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30 July, 2003

Separation Wall Will Grow
By Rupert Cornwell

In a rebuff to President George Bush,Areil Sharon reiterates that construction of the barrier would continue because it was essential for the country's security

Blood Of The Innocent Is On Their Hands
By Chris McGreal

The most shocking aspect of the past three years of intifada is the killing of children by the Israeli army. The numbers are staggering; one in five Palestinian dead is a child

Bush, The rainforest And A Gas Pipeline
To Enrich His Friends

By Andrew Gumbel

President George Bush is seeking funds for a controversial project to drive gas pipelines from pristine rainforests in the Peruvian Amazon to the coast. The plan would enrich Bush corporate campaign contributors

Orwell's Elephant And The Parading Of
Qusai and Odai Hussein

By Pierre Tristam

Like Orwell's "Shooting An Elephant" Americans in Iraq wanted to impress the natives, remind them at every turn who's their sahib. Even dead, Odai and Qusai are laughing at the white man

America Is A Religion
By George Monbiot

US leaders now see themselves as priests of a divine mission to rid the world of its demons

Antony Must Resign

Online petition campaign against A.K.Antony's statement against minorities in Kerala. Please sign the petition

29 July, 2003

"Who’s Next"
By Robert Fisk

Two months ago, one American soldier died a week. Three weeks ago, it was one a day. Now it’s often two or three a day

The Next Battle Of Venezuela Begins
By Chris Kerr

The next battle for Venezuela is looming. This battle will not take place on the streets but rather in the ballot box: a referendum on the rule of President Chavez

28 July, 2003

One Billion suffer Extreme Poverty
By David Rowan

The UNDP report notes that 54 nations are poorer now than they were in 1990.The populations of 21 countries are hungrier today than in 1990.

Linking Rivers: Some Elementary Arithmetic
By Nilakantha Rath

Some elementary arithmetic about the cost per unit of water and per watt of power separately, make one despair that instead of doing the first things that are crying out to be done first in regard to irrigation, people are being fed this pie-in-the-sky

27 July, 2003

By Howard Zinn

There is a long history of imperial powers, gloating over victories, becoming over-extended and overconfident, as their citizens begin to get uneasy because their day-to-day fundamental needs are being sacrificed for military glory while their young are sent to die in wars.

26 July, 2003

Liberia, Corpses At The Doorstep
By Greg Palast

Corpses are piling up in Liberia and America has blood on its hands

Foreign Direct Investment In Hatred
By Kalpana Wilson

Pro-Hindutva organisations have come to rely on the moral and material support of the Indian diaspora. The key to this is the fostering of strong idealogical roots in these communities

Gujarat’s ‘Successful Experiment’
Arvind Rajagopal

The racial violence gripping Indian politics may appear to be the latest manifestation of an age-old problem. But this is deceptive. Modern technology and globalisation have brought about a mutation

25 July, 2003

Coke vs People
By Paul Vallely, Jon Clarke and Liz Stuart

In the Kerala state of India impoverished farmers are fighting to stop drinks giant 'destroying livelihoods'

Boycott Coca-Cola!
By Andy Higginbottom

An international boycott of Coca Cola products have been launched after eight Colombian Coca Cola workers were assassinated

American Barbarism
By Barry Grey

By releasing the photographs of Saddam Hussein's son’s America exposes its own barbarism

Gangsta' Movie In Iraq
By David Walsh

The killing of Saddam Hussein’s sons: The Nuremberg Precedent And The Criminalization Of The US Ruling Elite

Violence Of Night Yields Grim Crop Of Bodies
By James Hider

Night is the deadliest time in Baghdad and there is always a morning crop of bodies

Kurdish Question In Turkey: Towards A New Crossroad

Turkey is launching military operations against the guerrilla groups in Northern Kurdistan. At the moment the war is not declared officially

And Justice For All
By Hosbet Suresh

If we look at every communal riot that has taken place in India, we would find hundreds and thousands of victims who have no chance of getting justice. The majority of such victims belong to the minority community

24 July, 2003

The Sons Are Dead, But Resistance Will Grow
By Robert Fisk

If Saddam and his sons are dead, the chances are that the opposition to the American-led occupation will grow rather than diminish--on the grounds that with Saddam gone, Iraqis will have nothing to lose by fighting the Americans

Common Sense Interview
By Noam Chomsky

Common Sense magazine interviews Noam Chomsky

India's Dream, Bangladesh's Disaster
By John Vidal

Troubled waters for Bangladesh as India presses on with plan to divert major rivers. UN urged to act amid warnings of social and ecological disaster

Caesar's Favor
By Uri Avnery

Hail Caesar, those who are about to kill Abu Mazen salute you

The Holes In Israel's Road Map
By Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah

The "road map" for peace is in serious trouble. This is because the Bush administration, has allowed Israel to reinterpret it so that it is gutted of the elements that offered hope of progress

Remembering 1983
By V. Suryanarayan

The `riots', which began on the night of July 24, 1983, saw Sri Lanka go up in flames... the prolonged conflict has brutalised society

Caste Tensions in Punjab - Talhan and Beyond
By Surinder S Jodhka, Prakash Louis

The recent incidence of conflict involving members of the landowning caste of jats and the scheduled caste of 'ad-dharmis' in the Talhan village of Punjab ought to be viewed as a case of 'dalit assertion'

23 July, 2003

Honesty Killed David Kelly
By Tam Dalyell

What we can be sure of is that this man died because of his honest belief in service to his country

The Ugly Truth Of Camp Cropper
By Robert Fisk

Just like Saddam days, the occupation troops in Iraq run torture camps. Here is one ugly story about Camp Cropper

January 18, 2003- This Day Shall Not Define My Life
By Lucretia Stewart

A rape victim tells the horrors of the rape and its aftermath

Imperial Arrogance And The Vile
Stereotyping Of Arabs

By Edward Said

The Imperialist gaze consideres the Arab incapable of logic, unable to tell the truth and fundamentally murderous

Globalization Fight Continues
By Luke Eric Peterson

As protesters gather next week in Montreal at a meeting of world trade ministers, they can be forgiven for feeling more than a vague sense of déjà vu. Front and center on the World Trade Organization's agenda will be a proposal for a new Multilateral Agreement on Investment (or MAI)

Political Realism Doesn't Mean We Ditch Our Dreams
By Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva

Political realism must not be taken as a justification to abandon the dreams that lie at the foundation of the thinking of the left. Neither can it mean disenfranchising the votes of more than 52 million Brazilians, writes Lula, President of Brazil

The Necessity Of Anti-Sentimentalism
By Ananya Jahanara Kabir

Artists response to partition should mover from an overwhelmingly sentimental phase towards more searching, self-reflexive acts of remembrance, recuperation and mourning

22 July, 2003

Climate of Fear
Human Rights Watch

Rising fear of sexual violence and abduction in Baghdad is keeping women and girls in their homes, out of schools, and away from work and looking for employment. A Human Rights Watch Report

Shadow Of Extinction
By George Monbiot

By the year 2100 it is estimated that the earths atmospheric temperature could rise upto seven degrees. If that happens will this not be a repetition of the mass extinction that occured 251 million years ago?

Don't Let Burma Slide
By Morton Abramowitz

Unless the world acts quickly, pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi will be finished

"He Risked All For Others"
By Emily Sheffield

Tom Hurndall's mother remembers her son who was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier on 11 April and is still lying in a coma

Orwellian Fantasy
By Angana Chatterji

As people in the United States struggle to grasp the impact of the first Patriot Act, this administration is proposing a second and more invasive ‘Domestic Security Enhancement Act

21 July, 2003

Collateral Language
By David Barsamian

An Interview With Noam Chomsky

God Told Me To Strike
By Chris Floyd

Bush Claims God Is Telling Him What To Do

The Pax Americana
By Arthur Mitzman

Only the formation of economically protected continental blocs in Europe and Asia will stand in the way of the subjection of the planet to a Pax Americana

20 July, 2003

Arafat vs Abbas
By Khalid Amayreh

The tug of war between Arafat and Abbas has been contained for the moment, but there are no guarantees it will last

Going Nowhere: The Real Road Map For Palestinians
By Daniel Jacob Quinn

Check points, one after another, endless waiting under the scorching sun. All of this in the name of security. Or is it not naked expression of apartheid and racism?

Bush Ready To Wreck Ozone Layer Treaty
By Geoffrey Lean

New US demands tabled at a little-noticed meeting in Montreal earlier this month calls for an excemption in the usage of the pesticide, methyl bromide, now the greatest attacker of ozone left in industrialised countries

Gm Foods: Towards An Apocalypse
By Devinder Sharma

After taking control over one-third of the world's crude oil supplies George Bush appears ready to take over the world's food market

We Are Sitting On A Volcano
By Arthur Mitzman

It is centuries since humanity anticipate an alarmingly bleak future for its coming genearations

Look What Best Bakery Judge Also Dished Out
By Manoj Mitta

H U Mahida, the judge, who acquitted all the 21 accused in the Best Bakery Case links job reservations as a cause for communal riots in his verdict

Counterfeit Peace In Gujarat
By Harsh Mander

The peace that prevails in Gujarat is only counterfeit. Authentic peace can be founded ultimately only on justice, trust and dignity.

It’s Not Just Noor Fatima
By Munnoo Bhai

It is not just Noor Fatima. The two great Asian neighbours are also suffering from leaks in the heart caused by their ruling classes

18 July, 2003

Antony- Kerala's Terminator Seed?
By Binu Mathew

Kerala Chief Minister A.K. Antony's statments against minorities have done irreparable damage to the social fabric of Kerala and will make it a breeding ground of fascist forces

17 July, 2003

Get Us Out Of Here

U.S. Soldiers Talk About The Occupation Of Iraq

Halliburton Unit Expands War-Repair Role
By Stephen J. Glain and Robert Schlesinger

Officials from Kellogg, Brown & Root Services are using a broadly worded contract to evaluate and repair Iraq's petroleum infrastructure, ''as directed'' by the US government, to gain a huge head start over potential competitors

Back To The Future in Guatemala-The Return Of
General Ríos Montt

By Jeffrey St. Clair

Efrain Ríos Montt, the genocidal general known as the Pinochet of Guatemala, is suddenly back in business

It's All About Pluralism
By Mohammad Shehzad

'The Pakistani perception of the Indian Muslims being an oppressed lot is an overdrawn picture. They do have problems, but no government in India has ever denied fundamental rights to the Muslims,' - An Interview with Azghar Ali Engineer

16 July, 2003

"Bring 'Em On?"
By Stan Goff

The American troops in Iraq are feel betrayed by their president-two letters, one from a Vietnam veteran and another from a young soldier in Iraq show the level of resentment and desperation soldiers feel on the battlefield

Crisis Of The Globalist Project And
The New Economics Of George W Bush

By Walden Bello

We have entered a historical maelstrom marked by prolonged economic crisis, the spread of global resistance, the reappearance of the balance of power among center states, and the reemergence of acute inter-imperialist contradictions

Refugees - Iraq's Forgotten People

There are 130,000 displaced people living in Iraq. But the shocking fact about this is that they are not recognized by the occupation force