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A Massive Turn Around Needed

By Ted Bohne

25 October, 2006

It seems that the unelected Bush crew has decided that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is now a focal point for terrorism including Islamic terrorists. Of course this could put Venezuela in Bush's crosshairs, or more correctly Cheney's.

It's important to remember that the US has already tried and failed miserably in a poorly executed coup de etat against Mr. Chavez. Yet Chavez has visited the US after this debacle bringing millions of gallons of heating oil for less fortunate people in the North Eastern States and has stated with equivocation that his country isn't preparing any mischief against the US.

In fact, Mr. Chavez's sin is in nationalizing his oil from the greedy US oil giants who are currently hauling in as much a 10,000,000,000 dollars per QUARTER of the fiscal year. Mr. Cheney states the US economy is booming? Well, only the part that includes people making over a hundred grand a year. Most of the Countries of South and Central America have suffered crimes against their sovereignty as far back as the end of the last century.

For any who might wish to explore these offenses, they might wish to read the writings of Smedly Butler, Major General, USMC, Retired. Then there are the murders committed by or for Argentina by the US with the assassination of Argentine President Salvadore Allende and replacing him with the thug Augusto Pinochet. Then there is the recent ousting by the US of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and again, replaced by a pro American military thug.

This is not the only time Haiti has been mugged by the US. President Dumarsais Estimé is overthrown by the US backed Military and Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier is elected president. He is succeed by his son Jean Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier. During this American incursion 20 to 60,000 people were murdered by these American representatives.

There is the training of salient terrorists by Oliver North's crew, the Contras to oust Daniel Ortega a democratic socialist who is currently running for president in Nicaragua. Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the list goes on.

The United States has yet to engage in a "fair" deal with any country. Russia has not decided to form a relationship with Venezuela by selling President Chavez the latest of Military hardware and weaponry and the Venezuelan Air Force is dumping off it's F-16s at a flea market.

Venezuela is one of the largest suppliers of oil to the US. It sits on top of perhaps the largest known accumulation of "hard" crude. Clearly with the seven year catastrophic history of the Bush Administration, if Mr. Chavez is killed, the world will know who did it. I would expect if this happens, George Bush et al wouldn't be able to have a piddle without an entourage of armed men.

The world isn't likely to take a great deal more of this disintegrating country's chicanery. Mr. Chavez has been hard at work forming relationships with former enemies of the US including China and Vietnam. This is true of Libyan President Mohamar Kaddafi.

Americas belligerent, bellicose behavior with an unelected, illegitimate, Republican regime, has seen more to the loss of respect for the US than any other action in History. There also seem to be 'slim pickins' among the Democrats as well. In any case, a massive turn around of American foreign policy is in order. This will do more to make the US safe than any action in Iraq which is well known to have never been a threat to the US. Remember, each day we wait to dismiss the current regime, American lives and Iraqi lives are being squandered like drunk's drinking money.

Teed Bohne can be reached at

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