corporate interests, camouflaged as missions of re-conversion of the tribal people from Christianity to the Hindutva fold. The reality is that the tribal people from time immemorial have had their own religious practices , different from what is propagated as ‘Hindutva’ and have at all times been regarded as inferior by upper castes/upper classes in India ,who have mercilessly exploited the tribal people, presently through inroads by Mining and other Companies, brutally seizing the property of affected sections , rendering them homeless, apart from the seizure of their livelihoods and of the small peasantry, in extensive regions, in violation of constitutional and statutory rights protecting these classes ,without consultative rehabilitation measures, by companies seeking extortionate profits through land seizure ,, which is the real cause of the escalating violence which presently prevails in Central and Eastern India among other affected regions , with the tribal people and peasantry opposing the violence of the forcible seizure of vast areas by counter violence, led by their political formations , which has led to a situation akin to civil war conditions in these regions .Significantly the Shabri Kumb Mela organized by Swami Asimananda in 2006, was attended by prominent leaders of the RSS and the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is the political extension of the RSS and by the Chief Ministers of BJP ruled States .

This judicial confession has caused shock waves in the entire country, even though the disclosures only confirmed the painstaking investigation of Joint Commissioner of Police, the late Hemant Karkare, who because of his professional exposure in RAW( Research and Analysis Wing ), the premier foreign Intelligence Agency of India , was able to comprehend the implications of the criminal conspiracy behind the blasts, for the unity and integrity of India , similar in nature to the great killings which took place, preceding and following the partition of India, by fascist religious organizations of the Hindu and Muslim community. As a consequence of the painstaking and brilliant investigation of his team, the ‘Hindutva’ conspiracy was unearthed, in which some serving and retired army officials are also involved.

The wife of the late Hemant Karkare, on his assassination , significantly and spontaneously , declined to receive condolences from the leaders of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar and refused the offer of substantial financial compensation .Significantly the Shiv Sena ,an ally of the Sangh Parivar, mentioned as ‘ accepting funds from both sides’ , in the rivalries ,corporate and political , reflected in what are known as the ‘Radia’ tapes, relating to the conversations of the official lobbyist of prominent Indian business houses based in Mumbai and in London, with the political history of this party , spanning decades of physical and media attacks, either on religious minorities in Mumbai or on migrants initially from the South and thereafter from North India , to camouflage its real political purpose,despite the reality that people from the region of Maharashtra, including the middle classes and upper middle classes are also migrants and settlers in Madhya Pradesh ,among other regions of India and abroad, declared through its daily newspaper ‘Samna’, after the investigations exposed the involvement of ‘Hindutva’ political forces in the bomb blasts in Malegaon, that a ‘Bandh’ would be declared in Mumbai, against this questionable investigation and that the officer had tortured suspects, though these allegations were baseless, as confirmed from diverse sources , even by some of those accused . Significantly the ‘Bandh’ did not take place, as this senior police officer was killed on 26/11, by a hired group of the underworld ,ostensibly from Pakistan, in which strangely, only one by the name Kasab survives. The killings took place on the same day that the editorial in ‘ Saamna’ declared that Joint .Commissioner of Police Hemant Karkare was by implication a ‘Shaista Khan’ and anti- national, in view of the nature of his investigations. There is no explanation till date, as to why an officer who was labeled as ‘Shaista Khan’ by the Shiv Sena, was killed by hired Pakistani gun men, unless there is collaboration among covert agencies in South Asia, aimed against the people of more than one country.

The grim event of 26/11, establish beyond doubt that a criminal mafia, the instrument of political and financial interests , has been over active and penetrated , not only into the heart of Mumbai, but into the heart of the Indian State , in collaboration with internal and external financial interests , steadily destroying a city and region. once known for its tolerance of dissent with a vibrant cultural tradition ; the heart of erstwhile momentous political struggles, in pre –Independence and post Independence India, now reduced to a city which houses the head offices of major Corporate bodies , is dominated by godfathers and the underworld , where pogroms and bomb blasts are plotted, acquiesced in by Mumbai’s “ Best and Brightest” citizenry, despite the hyped candle light vigils and the hypocritical ceremonies on 26/11, held from time to time .

A careful reading of the judicial confession of Swami Asimananda will reveal that with a view to reduce its impact, in view of the national and international ramifications of the bomb blasts carried out by ‘Hindutva’ fascist forces, blamed on innocent members of the Muslim minority, from the lower middle class and working classes, who were subjected to torture and jailed for several years; that there is an attempt to deliberately refer to the acts carried out by RSS Pracharaks as retaliatory ; despite which, the confession only proves what has been long suspected by the politically discerning in the regions that the bomb blasts have been taking place ,that covert fascist upper caste /upper class funded ‘Hindutva” terrorist organizations, despite their political history , have been allowed to run amuck in our country .In contrast , those who adopted a Gandhian approach to the service of humanity, like Dr. Binayak Sen , who pioneered a health care program for the most backward and poverty stricken regions of tribal India ,have been unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment along with two others, on charges of sedition under the Indian Penal Code, and for allegedly assisting and aiding unlawful organizations under the provisions of the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act 2005 and the Unlawful Activities Act 1967 , even though prima facie there is no evidence to convict him or his co-accused , with hundreds of other people in these regions, tribal and others , arrested under similar sections in these regions , where even journalists are considered subversive . The attacks on temples which have allegedly taken place in Gujarat, including at the Akshardham temple among a few other sites, referred to in the confession of the Swami , as the basis for the alleged retaliation of the RSS Pracharaks on innocent people who have died in the bomb blasts from one region to another , are all seriously suspect , as the handiwork of covert agencies for agent provocateur actions, similar in nature to the bomb blasts referred to in the judicial confession , to justify arrests of Muslim youth from lower middle class and working families. It must not be forgotten that the same theory of retaliation advanced by the Sangh Parivar and the Shiv Sena for the Mumbai pogroms of December’ 92 and January –February ‘93, were rejected by the Justice Sri Krishna Commission as having no factual basis whatsoever.

Even earlier, as per the evidence of the Special Branch( Intelligence ) of the Mumbai Police before the Srikrishna Commission, there were no well organized Muslim organizations in India , comparable to the ‘ Hindutva ‘ organizations inciting the Mumbai riots in December ‘92 and January-February ‘93 or comparable in organization to those political parties who led the fraudulent ‘Kar Sewa’ Movement for building a Ram temple in Faizabad( erstwhile Awadh, historically Ayodhya) where there are already more than twenty thousand Ram Mandirs, on the roads and in the lanes and by lanes of Faizabad. Hinduism sanctions no such religious practice as ‘Kar Sewa’ , neither is there any such precedent in any of the ancient Vedic or other religious texts, leading to the conclusion that this movement was political and not religious .

What the country has been witnessing, significantly in the very period that liberalization, privatization and globalization of the Indian economy were advanced as the main agenda of economic reforms, are communal pogroms and collective killings on one hand and on the other hand bomb blasts by covert groups ,operating furtively and in secrecy. The bomb blasts of March ‘93 in Mumbai in the immediate aftermath of the Mumbai riots against minorities , was plotted with the assistance of the Muslim criminal underworld, to justify the earlier attacks on predominantly migrant and poor Muslims in Mumbai , leaving deliberate and open traces to the Muslim underworld ,to incense majority opinion against poorer citizens of the Muslim minority who had already suffered during the pogroms of December‘ 92 and January -February ‘93 .The Muslim underworld based in Dubai among other places, were also allegedly involved from the region of the UAE, controlled by the British and US Intelligence agencies in close alliance with Saudi Arabia ,in a region where the ISI and RAW are equally active in the large Indian and Pakistani Diaspora, residing not only in Dubai but in several parts of the UAE, therefore the ease with which hired elements are available for agent provocateur actions in South Asia .

The bomb blasts of March’ 93 , significantly killed both members of the Hindu and Muslim community, which has not been satisfactorily explained .If the bomb blasts of March ‘93 in Mumbai, were really in retaliation for the pogroms against the Muslim minorities which took place in December’ 92 and January-February ‘93, which was the official line ; the attacks would have been directed exclusively against those who organized the riots of December ‘92 and January-February 93 and not against innocent citizens of both communities .Similarly the bomb blasts organized by the RSS Pracharaks admittedly targeted both Hindus and Muslims and by the deliberate and calculated arrest of innocent members of the Muslim minority by ATS teams and sometimes even special investigations of Central agencies, on covert instructions , were intended to fan ‘ Islamophobia’ throughout the length and breadth of the country, by those funding these organizations, using deliberately created terrorist incidents, for increased authoritarian economic and political control of Indian society, by reducing the freedom and civil liberties of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of India, under the pretext of terrorism, with deliberate and high profile scanning by metal detectors in several public spaces , including for entry into the premises of the Supreme Court and High Courts , with the objective of deflecting the focus on economic and political issues, by manufacturing a serious religious divide and triggering a hate propaganda campaign against minorities ,by identifying every terrorist as a member of the Muslim minority ,using fictitious Muslim names in the print media and on television . This was the overall strategy adopted under instructions by mainstream channels and corporate controlled well established newspapers , who are to-day silent on the earlier campaign which they conducted against Muslims, who were indiscriminately labeled as terrorists, with thousands tortured into making false confessions, languishing in prison cells throughout the country at one stage or another, taking advantage of their backward social and economic conditions, revealed by the Justice Sachar Committee Report, which shocked even upper and middle class Muslims , hitherto ignorant and indifferent to actual conditions of the Muslim minority .

India being a highly diverse society, has always been vulnerable to serious destabilization from religious strife, which Jawaharlal Nehru emphasized time and again , highlighting repeatedly, that the threat to Indian democracy came from the direction of the extreme right wing .A hard headed operative of a city’s Special Police Branch (Intelligence), sickened by the sheer scale of violence and brutality of the pogrom in Gujarat in 2002, was to spontaneously inform on the covert measures being adopted to escalate the violence to manufacture a serious divide ,reporting that a special incendiary squad had arrived in Gujarat from abroad to execute major acts of arson and killings during the Gujarat pogrom, which has international ramifications , a report which has not yet been officially confirmed .

In this context , there is nothing new about the report of the FBI receiving or seeking reports from the Special Branches ( Intelligence ) in India, as joint intelligence sharing had been established by the BJP led NDA government and was continued by subsequent governments of different political complexions for the “ War on Terror”, declared by the global financial class , which is a war on people and on the economic and political sovereignty of those countries which had achieved national liberation from colonial rule. It is in this context that representatives of the Western alliance system are often invited to be present in key Indian agencies , for intelligence sharing operations, violating the sovereignty of India and its political , policing and administrative institutions. In this context ,President Obama in his inaugural address, made an important statement, in the context of the hostility to the policies of the United States of America around the world, stating that the US administration was not responsible for everything that was taking place in these countries, implying that much of it was the consequence of internal decision making of ruling classes within those countries .

Yet . despite the flaws in the judicial confession of Swami Asimananda, revealing aspects and concealing others, calculated to reduce the impact of the disclosures , the myth of the nationalist agenda of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar , has been exposed as never before, as acts calculated not to protect but to divide and control India , camouflaged behind the words ‘ nationalist’ or ‘patriotic’, used frequently by the RSS and the Sangh Parivar, including by the other front organizations , the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, who after sowing the seeds of division in India along with the erstwhile Muslim League and Jamiat-e-Islami among other organizations ,weirdly claim monopoly of the nationalist rhetoric , to render their politics of hate and prejudice acceptable to the middle class and lower middle class in India, brainwashed into believing that the RSS and the Sangh Parivar are nationalist organizations. The real political objective of the Sangh Parivar is not the emancipation of the lower or middle class or working masses ,but the economic and social domination of the commercial ,financial and corporate classes and castes of India in a voluntary alliance with global finance capital, at the cost of Indian sovereignty, with the objective of devouring the financial and other resources of the masses of the people of India .

A significant feature of these bomb blasts is that they are almost as serious and widespread as the bomb blasts in those countries presently occupied by foreign troops .It is necessary to recall in assessing the strategy of the use of bomb blasts to create internal and sectarian strife, that bomb blasts were first widely used as weapons in the conflict in Ireland , Britain’s first colony , brutally sought to be controlled and later in and around Israel, established with the assistance of British foreign policy allied with Zionist and banking interests, using the brutal “ Holocaust” inflicted on the Jewish citizens of Europe by Germany’s Fortune 500 Companies in alliance with US and UK banking and other financial interests ,as a political camouflage for the colonization of Palestine, in the heart of the Arab world for better control of a strategic Petro-dollar region.

Apart from these bomb blasts, the cruelty of the attack on Graham Staines the Christian missionary and on his innocent children by ‘Hindutva’ activists can never be justified and was on similar lines, intended to forge a divide in Eastern India , later repeated against the Christian dalits and tribal people in the Kandhamal among other regions of Odisha( Orissa) when the BJP was an alliance partner in the State government , using the excuse of the murder of another self styled godman working in a tribal region allegedly to reconvert the tribal population from Christianity ,with thousands of dalit and tribal homes burnt and devastated and many killed in this pogrom unleashed .It was then stated by a few representatives of the Christian Churches, that one of the reasons for the tensions created, were the commercial interests involved in the forest produce and other resources of the area . The anti -Christian attacks have now spread across the country into Madhya Pradesh , Karnataka and Gujarat, among other regions, wherever it can be used to create a divide, to distract people from priority issues, social , economic and political and to divert hate on to the ‘ other ‘, to prevent unity among people on issues of priority concern . With this objective a high profile campaign was unleashed in the country against religious conversions by the Sangh Parivar out of all proportion, even though conversions are miniscule, with statutes enacted against conversion ,which are constitutionally not valid, as citizens are free to adopt any religious philosophy of their own choice and birth in a religious fold does not imply that a reasoned acceptance of a faith has taken place. The most famous conversion has been that of Dr.Ambedkar with his followers en mass to Buddhism, which no statute could have prevented as it was a revolt against caste/class injustice . The campaign conducted by the Sangh Parivar against Christians alleged that forced conversions were taking place, which is far from the truth, as many in India belonging to the Dalit groups among others who have converted , despairing of their social and economic conditions within a stratified and exploitative caste fold and the denial of minimum social dignity in rural India where the caste system is even more cruel in its impact . The oppression of upper caste groups in vast regions is borne out by the agitation in Haryana , against the steps taken to investigate those members of the Khap Panchayats who have attacked Dalits and murder people who resort to inter caste marriages or marry spouses even from the same village, even as lakhs of unborn female fetuses have disappeared from North India ,leaving a socially explosive situation behind to which the ‘Hindutva’ forces have acquiesced , even as upper castes are the most hostile to the girl child .

The reality is that for centuries India has remained a country where the majority of the people broadly espouse the Hindu philosophy despite the waves of immigrants from Central Asia , which include the Aryans to whom the ‘ Hindutva’ forces trace their religious origin, on the pattern of the Nazi Party of Gernmany . There is no explanation forthcoming for the fact that if there is forcible conversion to Christianity as alleged , as to why the Christian population of India is declining .However to state that Churches can be attacked and Christians killed for alleged forced conversion , is to declare that violence is the declared and preferred strategy of the fascist right wing of the upper castes /upper classes to encroach on the property and political rights of the economically and socially weaker classes and to deny them equal rights , by violating all Constitutional norms .In regions where the tribal people have been blamed for the violence , hundreds of villages , forest and water resources including whole rivers have been taken over by corporate and mining companies based in India and abroad.

Wherever necessary , organizations with new names are established from time to time , by those politically loyal to the Sangh Parivar, such as the Ram Sena in Karnataka among others, locally funded by traders , financiers and the corporate sector and used even against women; very similar to the ‘ Fatwas’ by reactionary self styled Ulemas and Maulanas and sections of the Muslim clergy , who similarly desire to control the Muslim community , with both sides using this strategy , whenever there is a need to divert attention in a political crisis or from exposures of massive corruption and illegal lobbying by Corporate Houses and financiers , with severely adverse impact on revenues , presently overwhelming the Indian State .

What is of political relevance in these dramatic disclosures of Swami Asimananda, is that even those who were soft on what was perceived as the militant nationalist rhetoric of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, are now seriously reflecting on whether the political articulation and covert activity of the RSS and its various front organizations , unites or divides India. An interesting and significant aspect of the history of the RSS , the Jamiat-e-Islami and the SGPC or the Shiromani Gurduwara Prabhandak Committeee , is that all three organizations were established in or about the nineteen twenties , even as the Indian Independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, among other prominent leaders of the Indian National Congress, gathered increasing mass support. The RSS the Jamiat-e-Islami and the SGPC, were not active in the freedom movement against British rule. Their main objective was openly espousing religious theocracy, along with organizations like the Muslim League and the Hindu Mahasabha , propagating the establishment of separate religious states , even if it meant the partition of India. To this end the Jamiat-e-Islami and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, both ideologically advanced the viewpoint that the Hindus and Muslims constituted separate nations. Earlier Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, an early Indian revolutionary , author of the ‘The Great War of Indian Independence’, in which the role of the Muslims leaders and masses in 1857 was extolled , on his conditional release from the Andaman Jail by the British, shifted his political objectives from Indian Independence , to the establishment of a religious theocracy and in his writings on ‘ Hindutva’, propagated that Hindus and Muslims in India were two different nations .This is significant, as the erstwhile Muslim League in British occupied India , from in or about the thirties, commenced advocating the same two nation theory from the other side of the political spectrum. This discourse that Hindus and Muslims constituted two separate nations was continued by Sarsangchalak Guru Golwalkar in ‘We or Our Nationhood Defined’ and it was this fascist religious discourse and on the ground activities, along with the other political activities of the Jamiat –e –Islami and the Muslim League, among other organizations of the upper class Muslims ,namely the landlords and commercial interests, even as the RSS and its front organizations represented and still represent predominantly upper class /upper caste Hindus, which finally paved the way for the great divide of the partition of India, in pursuance of the geopolitical objectives of British colonial rule. It was in keeping with this Imperialist strategy ,that religious fascist parties of the Muslims and Hindus were first let loose and permitted extensive leverage , with covert and overt functioning to derail Indian nationalism, by using Muslim and Hindu communalism and fanning cultural animosity and hatred, by propagating myths of superiority and inferiority, first to prolong British colonial rule by creating a divide as against the unity so visible in the I857 war of Indian Independence and when necessary to partition India for better control of the resources of South Asia .Those members of the Sangh Parivar who hold the Muslims responsible for the partition of India are deliberately distorting history ,omitting to disclose that whereas Mohammad Ali Jinnah an upper class anglophile Muslim from the commercial classes , English and Gujarati speaking ,an alien to Islamic culture , advanced the two-nation theory in 1939 ; whereas Damodar Vinayak Savarkar advanced the two nation theory a decade and a half earlier in or about 1925, followed by Guru Golwalkar , the Sangsarchalak or head of the RSS ,among others . There was no adult franchise in British India , as a consequence only those with property and educational qualifications , that is the upper class and upper castes were entitled to vote in the elections held ; to state that Muslims were responsible for the partition , is far from the truth , as the voting pattern in the Sind among other assemblies at the relevant time will disclose that a Hindu member of the Sind Assembly in pre-partition India , voted for partition and with his family immediately thereafter left for India , inexplicable!Whereas Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan of the North West Province with his entire party, the Khudai Khidmatgars , a non –violent movement among the Pashtuns opposing British Colonial Rule , affiliated to the Indian National Congress , which dominated the NWFP , opposed partition, yet their entire region, the NWFP was forcibly parceled out to Pakistan .

An eminent senior civil servant Rajeshwar Dayal of the ICS, then serving in Uttar Pradesh as Home Secretary , later in the Indian Foreign Service after independence , well known in international circles, in view of his contributions to the United Nations special missions , in his memoirs ´A Life of Our Times’ , has referred to the evidence produced before him, during the stormy days of the partition , against the then Sarsanchalak of the RSS, Guru Golwalkar, who was found with incriminating evidence during the rioting by Police officers in Uttar Pradesh . Rajeswar Dayal observes, that the arrest of Guru Golwalkar was prevented by Govind Valabh Pant , the then Congress Chief Minister of UP, dragging his feet, in a critical situation where Muslim and Hindu fascist organizations, were reinforcing each other ideologically and on the ground , with collective killings. Ironically even the united Communist Party of India , though it staunchly opposed the killings and pogroms of the religious fascist parties, committed the serious political error of supporting the creation of Pakistan ,on the fallacious application of the principle of national self-determination, though this political principle is not applicable to religious groups and was later found to be seriously politically flawed, when Bangladesh liberated itself from Pakistan, even though majority of its citizens follow the Islamic faith.

The serious divide, which to-day is being created through bomb blasts and other covert acts , is politically intended to divide people for total control, through the covert yet steady establishment of an authoritarian political state , which is the real agenda behind the bomb blasts . This is prima facie clear from the published accounts, of the reports of the discussions held by the groups involved ,plotting bomb blasts and the leaked reports of Indian investigating agencies disclosing that these groups were seeking the assistance of other governments , including the government of Israel, for their political strategy in India. The bomb blasts were intended to seriously emasculate Indian democracy and since the objective was to fragment Indian society on religious lines, was aimed at the heart of Indian civilization itself, which is historically and geographically a political and cultural unity in diversity .

Those who would give credit for the emergence of the modern Indian State to British Colonial Rule , are suffering from historical amnesia. On the one hand they extol the epics which give us a glimpse of the broad cultural unity in diversity of what is now India, inhabited by diverse peoples from Adivasis to others and on the other hand project in their so called modern political-commercial-financial fascist discourse the myth, that in India religion is the basis for nationalism, which would logically exclude most border states including the Punjab, the Christian States of the North East among others, with most of the southern states including Tamil Nadu rebelling against this dominant Aryan discourse of the Sangh Parivar ; with the , Dalits, Adivasis and Other Backward Classes in that order in the rest of India , who constitute the majority of the people of India, objecting to the Brahminical discourse extolling texts which justify caste/class superiority as a birth right in the Hindutva fold .

The question has to be seriously addressed, whether the ideology of the Sangh Parivar unites or fractures India? This question is to be answered not by rhetoric of the present political parties inside and outside parliament, but by the deeds of the political formations, as witnessed from one region to another and this must include the Congress and other political parties, who were a part of the NDA alliance , among others ,who many feel have covertly allowed their individual members and state governments to collaborate for their political convenience with the Sangh Parivar and as a consequence have acquiesced even in criminal acts of covert fascist organizations against the people of India, not being seriously prosecuted, in flagrant and dangerous conspiratorial adjustment and political concession to their internal and international supporters .

What was unprecedented even in the pre Independence period and for forty years thereafter, is the daily ideological propaganda of hatred against other religious groups heard in the last two decades , to project minorities as inferior and the whispering campaign which has led to segregated housing from one city to another, from one region to another, with the formation of ghettos of the religious minorities and the Dalits , strictly prohibited by the Constitution of India .The so called steel frame of the Indian bureaucracy, representing predominantly upper caste /upper class interests, is unable in the absence of political will by political parties in government ,in the regions most affected by social segregation , to respond administratively to the deteriorating situation on the ground and the reality is that the reason for the delayed investigation into the bomb blasts and the prima facie unjustified rounding up of innocent citizens in many cases belonging to the Mulsim minority which required detailed investigation and action by the administration and by the Courts; has largely been due to the admitted failure of administrative , intelligence and police agencies at the highest levels and the top most leadership of most political parties in parliament , to be neutral, despite their nominal allegiance to Constitution of India, leading to the inescapable conclusion that there is a “hidden agenda” in more than one political party, to use the religious card to deflect political issues , even it if leads to a serious fracture and divide of Indian society, threatening the unity and integrity of the Indian State .

Exhortations of enlightened members of the judiciary and reports of several Commissions of Inquiry , into the causes of pogroms and communal attacks which have named individuals and organizations of the Sangh Parivar among others and have pointed to the deliberate dereliction of duty of senior administrative and police officials and communalization of the police force and para military organizations , have been ignored even by governments owing allegiance to the Congress Party . Whereas some left parties have also attempted to focus on the issue of Islamic terrorism along with other political parties , despite their knowledge, that apart from across the boundary between Pak Occupied Kashmir and the Indian State of Kashmir and the funding of certain organizations in the Valley by several foreign Intelligence agencies, in the knowledge of the Central Government, there are very few organizations of the minorities which are a serious threat or capable of creating a serious divide; in the rest of the country it is covert fascist organizations with political affiliation to the Sangh Parivar or criminals acting as agent provocateurs ,who are hired for bomb blasts and terrorist activities, as per numerous investigations now emerging , including the Judicial confession of Swami Asimananda.

In the context of the Aryan political discourse of the RSS ,whose leaders had extolled the military schools of Mussolini and established military schools in India on a similar pattern, for recruitment into the armed forces , some of whose office bearers have been named in investigations conducted in bomb blast cases still pending trial and admired Hitler for his alleged nationalism in cleansing Germany( though they do not disclose to the people of India that Germany was completely destroyed by the war unleashed by German Fortune 500 companies and the German people devastated ) in the process of making it a pure ‘ Aryan’ State; reference to a recent decision of a Division Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Markandya Katju and Justice Sudha Mishra may be of relevance, in an appeal filed in a case relating to atrocities committed on an Adivasi woman in the Aurangabad region of Maharashtra, the Supreme Court observed that the Adivasis now approximately only 8 percent of the Indian population are the indigenous people and the original inhabitants of this country in vast regions ; whereas the Aryans arrived in India after the Dravidians . The Division Bench emphasized that-

“ Since India is a country of great diversity it is absolutely essential if we wish to keep our country united to have tolerance and equal respect for all communities and sects .It was due to the wisdom of our founding fathers that we have a Constitution which is secular in character , and which caters to the tremendous diversity in our country.”

If this is the reality then why are the front organizations of the Sangh Parivar headed by the RSS, in deliberate denial of the sociological , philosophical , religious and cultural diversity of India ,attempting to consolidate upper caste/upper class fascism, coinciding with the introduction of the neoliberal reform agenda in India , spear headed by policies of companies, banks and financial institutions being imposed through the World Trade Order . Even though the reality as observed in the aforesaid judgment is that throughout the country, even within the same religious fold ,different groups and sects adopt different rituals , ways of worship and customs and have been in revolt against upper caste /upper class domination, both in the Hindu and in the Muslim community , as is visible from the ‘Pasmanda’ movement in Bihar, comprising Muslim artisans and other castes , opposed to upper class domination in the Muslim community, of which the leaders of the erstwhile Muslim League and Jamiat-e-Islami among other organizations are an example, representing the landlords and upper classes, seeking their own political backyard, allying with British Imperialism and thereafter US Imperialism, with horrific consequences, now seen . In Pakistan , a government collaborates with foreign armies of NATO in collective killings of its own people and the people of Afghanistan ,collaborating with Western banks and financial Institutions seeking to launder the proceeds of the drug trade of Afghanistan and the Af-Pak region into collapsing banks and financial institutions. Increasingly the financial figures of this laundering of the drug trade with the establishment of ‘Narco’ regions are being disclosed , revealing a criminalized economic policy agenda through wars and occupation, to enable the survival of the dominant economic system, which Mahatma Gandhi had referred to as “ incipient fascism”.

One interesting narrative referred to by scholars, who have researched the partition of India , referred to in the discourse on the similarities between the ideology of hate and the two nation theory propagated by the erstwhile Muslim League , Jamiat – e- Islami and other organizations on the one hand and the RSS , Sangh Parivar and its political wings on the other ; is that the Jamiat – e- Islami on partition informed the leaders of the RSS , that since Pakistan was now a reality, they looked forward to the creation of a Hindu theocratic State as a fitting partner to the Muslim State of Pakistan .It is in this context that the bomb blasts and communal attacks and pogroms taking place in India and the origins of these political formations and their role during the movement for Indian Independence, have to be researched, studied and analyzed, to comprehend their present political positions, which are in some respects a historical continuity, assisting in the penetration of South Asia and its economic and political space by comprador classes in a global alliance.

It would be timely, in the backdrop of the hate campaign and hysteria against religious minorities and some other individuals political formations unleashed in the country, to recall the written observations on the RSS of Sardar Patel, whom the Sangh Parivar extols as one of the tallest leaders of the country. Referring to the hate propaganda in the country which led to the tragic assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, (the assassins initially denied their membership of the RSS as there was a public outcry against the RSS, however one of the main conspirators was to later admit that the conspirators had been members the organization ) in a written note stated :
“ Our reports do confirm that as a result of the activities of these two bodies , particularly the former ( the RSS ) an atmosphere was created in the country in which such a ghastly tragedy ( Gandhiji’s assassination ) became possible.”

The Kapur Commission report on the murder of Mahatma Gandhi , refers to the direct involvement of the forces which propagated ‘Hindutva’ in the conspiracy to murder the father of the Indian Freedom Movement .From its inception till date, the RSS and democratic functioning have not been compatible, as openly declared by successive Sarsanghchalaks or heads of the RSS, in keeping with the tradition of fascist organizations the world over, including in Eruope ,which inspired the RSS in adopting the stick , the khakhi short pant, a favourite attire of British colonialists ( not traditional Indian dress ),supplemented by a black cap, black being a favourite colour of fascist parties the world over .The political leadership of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has always been nominated, as the democratic principle of political organization has never been accepted by the organization . Similarly upper caste domination has been predominant at the highest leadership levels, which over an extensive period was dominated by one region, where some of the most important militant influences and struggles and mass political movements against British rule took place, namely the province of Maharashtra, as an anti-dote to the nationalist and progressive sentiment in the same region.The prominent leaders of Maharashtra, whether Gopal Krishna Gokhale , the mentor of Gandhiji and Lokmanya Tilak , among many others did not believe that the Hindus and Muslims were different nations . Several movements in the region of other castes and communities, suffering Brahminical upper caste domination over centuries, were openly contemptuous of the RSS and its upper caste leadership , with its unscientific upper caste rituals laced with superstition, its obscurantist Aryan race and caste ridden propaganda .Significantly the RSS was extensively funded and supported by commercial interests and those princely states in the Central Provinces( now Madhya Pradesh, which has seen in recent days many covert conspiracies for bomb blasts ), among other regions of India , whose feudal and comprador classes owed their loyalty to the British Raj, as against those who like the Rani of Jhansi, uncompromisingly fought against British rule .

An aspect which is historically significant in the context of the RSS and its origins during British colonial rule, is the close association of Anglo-American capital with the rise of fascism in Europe. Significantly the autobiography of Benito Mussolini carried a foreword by the US Ambassador to Italy and funds for the establishment of the fascist party in Italy came from contributions from the United States, including from some Italian migrants, even as to-day well heeled and prosperous sections of the Indian Diaspora, allied with banking and financial interests , in the United States and other countries such as the UK, actively support the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, through many organizations of Indians abroad and there is an alliance between these sections and Zionists. Ironically the Zionists in Israel and elsewhere conveniently overlook and do not disclose even to Israeli citizens , that the early ideologues of the RSS , were all inspired by fascist leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler, who had declared that the “ final solution “ was the only way to rid Europe of its Jewish citizens, a political diversion to camouflage the enslavement of the working people of Europe for ‘Lebensraum’ and the seizure of their economic space and resources by any means, including through war and slave labour which was the then policy of major companies in Germany for whom Hitler was the political instrument.

A morbid aspect of the recent ongoing and earlier investigations by official agencies, is the disclosure, that members of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar have been killed fascist style or targeted for murder by their own members and that finances were being provided by external agencies inimical to India, earlier through Nepal before the abolition of the monarchy in Nepal , to individuals who are members of front organizations of the Sangh Parivar , to do away with some of their own prominent leaders. There was a hint of the involvement of the ISI in funding operations, as leaked by intelligence agencies investigating these operations, who urged the government of India , that since some of the leaders of the RSS were targeted by their own colleagues , the RSS should be equally interested in detailed investigations and not attack the bona fides of the late Joint Commissioner of Police, Hemant Karkare conducting the investigation , whose family had lived both in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra , which explains his telephone call to Mr. Digvijay Singh, erstwhile Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, on the day of his assassination, in which Hemant Karkare referred to threats to him held out by the Sangh Parivar .In Mumbai the tragic killings of 26/11 of Hindus and Muslims and a few foreigners , was followed by the assassination of advocate Shahid Azmi, to cover the tracks of those who had effected false arrests in the bomb blasts cases, as Shahid Azmi was defending , with outstanding dedication and competence , despite serious threats , very similar to those received by Hemant Karkare , innocent members of the Muslim minority from poor and lower middle class families, falsely charged in many cases including in the Malegaon bomb blasts . Shahid Azmi was significantly assassinated in Mumbai in his office , just before his client , a citizen of India ,was acquitted by the Special Court of Judge Tahilyani for allegedly handing over of a map of Bombay in Nepal in respect of the 26/11 killings by Pakistani gunmen. The Jamiat-e- Ulema –e-Hind , an organization affiliated to the Congress since the days of the Freedom movement , have not moved the Union Home Ministry for a special investigation into his case, even though there was a press release by the stating that the “patriotic” sections of the underworld had killed Shahid Azmi. Mumbai learnt that the underworld had patriotic elements as certified by local investigating agencies ! Ironically the lawyers defending cases of Sangh Parivar activists, were not subjected to the same murderous threats or attacked in the same manner as those lawyers in several regions of the country ,who were threatened and attacked for defending innocent members of the Muslim minority who were from the lower middle class and the working classes, and were falsely charged in innumerable cases , which the Swami Asinanda judicial confession now establishes .

The reason why the hate campaign of the Sangh Parivar, aided and abetted by the media made substantial advances in the country before its recent exposure, is that more than one political formation collaborated with the Sangh Parivar, including on economic or political policy in Parliament and outside Parliament . In this context , the pogrom against the Sikhs in 1984, on the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi , then Prime Minister, cannot be forgotten; though no less a person than Mr. Manmohan Singh, was to state during the course of an election campaign in Delhi, covered by TV channels , that there was also a covert RSS hand in this anti-Sikh pogrom, apart from the well known culprits, and the then Home Minister it was rumoured was a one time former member of the RSS in the Hyderabad of the Nizam.The indiscriminate reform agenda of liberalization , globalization and privatization without a sector by sector approach , was initiated by the Congress party among others, in collaboration with the BJP , while the Communist Party ( Marxist ) had made common cause with the RSS in its political struggle against Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the emergency, as a part of the Jayaprakash Narayan Movement, which in Gujarat and Bihar among other regions, unfortunately had widespread upper caste/upper class support, with the poorest Dalits attacked by supporters of this movement in Gujarat, when there was a campaign against reservations for economically and socially weaker sections by casteist elements in the Jayaprakash Movement, even as the Dalits and other socially and economically weaker classes and sections were on the other side, with Indira Gandhi. The RSS was a part of the Janata government through the then Jan Sangh, a political extension of the RSS . Subsequently the Bharatiya Janata Party replaced the Jan Sangh as the political front of the RSS, with dual membership, in or about 1980. Whereas in the post 1980 period the Congress Party stooped to play the majority card, including in respect of the opening up of the lock on the Babri Masjid and thereafter the minority card, appeasing the most obscurantist sections of the Muslim community , after the Shabano judgment and amended the statute to alter the provisions for maintenance for Muslim women by enacting a separate statute conferring separate rights ,among other ill advised policies, calculated to reinforce the hold of the conservative clergy of both religious groups. However other political parties were equally responsible for developments which strengthened reaction. The two Communist parties, the CPM and the CPI , supported seat adjustment with the BJP in national elections as against the Congress party, under the formula proposed by the late V.P.Singh, which lent respectability to the BJP, enabling the BJP to occupy political centre stage , from its earlier purely peripheral role in Indian politics , as this seat adjustment increased the strength of the BJP in parliament, which was anticipated by discerning independent political observers ,who warned the left parties, that this kind of political seat adjustment to propel a fascist formation into power, was unacceptable . The experience of the rise of fascism in Europe ought to have informed the parliamentary left, that any alliance with fascism, poses a danger to democracy and democratic rights of society as a whole and that no responsible Communist party including the Bolsheviks ( (the majority in the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party), have ever allied in Europe or in Latin America with fascism or entered into seat adjustments in elections which would give an edge to fascist parties and increase their strength in national or regional legislatures, as this is against the interests of people as a whole , as fascist parties represent ‘corporate rule’ as unambiguously defined by Benito Mussolini and history was a witness to the destruction of Europe under fascism and the grim developments in Latin America when fascist governments were in power from one country to another .

It is impossible to escape the conclusion that ´globalization’, which some have referred to as re-colonization, has been accompanied by the ideology of religious hatred against minorities everywhere to disrupt the unity of the broad masses of the people , by fascist political formations, for better authoritarian economic and political control and for wars of occupation of regions .An analysis of the break up of Federal States such as former Yugoslavia, by predatory financial and economic interests operating in Europe, preying on the resources and labour of Central and Eastern Europe, through well funded religious and ethnic fascist organizations, will inform many of the misuse of the religious and the so called ‘ethnic’ card , where criminal organizations entrusted with the task of manipulating widespread strife between diverse groups, were hired to further imperial financial interests for economic penetration of the economic space of former Yugoslavia , an objective which could not be achieved earlier, even by the Nazi armies during the Second World War .The rest is contemporary history ,with Yugoslavia deliberately destroyed through civil war and religious and ethnic conflict.

There are many lessons to be learnt by the RSS and the Sangh Parivar and other political parties in India and their financiers , the corporate classes, finance capital and the builders and speculators who support these organizations ,from the nature of religious theocracy established in Pakistan by the Muslim League and Jamiat-e-Islami, assisted by the most reactionary comprador classes , in alliance with imperial powers and the erstwhile colonizer, which has steadily reduced Pakistan to political shambles, economic ruin and complete loss of sovereignty , with collapse facing civil society in Pakistan.

In India , criminal activities of religious fascist organizations have been unfortunately permitted by many State governments of different political complexions ,despite the pronouncements of the Supreme Court of India ,that ‘secularism is part of the basic structure of the Constitution of India’ which cannot be amended . It must not be forgotten that the BJP led NDA government, attempted to tamper with the Indian Constitution , a manifesto of the Indian Freedom Movement ,which despite its weaknesses, in particular in the non -enforceability of the Directive Principles of State Policy through the Courts, though considered mandatory and binding in respect of government policy when read with fundamental rights, is considered a major hurdle by upper class/upper caste interests and their agenda for the Indian people . The BJP let NDA government , appointed a Constitutional Review Committee, headed by former Chief Justice M.N.Venkatchaliah ,with motives which were suspect , however they were not in a position to get their proposals through Parliament .

The hate campaign in India has been found necessary by more than one party serving special financial interests among others to avoid advancing a political agenda for the working masses, the peasantry ,the dalits , the tribal people, minorities , women and the lower middle and middle classes in rural and urban areas , by deflecting from the real development issues into diversionary fascist strategies . As a consequence of which the present political scene in India is dismal, as most political parties advance the interest of only those corporate and other interests who finance their campaigns. On the one hand radical forces are still sectarian , fragmented, weak and infantile, without a scientific political agenda for emancipation of Indian society as a whole, with priority policies for those presently below the poverty line and those on the periphery , in alliance with the unorganized and organized working classes , the peasantry , the tribal people , the lower and middle classes, minorities , women , in a broad alliance with those individuals from other classes , ready to support a manifesto for a democratic transformation , not yet accomplished in vast regions of India , for social and economic justice and a revolt against injustice , corruption , superstition and obscurantism which Mahatma Gandhi all his political life referred to as the objective of the freedom movement .An agenda which cannot exclude the careful and considered application of science and technology to vast areas, presently in abject feudal conditions , outside the pale of economic development, to advance a paradigm for development where there is neither hunger nor malnutrition and regions and localities have a voice in accessing their resources and controlling their environment , with priority for the preservation of the ecology of tribal and agricultural communities, for restoring the environment of cities and towns , reviving agriculture and industry and water sources, for public control of Banks and financial institutions , without shutting out technological advances the world which may be necessary and are not harmful to society, in a careful sector by sector approach ; this involves the painstaking task of sustained political education , throughout the length and breadth of the country on the lines of the freedom movement, to create the critical mass of political opinion to tilt the balance against an increasingly anti-human and overwhelming corrupt system, in many parts of the world. On the other hand are political forces in India, which have grown senile ,are highly compromised , degenerate and corrupt, pressurized by corporate policy as witnessed by the ‘Radia’ tapes , to abandon peoples interests ; and what is even worse , there are fascist organizations which are reactionary , revivalist , feudal and criminal , advancing the interests of a financial oligarchy in a global alliance, desiring to establish authoritarian or police states in the service of Imperialism or outright occupation by Para military and military forces, to substitute democratic practices with totalitarian methods . In this complex political situation , where the struggle is for a more genuine democracy, with people at different levels of economic , social and cultural development , attempts by fascist parties to destroy the diversity in unity which Indian civilization is all about , is an attempt to destroy Indian society and the Indian State. The national flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the diverse people of India , whereas the Sangh Parivar accepted the flag and the Constitution of India when they faced a political ban .

It is in this context that the question arises, whether it is Dr. Binayak Sen who is really seditious ?



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