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Why Accept The Endorsement Of A Liar? Because He Has No Choice

By Maher Osseiran

23 October, 2008

Obama is not his own man, he is a persona, the creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski who sold him to the “old guard”, an amalgam of senior Republicans and Democrats - the ruling elite – the self appointed saviors of our nation from the clutches of the neo-conic evil.

These guys are out in droves in support of Obama and they are all on message; Obama is what we need to rehabilitate our world image; a Hail Mary of sorts to recapture what George W. Bush squandered.

Obama has no choice, he has to win and he has to accept the endorsement of whoever can get him there.

The heavy weights that have come out for Obama are Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Ken Adelman, and others will follow. Their tasks in to sway the undecided voters who actually decide who our next president is.

The undecided voter making such a decision is the scariest part of our democracy; I say that because their indecision comes not from overwhelming knowledge but from pure ignorance of the candidates, the issues, and our political process.

The majority of the undecided, about eighty percent of them, wake up three weeks before the elections thinking that they can take a crash course in American political history, cram on the issues, kick the tires a bit, and on election day, make the rational and correct decision that shapes our country and our future.

Those of you who painfully watched interviews with the undecided after debates and such understand exactly what I mean.

The “old guard” cannot allow these pathetic voters to somehow, the last minute, sway the country in the direction of McCain.

The “old guard” were hoping that George W. Bush would not get re-elected in 2004 only to realize that hope alone is not good enough.

The “old guard” record is blue-sky-clear; stop the neo-cons at any cost. It was clear when they put together the Iraq Study Group lead by Howard Baker, Bush Sr.’s personal friend, and Lee Hamilton a democrat, in order to change the neo-cons direction in Iraq and the Middle East.

It was clear when an agency of government, The CIA, forced a criminal investigation of its boss, The White House, over the outing of Valerie Plame.

It was clear when they forced Robert Gates, a member of The Iraq Study Group, on the White House as Rumsfeld’s replacement at the Pentagon.

The “old guard” have been proactively tying the hands of the neo-cons and Bush Jr. throughout his second term, a lame duck from day one, and now proactively working to oust them.

Obama has no choice, he is not his own man, and has to accept the endorsement of a liar who lied us and the world into war.

When Colin Powell gave his presentation at the UN and spoke of WMD’s, he spoke of two matters, the aluminum tubes, which he presented with a caveat since Al-Baradei, the head of the IAEA, had debunked them at the general assembly a few weeks earlier, and, the mobile labs which he presented with enthusiasm and held high that vial of fake white powder.

As a Mechanical Engineer with sixteen years of exposure to various chemical processes, I could identify the spray dryers on those trailers as the bottleneck of the process.

My calculation showed that the trailers had to be interconnected for close to a month to complete a production cycle, so why do they have to be mobile? Also, best-case scenario, since spray dryers operate at temperatures higher than one hundred degrees Celsius, the output of a spray dryer is invariably sterilized. Allow me to repeat, the output is sterilized, dead bacteria, dead organisms, harmless.

The scientists at our intelligence agencies had warned Powell against pushing the issue of the aluminum tubes too hard, but, any wet behind the ears recent graduate in chemical engineering could have given him the same warning about those mobile trailers.

If Powell was duped into presenting those trailers so forcefully, he should come out and give us the details, otherwise, all indications are that he lied us into war.

Again, why doesn’t Obama reject the endorsement of Powell? Obama is not his own man and he has no choice.

This might annoy a huge segment of his supporters but that does not matter; it never did. What matters are those few moronic undecided that take us in directions we never wanted to go.

Biden warned us of the test Obama is going to face early in his presidency. Biden knows something, and in his usual bigmouth Biden way, he let the cat out of the hat but spoke in riddle and his words were intriguing

"Mark my words," Biden told donors at a Seattle fund-raiser Sunday night, "Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy [Obama].

The keyword Biden used is “generated”, indicating some kind of certainty, foreknowledge, and premeditation, and none really drilled him on it. Later spun by Obama and other supporters of the democratic ticket spoke of the inevitability of a crisis, after all, international crisis are popping up here and there all the time.

Again, the keyword is “generated” and the only potential crisis that fits Biden’s description is a failed state in Pakistan and you cannot imagine the consequences. The crisis has been brewing awhile; “generated” by the American military activities across Pakistani borders and American intervention in internal Pakistani affairs.

Obama’s first act as president, behind the guise of protecting America, will pull the rug from under Pakistan and present us, the American people, with a failed state and formidable repercussions; a test his own puppet masters have created.

Important readings in support of the above:

Slam Dunk! – Were the rats playing basketball? The story of how Powell lied us into war.

Obama: America's "Second Chance" or is it its Last? An analysis of who Obama is and what an Obama presidency means.

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