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River Link Project Revived

By Samson C. Christian

25 June, 2010
All India Tribal Unity & Development Council

Founder & National President of all India Tribal Unity& Development Council is pleased to announce that the issue related to Environment and Global Warming has been raised by the United Nations in the interest of the entire mankind and the steps taken in this direction. The entire national are actively moving in this directions. In the same manner The Supreme Court of India has also seriously given landmark judgments in issues related with Environment & Global Warming.

In spite of the bitter fact, Govt. of Gujarat, Maharashtra and likewise Central Govt. have different in their say and deeds. And the patient citizens are spectators to this. Recently in the presence of Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohansingh and Cabinet Minister Pawan Bansal, Cabinet Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, along with Water Supply Minister Narottam Patel and Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chauhan with the help of National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Pasr-Tapi-Narmada link project, Daman-Ganga Pinjal link project and Par-Auranga River, and pinjal lake which falls in Maharashtrs State, likewise Ambika-Purna and Daman Ganga including 5 rivers. The river link project report (DPR) has been ready and MOU. Has been signed and stamped.

A above National Perspective plan, has decided to transport water to region of water scarcity from the adjoining rivers. However, the regions of South Gujarat which has forest cover will be destroyed if this project is approved. The Dist. of Tapi, Dist. of Dang and Dist. Valsad , Dadranagar Haveli and forest area adjoining regions of Mahrasjtra & South Gujarat also will be destroyed. Still Gujarat Govt. is playing water politics by constructing 6 major dams and thereby destroying this valuable forest. Because of which in the coming years there will arise several major issue related with Rain and Global Warming the national Highway No.15 of Dang Dist. will be affected thereby making it isolated completely and hindering transportation facility. If these 6 dams are constructed then the cultivable land, bank of rivers, ancient religious places. Along with numerous village and 3 lacs tribals will have to migrate to other places, which is very serious matter, however it is a conspiracy against human kind.

All India Tribal Unity & Development Council Ekam has latched this conspiracy brought it is to the notice of the common man , administrators and Guj Govt. Maharashtra Govt. of Central Govt., this destruction and challenging an agitation at a national level in a democracy way. As a part of this agitation a rally and dharna and had be stepped in Tapi Dist. memorandum submitted to the dist. collector of Tapi dist. on 29 th May 2010, to raise our voice.

Continuing in this direction to protect the forest and environment on 7/6/2010 a rally and dharna had been staged in Dang Dist. to open the deaf ears of the administration. A memorandum has been submitted to the dist. collector of Dang Dist.

In spite of constant struggle and the start of agitation in a democratic way the collectors and DSP of Dang and Tapi Dist. have started to harass the organizers of these rallies and the tribals in order to please the CM of Gujarat, The DSP of Dang Dist has crossed all limits. After rally was over, on 17/6/2010 in front of Vaghai Police Station he arranged a public court and made undue use of his power to harass the tribals before 22/6/2010 . The outpost constable of Kalibal Police Station, Dang Dist. Pullik was sent to the villages. On the same day the DSP of Dang Gautam Parmar, CPI and PSI took the Govt. van spread terror, organized a seminar. They threatened the tribals and the organizers of the Council to protect against construction of dam. They also threatened them to charge them & being naxalaist and Maoist and in prison them. In this manner they have misused the power of their uniform.

The sanadi adhikari of Dang have manipulated the issues and so the organizers of All India Tribal Unity & Development Council have been harassed, and so they have avoided the entire issue. Also under this direction of CM in order to please him, working as the coin of his hand, we request that collectors and DSP of both these districts should be suspended and arrested and Police Complain should be launched against them. So that there is respect for the Indians law and order in the eyes of Govt. officers. Otherwise, the council intimates that it will organize exclusive programmers in the coming days

Nowadays, because of the harassment of the tribal in the various districts of South Gujarat the tribal council has organized a mass rally on the 5/7/2010. Tribal will lie on the road and will stage a dharna in front of the Collector Office of Tapi Sit. And also organize a seminar they will also take up an indefinite hunger strike. Through this program they will demand resignation of the CM of Gujarat State along with this it will demand to abort the plan for construction of dam and also invite attention for a police case on the dist. administrators.

Yours Faithfully,

Samson C. Christian

Founder & National President

All India Tribal Unity & Development Council