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16 June, 2003

Archaeology Of The Roadmap
By Edward Said

"That Ariel Sharon has accepted the roadmap (with enough reservations to undercut his acceptance) seems to augur well for a viable Palestinian state."

14 June, 2003

Strategic Partnership Against Peace
By Ali Abunimah

Sharon and Hamas have developed a strategic partnership against peace

12 June, 2003

Another Moment Lost
By Hanan Ashrawi

Sharon again dashes the hopes of Israelis and Palestinians as another cycle of violence erupts

Middle East Violence: Palestinian View
By Ali Abunimah

A live chat with Ali Abunimah

12 June, 2003

"Unauthorized" Settlement Outposts

Factsheet, PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

11 June, 2003

Israeli Sins And Jewish Redemption
By Issa Khalaf

How is it that the experience of death and desolation in the Holocaust, the great Jewish redemptive tradition of justice, has not propelled more, far more, Israelis to speak up on the treatment of the Palestinians?

10 June, 2003

To Aqaba And Back
By Uri Avnery

What makes George Bush run? Why this sudden enthusiasm for personal intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

09 June, 2003

We Don’t Raze Homes for No Reason
By Amira Hass

The IDF have no records of the demolition of some of the houses

Rafah, Home Of The Strongest PeopleIn The World
By Laura Gordon,

Writing from Rafah, Gaza

06 June, 2003

Where Next After Aqaba?
By Ali Abunimah

The Aqaba summit is over. But the elation is likely to be short lived by the carefully crafted final statements by Bush, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinians' Mahmoud Abbas

Old Cancers Remain Untouched At Aqaba
By Robert Fisk

Aqaba accord did not tackle the principal issues of sovereignty, of Jerusalem as an Arab as well as Israeli capital, of the "right of return" of 1948 Palestinians

05 June, 2003

The Story Of Nazeeh
By Oren Medicks

A palestinian farmer's efforts to cling on to his olive grove which is to be confiscated by the Israeli authorities to build the separation wall

02 June, 2003

The State Sharon Is Talking About
By Amira Hass

The "state" will apparently be comprised of three enclaves cut off from one another inside the West Bank - in addition to the Gazan enclave, and with no guarantee the settlements inside the enclave will be dismantled

01 June, 2003

Covering The Middle East

An Interview With Robert Fisk

31 May, 2003

Adam And Huwaida - A Love Under Fire
By Nicholas Blincoe
He's Jewish. She's Palestinian. They're married. And together they're trying to change the face of the Middle East

28 May, 2003

A Cage For Palestinians
By Jonathan Cook

The Road Map- the Palestinians can have a state on 42 percent of the 80 percent of the 22 percent of 100 percent of their original homeland. And live permanently behind a concrete and electrified fencing

27 May, 2003

The Story Of Hiba
By Sa'id Ghazali

The story of Hiba, 19, a suicide bomber.Can the road-map put an end to all this?

26 May, 2003

A Lukewarm Acceptance Of The Road Map
By Chris McGreal

Israel's "acceptance" of the road map is without any commitment to its goal of a viable, independent Palestinian state. It is an effort to buy time and pleaseAmerica which keeps the Israeli economy and military afloat

25 May, 2003

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians

Two Palestinians, one of them a mentally handicapped man, were shot dead by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip

The Apartheid Wall
By Ran HaCohen

Keeping silent on this gigantic project and its genocidal implications, meant to prevent any fair future settlement (not to mention the Road Map), is a moral crime

24 May, 2003

A License to Kill Civilians
By Shulamit Aloni

Despite international laws against the killing of civilians, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that the use of flechette shells is permissible within urban areas

23May, 2003

IOF Kill Mother of Seven, And a Student

Israeli Occupation Forces shot dead a Palestinian high school student and a mother of seven children in the village of Qarawat Bani Zaid, north of Ramallah

A Zionist Recipe For India
By Praful Bidwai

India has invited Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to visit the country in the second week of June.The BJP's fascination with Zionism is rooted in Islamophobia (and anti-Arabism), and hyper-nationalism

22 May, 2003

The Children's Teeth
By Uri Avnery

Let there be no illusions: Sharon's final goal is turning the whole country, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, into an exclusively Jewish state

20 May, 2003

Why Did You Shoot My Brother?
By Sophie Hurndall

Speech made by Sophie Hurndall, sister of Tom Hurndall who was shot by IDF in Gaza and lying in a deep comma at Palestine Rally - Trafalgar Square on17th May 2003

Eye Witnesses

Two Israelis who witnessed Palestinians being shot by the IDF could not believe their eyes

19 May, 2003

Sharon Calls Off US Visit After Bomb Kills Seven
By Chris McGreal

Suicide bombers put a road block to road map

17 May, 2003

The Daughter I Can't Hear From
By Carrie Corrie

Mother of Rachel Corrie talks about the one call she didn't receive on the Mothers Day

16 May, 2003

Five Palestinians Killed

Israeli Occupation Forces killed five Palestinians, including two boys, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday