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10 September , 2004

BJP Back On Aggressive Hindutva Track
By Asghar Ali Engineer

It seems secularism is becoming a distant dream in view of increasing communalisation of our politics. Those who strive for inter-religious harmony will have to face increasing challenges in coming days

30 July , 2004

On Comprehensive Law On Communal Riots
By Asghar Ali Engineer

The United Progressive Alliance Government has promised, in its Common Minimum Programme that a law will be enacted to prevent communal riots but what is stated therein seems post-riot measures like special courts to punish the guilty, to pay uniform compensation to the victims etc

Chronicling Communal Violence
Book Review: By Ram Puniyani

Review of Asghar Ali Engineer's Communal Riots After Independence-A Comprehensive Account

Gujarat Carnage And Muslim Women
By Asghar Ali Engineer

The crimes against women during the gujarat carnage were really unspeakable. The wounds inflicted on minority women can hardly heal especially when they were subjected to such unspeakable crimes. Still they are living with sense of shame and agony

Islam And Sexual Equality
By Asghar Ali Engineer

When women were so aware of their rights in the time of the Prophet and were active on religious and social fronts, how can they remain passive today and accept the role assigned them by the orthodox 'ulama who refuse to take into account the new socio-economic dynamics?

Muslim Women & Modern Society
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Neither rejection of religion nor submission to what exists is a solution. Muslim women have to carve out their own way

Ayodhya's Voice
By Asghar Ali Engineer

"Hindu-Muslim unity is more important than the temple" This is the voice from Ayodhya

Bombay Bomb Blast, Communal Violence
And Secular India

By Asghar Ali Engineer

The recent bomb blast in Mumbai on 25th August 2003 is a wake up call. It should shake us up into deep reflection as to what is happening to India which gave birth to doctrine of non-violence hundreds of years before Christ and also during our freedom struggle in last century

Archeological Excavations And Temple
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Thus the ASI report has created another controversy rather than solving the problem. Wisdom requires that the issue be resolved through negotiations

Religion And Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Religion is not only part of problem it can also be part of solution, if handled imaginatively

Sociology Of Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Communalism is product not of religious hostilities but of political and economic struggle for share in power and resources between the educated elite

Medieval History And Hurt Psyche
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Should Muslims apologise for the destruction of Hindu temples by Muslim rulers?