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15 June, 2003

What's Happening?
By Noam Chomsky and Atilio Boron

Boron Interviews Chomsky

U.S. attack threatens to create
thousands of new Iraqi enemies

By Tom Lasseter and Drew Brown

A visit to the "Triangle," an area that extends from Baghdad, in the east to Tikrit,in the north, and then west almost to Syria, the recent flashpoint of attacks on American troops

America's Imperial Delusion
By Eric Hobsbawm

The US drive for world domination has no historical precedent

How Textbooks Teach Prejudice
By Teesta Setalvad

Forget RSS-run Shishu Mandirs and Muslim madrassas. Textbooks prescribed by even ‘secular’ central and state education boards in the country promote religious, caste and gender prejudice

14 June, 2003

Battles Rage Across Saddam Heartland
By Patrick Cockburn

Battles rage across Saddam heartland where guerrillas resist US occupation

Strategic Partnership Against Peace
By Ali Abunimah

Sharon and Hamas have developed a strategic partnership against peace

And You Thought The War Was Over
By Heather Mallick

Chemical weapons used by America will kill the Vietnamese forever

India Sending Troops To Iraq -
Unjustifiable Even If UN Sanction It

By Praful Bidwai

Despatching troops and legitimising Iraq’s occupation would be unjustifiable even if a manipulated UN sanctioned it

Will Bajrang Dal’s Real Dad Please Stand Up
By Shamsul Islam

Many of the organisations of the sangh parivar are organized on a true fascist and clandestine manner. The RSS runs like a well-organized mafia through its subsidiaries

13 June, 2003

Another Moment Lost
By Hanan Ashrawi

Sharon again dashes the hopes of Israelis and Palestinians as another cycle of violence erupts

Middle East Violence: Palestinian View
By Ali Abunimah

A live chat with Ali Abunimah

Anti-US Opposition In Iraq
And The So Called Roadmap

by Amy Goodman and Robert Fisk

An Interview with Robert Fisk

How To Stop America
By George Monbiot

Now is the time to turn our campaigns against the war-mongering, wealth-concentrating, planet-consuming world order into a concerted campaign for global democracy

Democracy A Dream
By John Aglionby

The detention of Aung San Suu Kyi shows that democracy in Burma is likely to remain a pipedream

The Emergency And The Sangh
By Arvind Rajagopal

The Emergency rendered the Jana Sangh, the BJP's predecessor, respectable, and paved the way for it to enter the mainstream of Indian politics

12 June, 2003

The Paradox Of Terror And Hunger
By Wanda Fish

The War Against Terror and the War Against Hunger have been widely reported in the media, the paradox of the relationship between these wars has been ignored. Neither war can be “won” unless we understand that relationship

Censoring The Press In Iraq
By Robert Fisk

Many stories in the newspapers of Baghdad are untrue and they are fanning anti-american sentiments

"Unauthorized" Settlement Outposts

Factsheet, PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

No Indo-Pak Troops For Iraq!
By Praful Bidwai

India and Pakistan should not commit the blunder of sending troops to Iraq

Congress, Dalits And Elections
By Gail Omvedt

Unless Congress overcomes the forward caste domination in the leadership, an unwillingness to admit the horrors of caste hierarchy and atrocities, and become also the party of Ambedkar and Phule, it will never succeed in winning back its hold among the Dalits of the country

An Encounter With A Judge
By Manoj Mitta

The inquiry into the Gujarat riots is yet to cover Ahmedabad and Vadodara, where most of the killings took place. So, what on earth could have made Justice Nanavati, make the gratuitous assertion that the evidence recorded so far did not indicate ''any serious lapse'' on the part of the police or administration?

11 June, 2003

Pattern Of Megalomania
By Schuyler Ebbets

What is this little gang, which now threatens the world with their violent vision of the future, Neocons?,Radical right? Fascists?

Israeli Sins And Jewish Redemption
By Issa Khalaf

How is it that the experience of death and desolation in the Holocaust, the great Jewish redemptive tradition of justice, has not propelled more, far more, Israelis to speak up on the treatment of the Palestinians?

Monsoon Risings
By Chittaroopa Palit and Achin Vanaik

Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Chittaroopa Palit talks about the movement, its past, present and future

In Search Of Gandhi And Godse
By Harsh Mander

During a hectic schedule of speaking engagements that recently buffeted me across the length and breadth of the United States, I witnessed a diaspora in tumult, even more polarised, divided and wounded, than the middle classes in India today.

Gender Justice
By Ram Puniyani

The proper campaign has to be for gender-just civil codes, and this has to be implemented through social reform

10 June, 2003

Upside-Down City
By Euan Ferguson

Baghdad's cafes are busy but there's no clean water. Galleries are opening, but visitors are armed. Patients freed from the bombed psychiatric hospital are returning there - because they feel it's safe. Reality of daily life in an upside-down city

To Aqaba And Back
By Uri Avnery

What makes George Bush run? Why this sudden enthusiasm for personal intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Textbook Troubles
By Siddhartha Deb

Hindu Nationalists Rewrite India's Past-Conveniently

The Nation That Is India
By Irfan Habib

There is a strong case for a nation that is India. But Communalism and parochialism are its worst enemies, whatever nationalist masks these might wear. The Indian people, hopefully, will retain the vision of the Indian nation and reject everything that seeks to undermine it

09 June, 2003

Gripped By Fear
By Shaik Ubaid

From the Iraq war to the terror alert levels to the Sept. 11 attacks,the American Muslims are gripped by fear. And it's taking a heavy toll on the community

Axis Of The Apocalyptic
By Satya Sagar

The War on Terror is giving birth to a strange coalition across the continents. India-Israel-USA.

We Don’t Raze Homes for No Reason
By Amira Hass

The IDF have no records of the demolition of some of the houses

Profiting From Destruction

New Report Exposes Contractor Bechtel as Threat to Iraqi Environment, Human Rights and Basic Services

Rafah, Home Of The Strongest PeopleIn The World
By Laura Gordon,

Writing from Rafah, Gaza

08 June, 2003

Rapes And Abductions In Baghdad
By Victoria Firmo-Fontan

A schoolgirl is feared dead amid spate of rapes and abductions in Baghdad

Of Bride Burnings and Astronauts
By Sarita Sarvate

How can a continent of dowries and female infanticideproduce so many successful female Indian scientists, authors and explorers?

KR to Kalam Caste, Religion AndThe Indian Presidency
By Siriyavan Anand

Kalam’s elevation represents the collective failure of Indian polity and society. It is another phase of brahminic revivalism in India – brahminism parading with a Muslim name

Embracing Budhism
By Darshan Desai

Dalits who bloodied their hands for Hindutva last year in Gujarat are turning to the Buddha

07 June, 2003

On The Defensive : Coke And Pepsi
By R. Krishnakumar

Popular struggles against Coca- Cola and Pepsi in Palakkad district of Kerala gather momentum

Battling Coke In Sivaganga
By S. Viswanathan

The people in Sivganga in Tamil Nadu are agitating against Coke's plans to exploit large amounts of water from the region, which is already facing water scarcity

06 June, 2003

Where Next After Aqaba?
By Ali Abunimah

The Aqaba summit is over. But the elation is likely to be short lived by the carefully crafted final statements by Bush, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinians' Mahmoud Abbas

Old Cancers Remain Untouched At Aqaba
By Robert Fisk

Aqaba accord did not tackle the principal issues of sovereignty, of Jerusalem as an Arab as well as Israeli capital, of the "right of return" of 1948 Palestinians

The Silent Genocide from America

Dont forget Afganistan. The perpetuation of the perpetual death in Afghanistan continues with the passage of each day.

No Justice Nanavati, What You Say Is Not Correct
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Justice G.T. Nanavati who has been investigating Godhra incident and the Gujarat riot almost gives a clean chit to the administration. Such a statement from the inquiring judge at an unfinished stage is quite improper.

The Dowry Scourge
By Imtiaz Ahmad

If the anti-dowry legislation was serious about curbing dowry, it should have ensured that women received a share in thefamily property