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30 July, 2003

Separation Wall Will Grow
By Rupert Cornwell

In a rebuff to President George Bush,Areil Sharon reiterates that construction of the barrier would continue because it was essential for the country's security

Blood Of The Innocent Is On Their Hands
By Chris McGreal

The most shocking aspect of the past three years of intifada is the killing of children by the Israeli army. The numbers are staggering; one in five Palestinian dead is a child

24 July, 2003

Caesar's Favor
By Uri Avnery

Hail Caesar, those who are about to kill Abu Mazen salute you

The Holes In Israel's Road Map
By Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah

The "road map" for peace is in serious trouble. This is because the Bush administration, has allowed Israel to reinterpret it so that it is gutted of the elements that offered hope of progress

23 July, 2003

Imperial Arrogance And The Vile
Stereotyping Of Arabs

By Edward Said

The Imperialist gaze consideres the Arab incapable of logic, unable to tell the truth and fundamentally murderous

22 July, 2003

"He Risked All For Others"
By Emily Sheffield

Tom Hurndall's mother remembers her son who was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier on 11 April and is still lying in a coma

20 July, 2003

Arafat vs Abbas
By Khalid Amayreh

The tug of war between Arafat and Abbas has been contained for the moment, but there are no guarantees it will last

Going Nowhere: The Real Road Map For Palestinians
By Daniel Jacob Quinn

Check points, one after another, endless waiting under the scorching sun. All of this in the name of security. Or is it not naked expression of apartheid and racism?

12 July, 2003

The Holy War Israel Wants
By Jonathan Cook

The inhabitants of Nazareth, Israel's only Arab city, often talk of the "invisible occupation": although they rarely see police -- let alone soldiers -- on their streets, they are held in a vise-like grip of Israeli control just as much as their ethnic kin in neighbouring Palestinian cities like Jenin and Nablus are

11 July, 2003

A Story From The Heart Of Israel's Secret Prison
By Mohammad Daraghmeh

A Palestine business man who was incarcerated in a secret Israel prison speaks about the 38 days of his continuous torture

10 July, 2003

A Wall In Their Heart
By Meron Rappaport

A report on the Apartheid wall

07 July, 2003

Will the Hudna last?
By Uri Avnery

After "Intifada" (shaking off) and "Shahid" (martyr), another Arabic term has entered the world's vocabulary: "Hudna" (truce)

Treat Them As Human Beings
By Gideon Levy

As long as mothers are giving birth and infants cannot get to hospital on time and return home in a humane way, as long as a groom cannot get to his wedding - there will be no quiet in Isreal and Palestine

Segregation Wall Completely Isolates
Palestinian Villages

The residents of Nazlat Abu Nar, Nazlat Isa, and Baqa al-Sharqiya in the northern West Bank, say they have become completely cut off and isolated from the rest of the West Bank because of the segregation wall

05 July, 2003

Affidavits From Eyewitnesses To Rachel Corrie Killing

Affidavits given by Nicholas James Porter Durie ,Joseph Carr,
William George Hewitt,Gregory S. Schnabel,Thomas Edward Dale,Richard, J.A. Purssell on the gruesome murder of the pece activist Rachel Corrie in Palestine

Israel Defies Peace Plan with Land Grab On West Bank
By Chris McGreal

In flagrant breach of commitments under the US-led road map to peace, the Israeli government has confiscated hundreds of acres of Palestinian land on the West Bank this week

02 July, 2003

The Dismantling Game
By Jonathan Cook

What is going on in the West Bank is only a game. Settlers quietly re-establish the outposts after Israeli army dismantles them

Picking Up The Pieces In Gaza
By Peter Hansen

The loss of palestinina homes to the maws of Israeli military bulldozers or powerful explosive charges is now so commonplace that it fails to make the grade as news

01 July, 2003

The Homecoming
By Sa'id Ghazali in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip

The Israeli military have begun a limited pull out from Gaza strip. But the damage from seven military incursions in 33 months had left a wide swath on each side of the highway which Israel said was done to remove cover for militants firing rockets

The Aryan Connection
By Satya Sagar

The ‘Aryan’ Connection is only myth. But it is horrific to think about the misery that this myth has unleashed on the world

30 June, 2003

An Open Letter To The Survivors Of
The Sabra and Shatila Massacre

By Ellen Siegel

Ellen Siegel volunteered her expertise and services at the Gaza Hospital in Sabra Camp in Beirut in 1982, and was there during the massacre

Israel`s Lethal Weapon Of Choice
By Molly Moore

"Targeted killings," were described by Israeli officials two years ago as "rare and exceptional" measures. But now they are carried out with regularity

29 June, 2003

Israel One More Step Into Open Apartheid
By Ali Abunimah

A law forbidding Israeli citizenship for Palestinians from the Occupied Territories who marry Israelis passed its first reading in the Knesset on June 18. This is another milestone on Israel's road to open, institutionalized apartheid

28 June, 2003

Israeli Soldiers Exonerated In Death of Rachel Corrie

Israel's military prosecutor exonerated Israeli soldiers in the death of Rachel Corrie, 23, who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in March

26 June, 2003

The Meaning of Rachel Corrie
By Edward Said

"Important aspect of the Rachel Corrie story for me was the young woman's action itself, heroic and dignified at the same time"

23 June, 2003

Escaping What Entraps Us: Reflections From Jerusalem
By Laurie King-Irani

"Not only Palestinians are trapped now in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Jews are, too. Fear and anxiety are unshakeable daily companions.

20 June, 2003

Theater Of Deception Bush, Sharon and Abbas
By Sam Hamod

Most Arab and Muslims regimes have tried to continue believing in America, but many must consider by now that they have been duped--that America has no ally in the world except Israel

18 June, 2003

Whose Security?
By Jonathan Cook

The real meaning of the road map- "that a solution to the conflict can be found in the Palestinians realising Israel's national ambitions rather than their own, far more limited, ones. Palestinians must once again be made to enforce the occupation on Israel's behalf. "

17 June, 2003

Border Crossing Blues
By Raphael Cohen

Writing from Rafah-Egyptian border