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Palestinian Prisoners: A Symbol Of Resistance,
Steadfastness And Pride

By Reham Alhelsi

12 August, 2010
My Palestine

A couple of days ago I read the following tweet on twitter:
"Too many long days and night passed since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas 1501 is beyond comprehension."

Shalit, as any human being with a conscience would admit, is an Israeli occupation soldier whose mission was to kill Palestinians. He is no "kidnapped civilian" whose release conscientious people should demand for he is an occupation soldier. Conscientious Israelis are those who refuse to serve in a terrorist army, not those who go on missions to kills unarmed civilians and when they are stopped and held "captive" they become suddenly the victim. Israeli occupation forces raid Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps on a daily basis, during which children, women and men are beaten, property destroyed before kidnapping several Palestinians from their homes in the middle of the night. According to latest reports on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails there are over 7200 Palestinian prisoners, including 291 children, 36 women and 203 administrative detainees. Since the beginning of this year 4140 cases of Israeli raids on Palestinians homes were registered. These raids are accompanied by shooting, using fierce dogs, destroying properties and beating children. According to "Palestine Behind Bars": 2340 cases of detention have been recorded since the beginning of the year, with an average of 11 detention /day. These were distributed as follows: January: 377, February: 322, March: 478, April: 274, May: 292, June: 314, July: 283. Among those detained in this period were 19 women and 150 children[1]. So had Shalit on that July day in 2006 kidnapped a Palestinian, would the world be demanding that Palestinian’s release every night and day? Would French and Italian and other cities be sympathizing with the Palestinian captive and granting him honourary citizenship? Would one western politician after another act as mediator for the sake of the Palestinian captive? No, of course not. There are over 7000 Palestinian captives in Israeli dungeons and no politician is demanding their release, talking about their suffering, visiting their parents and saying: we feel with you!

Shalit is an occupation soldier. You can dry the ocean, make the sun disappear and bring Marians here for a visit, but no one will change the fact that Gilad Shalit is an armed Israeli occupation soldier who, like all other Israeli occupation soldiers, has a license to kill Palestinians and not worry about the consequences. And you can shout "terrorism" as much and as loud as you want, you can sing you pathetic song of "they hate us … they attack us …. they don’t want us" as many times as you want and you can shed as many crocodile tears as you want, but you will never be able to change one simple fact: you are the occupier, you are the murderer, you are the killer, you are the alien in this land and have no right to it, and we have all the right to use any means of resistance we see fit to fight your terrorism, your brutality, your racism, your Zionism.

So, if spending 1501 days in "captivity" is beyond comprehension, what do you call spending 6000 days in captivity? Or even 9000 days in captivity? If spending 1501 days in "captivity" is beyond comprehension, what would you call spending 11817 days in the captivity of a terrorist entity?

Yes. 1501 days in "captivity" is beyond the comprehension of a Zionist who believes he/she has the right to steal others people’s land, kill their families, treat them as sub-humans and imprison them in dungeons forever for daring to demand their freedom and their rights. 1501 days in "captivity" is beyond the comprehension of a Zionist who believes he/she is above the law no matter what they do and that no court, human or heavenly has the right to question or prosecute them. To the Zionists, Palestinian detainees (whose only "crime" is the love of freedom) are to remain forgotten behind bars, are to rot in these dungeons not fit for animals. Their names are to remain unknown, their suffering hidden from the outside world, their dreams snatched and their lives fading away without a word of protest. They are to be labeled "terrorists", "criminals", "murders" for daring to stand up to the brutal occupation, for daring to dream of a better world for their children, for daring to act towards achieving that dream.

1501 days in "captivity" is beyond comprehension for the criminal, racist Zionist mind, but only when it comes to Zionists being the "captives". Palestinians, on the other hand, rotting in Zionist dungeons for 11000 days is understandable, acceptable and welcome by the criminal, racist Zionist mind. A Zionist, whether in army or civilian uniform, has a green light to shoot and kill on spot any Palestinian he/she "thinks/believes/assumes/predicts/reads in coffee cup" might pose a "threat" to the nuclear power entity with its fourth strongest army in the world, and be sure never to get arrested, tried or imprisoned for it. They are allowed to kill Palestinians in cold blood, in broad daylight and without reason (reasons can be later picked from a list of "why I killed a Palestinian for no reason but you can’t criticize me for it" invented for the sake of the media) and even get a medal for it (they term it: killing a terrorist and saving the Erez Israel" even if that "terrorist" is a 4 year old child).

A Palestinian on the other hand needs only be a Palestinian and be present in the same street, town, city, region, continent, planet or galaxy where a Zionist terrorist is "attacked" (attack being the Zionist term, because according to human norms and values a brutal occupier is the one who attacks, while the occupied, oppressed people is actually always defending itself against these attacks and resisting the occupation is a form of defending one’s self, family, land, rights and freedom), to be detained, tortured and imprisoned for "attacking" the Zionist fully-armed terrorist, even with no evidence at all. All that is needed is a Palestinian, any Palestinian (even a 6 year old will do), a Zionist terrorist who had just come back from a mission of killing some Palestinians, demolishing some Palestinian homes or uprooting some Palestinian trees, and the Zionist terrorist will "testify" that the Palestinian father who had just been working the land to feed his children, or the Palestinian brother who had just been teaching in a classroom, or the Palestinian son who had just been on the way back home from his university, or the Palestinian child who had just been playing with his friends in the street had just "attacked" or planned to "attack" (since Zionists have the superpower of reading minds) a member of the terrorist Zionist army occupying a people and oppressing it. Yes, in an illegal colonist entity that established itself on the bodies of Palestinians and on the ruins of their homes and fields, an illegal entity proud of its racist legacy claims (for the sake of useless bodies such as the UN) to be a "democracy" and a "law-abiding state", Palestinians are being detained for years and years based on lack of evidence and so-called "secret evidence" aka false testimonies of occupation army investigation criminals who despite torture were not able to force kidnapped Palestinians to admit to something they didn’t commit, so these "investigators" write fairy tales and present them as "evidence". The Israeli army court knows they are lies, the Israeli army soldiers know they are lies and the Israeli media knows they are lies, the whole "conscientious" world knows they are lies, but it doesn’t matter as long as by the end of the day another Palestinian will be locked up behind bars for a long time.

Yes. 1501 days in "captivity" is beyond the comprehension of a Zionist.

Among the over 7200 Palestinians prisoners currently in Israeli jails, there are:
308 "Veteran Prisoners": Palestinian prisoners who have been locked up in Israelis jails since before the signing of the so-called peace agreement between Zionist entity and the long-dead PLO in May 1994.

118 "Deans of Prisoners": Palestinian prisoners who have spent 20+ years inside Israeli jails.

21 "Generals of Patience": Palestinian prisoners who have spent 25+ years inside Israeli jails.

Prisoners who survive the barbarous interrogation and torture in Israeli interrogation centers are deprived of the simplest human rights and are subjected to continuous brutality and harassment, daily raids, destruction and theft of personal belongings for the length of their imprisonment. 70 Palestinian prisoners were murdered during interrogation, 70 others were executed after their detention by Israeli occupation forces or the Israeli prison forces and medical negligence has led to the death of 51 Palestinian prisoners. Detainees in deed of medical treatment for the most won’t get the treatment, and if any if provided then it’s most likely, as many detainees tell, to increase their suffering and pain. Detainees suffering from malignant diseases are given mere pain killers, those with previous injuries or infections get their limbs unnecessarily amputated while others lose their sight or movement. Many Palestinian detainees are healthy and fit when detained but end up with all sorts of ailments due to torture (both physical and psychological), lack of food and hygiene. Often it is minor ailments that only require simple treatment but due to medical negligence, wrong treatment, or medical experimenting these ailments develop into severe medical conditions and detainees are left to die a slow and painful death. Other forms of torture include isolation of the detainees in small dirty cells for months and months and disconnecting them from the outside world. And while the very very very tiny insignificant number of Israeli terrorists who were theatrically "convicted" and "imprisoned" for committing massacres and butchering Palestinians " – all of course being only a charade to silence any criticism of Israel’s rewarding of Zionist terrorists and not imprisoning them before silently being pardoned by the president of the butcher’s entity – are allowed to leave on vacations, get married, have children while "imprisoned", the same prison authority cancels family visits of Palestinian detainees and prevents phone calls and letters between the detainees and their loved ones.

So, conscientious world: every time you feel sorry for the Zionist occupation soldier "held captive" by the Palestinians for 1501 days, continue to close your eyes and your ears, continue to act ignorant of the suffering of the Palestinians and continue to subdue the fact that 9000 days in Zionist captivity is longer than your 1501 days, that 11817 in Zionist captivity is longer than any human being can endure.

Conscientious world: keep talking about human suffering, about human rights and how the "human dignity is inviolable", mention every suffering nation on this plant and the neighboring planets and cry for their suffering, cry with them, stand with them and defend their rights but continue to ignore the suffering of the Palestinians. Write, speak and sing of sufferings long ended, teach your children day and night about them, let them memorize the names, the places and the dates, tell them: "never forget" and "never again", but also teach them that the suffering of the Palestinians can be forgotten, ignored and discarded.

Conscientious world: keep repeating the name "Gilad Shalit" as long, as often and as loud as you want, for your "conscience" is absent, your "humanity" is conditional, your "causes" are as fake as your "every human is equal".

Continue your silence, your disregard, your "I didn’t know attitude" and one day, conscientious world, caring world, you will tire of this and that "cause" because it is not attractive anymore or rewarding enough. And when you tire and your voice becomes fainter and fainter, ours will still be strong, powerful and loud, we will still be singing and shouting, our voice will never tire because our cause will never die, for it is a just cause and justice never dies. And despite your silence for over 60 years, we Palestinians won’t be silent and won’t be silenced. We will always name our detainees, one by one. We will continue to carry their names in our memory, and we will continue to carry their images in our hearts till they are all freed, till the very last one is free to smell Palestine, see its hills and valleys, touch its olives and figs and kiss its sacred soil. We will continue to memorize their names, write their names, sing their names, we will continue to name them with every sunrise and every sunset because their captivity is the captivity of all of us and their freedom is freedom of all of us.

Last week, my little cousin who was sitting beside me, saw the picture of a poster of 4 Palestinian prisoners on my computer screen. He looked at me and without me asking a thing, he named them. There were no names on the poster, nothing. So, conscientious world, this is not for you, because to me you are dead. This is to the young generation of Palestinians, so they might never forget the names, so they memorize them, repeat the often forgotten and ignored heroes, to give names to the numbers we often quote and to give names to the faces that are locked up behind bars and to fight for them until every single Palestinian prisoner is free.

An occupation Zionist soldier in "captivity" for 1501 days is beyond comprehension, but a Palestinian spending more than half of his/her life in Israeli captivity is acceptable, is excusable.

Na’il, Fakhri, Akram and all of you comrades; they call you "terrorists", when your only "crime" is your thirst for freedom. They call you "terrorists", when your only "crime" is standing up to the occupation soldiers who had come and butchered your family, destroyed your home and expelled you from your village. They call you "terrorists", when it is their hands that are stained with the blood of our people. They call you "terrorists", when it is their bulldozers that demolish our homes, our fields and our olive trees. They call you "terrorists", when it is them who besiege our villages, towns and refugee camps, lock us behind bars and deprive us of our legitimate rights.
Na’il, Fakhri, Akram and all of you comrades; it is them who are the terrorists and you are the freedom fighters. They are the murderers and you are the heroes. They are the Zionists and you are the Palestinians.

I wanted to write every single name, every single one of them, but unfortunately found no database with all names, had to search for weeks to finish/check only these 3 lists. So, I apologize to every single prisoner not mentioned, to their families who read the names of other detainees being mentioned in this and that petition and this and that press release and wonder: what about our son/daughter? I apologize to you, for every single one of you is my hero. You are never forgotten and never will be, for your freedom is our freedom.

"Generals of Patience" have spent 25+ years inside Israeli dungeons

1 Na’il Saleh Al Bargouhti, 52 years old, Ramallah, in prison since 04.04.1978 (32 years, 4 months, 7 days – total days: 11817) and is thus the longest-standing political prisoner in the world.
2 Fakhri (Asfour) Abdallah Al Bargouthi, 55 years old, Ramallah, in prison since 23.06.1978 (32 years, 1 month, 17 days – total days: 11737)
3 Akram Abdel Aziz Mansour, 47 years old, Qalqilya, in prison since 02.08.1979 (31 years, 9 days – total days: 11332)
4 Fouad Qasem Arafat Al-Razem, 51 years old, Jerusalem, in prison since 30.01.1981 (29 years, 6 months, 10 days – total days: 10785 days)
5 Ibrahim Fadel Jaber, 55 years old, Hebron, in prison since 08.01.1982 (28 years, 7 months, 3 days – total days: 10442)
6 Hasan Nimir Ali Salma, 51 years old, Ramallah, in prison since 08.08.1982 (28 years, 3 days – total days: 10230)
7 Othman Ali Misleh, 57 years old, Nablus, in prison since 15.10.1982 (27 years, 9 months, 24 days – total days: 10162)
8 Sami Khaled Salameh Younis, 77 years old, from 'Ara, in prison since 05.01.1983 (27 years, 7 months, 6 days – total days: 10080)
9 Karim Yousif Fadil Younis, 51 years old, from 'Ara, in prison since 06.01.1983 (27 years, 7 months, 5 days – total days: 10079)
10 Maher Abdel Latif Younis, 52 years old, from 'Ara, in prison since 20.01.1983 (27 years, 6 months, 20 days – total days: 10065)
11 Salim Ali Ibrahim Al-Kayyal, 56 years old, from Gaza, in prison since 30.05.1983 (27 years, 2 months, 9 days – total days: 9935)
12 Hafith Qundus, 46 years old, from Yafa, in prison since 15.05.1984 (26 years, 2 months, 24 days – total days: 9584)
13 Issa Abed Rabbo, 46 years old, from Dheisheh RC, in prison since 20.10.1984 (25 years, 9 months, 19 days – total days: 9426
14 Ahmad Farid Shehadeh, from Ramallah, in prison since 16.02.1985 (25 years, 5 months, 24 days – total days: 9307)
15 Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammad Nasr, 55 years, from Ramallah, in prison since 11.05.1985 (25 years, 3 months – total days: 9223)
16 Rafi’ Farhoud Mohammad Karaja, 49 years, from Ramallah, in prison since 20.05.1985 (25 years, 2 months, 19 days – total days: 9214)
17 Talal Yousif Ahmad Abu Al-Kabbash, 55 years, from As-Samou’, in prison since 23.06.1985 (25 years, 1 month, 17 days – total days: 9180)
18 Mustafa 'Amer Mohammad Ighnemat, 45 years, from Sourif, in prison since 27.06.1985 (25 years, 1 month, 13 days – total days: 9176)
19 Ziyad Mahmoud Mohammad Ighnemat, 46 years, from Sourif, in prison since 27.06.1985 (25 years, 1 month, 13 days – total days: 9176)
20 Haza’ Mohammad Haza’ As-Sa’di, 44 years, from Jenin RC, in prison since 27.07.1985 (25 years, 12 days – total days: 9146)
21 Othman Abdallah Mahmoud Bani Hassan, 43 years, from 'Arbona, in prison since 27.07.1985 (25 years, 12 days – total days: 9146)

"Deans of Prisoners" have spent 20+ years inside Israeli dungeons (date refers to start of detention)

Sidqi Sleiman Ahmad Al-Maqt, Majdal Shams, 23.8.1985
Hani Badawi Mohammad Said Jabir, Jerusalem, 03.09.1985
Mohammad Hasan Abdel Jawad Abu Wahdan, Jerusalem, 03.10.1985
Mohammad Ahmad Abdel Hamid At-Tous, Hebron, 06.10.1985
Nafith Ahmad Talib Hirz, Gaza, 25.11.1985
Faiz Mtawi’ Hammad Al-Khour, Gaza, 29.11.1985
Ghazi Jum’a Mohammad An-Nims, Gaza, 30.11.1985
Hamza Nayif Hasan Zayid, Jenin, 22.01.1986
Mahmoud Adam Said Nourin, Jerusalem, 31.01.1986
Ahmad Abdel Rahman Hussein Abu Hasirah, Gaza, 18.02.1986
Mohammad Misbah Khalil 'Ashour, Ramallah, 18.02.1986
Wasfi Ahmad Abdel Qader Mansour, Tirah, 15.05.1986
Walid Nimir As’ad Duqqah, Baqa Al-Gharbieh, 25.02.1986
Mohammad Abdel Hadi Mohammad Al-Hasna, Gaza, 04.03.1986
Tawfiq Ibrahim Mohammad Abdallah, Salfit, 07.03.1986
Mustafa Mahmoud Mousa Qar’oush, Salfit, 10.03.1986
Rushdi Hamdan Mohammad Abu Mukh, Baqa Al-Gharbiyeh, 24.03.1986
Ibrahim Nayef Hamdan Abu Mukh, Baqa Al-Gharbiyeh, 24.03.1986
Ibrahim Abdel Raziq Ahmad Bayadsah, Baqa Al-Gharbiyah, 26.03.1986
Ibrahim Mustafa Ahmad Baroud, Jabalia, 09.04.1986
Ala’ Iddin Ahmad Rida Al-Bazian, Jeruslaem, 20.04.1986
Ali Badir Raghib Maslamani, Jerusalem, 27.04.1986
Fawwaz Kathim Rushdi Bakhtian, Jerusalem, 29.04.1986
Isam Salih Ali Jandal, Jerusalem, 30.04.1986
Khalid Ahmad Daoud Mheisin, Jerusalem, 30.04.1986
Ahmad Ali Hussein Abu Jabir, Kufr Qasem, 08.07.1986
Abdel Latif Ismail Ibrahim Shqeir, Nablus, 23.07.1986
'Afu Misbah Noufal Shqier, Nablus, 24.07.1986
Salih Mohammad Yousif Al-'Abid, Ramallah, 22.08.1986
Abdel Nasir, Daoud Mustafa Alhelsi (Halaseh), Jerusalem, 16.10.1986
Tariq Daoud Mustafa Alhelsi (Halaseh), Jerusalem, 16.10.1986
Ibrahim Hussein Ali I’lian, Jerusalem, 19.10.1986
Samir Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Ni’mah, Ramallah, 20.10.1986
Hazim Mohammad Sabri I'seileh, Jerusalem, 21.10.1986
Samir Isam Salim Al-Mahroum, Jenin, 15.11.1986
Abdel Rahman Fadil Abdel Rahman Al-Qeeq, Rafah, 18.12.1986
Khalid Mtawi' Msalam Al-J'eidi, Rafah, 24.12.1986
Ahmad Abu Isu’ud Abdel Raziq Hanni, Nablus, 23.05.1987
Lutfi Mohammad Ibrahim Hijazi, 05.06.1987
Moayad Abdel Rahim Sa’d Abdel Samad, Tulkarim, 14.06.1987
Mohammad Mansour Abdel Majid Ziadeh, Al-Lidd, 10.09.1987
Mukhlis Ahmad Mohammad Burghal, Al-Lidd, 11.09.1987
Omar Mahmoud Jabir Al-Ghoul, Gaza, 13.10.1987
Mohammad Mohammad Shehadeh Hassan, Gaza, 13.10.1987
Mohammad Adel Hasan Daoud, Qalqilia, 08.12.1987
Yassin Mohammad Yasin Abu Khdeir, Jerusalem, 27.12.1987
Bashir Abdallah Kamil Al-Khatib, Ar-Ramleh, 01.01.1988
Khalid Mohammad Shafiq Taha, Jerusalem, 18.01.1988
Amer Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Qawasmi, Hebron, 22.01.1988
Jihad Ahmad Mustafa 'Ibeidi, Jerusalem, 22.01.1988
Nasir Mousa Ahmad Abed Rabbo, Jerusalem, 09.02.1988
Rauwhi Jamal Mushtaha, Gaza, 13.02.1988
Usama Sliman Abu Al-Jidian, Gaza, 17.02.1988
Jamal Hamad Hussein Abu Saleh, Jerusalem, 21.02.1988
Samir Ibrahim Daoud Abu Ser, Jerusalem, 22.02.1988
Mahmoud Salim Sliman Abu Al-Kharabish, Jericho, 11.03.1988
Yasir Mahmoud Mohammad Al-Khawaja, Rafah, 08.07.1988
Tha’ir Mohammad Jamil Al-Kurd, Jabalia, 08.08.1988
Hasan Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Nofal, Jabalia, 09.08.1988
Jihad Jamil Mahmoud Abu Ghaban, Jabalia, 10.08.1988
Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad Jabbarin, Um Il-Fahim, 06.10.1988
Mahmoud Othman Ibrahim Jabbarin, Um Il-Fahim, 08.10.1988
I'weidah Mohammad Sliman Kallab, Gaza, 10.10.1988
Ahmad Rabah Ahmad 'Amirah, Jerusalem, 25.10.1988
Ahmad Jibril Othman At-Takruri, Ramallah, 31.10.1988
Jum’a Ibrahim Jum’a Adam, Jericho, 31.10.1988
Ali Abdallah Salim 'Amriyah, Haifa, 24.11.1988
Samir Saleh Taha Sirsawi, Haifa, 24.11.1988
Abdel Rahman Rabi’ Abdel Rahman Shihab , Jabalia, 16.12.1988
Bilal Ahmad Yousif Abu Hussein, Jerusalem, 20.12.1988
Mohammad Abdel Rahman Mohammad Zaqqout, Jabalia, 23.01.1989
Ibrahim Lutfi Hilmi Taqtouq, Nablus, 03.03.1989
Samir Nayif Abdel Ghaffar An-Na’nish, Nablus, 05.03.1989
Iyad Ahmad Mustafa Abu Hasna, Rafah, 15.03.1989
Nidal Abdel Raziq Izzat Zalloum, Ramallah, 03.05.1989
Mohammad Yousif Hasan Ash-Sharat-ha, Jabalia, 09.05.1989
Yahia Ibrahim Hasan As-Sinwar, Khan Younis, 14.05.1989
Tawfiq Abdallah Salman Abu Na’iim, Deir Al-Balah, 14.05.1989
Hasan Ahmad Khalid Al-Maqadma, Deir Al-Balah, 18.05.1989
Imad Mohammad Jamil Shihadah, Gaza, 07.06.1989
Bilal Ibrahim Mustafa Damrah, Salfit, 19.06.1989
Mustafa Othman Omar Al-Haj, Salfit, 20.06.1989
Fahim Ramadan Sarhan Ibrahim, Salfit, 20.06.1989
Abdel Hadi Salman Rafi’ Ghneim, Deir Al-Balah, 06.07.1989
Mohammad Mahmoud Awad Hamdiyeh, Gaza, 14.07.1989
Nihad Yousif Radwan Jundiyeh, Gaza, 14.07.1989
Raid Mohammad Sharif As-Sa’di, Jenin, 28.08.1989
Ahmad Hussein Mahmoud Shukri, Ramallah, 09.09.1989
'Aayid Mahmoud Mohammad Khalil, Tulkarim, 06.10.1989
Mahmoud Said Ahmad Jradat, Jenin, 17.10.1989
Majdi Atiyah Sliman 'Ajouli, Tulkarim, 17.10.1989
Abdel Min’im Othman Mohammad Tu’mah, Tulkarim, 28.10.1989
Wa’il Makin Abdallah Abu Fanounah, Gaza, 12.12.1989
Jamal Omar Mohammad Irqeeq, Gaza, 22.12.1989
Sha’ban Salim Abed Hassounah, Gaza, 05.1.1990
Hasan Yousif Mahmoud Al-Ghafri, Ramallah, 03.02.1990
Ashraf Bal’ouji, Gaza, 08.02.1990
Thahir Salman Salim Ayyad, Rafah, 15.02.1990
Ibrahim Abdel Raziq Ahmad Mish’al, Jerusalem, 28.03.1990
Adnan Mohammad Ata Maragha, Jerusalem, 22.05.1990
Ayman Mustafa Khalil Al-Far, Gaza, 02.06.1990
Najih Mohammad Badawi Miqbil, Hebron, 10.07.1990
Hafith Mahmoud Abed Ad-Dibil, Deir Al-Balah, 20.09.1990
Mohammad Jabir Yousif Nashbat, Deir Al-Balah, 20.09.1990
Zuheir Salah Anis Ash-Shashniyeh, Deir Al-Balah, 22.09.1990
Ahmad Said Mohammad Ad-Damouni, Deir Al-Balah, 24.09.1990
Suheil Said Salamah Al-Jdeili, Deir Al-Balah, 26.09.1990
Amir Su'ud Salih Abu Sarhan, Bethlehem, 21.10.1990
Yasir Abdel Qadir Ibrahim Hjazi, Ramallah, 02.11.1990
Nasr Omar Mohammad An-Namleh, Gaza, 21.11.1990
Mohammad Abdel Majid Mohammad Sawalhah, Nablus, 02.12.1990
Husni Farigh Ahmad Sawalhah, Nablus, 02.12.1990
Abdel Halim Mahmoud Hasan Abdallah, Jabalia, 05.12.1990

"Veteran Prisoners" have been locked up in Israelis jails since before signing the so-called "Oslo Agreement"on 04.05.1994 (date refers to start of detention)

Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Sabbagh, Jenin, 23.01.1991
Khalid Saoud Ahmad Azraq, Bethlehem, 12.02.1991
Abdallah Joudeh Mohammad Abu Shalbak, Ramallah, 14.02.1991
Jihad Mohammad Abdel Hadi Bani Jami’, Nablus, 14.02.1991
Imad Hamad Ahmad Al-Masri, Jenin, 05.03.1991
Mukhlis Sidqi Abdel Raziq Sawaftah, Jenin, 09.03.1991
Mohammad Mustafa Hasan Abu Jalalah, Jabalia, 11.03.1991
Faris Ahmad Mohammad Baroud, Gaza, 23.03.1991
Imad Ali Abdallah Abu Rayan, Jabalia, 24.03.1991
Khalid Mohammad Ahmad Asakrah, Bethlehem, 01.05.1991
Yasir Tayseer Mohammad Daoud, Jerusalem, 18.05.1991
Jamil Ismail Abdel Qader Al-Baz, Deir Al-Balah, 18.08.1991
Yousif Mousa Mahmoud Al-Khalis, Jerusalem, 19.08.1991
Mazin Mustafa Yousif Alawi, Jerusalem, 23.08.1991
Sleiman Nayif Hasan Abu Tyour, Ramallah, 02.09.1991
Faysal Mustafa Mahmoud Abu Al-Rub, Jenin, 25.09.1991
Iyad Thiab Ahmad Abu Kheizaran, Toubas, 03.10.1991
Jamal Khalid Ibrahim Abu Muhsin, Jenin, 04.10.1991
Ratib Abdallah Zeidan Msalam, Ramallah, 12.10.1991
Hazim Ali Salim Al-Aydi, Deir Al-Balah, 28.10.1991
Majdi Ahmad Mohammad Hammad, Gaza, 26.12.1991
Nasir Ghazi Mohammad Dweidar, Deir Al-Balah, 19.01.1992
Walid Zakariya Abdel Hadi Aqil, Deir Al-Balah, 19.01.1992
Ahmad Ismail Husein Abu Al-Kas, Deir Al-Balah, 30.01.1992
Eid Abdallah Abdel Hadi Misleh, Deir Al-Balah, 12.02.1992
Basim Mohammad Iqab Nazzal, Jenin, 15.02.1992
Abdel Rahman Yousif Mahmoud Al-Haj, Qalqilia, 21.02.1992
Ibrahim Khalil Ahmad Salah, Bethlehem, 24.02.1992
Mahmoud Ata Mahmoud Muammar, Battir, 24.02.1992
Mohammad Said Hasan Ighbariyyeh, Um Il-Fahim, 26.02.1992
Ibrahim Hasan Mahmoud Ighbariyyeh, Um Il-Fahim, 26.02.1992
Yahya Mustafa Mohammad Ighbariyyeh, Um Il-Fahim, 04.03.1992
Mohammad Tawfiq Sleiman Jabbarin, Um Il-Fahim, 01.04.1992
Jalal Lutif Abdel Nabi Saqir, Deir Al-Balah, 08.04.1992
Abdel Rahman Omar Sadiq Assaf, Jenin, 29.04.1992
Nu’man Yousif Ahmad Shalabi, Jenin, 07.05.1992
Adnan Mohammad Yousif Al-Afandi, Bethlehem, 13.05.1992
Sharif Hasan Atiq Abu Dheileh, Nablus, 19.05.1992
Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Falet, Deir Al-Balah, 27.05.1992
Mouayyad Salim Mahmoud Hijja, Nablus, 31.05.1992
Khamis Zaki Abdel Hadi Aqel, Deir Al-Balah, 18.06.1992
Mazin Moahmmad Sliman An-Nahhal, Rafah, 09.07.1992
Faraj Salih Abdallah Al-Rimahi, Jabalia, 14.07.1992
Mohammad Abdel Karim Salih Abu Ataya, Gaza, 30.07.1992
Mohammad Ali Mohammad Hirz, Gaza, 30.07.1992
Mohammad Jmei’an Jum’a Abu Ayyash, Gaza, 30.07.1992
Nasim Mohammad Shreirih Al-Kurd, Jabalia, 30.07.1992
Asrar Mustafa Kleib Samrin, Ramallah, 04.08.1992
Khalid Salih Jabir Al-Mighbir, Rafah, 12.08.1992
Khalid Zaki Yousif Abu Rayaleh, Gaza, 12.08.1992
Mahmoud Mustafa Salih Mardawi, Qalqilia, 28.08.1992
Khalid Yousif Abdel Rahman Mardawi, Qalqilia, 28.08.1992
Mohammad Arif Mohammad Bsharat, Jenin, 22.09.1992
Fahid Subhi Ms’ad Zaqzouq, Jabalia, 30.09.1992
Diya’ Zakariya Shakir Al-Falouji, Khan Younis, 12.10.1992
Mohammad Yousif Sliman Turkman, Jenin, 28.10.1992
Usama Zakariya Wadi’ Abu Hanani, Jenin, 28.10.1992
Ahmad Hasan Ahmad Hassan, Salfit, 05.11.1992
Imad Abdel Rahman Abdel Hafith Husein Ali, Salfit, 21.11.1992
Ahmad Jum’a Mustafa Khalaf, Jerusalem, 25.11.1992
Iyad Jamil Abdel Salam Abu Taqiyeh, Deir Al-Balah, 26.11.1992
Ata Mahmoud Abdel Rahman Falna, Ramallah, 28.11.1992
Mohammad Fawzi Salamah Falnah, Ramallah, 29.11.1992
Taha Adel Sa’adah Shakhshir, Nablus, 01.12.1992
Haroun Mansour Yacoub Nasir Iddin, Hebron, 15.12.1992
Jamil Abdel Wahab Jamal An-Natsheh, Hebron, 16.12.1992
Mousa Mohammad Salim Doudin, Hebron, 20.12.1992
Abas Abdallah Abdel Wadoud Shabaneh, Hebron, 27.12.1992
Mustafa Ali Hussein Ramadan, Khan Younis, 31.12.1992
Nasir Hasan Abdel Hamid Abu Srour, Bethlehem 04.01.1993
Ahmad Abdallah Ali Ardah, Jenin, 04.01.1993
Mahmoud Jamil Hasan Abu Srour, Bethlehem, 05.01.1993
Ahmad Mohammad Awlad Mohammad, Hebron, 13.01.1993
Said Ahmad Mohammad Awlad Mohammad, Hebron, 13.01.1993
Tahir Mohammad Tahir Zyoud, Jenin, 06.02.1993
Ahmad Said Qasim Abdel Aziz, Jenin, 10.02.1993
Osama Khalid Kamil Silawi, Jenin, 16.02.1993
Mahmoud Adib Mahmoud Maslamani, Jenin, 27.02.1993
Ziyad Salim Husni Salma, Gaza, 01.03.1993
Ayman Ibrahim Mohammad Sha’ath, Rafah, 02.03.1993
Yahya Mohammad Yacoub Al-Malhi, Jerusalem, 02.03.1993
Nasr Hmeidan Ali Shqeirat, Jerusalem, 02.03.1993
Nabil Hasan Mohammad 'leiwah, Jenin, 02.03.1993
Yousif Abdel Hamid Yousif Irshid, Jenin, 04.03.1993
Majdi Abdel Hadi Nasrallah Al-Bardini, Rafah, 08.03.1993
Ayman As’ad Sha’ban Ash-Shawwa, Gaza, 09.03.1993
Said Mohammad Ashour Skiek, Gaza, 10.03.1993
Atef Sliman Daoud Al-Masri, Gaza, 10.03.1993
Anwar Msallam Nasrallah Al-Akhras, Khan Younis, 15.03.1993
Atef Izzat Sha’ban Sha’ath, Khan Younis, 16.03.1993
Mahmoud Nofal Mohammad Da’ajnah, Jerusalem, 16.03.1993
Zahir Ali Mousa Jibrin, Salfit, 01.04.1993
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmad Afanah, Ramallah, 01.04.1993
Jum’a Ismail Mohammad Mousa, Jerusalem, 02.04.1993
Abdel Aziz Mohammad Abdel Aziz Al-Masri, Khan Younis, 03.04.1993
Mohammad Abdel Fattah Hasan Dukhan, Deir Al- Balah, 11.04.1993
Ismail Mousa Hasan Bakhit, Khan Younis, 11.04.1993
Imad Iddin Ata Qasim Zu’rub, Khan Younis, 11.04.1993
Salamah Aziz Mohammad Mir’I, Salfit, 11.04.1993
Salah Iddin Talib Jabir Al-'Awawdah, Hebron, 14.04.1993
Ramadan Mohammad Odeh Yacoub, Ramallah, 19.04.1993
Mahir Huseein Mohammad Abu Karsh, Gaza, 20.04.1993
Salim Hussein Khalil Abu Shab, Khan Younis, 20.04.1993
Ayman Mohammad Anis Jradat, Jenin, 24.04.1993
Abdel Hakim Aziz Abed Hneini, Nablus, 28.04.1993
Mazin Mohammad Ismail Jarad, Jabalia, 30.04.1993
Mohammad Odeh Mohammad As-Sakran, Deir Al-Balah 10.05.1993
Hamdi Amin Mohammad Az-Zweidi, Jabalia, 12.05.1993
Omar Isa Rajab Masoud, Gaza, 18.05.1993
Talib Ismail Ibrahim Abu Mustafa, Khan Younis, 18.05.1993
Ra’fat Ali Mohammad Al-I’ruqi, Gaza, 18.05.1993
Walid Khamis Mansour Sha’ath, Khan Younis, 19.05.1993
Yousif Awwad Mohammad Masalha, Deir Al-Balah, 24.05.1993
Raid Ahmad Salim Al-Hallaq, Gaza, 30.05.1993
Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmad 'Atoun, Jerusalem, 03.06.1993
Mahmoud Mousa Isa Isa, Ramallah, 03.06.1993
Majid Hasan Rajab Abu Qteish, Jerusalem, 05.06.1993
Mousa Mohammad Daoud 'Akkari, Jerusalem, 05.06.1993
Riziq Ali Khadir Salah, Bethlehem, 07.06.1993
Nasir Yousif Mahmoud Al-Qadi, Khan Younis, 09.06.1993
Riyad Said Abdel Aziz Isa, Rafah, 10.06.1993
Jamil Khamis Mohammad Turkahn, Jabalia, 18.06.1993
Salah Mahmoud Zayid Miqlid, Khan Younis, 14.07.1993
Mohammad Afif Ashour Al-Far, Gaza, 16.08.1993
Ashraf Ghazi, Mahmoud Wadi, Tulkarim, 11.09.1993
Mohammad Mousa Mohammad Taqatqa, Bethlehem, 20.09.1993
Walid Ibrahim Mohammad Abu Nassar, Bethlehem, 21.09.1993
Tayseer Hamdan Mohammad Sliman, Jerusalem, 25.09.1993
Mazin Hussein Abed Al-Kahlout, Jabalia, 27.09.1993
Na’il Rafiq Ibrahim Salhab, Jerusalem, 27.09.1993
Fahid Sabri Burhan Ash-Shaludi, Jerusalem, 29.09.1993
Ahmad Awad Ali Kmeil, Jenin, 29.09.1993
Marwan Mohammad Ayyoub Abu Rmeileh, Jerusalem, 30.09.1993
Marwan Mohammad Mustafa Az-Zard, Gaza, 02.10.1993
Salameh Abdallah Salameh Misleh, Khan Younis, 09.10.1993
Atef Ata Mohammad Hassan, Deir Al-Balah, 25.10.1993
Miqdad Ibrahim Ahmad Salah, Nablus, 27.10.1993
Mahir Khamis Abdel Mu’ti Zaqout, Jabalia, 29.10.1993
Mohammad Mohammad Said Abu Hasirah, Gaza, 29.10.1993
Samir Hussein Ghanim Murtaja, Gaza, 29.10.1993
Sa’id Rushdi Mohammad At-Tamimi, Ramallah, 09.11.1993
Nizar Samir Mahmoud At-Tamimi, Ramallah, 09.11.1993
Nahid Abdel Hadi Sa’id As-Sawafiri, Gaza, 09.11.1993
Ahmad Ata Khalil Al-Hito, Gaza, 10.11.1993
Ahmad Yousif Mahmoud At-Tamimi, Ramallah, 11.11.1993
Abdel Jawad Yousif Abdel Jawad Shamasneh, Jerusalem, 12.11.1993
Mohammad Yousif Abdel Jawad Shamasneh, Jerusalem, 12.11.1993
Ibrahim Salim Mahmoud Shamasneh, Jerusalem, 12.11.1993
Iyad Salim Hussein Al-'Ar’er, Gaza, 17.11.1993
Hani Rasmi Abdel Rahem Jabir, Hebron, 22.11.1993
Tayseer Salim Mansour Al-Bardini, Rafah, 30.11.1993
Awad Ziyad Awad Salaymeh, Hebron, 17.12.1993
'Ala’ Iddin Fahmi Fahid Al-Karaki, Hebron, 17.12.1993
Nasir Fawzi Mustafa Burhum, Tulkarim, 22.12.1993
Lutif Mohammad Hasan Ad-Darabee’, Hebron, 29.12.1993
Farid Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Qaisi, Khan Younis, 03.01.1994
Hilmi Hamad Ubeid Al-'Ammawi, Deir Al-Balah, 03.01.1994
Ala’ Iddin Ahmad Said Abu Sitta, Khan Younis, 03.01.1994
Midhat Faiz Rajab Barbakh, Khan Younis, 21.01.1994
Hani Mohammad Salman Abu Sitta, Khan Younis, 21.01.1994
Ayman Talib Mohammad Abu Sitta, Deir Al-Balah, 24.01.1994
Atiya Salim Ali Abu Mousa, Khan Younis, 30.03.1994
Hazim Qasim Tahir Shubeir, Khan Younis, 30.03.1994
Ali Ibrahim Salim Ar-Ra’I, Deir Al-Balah, 09.04.1994
Sa’id Mohammad Yousif Badarneh, Jenin, 16.04.1994
Tawfiq Ali Mohammad I’weisat, Jerusalem, 27.04.1994


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