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RSS Activists Attack Headlines Today News Channel
For Terror Expose

By Bharat Bachao Andolan

16 July, 2010

(For a National Struggle against Brahmanism, Imperialism & Zionism)



The revelations on the Headlines News channel are cause for deep concern for the long term security of our nation. It is more than clear that members of the RSS themselves are linked to the various acts of terror.

The tapes which are being aired clearly prove the complicity of BL Sharma (Prem Singh Sher) who is a former BJP legislature. He is on camera discussing the terror attacks with Lt. Col. Purohit & Bhai Dalvi (from Maharashtra). Their plan is to crate an underground terror organization,which they did establish, namely the Abhinav Bharat. Their nefarious plan was to engineer a series of coordinated terror attacks across the length & breadth of the country, during Friday prayers, killing thousands & lakhs of Muslims. The motive is to instill a deep fear within the Muslim masses & thus induce mass conversion back to Hinduism. Col. Purohit reiterates that he opposes the Indian constitution. BL Sharma calls for an all out war against the Indian Muslim community.

Thus this is a deep seated subversive conspiracy, meant to weaken & thus demolish the very foundationsof Indian Republican Democracy, based on the principles of Secularism, Equality & Social Justice.

Until now, the Sangh Pariwar, which includes the BJP & the RSS were trying to manage the damaging evidence unearthed in the Ajmer, malegaon & MeccaMasjid terror attacks in a low key manner.

But yesterdays tape thatwas partof the evidence that the CBI has in its custody, is from the laptop of Dayanand Pandey, where all the meetings have been visually recorded.
Our concern is that, why is there still an attempt by the Congress government to shield the RSS?!

Why are the investigating agencies being selective about their investigation, interrogation & arrests of those alleged to be part of masterminding & perpetrating the acts of terror.

The NIA, CBI, IB, ATS are all working at cross purposes & there is no unity of purpose or action in pursuing the matter to it's logical conclusion.
The very revelation that the Vice President Dr. Hamid Ansari himself was a target for the homegrown terrorists is cause for grave concern for all our political leaders. Yet the Delhi based doctor evades arrest, though he has said so on a recorded video.

From Nanded, Parbhani, Beed, Jalna, Malegaon (Maharashtra), Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad (A.P.), Ajmer (Rajasthan), Teenkasi, RSS HQ (Tamil Nadu), Kanpur (U.P.), Bhopal (M.P.), Modasa (Gujarat), Marmagoa as well as Sancaole (Goa), Samjhauta Express.

They are also suspected to be involved in the Jaipur serial terror attack, in both the Malegaon attacks, the recent terror attack in Pune. The list is very very long & the conspiracy of terror, very very widespread with their networks linked internationally as well. Their international financial sources of funding have to be investigated.

The RSS pracharaks & activists - Their Linkages to the terror attacks

RSS activists like Indresh Kumar, who is a close aide of the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat himself is rather indicative of the deep seated rot that exists. Hemant Karkare had also revealed the fact that Indresh Kumar had taken Rs 3 Cr form the ISI & both Mohan Bhagwat as well as Pravin Togadia were aware of this.

Mr. Ram Madhav, the RSS spokesperson is still defending Indresh Kumar.

Pravin Togadia was one of the founder members of the Abhinav Bharat & this was mentioned by Col Purohit himself, yet Togadia is still at large & he has been given a clean chit.

Sadhvi Pragnya's role in the Malegaon blast has been exposed.

The names of Devendra Gupta & Lokesh Sharma have emerged in the Ajmer blast.

In the Samjhauta Express terror attack, the names of Sandeep Dange & Ramchandra Kalsangra have figured as the prime accused, but yet after being interrogated, they were let off & today there is a price on their head. Who were the ATS officers who let them off?? Why the silence ??

The other important suspect is Sunil Joshi, who was killed in 2007. Did he know too much?? Was he killed to cover up the RSS linkages?? This needs to be investigated.

For the Mecca Masjid inquiry, two UP based RSS leaders, namely, Ashok Beri (Kshetra Pracharak) & Ashok Varney, RSS activist were both questioned.

We have no details on the further course of the investigation.

In the Kanpur blast of 26 December '08, the CBI questioned the VHP Kanpur Gen. Sec. Mr. Awadh Behari Mishra as well as an IIT Professor.

We have no details on the further course of the investigation.

In the Samjhauta blast, the CBI is complaining that the Madhya Pradesh police is not cooperating.
Undoubtedly, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka all with BJP governments as well as Maharashtra, centred in Pune & UP centred around Gorakhpur are the centres of the RSS based terror networks.

The latest issue of the Outlook magazine has revealed as to how the government & its investigating machinery as well as the media are overwhelmingly involved in either ignoring or even subverting the investigations.

This is in stark contrast to the hyperbole when a Muslim organization or individual is alleged to be involved.

The rising tide of terror & the political forces behind this entire devious conspiracy area threat to our nation. Their plan is to communalise the masses across religious lines & foment an atmosphere of fear & chaos.

It is a clear & present danger to our internal security as well as our national sovereignty.

Thus we are utterly incensed over the silence & inaction of the Congress led government at the centre.

We are perturbed at the selective manner in which the myriad investigating agencies, namely the NIA, RAW, IB & our Police mechanism seeks to either neglect the issue & indulge in tokenism.

It is clear that sections of the top leadership of the Sangh Pariwar, which includes the RSS, the BJP as well as the VHP were all aware of the conspiracy of terror.

We thus demand that the RSS based terror networks be investigated & banned after being found guilty, as clearly the RSS is a threat to our nation.

We thus appeal to the Central Government to live by its oath to defend the Indian Constitution & the sovereignty of our nation.

In Solidarity with the Indian People in our battle against Fascism, Communalism & Terrorism

Sarfaraz Arzu, Brigadier Sudhir Sawant, Kishore Jagtap, Feroze Mithiborwala, S S Yadav, Varsha V V, Vials Gaikwad, Aslam Ghazi, Yavar Ali Qazi, Arun Velaskar, Ravi Joshi, Amol Madame, Jyoti Badekar, Jagdish Nagarkar, Mulniwasi Mala, Avinash Kamble, Pramod Shinde, Sanjay Sakharkar, Lilesh, aarti Bomkar, Pooja Badekar

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