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30 March, 2004

Peak Oil-The End Game Has Started
By Michael C. Ruppert

World's Foremost Expert on Oil and the Oil Business Confirms the Ever More Apparent Reality of Peak Oil

'He Is Not Guilty And He Is Not Innocent'
By Oliver Burkeman

Captain James Yee, the only muslim chaplain at Guantánamo was arrested allegedly with secret documents about the prison, he was threatened with execution and branded a traitor. So why after 200 days in jail was he only charged with adultery and quietly released?

Coca-Cola Hunger Strike Ends In Union Win
By Jana Silverman

A 12-day-old hunger strike to protest Coca-Cola labor policies in Colombia ended March 27 in a rare victory for the National Food Industry Workers Union

James Laine, Shivaji And Freedom Of Speech
By Manu Bhagavan

James Laine, a professor of religious studies at Macalester College in MN, is facing arrest through interpol for writing a bookentitled SHIVAJI: HINDU KING IN ISLAMIC INDIA

The spread Of Hindutwa In The South
By S. Viswanathan, R. Krishnakumar, Parvathi Menon

Hindutva has percolated to the nooks and corners of South India, and the routes taken have often been socio-cultural and educational rather than political. Reports from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka

29 March, 2004

Is Venezuela Next?
By Saul Landau

Democracy in Latin America is possible only if the United States would allow it to occur. After Haiti, will this now be the turn of Venezuela for a US sponsored regime change?

My Religion Is Not My Nation
By Anuradha M. Chenoy

Prime Minister Vajpayee has projected friendship with Pakistan as a sop for Indian Muslims. Deputy Prime Minister Advani has stated that Hindu-Muslim relations in India will improve if relations with Pakistan improve. These are dangerousand divisive formulations

27 March, 2004

Blair’s Visit To Libya: It’s About Oil, Got Iit?
By Chris Marsden and Barry Grey

Libya has over 30 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, worth upwards of £600 billion, and currently produces 1.4 million barrels daily. Western companies have been prevented from exploiting these resources by the sanctions imposed after Lockerbie, but all that is changing

A Journey To Rafah
By Jennifer Loewenstein

"We Will Destroy You, If Not in Death Then in Life"

26 March, 2004

Outsourcing In The Developing
And Developed World

By Huck Gutman

Outsourcing is despair for some, and job and jubilation for others. But it is always a race to the bottom, a search for the lowest wages and the highest profit for the multinational corporations

Palestine Is Now Part Of An Arc
Of Muslim Resistance

By Seumas Milne

Ariel Sharon's decision to incinerate Sheikh Yassin will certainly go down as one of the most spectacularly counter-productive acts of violence in the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict

The Intelligence Business
By Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat

It is the politics of the decision to invade Iraq and execute a regime change, through use of military force that needs to be justified. The indiscriminate and disastrous use of 'Depleted Uranium munitions', the 'Silent WMDs' in Afghanistan and Iraq has not evoked the opposition that its use deserves, yet

25 March, 2004

A Perfect Storm About To Hit
By Jeremy Rifkin

Rising Oil Prices and a Weak Dollar could Shatter the Global Economy

Betrayed By An Oil Giant
By Andrew Gumbel

Fifteen years after the Exxon Valdez disaster devastated the fishing communities of southern Alaska, the coast remains polluted and compensation is unpaid

Mordechai Vanunu- The Man
Who Knew Too Much

By Robert Fisk

He was drugged, kidnapped and locked up for 18 years after revealing Israel's nuclear secrets to the world. Next month Mordechai Vanunu is finally set to be released, but just how much freedom will he be allowed?

The Reel Savarkar
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

A review of the film by Ved Rahi on the life of VD Savarkar now doing the rounds in North America

Goa- Secularism Under Threat
By Rajan Narayan

The choice before the people in the Parliamentary elections in Goa is between a corrupt Congress and an equally corrupt and rabidly communal Bharatiya Janata Party

24 March, 2004

Why Israel Killed Yassin
By Jonathan Freedland

The key to the Hamas assassination is Sharon's plan to pull out of Gaza. But he has again strengthened extremism

The Chilling Implications Of
The Killing Of Sheikh Yassin

By Robert Fisk

Yet another Arab - another leader, however vengeful and ruthless - had been assassinated. It's getting to be a habit

Islam, Hinduism And Jihad
By Taberez Ahmed Neyazi

There is now a growing propensity among a section of society to dumb together any political resistance offered by Muslims in any part of the world as global Islamic terrorism. It is unfair to punish the whole community for the action of a few fanatics

23 March, 2004

Assassination of Sheikh Yassin
By Chris Marsden

Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual head of the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas, is calculated to escalate the conflict on the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Courage Of Teenage Refuseniks
A Beacon Of Hope

By Avi Shlaim

The refusal of five teenage boys to serve in the army is a beacon of hope for Israel

Iraq: Hotel Lebanon - A Doctor's Story
By Felicity Arbuthnot

A doctor's account of the Hotel Lebanon blast in Iraq. A story of American arrogance,impoliteness,racism and absolute want of basic medical necessities

A Manifesto For Democratic India
By Harsh Mander

First discussion draft ll for the conference on RESISTANCE to be held in DELHI on 4 th April in the context of the General Election of 2004

22 March, 2004

Our Son's Life Wasted , And We Are Leaving
By Severin Carrell

Ann Lawrence and her husband George are planning to emigrate. Almost exactly a year ago, they lost their only son during the Iraq war. They believe they have now given Britain enough

Bravo, Amigos!
By Uri Avnery

The Spanish people reacted differently to the big terrorist attack on their soil by throwing out their prime minister who took them to war in Iraq. When will the Israeli publics know the real meaning of terrorist attacks?

Experiences Of An Indian In Pakistan
By Sai Nagesh

"Taxis, autos, army guys......the list is endless.......everywhere loads of courtesy, respect..... more than we would get in our own country !!!!!"An email from an India after his visit to Pakistan for the 1st one day match

Shining Delusions
By Praful Bidwai

BJP claims that India is shining, but a closer look reveals to the contrary

Let A Lamp Be Lit, And Let's Write
A Poem For Friendship

By Harsh Mander

Experiences of an Indian social activist in Pakistan

21 March, 2004

New Iraq? Hooded Protest And Masked Statistics
By Robert Fisk

The US military searches of Iraqi Sunni villages, the Israeli-style battering down of doors and houses, the constant American killing of innocents is embittering a new generation of Iraqis. And soon we will have "democracy" in Iraq

Remembering Rachel Corrie
The Wall Street Journal Way

By Joseph Kay

The Wall Street Journal, on its online opinion page, chose to mark the anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie with two vicious attacks consisting entirely of lies and slander

Tampering With Voting Machines
By Dr. Satinath Choudhary

"I am worried that the electronic voting machines may simplify hijacking of the upcoming election." An Open Letter to the Election Commission, India

Decision To Raise The Sardar Sarovar Height
Inhuman And Undemocratic

By Medha Patkar

The decision by the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam (SSP) to 110.64 metres with immediate effect and approval granted by Election Commission is yet another blow to the Indian democracy

20 March, 2004

"Global Warming The Biggest Problem":
British Expert

By G. Venkataramani

"Global warming is the biggest and most serious problem faced by us in this century. Climate change is happening and its effects are real. If we do not take seriously, it will have serious consequences that will affect the generations to come"

BJP's Consolidation Will Be Hard
To Break In Chhattisgarh

By Yogendra Yadav

The BJP's real success in consolidating its base in Chhatisgarh has been in dividing the adivasis, who constitute about 32 per cent of the population

Jhabua's Harvest Of Hate
By Harsh Mander

The fields of Jhabua yielded this year a vastly different harvest from the past - a harvest of hate. For the first time in the history of the district, Christian homes and properties, mainly of tribal converts, were targeted and destroyed in many locations

19 March, 2004

The decline of species ...
By Tim Radford

British study covering last 40 years points to worldwide mass extinction of wildlife and plants

A split In The LTTE Heightens Danger Of
War In Sri Lanka

By K. Ratnayake

A major split has erupted between the northern and eastern wings of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that has the potential to undermine the current ceasefire in Sri Lanka and plunge the country back to civil war

Iraq One year On - Human Rights
Situation Eemains Dire

A Comprehensive Report By Amnesty International

Spanish Soldiers Pepare To Return Home
By Robert Fisk

"We used to think of 'us' here and 'them' - our Spanish people - 'there'," Colonel Benito says. "Now we think much more that 'here' is also Spain."

Shifting American Strategy In The Gulf
By Yoginder Sikand

America is reconsidering its close alliance with the Saudi regime, and look for other partners in the region

Sati glorification: Crime, Society
And The Wheels Of Injustice

By Rakesh Shukla

Despite protests both within Rajasthan and across the country, no appeal has been filed against the recent acquittal of those accused of glorifying sati, following the death of Roop Kanwar on her husband's funeral pyre back in 1987

18 March, 2004

Iraq: A YearOf War
By Robert Fisk

The invasion of Iraq would, we were told, rid the world of mortal danger. One year on, the only people who feel safer are those who prefer not to think for themselves

The Burden of Empire
By Laurence M. Vance

According to the Department of Defense, the United States has troops in 135 countries. Here is the list

It's Worse Than You Thought:
Pro-Israel Influence On US Policy

By Ali Abunimah

A former defense ministry insider reveals How the pro Israeli lobby brought about the war on Iraq

37 Years Of Occupation
By Nick Pretzlik

Thirty-seven years after Israel's military might rolled into the West Bank and Gaza the occupation of these Palestinian territories continues

Is Vajpayee Another Nehru?
By Mani Shankar Aiyar

They cannot be compared. They are, in fact, a study in contrast

Rise Of A God Woman And The Right To Expression
By A Sidharth

The Kerala Chief Minister has ordered the prosecution of Sreeni Pattathanam , the author of the controversial book, “Matha Amruthananthamayi - Mysteries And Realities” on the God Woman, Matha Amruthananthamayi

Future Of Secualrism In India-Down But Not Out
By Ganesh S. Iyer

Resistance to the erosion of secular values is slowly but steadily gathering momentum. Communalism has been challenged by right thinking, liberal Indians

17 March, 2004

India Reacts With Dismay To US
Legislation On Outsourcing

By Kranti Kumara

Outsourcing has become a phenomenon that's restructuring the labour relations around the world, undermining the life source of some and benefitting some others but always benefitting the transnational corporations. No solution is possible outside of a political struggle waged by the working class against the profit system as a whole

Super Highways: Lines On The Palm
Or Tattoos Of Dictatorship ?

By Vandana Shiva

Superhighways are not our destiny or the lines on the nation's palm. They are graveyards of cement and tarcoal, which are burying our soils, our villages, our freedoms

Hamid's Message To The World:
A Kashmiri Cry For Sanity

By Yoginder Sikand

A young Kashmiri, who underwent arms training in a jihadi camp in Pakistan speaks of his experiences in the camp and his anxt over kashmir

One Year Later: "Rachel, My Mother"
By Yasmine Abu Libdeh

A young palestinian girl fondly remembers Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli tank while protesting home destruction in Rafah exactly one year ago

16 March, 2004

New Spanish PM Promises
Iraq withdrawal

By Simon Jeffery

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, whose socialist party yesterday won a sensational election victory, today vowed to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq

One Down, Two To Go - Lessons From Spain
By Jeff Cohen

With the regime change in Spain, it is becoming increasingly clear that the days of Bush and Blair governments are numbered

The West Was Warned. Now It Is Paying
The Price Of The 'War On Terror'

By Robert Fisk

The Madrid bombings are not only a terrible revenge for Spain's participation in "part two" of the "war on terror" - the illegal invasion of Iraq - but a cruel and incrementally more painful attack on civilians by al-Qa'ida

Damage From Global Warming
Becoming 'Irreversible'

By Jim Lobe

The latest scientific reports indicate that global warming is worsening. Unless we act now, the world will be locked into temperatures that would cause irreversible harm

The American Elections,
And The Lessons Of Spain

By Gabriel Kolko

We are now experiencing fundamental changes in the international system whose implications and consequences may ultimately be as far-reaching as the dissolution of the Soviet bloc

In The Name Of Nationalism
By K.N.Panikker

A new identity is being foisted on Hindus. The identity of Hindutva. Are Hindus being coerced to accept that identity, socially and culturally and indeed politically?

15 March, 2004

The Retribution Has Begun: Socialists Win In Spain
By Elizabeth Nash

Spain's Socialists won a sensational victory in yesterday's general elections, in a vote that confounded the polls and inflicted a huge punishment on the Popular Party government for supporting the war in Iraq

Happy First Birthday, War On Iraq
By Robert Fisk

It was almost year ago, on March 20, when the first bombs struck 30km from Baghdad. And what followed are better not said

Give The Girls A Level Playing Field
By Beena Sarwar

As India and Pakistan are battling it out on the cricket field, does anyone think of the girls who are never given a level playing field in life?

'Public Diplomacy' In The Islamic World:
America's Propaganda Offensive

By Yoginder Sikand

In the absence of any meaningful and fundamental changes in American foreign policy, the much-touted American 'public diplomacy' exercise in the Muslim world will continue to resonate as hypocritical, insincere propaganda

The Millions Who Cannot Vote
By P. Sainath

By having elections in April when millions of the poor migrate in search of work, we are simply excluding an ever-growing number of citizens from the vote