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30 November, 2003

The Indigenous People Of Kerala Are
Forcefully Sterilised

By The Moderator, India Thinkersnet

The news channel 'India Vision' has reported the forceful sterilisation of the indigenous people (adivasis) of Kerala in the Waynad district in an effort to ethnically cleanse them

Extra Judicial Killing Of Women Naxalites in Uduppi
People's Democratic Forum Fact Finding Report

People's Democratic Forum, a human rights group from Karnatak reports that the so called encounter death of two women Naxalites on the 17th November at Bollottu in Karkala taluk of Udupi district was actually a cold blooded extra judicial killing by the police

Unwed Mothers Of Wayanad
By M P Basheer

In the Wayanad district of Kerala hundreds of tribal women are lured by the local settlers, leaving them with fatherless children after exploiting them sexually

The Georgian Velvet Revolution (Sort of)
By Andreas Hernandez

Without wishing to diminish the incredible accomplishment of evicting a tyrant with minimal bloodshed, this article argues that the new directions of a post-Shevardnadze Georgia have long ago been set by core Western powers and global financial institutions

29 November, 2003

Moving Towards Peace?
By Abbas Rashid

India and Pakistan are again on the peace track. Will this be a lasting one?

Bush’s PR Stunt In Baghdad
Underscores US Crisis

By Patrick Martin

President Bush’s Thanksgiving Day visit to US troops in Baghdad, organized by the White House to shore up crumbling public support for the occupation of Iraq, only confirms the deepening crisis of the administration

"I Punched An Arab In The Face"
By Gideon Levy

An Israeli soldier's testimony

Caste And Hinduism
By Gail Omvedt

M V Nadkarni's recent articles show the fundamental stamp of Hindutva ideology, primary of which is shoddy methodology, selective quotation and illogic

28 November, 2003

A Thanks Giving Soap Opera
By Phil Reeves and David Usborne

George Bush cooks up a a secret mission to give thanks to his troops in Iraq in a clearly calculated move to burnish Mr Bush's image as he prepares for a re-election campaign

Blood, Oil, Guns And Bullets
By Aziz Choudry

Weapons production and the maintenance of US military and economic might across the world depends on massive consumption of oil and petroleum. In turn, massive defense and security spending boosts an ailing US economy, and is a boon to the profits of its defense and security corporations

What Has Failed In Palestine, Will Fail In Iraq
By Ali Abunimah

Faced with mounting resistance to its occupation of Iraq, the United States is deliberately copying the repressive tactics of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza -- including home demolitions, large-scale destruction of trees, barriers and roadblocks, and a careless disregard for the life of civilians

No More Ideas, We Need Implementation
By Rifat Odeh Kassis

One wonders why the Geneva Accord has not created any serious debate inside the Palestinian community, despite the fact that the ink in which the Road Map was written had dried already

The Metamorphosis Of Palestine
By Ahdaf Soueif

Three years ago, the acclaimed Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif travelled through the West Bank to write a special report for G2. This month, she returned for the first time

Guantánamo: A Monstrous Failure Of Justice
By Johan Steyn

How prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have been treated we do not know. But what we do know is not reassuring

A Vatican For Film-Makers
By Chris Payne

How does a Havana film school attract lavish funding and the likes of Soderbergh and Spielberg? With a nod and a wink from Fidel Castro

27 November, 2003

Why I Hate Thanksgiving
By Mitchel Cohen

Impressions on Thanksgiving day

Attacked For Telling Some Home Truths
By Robert Fisk

The bitter truth that is unfolding in Iraq is a taboo in America. And those who prefer to speak out should watch out

The Moral Myth
By George Monbiot

Superpowers act out of self-interest, not morality, and the US in Iraq is no different

Western Powers Redefine 'Democracy'
By Linda S. Heard

Those halcyon days when "democracy" really meant "for the people, by the people" are tragically over in countries which purport to expound this ancient method of governance. In its place comes a system which spies on, categorises, labels and restricts "the people" for the benefit of governments

How Occupation Corrupts The Occupiers Absolutely
By Mustapha Karkouti

Decades have elapsed since Israel first occupied Arab territories in 1967. The Jewish state seems to be reaping what it sowed: ordinary Israeli kids join the army and become sadistic monsters, just by complying with its rules

No Regrets or Culprits, Just Cash
For Series of Random Killings

By Rory McCarthy

American officers are quietly paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to relatives of those killed or injured in arbitrary shootings by troops

Acid Death For Refusing To Marry
Statesman News Service

A 22 year old woman died after criminals threw acid on her face and force to drink it allegedly at the behest of her former tutor whom she had refused to marry

Sons Of The Soil: Unravelling The Idea Of India
By Dilip D'souza

In nearly 60 years, the spirit of Indianness we have found the strongest expression for is hostility towards other Indians

26 November, 2003

Sorrows Of Empire
By Chalmers Johnson

U.S. has indeed crossed the Rubicon and there is no way to restore Constitutional government short of a revolutionary rehabilitation of American democracy

A New Type Of Imperialism
By Ralph Niemeyer and Lucila Gallino

Interview with President Hugho Chavez of Venezuela

25 November, 2003

The Michael Jackson Story Is A Plot
By Antonia Zerbisias

The world was treated to an orgy of Michael Jackson arrest coverage on CNN on the day that Bush was being trashed in effigy in London, 27 people were killed and 400 injured by truck bombs in Turkey

Looking For A Compromise In Srilanka
By K. Ratnayake

As the political crisis in Sri Lanka drags into its fourth week, heavy pressure is being brought to bear by the United States, the European Union (EU), India and Japan on President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to patch-up some sort of compromise

Hurtling Toward The Abyss
By Hanan Ashrawi and Jon Elmer

Jon Elmer interviews Hanan Ashrawi - "there will be an awakening, as we are witnessing, among Israeli public opinion. And ultimately Israel will be treated like any other state: not above the law, and not with preferential treatment."

Assam Violence : The 'Neo' Colonial experience
By Sadiqur Rahman

The recent killings of hindi speaking peoples in various parts of Assam is a resultant of the long brewing undercurrent of discontent against the mechanism of the state's economy, some sort of a economic class struggle (but in a regional colour)

War Films Are Right Up The Parivar's Street
By Saibal Chatterjee

An influential section of the Mumbai film industry has willingly accepted the onus of furthering the one cause that is central to the perpetuation of the might of the rightwing - kindling and sustaining the fire of patriotism in the hearts of the masses. Hasn't anybody around here heard the old adage about patriotism being the last resort of the scoundrel?

24 November, 2003

Leader Of The Free World
By Gary Rivlin

How Linus Torvalds became benevolent dictator of Planet Linux, the biggest collaborative project in history

Open Source Everywhere
By Thomas Goetz

Software is just the beginning … open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces the corporation

Myth Of The Mother
By Tishani Doshi

Mother Teresa has done one thing. She has irreparably changed the idea of "Mother" in India. She has raised the bar of expectation. Already, we have been trained to think of mothers as ultimate sacrificers

23 November, 2003

A War That Can Never Be Won
By Jonathan Steele

Terrorism is a technique, not an enemy state that can be defeated

I Know When Bush Is Lying: His Lips Move
By John Pilger

"Now we know that no other president of the United States has ever lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably . . . The presumption now has to be that he's lying any time that he's saying anything."

The Bubble Of American Supremacy
By George Soros

A prominent financier argues that the heedless assertion of American power in the world resembles a financial bubble—and the moment of truth may be here

11,400 Palestinians Need Permits
To Live In Their Homes


According to the new directives, all Palestinians over the age of twelve who live in the seam area will be required to obtain a "permanent resident permit" from the Civil Administration to enable them to continue to live in the their homes

Gujarat's Victims Completely Isolated
By Harsh Mander

After the riots, the state authorities in Gujarat have mounted a systematic assault on the rights and security of a segment of its citizens, on a scale and with an impunity that is unmatched in independent India, barring the dark months of the Emergency

Manufacturing History
By Ram Puniyani

Islam spread in India first due to the Arab traders. Later it spread here due the influence of Sufi saints. Those who converted to Islam were the low caste untouchables who wanted to escape the tyranny of Brahmins and Janindars, those who aspired for entry in the places of worship which was barred to the low caste, those who aspired for social equality

21 November, 2003

Who Are The Terrorists?
By Muslehuddin Ahmad

The occupying power is terming the Iraqi resistance forces as terrorists, but these resistance forces obviously see the American forces as terrorists on their soil

Terror Blasts In Istanbul:
Atrocities Aid Bush’s “War On Terror”

By Justus Leicht and Peter Schwarz

The series of terror attacks in Istanbul are a provocation. It remains unclear who is really behind them.But in the final analysis, it is the policies of the US, Israel and Great Britain that are responsible for this catastrophe

Press Freedom Falls Short In Iraq
By Robert Fisk

Freedom of the press is beginning to smell a little rotten in the new Iraq

Dark Heart Of The American Dream
By Ed Vulliamy

Texas, the most polluted state in the planet's most powerful country. Ed Vulliamy goes into George Bush's backyard to reveal how big oil got in bed with big politics and the price paid by the little people

A dangerous Us and Them mindset
By Sudhanshu Ranjan

The situation in Assam today is extremely serious and does not portend well for either Assam or India. Both the Assam and Bihar governments, as indeed the Centre, must do all they can to defuse the situation immediately

20 November, 2003

Israel's Guantanamo - Facility 1391
By Jonathan Cook

Despite government attempts to impose a news blackout, information about more than a decade of horrific events at Facility 1391 are beginning to leak out. As a newspaper described it, Facility 1391 is "Israel's Guantanamo"

Zionism As A Racist Ideology
By Kathleen And Bill Christison

What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is not genocide, it is not a holocaust, but it is, unmistakably, ethnicide. It is, unmistakably, racism

Tired, Terrified, Trigger-Happy
By Andrew M. Cockburn

Among the less publicized incentives propelling Iraq overseer Paul Bremer's urgent dash to Washington last week was the concern in various quarters of the administration that the U.S. expeditionary force in Iraq was in a dangerously unstable state

'Promise Of India'- A New Beginning
By Raju Rajagopal And Aruna Srinivasan

Recently, some 80 NRI organisations came together to form an umbrella body called 'Promise of India' (POI), with a view to voicing their collective concerns on communal harmony and development issues. An interview with Raju Rajagopal who chairs the steering committee of POI

Presumed Guilty
By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Although the Malimath committee report on reform of the criminal justice system contains some useful suggestions, the overall thrust of the report is dangerous for the health of the criminal justice system in India

19 November, 2003

Tikrit - Iraq's Own West Bank
By Phil Reeves

It is the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but transported to Iraq. A town is imprisoned by razor wire. The entrance is guarded by soldiers, protected by sand bags, concrete barricades and a machine-gun nest

India's Hidden Aids Epidemic
By Maxine Frith

Campaigners say a combination of ignorance and huge inequalities between the sexes is allowing HIV to spread quickly, the virus is estimated to infect 25m by 2010

Elitism In Higher Education
By P L Vishweshwer Rao

The proposed Private Universities Bill will put ‘emerging areas of study’ beyond the reach of poorer sections of society

18 November, 2003

Living In The Shadow Of The Wall
By Ida Audeh

When completed,Israel's apartheid wall is expected to be at least four times as long and in many places twice as high as the Berlin Wall. Its impact on Palestinian economy and society is going to be enormous. Ida Audeh conducts detailed interviews with people in the districts affected by the completion of the first phase of the wall

17 November, 2003

U.S. Casualties From Iraq War Top 9,000
By Mark Benjamin

The number of U.S. casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom -- troops killed, wounded or evacuated due to injury or illness -- has passed 9,000, according to new Pentagon data

Invasion As Marketing Problem
By Noam Chomsky

The Iraq war and contempt for democracy

The Palestine Regiment
By Robert Fisk

How an Arab and a Jew fought Hitler, then each other, and died as friends

Alternate Politics - The Search & Need
By Goldy M. George

Rustic revolt particularly of the poor and working sector will definitely storm the existing citadels of power, thus emerging the new era of power, a cohesive outburst of people's struggles

Malimath Report: Delusions Of Gender-sensitivity
By Human Rights Features

An Amnesty International report, expressed concern about the Malimath Committee's recommendations relating to the treatment of women in criminal law