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Growing Violence Against Women And Degradation Of Moral Values

By Aijaz Nazir

09 January, 2013

It appears that the protracted conflict has led to the degrading of the moral values in the Kashmiri society. While the alleged human rights violations in the form of inhuman killings, enforced disappearances and rapes are still lingering in the memories of Kashmiris, it is also true that today’s Kashmiri society is also showing all the vices that one had come to attach to a materialistic modern society. A society where women were highly respected since ancient times nowadays seems to have lost its values as more and more women are getting subjected to ill treatment, eve teasing and sexual violence. The so called diktats on the dress code and public behavior are impacting only this vulnerable lot. Does it indicate that we should treat the women as slaves of men?

While outcry against the rape cases in the valley involving the Security Forces, in the last three decades these cases has grabbed the attention of the international media, but justice has still eluded these unfortunate women and have shattered their already fragile lives. The prolonged conflict has washed away the purpose of life among people, especially in the youth and women. This has had its own social and psychological trauma.

In a country like India, especially in Hinduism the woman is worshiped and treated as a goddess, still there is no paucity of crime against women. Many cases of sexual violence have been reported from all parts of the country which are growing at an alarming rate. Not only sexual violence, but also women are being subjected to domestic violence. What is further shocking is that most of the times, this violence is perpetuated by the so called “well-educated” and “modern” people in the society.

The recent acid attack on a school teacher in Srinagar city was a shocking incident for the residents of the Valley. While this was condemned by one and all, the cries for justice soon fell silent and people went back to their busy schedule, amply indicating the societal attitude towards its women. These kinds of attacks reveal how much people have became callous against these odious misdeeds. “Helpless” women have become the most vulnerable to these societal ignominies, facing hardships everywhere. The pain after such attack is known to that girl only, her world broke in pieces in front of her in fraction of second.

Is anyone serious about these growing crimes?

On December 15, 2012, Shamima Firdous Chairperson of the State Women’s Commission (SWC) admitting that the graph of violence has gone up in the State said that “Stories of such women surprise me and at times I couldn’t hold my tears. Their stories are as such that one has no words to describe their pain. Nowadays we witness such frequent women rights violations that really shook public conscience.” Also the domestic violence by in-laws is at peak and demand of dowry is one of the main reasons for it.

The brutal crimes like sexual violence and harassment of women are the two big issues which should be addressed on an urgent basis. The society needs to wake up from its deep slumber and take a stand for doing away with this menace. We need to raise our voice against these evils and should bring the culprits to justice for these kinds of cases.

Aijaz Nazir is the freelance journalist from Kashmir. He is a frequent contributor to various websites, covering current issues of J&K, focusing on social and political nuances. He can be contacted at aijaznazir112@gmail.com




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