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15 August, 2003

Occupied Injustice
By Jonathan Steele

Hundreds of Iraqis civilians are being held in makeshift jails run by US troops - many without being charged or even questioned. And in these prisons are children whose parents have no way of locating them

Beef Eating: Strangulating History
By Ram Puniyani

A review of Prof. D.N. Jha's book "Holy Cow: Beef in Indian Dietary Traditions"

A Story Of Saffron
By Dr Ananya Jahanara Kabir

Is it too hopeful, if not offensive, to imagine a future where the state of Jammu and Kashmir can participate in a meaningful political power sharing arrangement with a coalition government at the Centre?

14 August, 2003

The New “Islamophobia”
By R. Ebrahimi

We are living the new Islamophobia. Demagogic voices, terrifying of violence scourge Islam, the so-called Islamic civilization, and Muslims. These voices dangerously recall anti-Semitic lampoons of late 19th Century or even Mussolini and Hitler’s racist discourses

Subverting Education
By M V Ramana

School texts in Pakistan and India have been systematically subverted and end up promoting hatred and intolerance. This process must be resisted and reversed

13 August, 2003

Domestic Violence Is Not So Private
By Shabana Azmi

Marital and domestic violence may be a private affair but its public consequences are serious

The Occupation’s Hidden Victims - Innocent Iraqis
By Medea Benjamin

It is estimated that some 7,000 Iraqi civilians died during the war. We have no idea how many innocent Iraqis have died since the major fighting was officially declared over on May 1

12 August, 2003

Our Future Is Laid Out, But We Do Not See
By George Monbiot

Climate change threatens the future of humanity, but we refuse to respond rationally

Preventive War 'the Supreme Crime'
By Noam Chomsky

The grand strategy of the US i to carry out preventive war: preventive, not pre-emptive. Whatever the justifications for pre-emptive war might be, they do not hold for preventive war

Who Will Save Abu-Mazen?
By Uri Avnery

Abu-Mazen will fall before the end of October--this conviction is gaining ground in leading Palestinian circles

What Is This Hindu Rashtra ?
By Sitaram Yechuri

The vision of a social order under the Hindu Rashtra is one which legitimizes both the inhuman caste oppression and the denial of elementary rights to women

11 August, 2003

A Closed Circle of Collaborators
By by E.A. Khammas

Reactions to the Iraqi Governing Council

The Reluctant Warrior
By Medea Benjamin

Open Arms May Turn into Fire Arms, Says Iraqi Soldier Turned Taxi Driver

Washington Is Being Toothless On Israel
By Ali Abunimah

With no check on Israel, the road map could be in an impasse

10 August, 2003

Another Family Shot Dead
By Justin Huggler

Firing blindly during a power cut, soldiers kill a father and three children in their car in Baghdad

The two-nation theory
By Kuldip Nayar

India's ethos is pluralism. Hindus and Muslims constitute one nation

09 August, 2003

The End?
By Stephen James Kerr

Global oil production would peak in the first decade of the 21st century and decline forever thereafter. There is no adequate substitute for oil energy. The peaking of production means the further growth of energy demand, and thus of the global capitalist economy, is physically impossible. No energy - no economy

Pentagon Scheme For A Futures Market In Terror
By Barry Grey

The exposure of a Pentagon plan to establish a futures market in terrorist attacks, assassinations and military strikes is yet one more demonstration of the criminal character of the forces that wield power in America

Israel Must Be Subjected To A Global Rule Of Law
By Hanan Ashrawi

It is time that Israel is treated like any other state, made subject to a global rule of law, and its actions scrutinized for such outrageous policies and practices

Supreme Court In Liberalised Times
By Prakash Karat

The Supreme Court of India judgement regarding the dismissal of 170,000 state government employees in Tamilnadu constitutes a severe assault on the rights of the working class

Uniform Civil Code or Gender Justice?
Moderator, India Thinkers Net

Ironically those who speak of the Common Civil Code have
not been honest about gender justice.No one is really
interested in the Women's Reservation Bill

Judiciary Least Honest And Least Accountable
By Udit Raj

There is no law to govern judiciary in this country. In the appointment of judges, no objective procedure can be followed in the present situation to judge the character, capacity and ability of a judge and sycophancy, nepotism and favoritism are the order of the day

08 August, 2003

20,000 Civilians Injured in Iraq War
By Hamit Dardagan, John Sloboda and Kay Williams

Extraction of media-reported civilian injuries from the Iraq Body Count database and archive of war reports provides evidence of at least 20,000 civilian injuries on top of the maximum reported 7798 deaths

The Conceited Empire
By Martin A. Senn and Felix Lautenschlager

Emmanuel Todd, the historian who predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union in the 1970s now says that the US has been on its way out for the last decade

Myths Surrounding The Bombings Of
Hiroshima And Nagasaki

By Timothy J. Freeman

Like the vast majority of Americans I had been persuaded of the tragic necessity of the bombing. But for the last decade or so my birthday has always been tinged with sadness as I've come to understand how unnecessary was Hiroshima and then, of course, Nagasaki

07 August, 2003

No More Coke And Pepsi In Indian Parliament

Indian Parliament banned from its premises the soft drinks manufactured by Pepsi and Coca-Cola following allegations by a non-governmental organisation that they contained toxic pesticides

Tests Confirm Toxicity In Sludge From Coke Plant
By P. Venugopal

Tests conducted by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) have confirmed recent media reports about the toxic nature of the sludge generated by Coca-Cola's bottling plant at Plachimada, in Kerala's Palakkad district

Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki
By David Krieger

"I suggest that every community throughout the globe commemorate the period August 6th through August 9th as Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days. By looking back we can also look forward and remain cognizant of the risks that are before us"

Deprivation Affects Muslims More
By C. Rammanohar Reddy

Results of the 55th round countrywide survey conducted in 1999-2000 by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), reveals that muslims in India suffer from substantially greater economic deprivation than Hindus

06 August, 2003

Prisoners Brutalized In Baghdad Gulag Prison
By Gordon Thomas

Former prisoners and aid workers provide insight into the brutal living conditions of those held in makeshift prison camps in Iraq

India Can Follow A Different Path
By Yash Pal

People are dreaming of India becoming a 'developed country'. But what kind of development does India need? "I am afraid of our becoming a developed country like the one in front today" , says Prof. Yash Pal

Communal Riots: Murderers At Large
By Sayantan Chakravarty, Sheela Raval and Farzand Ahmed

A study by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, a Union Home Ministry body, says that between 1954 and 1996, almost 16,000 people lost their lives in 21,000 incidents of rioting, while over one lakh were injured

Residues Of Toxic Pesticides In 12 Soft Drink Brands

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) today announced that 12 soft drink brands collected for testing from in and around Delhi contained residues of four extremely toxic pesticides and insecticides — lindane, DDT, malathion and chlorpyrifos

05 August, 2003

Is This Proof Of Global warming?
By Michael McCarthy

Europe burns like a furnace and rivers run dry across the continent. If it isn't proof of global warming at last, it certainly looks like it

The Crusades: The Fall Of Jerusalem
By Tamim al-Barghouti

How the concept of jihad has changed after the fall of Jarusalem in 1099

India's Great Divide
By Alex Perry

Mounting fury over religious discrimination by the Hindu majority is triggering an increasingly violent Muslim backlash

Mass Fine? Is Memory So Short?
By Moderator, India Thinkers Net Group

Memories of Hitler is revoked by the Hindutwa forces by demanding a fine from the Muslim community for the Maradu killings and by promising to rehabilitate those who fled ..... 'at a distance'

Uniformity or Gender Justice
By Ram Puniyani

What India need is not a uniform civil code but a gender
just code. A uniform code need not be gender just while a gender just code can be uniform for the whole Nation

04 August, 2003

Infiltrating Civil Society
By Philip Agee

Former CIA agent tells How US infiltrates "civil society" to overthrow governments

Journalists Are Killers Too...!
By Henk Ruyssenaars

Journalists kill when keeping silent about crimes by their governments and others. Or help fabricate propaganda supporting wars

Hell's Angel Pulled Out Of Film Festival

A controversial film on Mother Teresa, Hell's Angel, By Christopher Hitchens has been dropped from a film festival planned here to mark her beatification later this year, Also read and interview with Christopher Hitchens

Remembering Bhishma Sahani
By K.G. Kannabiran

Bhishma Sahani anticipated Gujarat long before and later in 1988, when his work was televised

03 August, 2003

You Cant Imagine How Our People Are Living
By Vikram Sura

The Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Yasser Arafat, speaks of the plight of his people

Repression In Afghanistan
By James Conachy

The report on Afghanistan issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW) catalogs the systematic violation of human rights by the militias of the Northern Alliance who were placed in power following the US invasion

What's Driving The Liberian Bloodbath
By Noah Leavitt

America has a responsibility to intervene in Liberia to avoid a blood bath

Let The Guns Fall Silent In Siachen
By Pavan Nair

An open letter to the President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of India

Nanavati Commission Boycott
By Digant Oza and Nachiketa Desai

Fearing reprisal from the the perpetrators of carnage the riot victims do not turn up for the hearings held by the Justice Nanavati commission enquiring into the communal violence in Gujarat

02 August, 2003

Abandoning Agriculture
By Devinder Sharma

The dreams of billions of farmers have been completely shattered,who were initially promised the stars when the WTO was formally launched. It is only a matter of time before the collapse of agriculture in the developing world triggers massive displacements from the rural areas

Bob Hope: Court Jester
By Marty Jezer

Inoffensive and superficial, Hope’s comedy did not explore, challenge or protest anything serious. It spoke to a phony reality, an era of niceness that didn’t exist

US Moves To Close Down Al-Jazeera TV
By Robert Fisk

The US administration appears to be laying the ground work to close down Al-Jazeera's operations in Iraq --along with those of the Arabia channel --for alleged "incitement to violence"

Quetta Massacre
By Deepal Jayasekera

Sectarian violence on the rise in pakistan

01 August, 2003

Israel Imposes 'Racist' Marriage Law
By Justin Huggler

Palestinian-Israeli couples will be forced to leave or live apart

The War On Truth
By John Pilger

The war on Iraq went on with the silent collusion of a pliant media, and the casualty was Truth

Iraq Isn't Working
By Robert Fisk

There is a veneer of normality about life in the new Iraq. But America's failure to deliver on its promises has triggered a spiral of murderous anarchy that threatens to become an epic tragedy

Why The US Fears Cuba
By Seumas Milne

Hostility to the Castro regime doesn't stem from its failings, but from its achievements.

Coke Accused Of Supplying Toxic Fertiliser To Farmers
By George Iype

BBC investigative report reveals that the sludge produced by
the Coca Cola factory in Kerala contains dangerous toxic chemicals that are polluting the water supplies, the land and the food chain

31 July, 2003

WTO In Montreal
By Aziz Choudry

Wherever we live, let's make sure that the world's free traders get no satisfaction in Montreal, Cancun and beyond

Reflections On Leaving Palestine
ByBrooke Atherton

I am leaving Palestine tomorrow, but the Palestinian prisoners - the men and women in Israeli prisons, and the Palestinians being held captive in their own homes - are in my mind and in my heart

Temperatures, Sea Levels To Rise
On Scottish Islands

Climate change will force temperatures up and precipitation down across the Scottish islands over the next 100 years

Co-joined With Kashmir
By F. S. Aijazuddin

Is Kashmir a core issue, or simply a corps commanders' issue?

Best Bakery Case- NHRC Comes To The Rescue
By Manoj Mitta

NHRC to move special leave petition in Supreme Court asking for retrial