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30 October, 2003

Our Friends, The Warlords
By Jonathan Steele

In northern Afghanistan the US backs all sides in a continuing civil war

23 October, 2003

The Philippine Model
By Stephen R. Shalom

Bush was right when he suggested that looking at the U.S. record in the Philippines can help to illuminate what is in store for Iraq

19 October, 2003

Bowing Before Bush
By Chris Marsden

The United Nations Security Council’s unanimous vote Thursday to support Resolution 1511 drafted by the United States represents a grotesque cave-in by the European powers, Russia and China in the face of sustained pressure from Washington

17 October, 2003

Bush Gunning For Regime Change In Cuba
By Marjorie Cohn

In a brazen move to solidify his electoral support among Cuban-Americans in Florida, George W. Bush is gunning for another "regime change." Last week, Bush announced the formation of a commission to "plan" for a Cuban change in government

16 October, 2003

Neo-con or Just Plain Ol' Imperialism Unleashed?
By William Bowles

What is a neo-con and what are the objectives of the so-called neo-conservative agenda? Most importantly, do their policies represent a radical departure from previous US strategy and if so, how and why?

13 October, 2003

Downsizing American Imperialism
By Richard Gwyn

As most people around the world are uneasy at, or are enraged by, American power, so are most Americans

08 October, 2003

Is The US Plotting To Murder
Venezuela’s President?

By Bill Vann

There is no reason to doubt that elements within the Bush administration have ordered plans drawn up for the realization of “regime change” in Venezuela by means of assassination

Israel's Proxy War?
By William Bowles

Israel’s attack on Syria this past weekend revives an aspect of the Cold War period.War by proxy – a tactic used so effectively by the US in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Angola and elsewhere in the 1970s and 1980s

06 October, 2003

Seven Awkward Questions To George Bush
By Michael Moore

By Michael Moore fired his opening salvo against George Bush and his rightwing cronies with his bestseller Stupid White Men. Now the president is in his sights again. In this second extract from his new book "Dude, Where's My Country?" he asks his old enemy seven awkward questions

30 September, 2003

'The War That Never Ends'
By Arundhati Roy And Anthony Arnove

Arundhati Roy talks about: 'The War That Never Ends'

29 September, 2003

Thousands Join Renewed Antiwar Protests
Around The World

By Mike Head

Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 20 countries and 60 cities spanning five continents joined demonstrations demanding an end to the ongoing US-led occupation of Iraq

25 September, 2003

A War Criminal Comes To The UN
By Bill Vann

President George W. Bush came to the United Nations General Assembly as an unrepentant war criminal, whose actions had violated the UN Charter and international law by waging a war of aggression as criminal and unprovoked as those carried out by the Hitlerite regime in Germany more than 60 years ago

20 September, 2003

What About Afghanistan?
By John Pilger

Two years ago, as the bombs began to drop, George Bush promised Afghanistan 'the generosity of America and its allies'. Now, the familiar old warlords are regaining power, religious fundamentalism is renewing its grip and military skirmishes continue routinely. What was the purpose?

12 September, 2003

Manipulating Grief
By Robert Fisk

President Bush cruelly manipulated the grief of the American people - and the sympathy of the rest of the world - to introduce a "world order" dreamed up by a clutch of fantasists advising the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld

11 September, 2003

September 11: After Two Years,
Cover-up Begins To Unravel

By Bill Vann

A myriad of unanswered questions persist about how the most powerful military-intelligence apparatus in the world failed to either detect such a terrorist plot or interfere with it once it was launched

08 September, 2003

There's Good Reason To Fear US
By Noam Chomsky

The world has good reason to watch what is happening in Washington with fear and trepidation. The people who are best placed to relieve those fears, and to lead the way to a more hopeful and constructive future, are the people of the United States, who can shape the future

07 September, 2003

This War On Terrorism Is Bogus
By Michael Meacher

The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

The Fourth World War
By Doug Saunders

The devastating attacks on the Afghan and Iraqi regimes don't illustrate the true scope of the campaign. While everyone was preoccupied with the fireworks, Washington has quietly deployed thousands of agents in a secretive struggle that may last a lifetime

03 September, 2003

War, Propaganda, Empire
By P Sainath

The media have never been more powerful than they were during the war on Iraq. But the public refused to buy this propaganda. That opens up a space, that opens up hope

02 September, 2003

UN's Decline And Fall
By Alexander Cockburn

Handmaid in Babylon: Annan, Vieira de Mello and the UN's decline and fall

When The Saints Go Marching Out
By Arundhati Roy

It's interesting how icons, when their time has passed, are commodified and appropriated to promote the prejudice, bigotry and inequity they battled against

30 August, 2003

America's Other Quagmire
By Peter Symonds

While media attention has been focused on Iraq, Afghanistan is also becoming a quagmire for the US military

A Costly Friendship
By Patrick Seale

The war on Iraq. How did it all begin? An important part of the story, though not the whole of it, is the special relationship between the United States and Israel

24 August, 2003

The Loneliness Of Noam Chomsky
By Arundhati Roy

An essay written as an introduction for the new edition of Noam Chomsky's "For Reasons of State"

20 August, 2003

Myth And Denial In The War Against Terrorism
By William Blum

The word "terrorism" has been so overused in recent years that it's now commonly used simply to stigmatize any individual or group one doesn't like, for almost any kind of behavior involving force

12 August, 2003

Preventive War 'the Supreme Crime'
By Noam Chomsky

The grand strategy of the US i to carry out preventive war: preventive, not pre-emptive. Whatever the justifications for pre-emptive war might be, they do not hold for preventive war

09 August, 2003

Pentagon Scheme For A Futures Market In Terror
By Barry Grey

The exposure of a Pentagon plan to establish a futures market in terrorist attacks, assassinations and military strikes is yet one more demonstration of the criminal character of the forces that wield power in America

08 August, 2003

The Conceited Empire
By Martin A. Senn and Felix Lautenschlager

Emmanuel Todd, the historian who predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union in the 1970s now says that the US has been on its way out for the last decade

Myths Surrounding The Bombings Of
Hiroshima And Nagasaki

By Timothy J. Freeman

Like the vast majority of Americans I had been persuaded of the tragic necessity of the bombing. But for the last decade or so my birthday has always been tinged with sadness as I've come to understand how unnecessary was Hiroshima and then, of course, Nagasaki

04 August, 2003

Infiltrating Civil Society
By Philip Agee

Former CIA agent tells How US infiltrates "civil society" to overthrow governments

01 August, 2003

Why The US Fears Cuba
By Seumas Milne

Hostility to the Castro regime doesn't stem from its failings, but from its achievements.







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