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10 April, 2003

Iraq Liberated? The Real Story Begins Now
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

Winning a war is one thing. Succeeding in the ideological and economic project that lies behind this whole war is quite another. The "real" story for America's mastery over the Arab world starts now.

Possible Scenarios in Mideast After Iraq War
By Bill Straub

With the campaign in Iraq all but wrapped up, the US army is training their gun on Iran and Syria

My Oscar "Backlash": "Stupid White Men" Back At #1,
"Bowling" Breaks New Records

By Michael Moore

Michael Moore's criticism of president Bush in the Oscar night increased his popularity.

9 April, 2003

Does The US Military Want To Kill Journalists
By Robert Fisk

Was it possible to believe this was an accident? Or was it possible that the right word for these killings was murder?

Reporters or Snipers? Journalists Murdered in Baghdad
By Robert Fisk

As the American invaders are on a killing spree in Baghdad, even the journalists reporting the war are being targeted. Three journalists lose their life on day 20.

The Outline Of the Beast
By Arundhati Roy and Anthony Arnove

An Interview With Arundhati Roy

A Letter to America
By Margaret Atwood

"This is a difficult letter to write, because I'm no longer sure who you are."

Morality, Religion And an Illegitimate War
By Konrad Raiser

"It can be disastrous to translate moral imperatives into political action without submitting them to critical judgment as to the possible consequences of such action."

"Exciting times" for "embedded" journalists
By Peter Mackler

The Head of the Agence France-Presse office in Kuwait, describes daily life for journalists "embedded" in US military units and raises some questions.

Grozny And Baghdad: Disturbing Parallels
By Tristan Ewins

As Baghdad is threatened by the possibility of a protracted urban warfare Tristan Ewins draws a parallel between Grozny and Baghdad

Chemical Hypocrites
By George Monbiot

As It Struggles to Justify Its Invasion, The US is Getting Ready to Use Banned Weapons in Iraq

8 April, 2003

Amid Allied jubilation, a Child Lies in Agony,
Clothes Soaked in Blood

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

The innocent are bleeding and screaming with pain to bring us our exciting television pictures

American Thrust Into Baghdad Had Neither
Humility nor Honour

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

It seemed as if Baghdad would fall within hours. But the day was characterised by crazed normality, high farce and death

The U.S. Betrays Its Core Values
By Gunter Grass

"we are witnessing the moral decline of the world's only superpower"

Iraq's Bread Basket Stands to Be Ruined by War
By The Environment News Service

The war in Iraq could be devastating for the country's rural economy with consequences on farmers' capacity to produce food

7 April, 2003

The Allied Grip Tightens on Baghdad
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

On the streets, grim evidence of a bloody battle

Army Chaplain Offers Baptisms, Baths
By Meg Laughlin

Baptism in the times of war. An offensive story from Iraq.

TheTwisted Language of War
That is Used to Justify the Unjustifiable

By Robert Fisk

Why do we aid and abet the lies and propaganda of this filthy war?

A morally hollow victory
By Mary Riddell

No amount of PR will disguise the fact that this war is an outrage against humanity.

This Is Not The Time To Ask Questions

CNN's Aaron Brown on the network's coverage of the anti-war movement, the media's sanitization of the invasion of Iraq and why he believes this is an inappropriate time for reporters to ask questions about war

Nadimarg and Kashmiriyat
By Akhila Raman

Massive solidarity demonstrations by the Kashmiri Muslims following the brutal killings of Pandits at Nadimarg reveal that Kashmiriyat continues to flourish.

6 April, 2003

The Battle of Baghdad
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

'Ever so slowly, the suburbs were turned into battlefields'

Bush Aide Says US, not UN, Will Rebuild Iraq
By David E Sanger with John Tagliabuet

President Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice declare that the UN would have a secondary role in reconstructing Iraq

We See Too Much, We Know Too Much.
That's Our Best Defense

By John Pilger

"a deep and unconscious racism imbues every aspect of Western policy towards Iraq."