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The Real Beneficiaries Of ISIS Are The Anti Islam Forces

By Shakeel Mohammed

22 September, 2015

Today world is witnessing the biggest refugee crisis since the end of world war two. The invasion of Iraq by US led coalition, their continuing intervention and the government's inability to control the militias have turned Iraq into a quagmire of military conflict. Similarly the uprising against the Syrian regime along with the regime change policy of US and the resultant civil war has turned Syria into an anarchic State. Adding fuel to the fire is the advent of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Within a span of just two years ISIS has been able to conquer substantial parts of both Iraq and Syria. Their rhetoric spiced with terms invariably associated with Islam like Khilafat, Khalifa, Jihad and Hijra has helped them to attract many believers from Iraq and Syria. At the same time the relentless usage of these terms and the modus operandi of ISIS have led to the tarnishing of Islam's image in the international community. The problem was aggravated due to the prevalent atmosphere of Islamophobia and the persistent efforts of Western media to sully Islam's image.

The fact is that the actions of ISIS is both barbaric and against Islamic concepts . They are killing everyone opposed to their so-called Khilafat, be it Christians, Yazidis, Shias or Muslim Brotherhood followers. They consider only themselves as Muslims and proclaim everyone else as infidels or apostates fit to be put to death or exiled. They don't just hold on to such beliefs but also execute them in the most horrific ways. It is such barbaric and extremely cruel actions of ISIS that is creating so many refugees. Actually their actions are against the values upheld by Islam and the human values promoted by Islamic teachings. Hence the damage done to Islam and Muslim community by ISIS is very grave. In reality the concept of Islamic Khilafat is an ideal state where different religious beliefs and ideas can peacefully coexist. In fact the security of different religious factions is State's responsibility according to Islam. Quran inexplicitly calls for the protection of Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogues and monasteries in the Islamic Khilafat. War has been allowed to be waged for the same. History introduces us to Caliphs who have protected historic monuments but Abubakker Baghdadi and his Khilafat negates all such guidelines. These facts prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this Khalifa and his Khilafat is fake.

Baghdadi's Khilafat is hurting Islam and its human values the most. For the same reason this movement is gladdening the hearts of Islamophobes. Netanyahu's statement that supporting ISIS is good should be read along with this. The convergence we witness in the views of Israel and ISIS towards those Islamic movements that truly represent Islam and its political leanings is very telling. President of International Union of Islamic Scholars, Dr. Yusaful Qardhawi has rejected the activities of ISIS. According to him ISIS is a terrorist organization, they are waging war on moderate views of Islam. They Kill innocents, commits genocides on people opposed to their views and argues that Muslim Brotherhood is outside the ambit of Islam. These kind of extremist views and interpretations should be totally rejected.

The arrival of ISIS has adversely affected the positive debates about Islamic Political System that was facilitated by the advent of Arab spring. In fact Arab Spring had initiated a very healthy debate between Modern democracy and Islam. Another tragedy caused by ISIS is the degeneration of popular uprising against Asad of Syria into a Shia-Sunni conflict. The point is , the real beneficiaries of this terrorist group are the anti Islam forces. America's role in subverting democracy in the Arab Spring nations is irrefutable. Western media's silence about this fact and their high octane campaign about ISIS is very deceitful.

Origins of ISIS is very suspicious. The division of Arab states into numerous entities by the colonial forces and the support extended to the dictatorial regimes of Iraq and Syria are reasons that have angered Arab streets for decades. In other words rise of terrorist organizations like ISIS and the refugee crisis can be traced to the distorted foreign policies of America and Europe.

There is a very prominent section of geopolitical analysts who claim that imperial forces are behind the formation of ISIS. There are pointers that point to American and Israeli hand in the formation and sustenance of ISIS. The reluctance shown by President Obama in taking on ISIS in the beginning was very suspicious.

In short the rhetoric and activities of ISIS are very damaging to Islam and its adherents . The real beneficiaries of this terrorist group are the anti Islam forces. For this reason there is a need to state that the ideology and actions of ISIS are not at all Islamic.

Shakeel Mohammed, a Mechanical engineer by profession, is an Internet activist and administrator of Palestine Movement. He was formerly member of State Representative council of Solidarity Youth Movement.


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