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31 January, 2004

How Global Warming May Cause
The Next Ice Age...

By Thom Hartmann

If enough cold, fresh water coming from the melting polar ice caps and the melting glaciers of Greenland flows into the northern Atlantic, it will shut down the Gulf Stream. The worst-case scenario would be a full-blown return of the last ice age

The World Women’s Forum
By America Vera-Zavala

Something happened in Mumbai that makes this year’s forum deserve to be named the World Women’s Forum

Fighting The Cola Giants In Kerala
By R Krishnakumar

The World Water Conference at Plachimada adds immense strength to the local people's fight against the exploitation of their groundwater resources by Coca-Cola and Pepsi

30 January, 2004

The Hutton Saga -A Sideshow
By Seumas Milne

Hutton's unqualified endorsement of the government's behaviour is bound, in the current climate, to be widely regarded as a cover-up

The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
By John Pilger

John Pilger reviews the documentary "S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine" by Tuol Sleng and the Pol Pot regime

The Hour Before Dawn
By Nick Pretzlik

This moment in time is the Palestinian equivalent of the hour before dawn - their darkest hour. It is also a moment when the Jewish state itself is imperiled

False Casualty Counts
By Dahr Jamail

In Khaldiya, 60 miles west of Baghdad, a powerful roadside bomb exploded killing US soldiers. Iraqi civilians were killed by US soldiers’ gunfire during the aftermath. However, questions about the conflicting numbers as to the number of dead US soldiers and Iraqi civilians remain

India And Pakistan To Pursue
“Composite Dialogue”

By Keith Jones

The governments of India and Pakistan announced Tuesday that they will “commence the process” of a “composite dialogue” by holding talks in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for three days beginning February 16

Ayodhya Mayhem Machine As Mascot
By I.K.Shukla

Mr. Vajpayee has announced he would launch the poll drive for Lok Sabha with Ayodhya Pranam (Salute to Ayodhya). This is tantamount to declaring that the electorate has to vote Hindu Terror back to power

28 January, 2004

Chief US Inspector Admits Iraq Had
No WMD Stockpiles

By Peter Symonds

The admission by the CIA’s top weapons adviser in Iraq, David Kay, that the country possessed no stockpiles of so-called weapons of mass destruction nor related production facilities is a devastating refutation of the lies used by the Bush administration to justify its illegal invasion and occupation

Power, Propaganda And Conscience
In The War On Terror

By John Pilger

The University of Western Australia Extension Summer School Lecture

27 January, 2004

An Autopsy Of The World Social Forum
By Suhas Chakma

The focus of the next WSF must be equally on national and multinational capital alike if it is not to turn into a self-censoring exercise of the apologists from the neo-developed and developing countries

What A Fair Trial For Saddam Would Entail
By Noam Chomsky

In a (virtually unimaginable) fair trial for Saddam, a defense attorney could quite rightly call to the stand Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush I and other high officials who provided significant support for the dictator, even through his worst atrocities

Gods for Sale
By Satya Sagar

Out of all the 'gurus' that routinely spring up on the spiritually fertile Indian soil only a few are genuinely enlightened souls who help spread goodness and true religiosity around them. The bulk of them are unfortunately ordinary conmen out to make a quick buck

A Gun as Tall as Me'
By Jo Becker

Burma has more child soldiers than any other country in the world. They account for approximately one-fourth of the 300,000 children currently believed to be participating in armed conflicts around the globe

26 January, 2004

US Plans For A New Iraqi Regime In Disarray
By Mike Head

Recent days have seen a new wave of attacks, the most concentrated since the capture of Saddam Hussein last month. Apart from US and Coalition troops, those targetted have been political accomplices of the occupation

Moral Decay And Benny Morris
By Ali Abunimah

In two recent extraordinary documents Israeli historian Benny Morris prepared the ground for Israel to justify any atrocity, no matter how much it transgresses human rights, law and decency

A Different Doda
By Yoginder Sikand

Doda was once a symbol of Hindu - Muslim amity, but now it's a ghost town where Hindu and Muslims hardly mingle

22 January, 2004

Bush’s State Of The Union: Threats,
Lies And Delusion

By Bill Vann

In his third State of the Union address since his installation as president, George W. Bush spelled out an election-year agenda consisting of stepped-up global militarism, the continued looting of the economy to augment the fortunes of America’s super-rich and an appeal to social and religious backwardness

Dilemmas Of Colonialism:
The Democracy Problem

By Rene L. Gonzalez Berrios

The dilemma of colonialism has presented itself: proclaiming democracy (or civilization, or upliftment, or whatever other high-noble is given to the venture) while the "liberated" subjects denounce your noble actions

Gujarat Carnage And Muslim Women
By Asghar Ali Engineer

The crimes against women during the gujarat carnage were really unspeakable. The wounds inflicted on minority women can hardly heal especially when they were subjected to such unspeakable crimes. Still they are living with sense of shame and agony

Is ‘Feel Good Factor’ Good Enough For NDA?
By Pankaj Vohra

While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) started with an advantage over the Congress initially, its inability to forge a concrete alliance in the southern states would not only become a cause of great worry for the party but could also tilt the balance in favour of its opponents

21 January, 2004

Terror Returns To Jhabua
By Hartosh Singh Bal

Nightmares are revisiting Jhabua. And police don’t seem to be bothered. As many as 12 Christians have been arrested for violence while the Vishwa Hindu Parishad men who led the mobs that terrorised the converted tribals and the Sadhvi from Gujarat who provoked their action still roam free

Walking The Streets Of Baghdad
By Dahr Jamail

In Baghdad, a place that is the front line of a low-grade guerrilla war between insurgents and the occupation forces, daily life for 6 million Iraqis goes on as usual

Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism -A Practical Manual
By Uri Avnery

One hates someone for being a Jew, Arab, woman, black, Indian, Muslim, Hindu. His or her personal attributes, actions, achievements are unimportant. If he or she belongs to the abhorred race, religion or gender, they will be hated

Nepal's TADA - Tool Of Terror

One of the dangers of Nepal's TADA is the inclusion of disruptive activities within the broad definition of terrorist acts. This allows for the application of TADA to political acts also

Hindutva or Development
By Ram Puniyani

The recent victory of BJP in MP, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan is being attributed to development issues taken up by BJP in these states. But a closer look will reveal that it is a lie

20 January, 2004

Reformers, Radicals Lock Horns At WSF
By Dionne Bunsha

Reformers and radicals locked horns at the World Social Forum today while discussing the global economy. This debate is central to the different strands that make up the WSF

Carnival Of The Unlettered And Dispossessed
By Aniket Alam

Song and dance, unprecedented participation from the poor and marginalised communities give Bombay World Social Forum a carnival atmosphere

19January, 2004

Do Turkeys Enjoy Thanksgiving?
By Arundhati Roy

Text of Arundhati Roy's speech at the opening Plenary of the World Social Forum in Bombay

16 January, 2004

All Set For World Social Forum Meet
By Kalpana Sharma

The waiting is over. World Social Forum meet opens in Bombay today

Alternative Worlds - Rainbow Alliances
at World Social Forum

By Anuradha M Chenoy

In a situation where alternative politics is being sidelined, the World Social Forum questions globalisation, war and sectarian politics as part of an ongoing effort to look for a viable alternative and contest current policies

On Train To Pakistan
By Sagarika Ghose

On train to Pakistan, red carpet is bundled in red tape and dumped on back seat