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31 December, 2003

The Reconstruction's Bottom-Line
By Herbert Docena

The US-led reconstruction business in Iraq is faltering because it is less about reconstruction than about business

Samarra: Plenty Of Troops,still No Infrastructure
By Dahr Jamail

If repairing/rebuilding something in Iraq isn't necessary to serve US and British interests, it is left as it is

Pride Without Prejudice
By A.J. Philip

There were events that Indians could feel proud about during 2003. But when famines,religious massacres, ignorance and illiteracy stalk the land can we sit back relax?

2003 Israel attacks the Press
By Arjan El Fassed

Year 2003 was a period when Israeli army particularly targeted working journalists in the occupied territories. Two journalists, a Palestinian cameraman and a British documentary filmmaker were killed by the Israeli army

30 December, 2003

Behind The India-Pak Ceasefire
By Keith Jones

The Bush administration, which has embraced Pakistan’s military regime as a key ally in its “war on terrorism” and has identified India as a potential strategic partner of the US, is a moving force behind the India -Pak ceasefire

Afghanistan's Women After 'Liberation'
By Meena Nanji

After the fall of the Taliban the Jehadi leaders, including Buhruddin Rabbani, Abdul Sayyaf, and members of the Northern Alliance, have re-emerged, with disastrous consequences for Afghans, especially women

Israel's Conscientious Objectors
By Uri Avnery

When five 19-year old youngsters choose to go to prison rather than enjoy the freedom of the occupiers, Kant himself would have saluted them. The protest against an immoral regime is a categorical imperative

When God Goes To War
By Karen Armstrong

Religions usually espouse peace and goodwill, so why have they sparked so many conflicts?

Liberating Womanhood
By Kunda. Pramilani

Manusmriti Dahan Day celebrated as Indian women’s Liberation Day on 25th December 2003 at Chaitya Bhoomi , Mumbai- A Report

28 December, 2003

America's War For Global Domination
By Michel Chossudovsky

The antiwar and anti-globalisation movements must be integrated into a single worldwide movement. People must be united across sectors, "single issue" groups must join hands in a common and collective understanding on how the New World Order destroys and impoverishes

From Joy To Despair: Iraqis Pay For Saddam's Capture
By Robert Fisk

"Saddam brought us to this tragedy and the Americans used it," he said. "You want to know who is to blame? I say this: Fuck Saddam and fuck the USA."

The Politics Of Land And The Besieged Lot
By Goldy M. George

land reforms is an unfinished task and land struggle is an ongoing phenomena. A lot of serious effort needs to be put into this

Remembering Gujarat
By Kalpana Sharma

Can we afford to bury and forget the terrifying messages that the massacres in Gujarat carry?

27 December, 2003

Iraq Through The American Looking Glass
By Robert Fisk

Terror is being let loose in Iraq in order to elicit information about the guerrillas who are killing American troops

23 December, 2003

Sharon's Speech Decoded
By Uri Avnery

Sharon's "Herzliyah speech" outlined a whole, detailed - and extremely dangerous - plan. It is impossible to decipher it without breaking the code. And it is impossible to break the code without knowing Ariel Sharon very well indeed

Can It Ever Really End?
By Sam Bahour

The world is trying to resolve only the most recent Israeli historic wrong - the 1967 occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. However, the initial wrong that culminated in the 1948 expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from today's Israel is purposely being neglected

Capturing Saddam Won't End The War
By Robert Fisk

Saddam was neither the spiritual nor the political guide to the insurgency that is now claiming so many lives in Iraq. However happy Messrs Bush and Blair may be at the capture of Saddam, the war goes on

Social Engineering To The Fore -
BJP Sweeps the Assembly Elections

By Ram Puniyani

It is not just the electoral victory for Sangh Parivar but also is the success of its Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram

12 December, 2003

Keep The Web Worldly And Wide
By Matthew Hindman and Kenneth Neil Cukier

Those who are trying to govern the world wide web should remember the Web's roots: Its success is due to the fact that it initially flew below the radar of governments and large corporations

Salvador Dali, Fascist
By Vincente Navarro

The year 2004, the centenary of Dali's birth, has been proclaimed "the year of Dali" in many countries. But this movement has been silent on his active and belligerent support for Spain's fascist regime

The Judeo-Jogi test
By Manoj Mitta

Political corruption is ubiquitous in India. But the mechanisms to check and punish the guilty is hardly efficient

11 December, 2003

The New Tragedy In Afghanistan
By Conor Foley and Mark Lattimer

One of the big lessons from Afghanistan is that good governance, respect for human rights and the rule of law are not optional when it comes to rebuilding a country, but an intrinsic part of reconstruction

Catching Up
By Jo Wilding

A visit with an Iraqi family provides a reflection on the realities and frustrations that many live with under the occupation

Nobel Lecture
By Shirin Ebadi

Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech delivered by the Iranian humanrights activist Shirin Ebadi

Defeat And Its Consequences
By Mani Shankar Aiyar

The Hindutva brigade have installed three of the ugliest faces of communalism in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, and virtually handed over Chhattisgarh to the tender ministrations of Dilip Singh Judeo. The secular parties must rise from their slumber and form a rainbow coalition

Ayodhya Celebrating Intercommunity Relations
By Ram Puniyani

On 20th November hundreds of Muslims came to the biggest and most popular temple in Ayodhya, Hanuman garhi. They offered Namaz and broke the fast in the sacred precincts of this temple

10 December, 2003

US, Israel Prepare Mass Killings In Iraq
By Bill Vann

The Bush administration is about to launch a campaign of wholesale killings in Iraq with the assistance of the Israeli military, according to both US and Israeli sources quoted in several recent news reports

The Privatisation Of War
By Ian Traynor

The private sector is so firmly embedded in combat, occupation and peacekeeping duties in Iraq that the US military would struggle to wage war without it

‘Slapped’ Into Submission
By Sunita Narain

How corporations threaten institutions raising issues of public interest

Satyendra Dubey-Death Of A Whistleblower
By Sucheta Dalal

The anger against the murder of IIT engineer Satyendra Dubey is growing. But the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which is guilty of leaking Dubey’s name to the very crooked contractors that he had complained against seems unaware about the groundswell of public anger

08 December, 2003

Three Metros Will Sink By 2020

Here is a disaster prediction. Coastal cities such as
Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai could go under sea by 2020 at the present levels of global warming and the concomitant rise in sea level

How To Fix The World Bank
By Mark Scaramella

The estimated total yearly value of worldwide currency transactions is over $1.2 trillion a day. Or almost $500 trillion per year. Imposing just 1 % tax on these transactions would wipe out poverty from this world

Muslim Women & Modern Society
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Neither rejection of religion nor submission to what exists is a solution. Muslim women have to carve out their own way

07 December, 2003

Beginning Of The End Of The Monsoon?
By Geoffrey Lean

Global warming can lead to the cessation of the Indian monsoon and the ending of the Gulf Stream threatening the survival of life in Asia and Europe

Political Impasse Deepens In Sri Lanka
By K. Ratnayake

Attempts to patch up a compromise between Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have run into trouble after Kumaratunga released her own proposals for working relations with the government last Friday, directly cutting across negotiations with Wickremesinghe

06 December, 2003

The True Story Of The Battle Of Samarra
By Phil Reeves

A bloody victory or dangerous fantasy? The Samarra story could have been a fabrication which was intended to generate positive headlines for the US, after a disastrous weekend in which guerrilla attacks killed 14 foreigners

Samarra: An Entire City Up In Arms
By May Ying

“All of Samarra is with the resistance. The guerrillas can shoot at the Americans on a sidewalk in the middle of town at noon knowing no one will report them. When they do this, the people clap - men, women and children.”

Iraq: The Next Afghanistan
By Philip Adams

Look at Afganistan - the warlords are back in business, the opium poppies are blooming, heroin sales are booming and the country is returning to the same level of corruption and dysfunction that brought about the rise of the Taliban in the first place. This could be the path Iraq is heading

The BBC And Iraq: Myth And Reality
By John Pilger

The BBC gave just 2 per cent of its Iraq war coverage to opposition views

Divide And Destroy
By Alex Klaushofer

Over the past few months, the barrier that Israel is building to cut itself off from the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank has come to symbolise the divide between the two peoples at the heart of the Middle East crisis

What Went Wrong?
By Gail Omvedt

All of secular India has to make soul searchings about the BJP victory in the recently concluded assembly elections in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. People like Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy might have had some influence in these states,but they have been silent, silent silent

05 December, 2003

InsideThe Iraqi Resistance
By P. Mitchell Prothero

"If the Americans leave and Saddam comes back, we will fight him too. Maybe if he were elected we'd allow it. But no one in Iraq wants Saddam back. He turned into a thief and a murderer who made too many mistakes. We don't want Saddam, but American cannot occupy us any longer."

Exporting The Islamic RevolutionTo Iraq
By Michael Jansen

George W. Bush may be on the way to transforming Iraq into an Islamic state modelled on the Iranian system of “valayet-e-faqih”, rule of the jurisprudence

Trishul To darkness
By Rahul Bose

India seems destined to pass through a dark tunnel before it sees light again

A Comedy Of Errors
By Krishnakumar

An English- Malayalam dictionary published by the DC Books, Kottayam written by Ramalingam pillai is full of shameful errors. Inspite of the errors the dictionary has been sold over a million copies. The authors efforts to publish an article on it has been refused by the leading dailies and magazines of Kerala making it one of the worst ever cover up in Kerala's publishing history

04 December, 2003

The False Hope Of The Geneva Accord
By Ali Abunimah

The Geneva accord looks superficially promising, but close-up it fails to resolve any of the key issues that have torpedoed every earlier peace plan

Human Rights Testimonies From Iraq
By Le Anne Clausen and David Milne

Testimony of an Iraqi Minor Detained and Mistreated by US Forces. The family has asked that the 16 year old youth who gave the testimony not be identified because his relatives are still detained

Perhaps Saddam Read Tolstoy
And Bush’s People Didn’t

By Ben Bagdikian

There is an eerie similarity between Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and Piece, which describes with considerable accuracy Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia and George Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq

Reviving Gandhi To Cover Up Gujarat's Shame
By Ruchir Joshi

In an effort to project a more humane face for Gujarat after the post Godhra pogrom against the Muslims, the Gujarat government is reviving Gandhi

03 December, 2003

What Happened At Samarra
By Muhammad Abu Nasr

Eye Witness Report of the "Battle" at Samarra: "After inflicting casualties on the Americans the Resistance fighters withdrew. The American troops, however, continued to shell and rocket residential quarters of Samarra' for hours as if to punish residents and drive a wedge between them and the Iraqi Resistance"

The Battle That Left No Bodies
By Jack Fairweather

Americans say 54 attackers died in the fiercest engagement since the war ended while Iraqis insist that eight civilians were killed by reckless US fire.It was impossible to reconcile the two versions of the battle

India = Cow + Kamasutra
By Satya Sagar

India= Cow + Kamasutra. That in general is the equation that defines this vast, ancient and populous South Asian country even today for many people in the West. Why does this happen?

02 November, 2003

The World Is Running Out Of Oil
By George Monbiot

The world is running out of oil - so why do politicians refuse to talk about it?

Samrra Killings An Inside Story
By A Combat Leader

A combat leader gives the inside story of the samrra killings

Buying Up Iraq
By Amal Sedky Winter

The United States cannot tolerate Arab democracy at the national level because of its unilateral support of Israel's occupation of Palestine and no freely elected Arab government will support Israel against the Palestinians. If real democracy means letting people have a real voice in governing themselves then there is little hope of this happening in any Arab state, including Iraq

The Killing Fields Of Rafah
By Gideon Levy

Life in the killing fields of Rafah is as cheap as the hundreds of houses that have been demolished there for various, strange reasons

01 December, 2003

Living In The Shadow Of AIDS
By Florence Namukwaya

In Uganda, 1.7 million children have been orphaned by Aids - a tenth of the world's total. Florence Namukwaya was one of them - now she looks after 13 others. To mark World Aids Day, she tells her story

Shifting Truths
By Robert Fisk

How genocides become "alleged genocides"

Hitler, Hindutava And Its Allies
By Balram

The violent dance of death is being played all around the world. It's clothed in saffron these days in India. This Hindutva terrorism in saffron robes which Gujarat has suffered and which is being sought to be spread in rest of India, is borne out of the same psycho-space where Jihadi terrorism takes roots