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14 March, 2004

US Secretly Funding Opponents Of Chavez
By Andrew Buncombe

Washington has been channelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the political opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - including those who briefly overthrew the democratically elected leader in a coup two years ago

Madrid Terror Bombings
Strengthen The Right-wing

By Vicky Short and Chris Marsden

Thursday’s bombing atrocities in Madrid will inevitably dominate the March 14 general elections in Spain. The outrage they have provoked is expected to benefit the right-wing Popular Party of the outgoing prime minister, José María Aznar, and its candidate to succeed him, Mariano Rajoy

Iraq’s Illegitimate Interim Constitution
By James Conachy

The signing of the Iraqi interim constituion was conceived as a propaganda coup for the White House, conjuring up images of the benevolent liberator bringing democratic rights to a long-suffering people

Consensus Is Emerging On The Destructive
Effects of Globalization

By Joseph Stiglitz

A new report, issued by the International Labor Organization's commission on the social dimensions of globalization, reminds us how far the Bush administration is out of line with the global consensus

My Hell In Camp X-Ray
By Rosa Prince and Gary Jones

A British captive freed from Guantanamo Bay today tells the world of its full horror - and reveals how prostitutes were taken into the camp to degrade Muslim inmates

12 March, 2004

Terror Comes To Madrid
By Elizabeth Nash and Peter Popham

Terror struck without warning in the heart of Madrid, twisting and buckling steel, tearing scores of passengers into pieces, mutilating hundreds more

The Unexplained Death Of Mohamed Aboul Abbas
By Robert Fisk

Perhaps Aboul Abbas will always be on the margins of Palestinian history. But he will be the first Palestinian leader to die in US custody, and thus is assured his place in "Palestine's" history

Bombay, Personally
By Beena Sarwar

A pakistani jouranlists reminiscence of Bombay, on her visit to the city for the World Social Forum

11 March, 2004

'We Face Climate Disaster'
By Ben Leapman

Briton's chief scientist set out an "apocalyptic vision" of global warming bringing back the conditions which drove the dinosaurs to extinction

US Marines Expand Operations In Haiti
By Keith Jones

Having used a “rebel” force led by thugs of previous Haitian dictators to force the country’s elected president from power, the Bush administration is now trying to patch together a constitutional and democratic façade for a new, US-sponsored government

More Interested In Electricity Than Constitutions
By Robert Fisk

Veiled ladies and tribal sheikhs, some good men and true but also a convicted fraudster, Ahmed Chalabi, scribbled their signatures on the new Iraq constitution in front of the US proconsul Paul Bremer on Monday

Saffronising The Mind Of India
By Roshni Sengupta

An enquiry into the way in which the hindutwa forces took control of India's educational system and the media

Hindu Nationalism And Orissa: Minorities As Other
By Angana Chatterji

In October 2003 Angana Chatterji wrote a report on Orissa about the political economy of Hindutva in the state. In this article, she continues to map the entrenchment of the Sangh Parivar

The Cook, The Rice And
The Father Of Pakistan's Nuclear Bomb

By Beena Sarwar

Pakistan's laws regarding the freedom of information are much to be desired

10 March, 2004

Death And Destruction In Rafah
By Chris McGreal

Over the past four months 210 homes have been bulldozed in Rafah, apart from the 200 destroyed in October.With the destruction have come dozens of deaths

Stampeding Through The Heart Of India
By Raja Swamy

Mr. Advani begins his yatra from Kanyakumari hoping to garner as much political mileage as possible, while stampeding on the heads of hapless Indians, with thousands of paramilitary cadres hell-bent on destroying any pretenses of democracy left in India

By Noam Chomsky

The basic contours of what led to the current tragedy are pretty clear."The fear of democracy exists, by definitional necessity, in elite groups who monopolize economic and political power"

An Academy Award For Bigotry
By Mike Davis

The most startling thing about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ -- even more than its relentless, shockingly eroticized cruelty -- is its fidelity to the anti-Semitic conventions of Hitlerian cinema

The Spirit Of Kashmir
By Beena Sarwar

“We Kashmiris must be allowed to dialogue among ourselves,” reiterates Ved Bhasin. It is time this dialogue was allowed to begin, so that the River Neelum need never again witness the tears of a people divided

09 March, 2004

40m Bachelors And No Women
By Justin McCurry and Rebecca Allison

China, the most populous nation on Earth, could find itself dealing with the combined frustrations of as many as 40 million single men by 2020 because its one-child policy is creating a shortage of female babies

'It's the same old Iraq"
By Robert Fisk

Each time I return to Iraq, it's the same, like finding a razor blade in a bar of chocolate. The moment you start to believe that "New Iraq" might work - just - you get the proof that it's the same old Iraq, just a little tiny bit worse than it was last month

08 March, 2004

Women's Day - Time To Reflect And Celebrate
By Kalpana Sharma

Can Indian women dream of a day when they will be treated with the same respect and rights as men, in fact as all human beings, men and women, should?

"I Was Kidnapped"
By Amy Goodman

Democracy Now! interviews Aristide

Killing At The Fence
By Gideon Levy

Israel kills demonstraters protesting against the separation wall

07 March, 2004

The Sixth Great Extinction -A Status Report
By Janet Larsen

The earth is moving toward another mass extinction that could rival the past big five. This potential sixth great extinction is unique in that it is caused largely by the activities of a single species. It is the first mass extinction that humans will witness firsthand—and not just as innocent bystanders

Aristide's Last Moments In Haiti-
"They Overthrew Me"

By Jean Bertrand Aristide

Aristide's Address To Haitian People From Exile

The Sale of India : ONGC Disinvestment

A U.S. financier, Warren Buffet, who has close links with the "military-industrial complex" is the main buyer in the disinvestment of the state owned oil company ONGC of India.It is a take-over of India's oil resources by American oil-interests

06 March, 2004

The Division Of Labor Behind
The US-made Coup In Haiti

By Bill Van Auken and Barry Grey

The US government is engaged in a cynical charade to distance itself from the right-wing terrorists and thugs who marched into the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince over the weekend, leading to the forced resignation and exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

No Arabic At McDonald's Israel
By Jonathan Cook

Discrimination against Israel's Palestinian citizens has been expanding to include a total ban of the use of Arabic language by workers. McDonald's bans its Arabic employees from speaking their language

The Ghetto Inside
By Uri Avnery

"It is easier to get the Jews out of the ghetto than to get the ghetto out of the Jews!" - this dictum of the early Zionists is now assuming a new meaning. Israel is cutting itself off from the world and enclosing itself in a ghetto, and not only physically

Outsmarting Terrorism With Outsourcing
By Naomi Klein

Thomas Friedman's argument that outsourcing "low-wage, low-prestige" jobs will prevent the third world youngsters becoming suicide bombers and make life safer for the American youth smacks of racism

Plight Of Dalits In Pakistan
By Yoginder Sikand

Dalits in Pakistan continue to be subjected to considerable discrimination by 'upper' caste Hindus as well as 'high' caste Muslim converts

05 March, 2004

Shia vs Sunni Civil War? No, I Dont Believe It
By Robert Fisk

There never has been a civil war in Iraq.Never heard a single word of animosity between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. But, now the Americans warn us of a civil war. And then the deadly explosions. Are they all just coincidences?

From His First Day in Office,
Bush Was Ousting Aristide

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

American officials in Port-au-Prince told Aristide that rebels were on the way to the presidential residence and that he and his family were unlikely to survive unless they immediately boarded an American-chartered plane standing by to take them to exile

Elections 2004-Protents For Future
By Ram Puniyani

A victory for BJP in the coming national elections in India, with or without allies will push the country more towards the goal desired by RSS. The creeping fascism in the society can be transformed into an aggressive Moditva as and when planned

Challenging Brahminical Fascism
By Kancha Ilaiah and Yogi Sikander

Interview with Kancha Ilaiah

04 March, 2004

Insurer Warns Of Global Warming Catastrophe
By Thomas Atkins

The world's second-largest reinsurer, Swiss Re, warned that the costs of natural disasters, aggravated by global warming, threatened to spiral out of control, forcing the human race into a catastrophe of its own making

Can India 'Shine' Under Hindutva?
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Those who think that India can politically shine only if secularism goes strong can never accept a dispensation in which the BJP is a dominant partner. And the day BJP wins majority of its own one can expect all kinds of steps to convert India into Hindu Rashtra. Then India will never shine again

Food as Political Weapon

Interview with Devinder Sharma

"Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women"
By Soma Wadhwa

Manish Jha's film "Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women" tells of the metamorphosis of the male into animal if the world were to become womanless. The film takes the evil of female infanticide to its logical conclusion

03 March, 2004

Karbala And Baghdad Massacre -
Shia's 11 September

By Justin Huggler

Independent's Justin Huggler who was just 100 meters away when the first explosion occured writes of extraordinary scenes he witnessed at the holy city of Karbala

Global Warming As A Weapon Of Mass Distruction
By Bruce E. Johansen

The insurance companies, whose business is making book on the future, are watching the weather—and they are worried

The Accomplished Destruction Of Aristide,
The Planned Destruction Of Hugo Chavez

By Heinz Dieterich

The drama of Haiti and of the Aristide administration implies many dangers for Cuba and Venezuela. It is the final outcome of Washington’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) against popular governments in Latin America: namely, subversion-destruction

One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served:
Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

By Elizabeth Corrie

One year after the death of Rachel Corrie, neither the FBI, nor any other US-led team has done anything to investigate the death of an American, knowingly killed by an Israeli

Afghanistan - The Liberation That Isn't
By Ra Ravishankar And Mariam

In a region of ever-changing allegiances, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan has won wide support and respect for its principled anti-fundamentalist stance in Afghanistan. On the current state of affairs in "liberated" Afghanistan, Ra Ravishankar talks to the representative of RAWA known by her pseudonym Mariam

No Justice For Muthanga Victims -
They Fall Down And Die

By B F Firos

A year has passed since the tragic turn of events in Muthanga when the Kerala government brutally suppressed the rightful protest of Adivasis for their right to land. Many have died after the torture in police custody, and many others are as good as dead. Justice and land still elude them

02 March, 2004
US Marines Occupy Haitian Capital
By Keith Jones

Deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his wife have told several US Congressmen that US military personnel forced him onto a plane and spirited him from the Caribbean-island state as the final act in a US-sponsored coup against his government

01 March, 2004

Aristide Did Not Resign But Was Kidnapped

Congressmember Maxine Waters said she received a call from Aristide at 9am EST. "He's surrounded by military. It's like he is in jail, he said. He says he was kidnapped"