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Criticize Obama And You Are A Racist

By David Truskoff

24 June, 2008

OK, if you are not an anti Semite you must be a racist.

Today’s Washington Post headlines a story. "OBAMA SUCCESS ROUSING RACISTS."

It goes on to explain that,"Neo Nazis, Skinheads and segregationists groups

Have reported gains in their Internet responses."

The subliminal message is, "Look out you liberals. If you do not support Obama you will be listed among the racists."

Criticize Israel and you are anti-Semitic. Criticize Obama and you are a racist. The Washington Post has signaled the start of what will be the ugliest political campaign in American history. A campaign that will apply the dirty tricks of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the dirty tricks of the republican master of dirty tricks Carl Rove. The sad part is young liberals are falling for it and taking the bait. They will soon choke on it.

To use an old tired expression, "The American voter is between a rock and a hard place." That was the plan from the beginning. No matter which candidate wins AIPAC wins.

Money has always played a role in American politics, but never has it had such a strangle hold on what is left of our democracy. Never have the lies been so bold and the money so heavy. On 6/ 20/2008 the Los Angeles Times reported that by refusing the Federal Public Financing act Obama now faces no legal spending limits after the convention."

In one of my previous writings I mentioned running for the State Senate. I had no illusions about winning as I was running against the well financed Republican Majority leader. I did a little homework and at one debate I read to the audience a list of insurance executives from the Standard and Poors executive listing. Then I read a list of my opponents contributions and there was the same list in the same order, What it was was an illegal contribution made by a major corporation to look legal.

When my red-faced opponent took the podium he explained that the only reason those names were in that order is because they all sat at the same table during a fund raising. The audience laughed. I did not. He was a lawyer and he knew they were flouting the law by dividing the amount to other executive names. It is done all the time so when I read that Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said. "Senator Obama says he doesn't take campaign contributions from oil companies but the reality is that Exxon, Shell, and others are among his donors."

Obama routinely criticizes companies like Exxon-Mobil on the stump, but over the course of his presidential campaign he has taken more than $30,000 from individuals working for Exxon-Mobil. Clinton has taken more than $20,000 from Exxon-Mobil in the same period.

Just last month, Obama took more than $11,000 from individuals at Exxon-Mobil, per the center. At least 12 of those contributions came from individuals who contributed $250 each, the lowest listed donation. In that same period, Clinton took more than $3,000 from individuals working at Exxon-Mobil."

Same ole same ole. It is done all the time, but never before have the lies been so brazen.

The mass media constantly tells us about the millions of individuals that support Obama, but most people know those figures are padded by trinket sales and other gimmicks. I used to tell my children in the sixties that it is OK to be against something and join the war protests, but it is much better to be for something.

The truth however is I have not been enthusiastically for an American Presidential candidate since Henry Wallace in 1948.

What do you tell young people to be for today?

Is there an American candidate who will stand AIPAC down?

Is there an American candidate that will promise to put the FDR constraints back on the robber barons?

Is there an American candidate that will promise to take the big money out of politics and allow real candidates to emerge?

Is there an American candidate that will walk through the shooting galleries that our cities have become and give the people of the inner cities some hope?

Is there an American candidate that will present to the people a sane foreign policy that will restore our post WW11 image to the world?

I think not. I will go to the poles in November knowing that young liberals expecting change will have their hearts broken again and the cowards in congress will go on Kissing the heads of AIPAC lobbyists or some other part of their anatomy.

David Truskoff author of "What The Hell Is A Liberal"


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