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31 July, 2009

Dismantling The Empire
By Chalmers Johnson

Three good reasons to liquidate our empire and ten steps to take to do so

Israel's Discriminatory Land Policies
By Stephen Lendman

Netanyahu claims barring "natural growth" will tear apart families. Unmentioned is the continued theft of Palestinians lands, a grave violation of international law. Yet, Israel argues that, by law, it can't reverse issued tenders after properties have been bought and construction begins. However, two 1992 High Court of Justice rulings disagreed. They held that the government could legally halt construction even after begun and that any losses incurred could be addressed in civil court

The Zen Tiger: India 's Elections
And The Magic Of Fareed Zakaria

By Pubali Ray Chaudhuri

Consider Fareed Zakaria's recent cover essay “ The Capitalist Manifesto ,” ( Newsweek , June 22, 2009 ). Like other articles of the “everything's OK, relax” school, it unspools line after line of lucid, well-considered prose, all in a bid to convince us, the public, that the system that left so many of us jobless, homeless, uninsured, that gutted our life savings and splintered our dreams, is still the best option we have. The Indian elections, in Mr. Zakaria's view, constituted a popular mandate for “free trade” and “liberalization.”

The Root Of Violence: Politics Without Principles
By William Gomes

Mohandas K. Gandhi claimed that politics without principles was one of the roots of violence. The present political regime in Bangladesh has fully characterized their dictatorship as such, by enforcing politics without principles and leading the nation toward violence

Lalgarh And The Radicalisation Of Resistance:
From ‘Ordinary Civilians’ To Political Subjects?

By Saroj Giri

Lalgarh showed that the Maoist is the name for the articulation of the democratic struggle which now refuses to give up even when it comes face to the face with the state exercising its monopoly of violence. Opening a novel chapter in the interrelationship between the ‘Maoist party’ and mass resistance

Of Polarization And Profiling
By Mustafa Khan

The notification dated June 5, 2009 of the Gujarat government of Chief Minister Narendra Modi establishing a commission to probe communal polarization is fraught with grave dangers

30 July, 2009

Israeli Settlement Continues To Steal
Palestinian Land

By Michael Galvin

Surrounded by rich agricultural land Palestinian farmers have been using for centuries, Karmei Tzur is gradually expropriating this land through the insidious use of "security fences" guarded 24/7 by the Israeli Occupation Forces - the IDF in the occupied territories - and armed settlers

Police Protect Settlers, Attack Protesters,
After Invasion Of Palestinian House
In East Jerusalem

By Michael Galvin

On Sunday, July 26th at 12:30pm, three internationals, one Israeli and two Palestinians, including the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, were arrested in an attempt to block settlers from entering a Palestinian home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah

The Palestinian Centre For Human Rights 2008
Annual Report

By Stephen Lendman

Part One assesses the overall human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinians Territories throughout 2008. Because they affect regional peace overall, this article focuses solely on Israeli crimes, not those committed by Palestinian elements in Gaza and the West Bank that pale by comparison. Part Two covers PCHR's local and international efforts over the same period

Gaia Wizard Sets Doomsday Time Bomb
By Robert S. Becker

James Lovelock, pre-eminent British wizard who authored the stunning Gaia Theory, predicts 90% species die-off when heat storms erupt – and without a sharp tipping point, “just a slope that gets ever steeper.” Post-apocalypse, planetary carrying capacity: 700 million, 10% of today’s booming population

Iraq As "Actor And Stakeholder"
By Dahr Jamail

Just like the myth of Iraq's "sovereignty," the myth of US withdrawal is just that. Until the latter occurs, the former does not stand a chance. This is particularly so, as long as Iraq, like Afghanistan, are arenas where the US military is being used to "ensure that all major and emerging powers are integrated as constructive actors and stakeholders into the international system."

Socio-Economic Inequality Leads To
Gender-Based Violence

By Nasiruddin Haider Khan

If we want to counter and prevent gender-based violence, we have to think about the reasons for violence in the society with all its complexities

Obama's Inheritance
By Jim Miles

Book Review: "The Inheritance – The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power" by David E. Sanger

29 July, 2009

World Will Warm Faster Than Predicted
In Next Five Years

By Duncan Clark

New estimate based on the forthcoming upturn in solar activity and El Niño southern oscillation cycles is expected to silence global warming sceptics

A Century Of Frenzy Over The North-West Frontier
By Juan Cole

Despite being among the poorest people in the world, the inhabitants of the craggy northwest of what is now Pakistan have managed to throw a series of frights into distant Western capitals for more than a century. And it hasn't ended yet. Not by a long shot. Not with the headlines in the U.S. papers about the depredations of the Pakistani Taliban, not with the CIA's drone aircraft striking gatherings in Waziristan and elsewhere near the Afghan border. What most observers don't realize is that the doomsday rhetoric about this region at the top of the world is hardly new. It's at least 100 years old

27 July, 2009

Who Killed Arafat And Why?
By Ramzy Baroud

Qaddoumi broke the news in a press conference in Amman, Jordan on July 12, 2009, asserting that Arafat had entrusted him with the minutes of that secret meeting involving top Israeli, Palestinian and American leaders and officials. The plot, according to Qaddoumi included the assassination of other Palestinian leaders, some of them have indeed been assassinated since while others are still alive, thanks to the failure of Israeli missiles and car bombs

Can An ‘Arab Soul’ Yearn For Israel’s Anthem?
By Jonathan Cook

Arab pupils expected to learn Zionist song

Mourn On The Fourth Of July
By John Pilger

From his early political days, Barack Obama has followed in a long tradition among U.S. political leaders of promoting America's right to rule and order the world

The Way Forward In Sri Lanka
By Rohini Hensman

The way forward in Sri Lanka involves demilitarisation, restoration of the rule of law, and democratisation. These are interlinked so closely that it is impossible to separate them, and on their fulfilment depends not only the political future of Sri Lanka, but also its economic survival

Teachable Moments Require Willing Learners
By Robert Jensen

Honoring President Obama’s request that the controversy involving a black Harvard University professor and a white Cambridge police officer become “a teachable moment,” here’s my contribution to an old lesson that we white people tend to be slow to learn

Politicising Faith In Egyptian Crackdown
By Ali Jawad

For such repressive sectarian agendas carried out by its regional allies, the US holds principal blame not only for its primary engineering of a ‘sectarian war’ discourse shortly after the fall of Baghdad. But also for its wilful neglect, in the name of realpolitik, of sectarian agendas (and the resulting widespread human rights violations) by regional allies in order to contain the so-called “Iranian threat”

Mind Your Language
By Ram Puniyani

Bahuguna Joshi-Mayawati ugly spat

Prof Sabharwal - To Sir With Love
Dr. Shah Alam Khan

On August 26, 2006, a mob of (so called) students lynched Prof. Sabharwal in Madhav College in the holy city of Ujjain. As if the killing of Prof. Sabharwal was not enough, there was more pain to follow. All the six Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members accused in his murder were set free by a Nagpur court. The mockery of Indian traditions and justice was on full public display. Well, if we believe the Nagpur court, no one actually killed Prof. Sabharwal. Its only incidental that he happened to die inside the premises of the Madhav College at the time of college elections

India: Education And Society
By Sharad Sharma

The Indian education system needs a complete overhaul through proper legislation and its effective implementation. Legislations should be made taking into account the regional diversities of each state

24 July, 2009

A Day In Gaza
By Viva Palestina Delegation

The Viva Palestina delegation of solidarity activists from the U.S. was allowed to enter Gaza on July 15 with truckloads of desperately needed humanitarian supplies--but under the condition that the convoy leave again within 24 hours. This is a diary of the 24 hours in Gaza by Tom Arabia, Karen Burke, Ream Kidane, Brian Lenzo, Khury Peterson-Smith, Eric Ruder and Martin Smith

"Breaking The Silence:" Testimonies Of
Israeli Soldiers

By Stephen Lendman

"Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects anonymous testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada." They recount experiences that deeply affected them, including abusing Palestinians, looting, destroying property, and other practices "excused as military necessities, or explained as extreme and unique cases." Its new booklet features 54 damning testimonies from 30 Israeli soldiers on their experiences in Operation Cast Lead. They recount what official media and government sources suppressed

Settler Attacks In Southern West Bank
Exact Heavily Toll

By Michael Galvin

The Palestinian families who live in Beit Ommar have frequently been victim to settler expansion and harrassment over the last decades, attacks in the last few months have intensified as the settlement's inhabitants attempt to intimidate the Palestinians to give up their land for settlement use

Mainstream Media And The Propaganda Machine
By Ershad Abubacker

A careful observation would bring forth the fact that mainstream media, especially the American media plays a vital role in shaping the world public opinion. And it needs a detailed analysis into the complex relationship that defines the content of mainstream media today with respect to the factors that affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that dominates our news coverage of international issues. Given that this news coverage is world’s main source of information, it becomes important to examine the story the news media are telling us and to ask the question; does this news coverage reflect the reality on the ground?

Face The ‘Truth’!
By Bradhi

Narendra modi can face questions on Gujarat genocide and undergo a polygraph test. Sajjan Kumar can face a question on 1984. Manmohan Singh on what exactly is in the agreement between India and US. Pinarayi Vijayan on his role in SNC-Lavlin scam etc., If this will happen, the parlimanterians won’t be shouting this is dangerous to indian culture. Instead it will be dangerous to the notion of India itself. Keerthan and Basu are very much aware of the above ‘indian sensibilities’. Now let us ask, Do you have courage to take this task and face the Truth, Star Plus?

23 July, 2009

Global Cooling? Wish It Were True
By Dr Andrew Glikson

Recently Dr David Evans who worked for the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005 wrote an article " A new trend in climate alarmism" claiming that actually "global cooling" is taking place from about 2003. Here Dr Andrew Glikson, an Earth and Paleo-climate Scientist, Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University, Research School of Earth Science, the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, and the Planetary Science Institute, and a member of the ANU Climate Change Institute gives a rebuttal to Dr Evan's article

Democracy Has A Price And I Am Prepared
To Pay It:Manuel Zelaya

By Giorgio Trucchi

Giorgio Trucchi's Interview with Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Rosales

Citizens Statement On The NHRC Clean Chit
To Special Cell On Batla House

By Concerned Citzens

Statement on the NHRC report on the alleged encounter at Batla house

The Reality Of Israel’s ‘Open’ Jerusalem
By Jonathan Cook

Ghettoes, demolitions and housing shortages

Does The Current Global Crisis Remind Us Of
The Great Depression?

By Sunanda Sen

As for the magnitude of the losss in terms of output anf employment, the current scene certainly overtakes the thirties in terms of absolute magnitudes. One only hopes that duration of the slump will not be as long as it happened earlier and also that the world will witness the revival of progressive new ideas, as it happened with the Keynesian revolution in the 1930s!

“Mr. Petras We Are Not Capitalism,
We Suffer From Pre-Capitalism Reaction”

By Khosrow Sadeghi Boroujeni

A critique on James Petras' position on Iranian election

Embedded Journalism Cannot Sanctify
The Apartheid State

By Habib Siddiqui

Israel cannot prolong their apartheid system under Machiavellian claims that there is no unity amongst the Palestinians and as such they are not ready and don't deserve freedom and equality

22 July, 2009

The Obama Doctrine In Iraq
By Ashley Smith & Michael Schwartz

The mainstream media accepted without question the Pentagon's claim that it was beginning the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by pulling out of the cities, but the reality is far different

Human Overpopulation, Boiled Frogs And Lipstick
By Mary Hamer C

Are we Homo Sapiens like boiling frogs --Unaware of gradual global negative changes that human overpopulation is causing to the planet Earth? Are we so unaware that a critical threshold of human population will become unsustainable and lead to Earth’s destruction? Are we Homo Sapiens going to be boiled alive because of our ignorance of the catastrophic changes our reproduction is forcing on the world?

Z Street: The New Zionist Extremist Group
By Stephen Lendman

In October on Washington streets, Z Street's extremism will be vocal in full public view against J Street's message of peaceful resolution and equity for all sides of the Middle East conflict

The Public Option: Political Laetrile
By John A. Murphy

If Americans are to have the same excellent, comprehensive healthcare enjoyed by the citizens of every other industrialized nation in the world then they are going to have to end the "War on Terrorism" which Howard Dean tells us is being waged to make life easier on women in Afghanistan. Anyone who believes Howard Dean when it comes to the war on Afghanistan or the "public option", would also be excellent prospects for a sales rep with a special deal on Enron stock or a bridge in Brooklyn

Rape As An Instrument Of Politics
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

What Rita Bahuguna said was not an outburst but a continuous assumption of our patriarchical political thought that does not want to address the root cause but use the incident for political purposes

21 July, 2009

Twitterers Paid To Spread Israeli Propaganda
By Jonathan Cook

The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems. Israel’s foreign ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel

Killing “Everything That Moves”
By Uri Avnery

Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, the evil spirit of the Gaza War refuses to leave us in peace. This week it came back to disturb the tranquility of the chiefs of the state and the army.“Breaking the Silence”, a group of courageous former combat soldiers, published a report comprising the testimonies of 30 Gaza War fighters. A hard-hitting report about actions that may be considered war crimes

Anti-Racist Australians And Jews Against Zionism,
War And Genocide

By Dr Gideon Polya

The following Open Letter letter is addressed to Australians, Australian media and Australian MPs

"Be Bold"
By Dahr Jamail

US Army Specialist Victor Agosto, who publicly refused to deploy with his unit to Afghanistan, was to receive the harshest court-martial possible for his decision - one that would land him in jail for up to one year, followed by a dishonorable discharge. However, within hours of the publication of a Truthout report about his story, Agosto received word from the military that his court-martial had been reduced

Where’s The Pro-Life ‘Stimulus’
To Fight Earth’s Meltdown?

By Robert S. Becker

Behold the mixed blessing from recession: less commerce retards the speed by which we strip the earth of unsustainable resources. Think we'll take advantage of this disruption to ponder our global religion of growth, even press leaders to start serious, comprehensive planning? Free markets aren’t free, comes the painful dis-illusion-ment, and expansion is unstoppable except by war, pandemics, natural disasters, and bad recessions. Have we learned much from the high price for rather low interest rates – today's nasty late payment?

Forget About The West-Catch Up With The East
By Shirzad Azad

Asian values of working and studying hard, and living within ones means, can be prescribed as a great tool to achieve development, not only in Iran but in many other underdeveloped societies. Asia is increasingly becoming the world's center of technology and tourism, fashion and food, creativity and culture. Iran should no longer be preoccupied with the West

Learn Masculinity From Mahatma Gandhi?
By Nasiruddin Haider Khan

Women have raised their voices against gender-based violence. They have fought for policies and laws. But now it is high time that women's movement should engage men. There are enormous challenges to counter violence against women. Without involving men, it is not possible to prevent gender based violence

20 July, 2009

Threatening Iran
By Paul Craig Roberts

Consult a map and you will see that Iran is surrounded by a dozen countries that host US military bases. Why does anyone in Iran doubt that Iran is on her way to becoming another Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, in the end to be ruled by oil companies and an American puppet?

Systematic Pressures Behind
US Military And Covert Action

By Dr Sagar Sanyal

Dr Sagar Sanyal discusses various domestic US institutions that either reduce democratic accountability of the military and intelligence agencies or that create systematic pressures for their use

We Are Neurologically Fucked
By Tim Murray

Less immediate threats are beyond human comprehension while immediate gratification commands our attention

Lipstick On A Pig: The Failure Of
Obama’s Health-Care Reform

By Billy Wharton

Somewhere in the US House of Representatives there lies a 13-page bill called HR 676. This Act would create a publicly funded National Health Insurance Program -– a single-payer system. Single-payer health care would guarantee full medical coverage to every person in the US and would be funded through combining the budgets of existing programs with a payroll tax shared by employers and employees and a tax on wealth

Obamacare: A Health Care Rationing Scheme
To Enrich Insurers, Drug Companies
And Large Hospital Chains

By Stephen Lendman

Staying alert is essential as Obamacare's passage will shift more of the health care burden on those who can least afford it and prepare Americans for hazardous mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations in the fall. Grassroots opposition to both schemes is vital to the health and well-being of everyone

Obama Snubs Africa, Then African Americans
By Shamus Cooke

For African American communities, giant government investment is needed in education, housing, health care, and public works so that living-wage jobs are created that allow an actual route out of poverty. This, combined with an increase in affirmative action programs, is a way to enact real change; much more than Obama’s encouraging words will provide

Fading Into Mist
By Sheila Samples

There is no subject more restricted nor more controlled in the United States than a critical discussion of Israel

Karl Marx, Evangelical?
By Case Wagenvoord

It is time Karl Marx went evangelical. That’s where the action is. There you have the spirit and the passion without which a revolution is simply all talk and no action. In other words, the Left has to climb down from its ivory tower and not only join the sweating throngs in their basement and storefront churches; it’s got to lead the goddamn revivals

Fanatic Dalits, Empowered Dalits?
Not So Fascinating World Of
Dalit-Hindutva Engagement

By Subhash Gatade

The book under discussion by Mr Badri Narayan titled 'Fascinating Hindutva : Saffron Politics and Dalit Mobilisation' ( Sage, 2009) tries to unravel this dynamics of dalit identity to 'deconstruct the tactics used by the Hindutva forces to politically mobilise Dalits' to its side

19 July, 2009

Investigate Peak Oil Urgently
By Phyllis Sladek

An online petition calling on national academy of sciences to study peak oil urgently

Earth Egg
By Guy R. McPherson

The very notion that we can rely on other planets for resources after we trash this one is ignorant and offensive. I'll start with the offensive part before discussing the ignorant part

How Bad Will The Economy Get? Really, Really Bad
By Thomas Greco, Jr.

When will the price effects of hyper-inflation begin to kick in? How will the government respond to it? What will be the social and political fallout? What can ordinary people do to protect themselves from monetary and legislative abuses? These are the questions that beg for answers

US Air Strikes Kill Afghan Civilians
By Bill Van Auken

Attacks by US warplanes this week killed up to six Afghan civilians, including a four-year-old girl, and left another 16 wounded. The incidents in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province have again underscored the grim human cost of the military escalation ordered by the Obama administration

With The Drone Bombing Victims?
Or With Who Ordered The Strikes?

By Jay Janson

How many Americans in their hearts are on the side of the humble families of Pakistani citizens slaughtered in Predator drone airplane Hellfire missile attacks, and how many are on the side of the angelic, charming, Harvard Law School educated first black president of the United States, who, a few days after his inauguration, ordered these drone airplane Hellfire missile attacks in the name of 9/11?

The Words Of God Do Not Justify Cruelty To Women
By Jimmy Carter

It is simply self-defeating for any community to discriminate against half its population. We need to challenge these self-serving and out-dated attitudes and practices

Israel Allows Momentary Peace
In Order To Maintain Long-Term Occupation

By Michael Galvin

The current right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to promote the idea of "economic and diplomatic peace" - as he recently put it - with the Palestinians, in the hope that they will be satisfied with something less than full statehood. If this becomes the case, the occupation will intensify and Israel will continue to massively expropriate the remaining land in Palestine, as massive settlement construction is already continuing apace, especially in the area surrounding Jerusalem

'Hunger And Poverty Home To India'
By Anjali Singh

Though this is her fifth visit to the Lucknow, state capital of Uttar Pradesh, Kristin Kjaeret, Director FoodFirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) Norway, an international human rights organisation campaigning for right to feed oneself, maintains that things have not changed even now

17 July, 2009

Unratified India And Tortured People
By NM Salih

In the wake June 26, which marked the International Day against torture, the Asian Centre for Human Rights released a report named ‘Torture in India 2009’, compiling the true facts of ill-treated human rights in India. This report has zeroed in on custodial tortures especially by the police, armed forces and armed opposition groups etc. It reveals several accounts of atrocities by the so called law enforcement officers from all over India. The panoptic narrative of deaths in the police custody with detailed state wise account of such incidents rules the roost in this report

Israel’s Plan To Wipe Arabic Names Off The Map
By Jonathan Cook

Thousands of road signs are the latest front in Israel’s battle to erase Arab heritage from much of the Holy Land

Gaza And The Language Of Power
By Ramzy Baroud

It is the brute logic that “might makes right” pursued by those with the bigger guns, that continues to menace the Middle East, with Gaza being the most devastating example

Dangerous Untreated West Bank Wastewater
By Stephen Lendman

Israeli West Bank and Jerusalem settlements produce about 91 million cubic meters of wastewater annually, more than double the amount from Palestinian communities. Yet most of it goes untreated. As an occupying power, international humanitarian law requires it be done, yet Israel violates its obligations across the board making Palestinians suffer grievously as a result

Mayawati’s Idolization And The Questing Of
Dalit Emancipation

By S.R.Darapuri

The emancipation of dalits can be achieved not by installation of statues but by working out a Dalit development agenda and implementing it honestly. Instead of spending crores on the statues, establishing educational institutions, hospital, libraries and useful institutions in the name of Dalit icons will be a true honour and memorial to them

16 July, 2009

Trapping Carbon Dioxide Or Switching To Nuclear Power Not Enough To Solve Global Warming Problem
By Science Daily

Attempting to tackle climate change by trapping carbon dioxide or switching to nuclear power will not solve the problem of global warming, according to energy calculations published in the July issue of the International Journal of Global Warming

Life Under Israeli Apartheid:
From Settlements To Refugee Camps

By Michael Galvin

A visit to he Aida refugee camp outside Bethlehem.The most striking aspect of Aida is the massive 8-meter wall that extends along an abandoned zone around the community on three sides, riddled with the rubble of demolished houses all along its watchtower-surveiled path

Obama's Prizes For Israel Are Not "Pressure"
By Ali Abunimah

A recent meeting between US President Barack Obama and Israel lobby leaders was designed to assuage American Jewish anxiety over US pressure on Israel to halt settlement construction. But rather than using American leverage to require Israel to comply with international law, the Obama administration is actually offering it more rewards at the expense of Palestinians and Arab states. Ali Abunimah comments

Morocco’s Local Elections And Decentralisation
By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir

Morocco’s bold initiative is worth the investment, considering the enormous human development that would ensue, the most probable end to the decades-long Western Saharan conflict, and with that, greater constructive relationships among North African nations

Union Budget 2009-10 Does Not Have
A Pro Poor Orientation

By Siba Sankar Mohanty

A recent policy brief prepared by Bhubaneswar based Network for Social Accountability (NSA) shows that the present budget not consistent with its claim on pro-people orientation. The present budget, more often than not, is actually catering to the aspirations of the business class and the rich than the common masses

Everything That Happens In Afghanistan
Is Based On Lies Or Illusions

By Ann Jones

I've come back to the Afghan capital again, after an absence of two years, to find it ruined in a new way. Not by bombs this time, but by security

15 July, 2009

Peak Oil And The Remaking Of Iraq
By Michael T. Klare

Has it all come to this? The wars and invasions, the death and destruction, the exile and torture, the resistance and collapse? In a world of shrinking energy reserves, is Iraq finally fated to become what it was going to be anyway, even before the chaos and catastrophe set in: a giant gas pump for an energy-starved planet? Will it all end not with a bang, but with a gusher? The latest oil news out of that country offers at least a hint of Iraq's fate

25,000 Starving Kids Can’t Be Wrong
By Hamid Golpira

Today, 25,000 children will die of hunger or poverty-related illnesses on this benighted planet

Ashkelon Speaks The Story Of
The Middle East Conflict

By Dan Lieberman

The creation of modern Ashkelon and its consequences contain elements that have been subdued in public discourse but have been a major contributor to the Middle East conflict and a guide for one side of the struggle. Ashkelon has a story. It is the story of the Middle East conflict

Israel Traps Gazans In Deprivation And Despair
By Stephen Lendman

In June 2009, International Committee of the Red Cross issued a report titled, "Gaza: 1.5 million people trapped in despair" that described the Territory as "look(ing) like the epicentre of a massive earthquake" in the wake of Operation Cast Lead and went on to detail how severely

Jenin’s Model Of ‘Economic Peace’
By Jonathan Cook

The reality of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promises of “economic peace” for the Palestinians is nowhere under greater scrutiny than in Jenin, the northern West Bank city being aggressively promoted as a potential model of co-operation with Israel

Getting Radicalized, Slow And Painful
By Robert Jensen

Rob Shetterly, the artist who created the Americans Who Tell the Truth website , asked some of the people he painted to respond to this query: “Everywhere I go, kids and adults want to know how you got started. What was the defining moment that triggered your dedication to fighting for justice or peace, or the environment?” Below are my thoughts

After America – Narratives For
The Next Global Age

By Jim Miles

Book Review: After America – Narratives For The Next Global Age By Paul Starobin

Who Needs An Islamic State?
By Yoginder Sikand

Abdelwahab El-Affendi is a well-known Islamic scholar and political philosopher from Sudan, presently based in London. Author of numerous works, his latest book, provocatively titled ‘Who Needs an Islamic State?’ discusses what he regards as the serious lacunae in contemporary Islamist political thought, which, in his view, have caused Islamist movements to reach a virtual dead-end, creating many more problems (for Muslims as well as others) than they have been able to solve

14 July, 2009

Climate Change 'Will Cause Civilization
To Collapse'

By Jonathan Owen

Authoritative new study sets out a grim vision of shortages and violence – but amid all the gloom, there is some hope too

The Rich Can Relax. We Just Need The Poor World
To Cut Emissions. By 125%

By George Monbiot

British and G8 climate strategy just doesn't add up. As soon as serious curbs are needed it turns into impossible nonsense

Obama Leadership On Climate Health
By Bill Henderson

Without US leadership in recognizing the gravity of the situation and leadership in formulating an effective global deal for major systemic change - so that emission reduction of a scale needed becomes possible - our failing health and the risk of sudden death will only get worse

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination Alert
By Stephen Lendman

Get ready because that's precisely what's coming - universal orders to risk toxic vaccine hazards. In the coming weeks, the dominant media globally will get into high gear fear-mongering mode to convince people voluntarily to submit to jeopardizing their health and well-being. It's essential to refuse and be safe and international law absolutely allows it

Letter From America: Spring In The Time Of Obama
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

A timorous affair, then, is the Age of Obama thus far. A great opportunity to rally the people (for action or for sacrifice) has been lost. A tidal wave of enthusiasm has been squandered, dare one say, strangled

Deir Yassin: Obfuscating History
By Michael Galvin

While visitors to the "Holy Land" seem to be enamored with the ancient history just waiting to be discovered around every corner, another more recent history is carefully and systematically obfuscated. As masses of tourists crowd the entrance to the Bible Lands Museum just down the hill, the only visitors to Deir Yassin will remain Israeli mental patients

Patent Act:Biopiracy Of Traditional
Indian Products -An Overview

By Divya Bhargava

Now its India 's priority to get its rights over traditional knowledge. The patenting laws will not resolve all issues. India has to keep in its mind that it has to fight battles always and follow Might is Right. Gone are the days when Indians used to succumb to west pressures. The free India knows how to claim for its rights without hurting sentiments of others. India has always thought for world welfare but not at its own risk and cost

Oh That Pakistan!
By Mir Adnan Aziz

A weak, troubled state that we have made sure we are, rhetoric notwithstanding, we will always prove to be happy hunting grounds for our self created demons and besotted plagues. The demonstrated link in our poor governance, poverty, and nation-state failure makes strengthening the quality of governance, leadership and enabling public participation, an extremely urgent task

Providing Clear Knowledge To The World
About The Swat Operation

By Mehroz Siraj Sadruddin

Nearly two and a half months into the military operation and with approximately 3 million people internally displaced, the people of Pakistan are still finding it hard to tell to the world, that why do they believe that it was only now that the army decided to launch a decisive military campaign against these rogue elements who kill innocent people in the name of God

11 July, 2009

G8 Failure Means Climate Genocide
For Developing World

By Dr Gideon Polya

The grossly inadequate response of the G8 nations is effectively a statement of climate racism and a declaration of prospective climate genocide

The Continued Fleecing Of America
And Its Citizens By The Financial Elites

By Emily Spence

Is the USA turning into a plutocratic, oligarchical or fascist nation? A growing body of evidence seems to suggest that the answer is affirmative. Especially this is likely the case while the country and its citizens continue to be plundered by greedy affluent lawmakers, banksters and entrepreneurs for personal gain. Meanwhile, it would be well for them and us to note Justice Louis D. Brandeis's implicit warning that "we can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."

Society, Politics, And The Overpopulation Problem
By Mary Shaw

I am writing this on July 11 -- World Population Day. And I am reflecting on the fact that the world's population continues to grow year after year, even though our planet and its resources remain finite

When Will The Recovery Begin? Never
By Robert B. Reich

This economy can't get back on track because the track we were on for years -- featuring flat or declining median wages, mounting consumer debt, and widening insecurity, not to mention increasing carbon in the atmosphere -- simply cannot be sustained

Liberhan Commission; Painful Wait For Justice
By Ram Puniyani

Liberhan commission submitted its four volume report to the Government on 30 of June 2009. It might have been one of the longest times taken by any commission. Liberhan’s claim that the report got delayed due to non cooperation of leaders involved may have some truth as one knows Kalyan Singh avoided appearing before the commission for long time, and so was the attitude of many of those alleged for demolition. Still all the hearings were complete by 2004. Did it take 5 long years to write the report?

Ban Racism And Not The Burqa
By Bindu Gurtoo

If, by banning the burqa you are trying to rescue Muslim damsels in distress, then may we suggest a more worthy alternative? How about giving the Muslims in your country genuine equal opportunities that are not sabotaged by racial snobbery?

10 July, 2009

Tamil Death Toll ‘Is 1,400 A Week’
At Manik Farm Camp In Sri Lanka

By Rhys Blakely

About 1,400 people are dying every week at the giant Manik Farm internment camp set up in Sri Lanka to detain Tamil refugees from the nation’s bloody civil war

Colonizing Iraq: The Obama Doctrine?
By Michael Schwartz

After only five months in office, the Obama administration has already provided significant evidence that, like its predecessor, it remains committed to maintaining that "access to and flow of energy resources" in Iraq, even as it places its major military bet on winning the expanding war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There can be no question that Washington is now engaged in an effort to significantly reduce its military footprint in Iraq, but without, if all goes well for Washington, reducing its influence

Ethnic Cleansing In Sheikh Jarrah:
The Case Of The Hannoun Family

By Michael Galvin

This article was based on a 3 hour interview with Maher Hannoun, a Palestinian who will be evicted from his house on the 19th and is continuing the struggle to keep his family in their home for the last 37 years

Compromising Democracy In Honduras
By Shamus Cooke

Can a solution to the crisis in Honduras — itself the result of a military coup — be “mediated,” where on one side sit coup leaders and on the other a democratically elected but ousted President? Does any “middle ground” exist? Of course not. If President Zelaya unconditionally returns to finish his term in office, democracy will be restored; anything short of that will have democracy “compromised” into its opposite

HR 2749: A Stealth Agribusiness Empowering Act
By Stephen Lendman

The FDA notoriously serves the interests of industries it represents and betrays the public's well-being. Jeopardizing safer alternative sources to industrialized food is a frightening prospect to consider

Wanted: An American Hero
For An America Revolution

By Jonathan McCormack

Disillusioned by Obama and reformism, American’s are ripe for revolution, if only someone would speak their language. We don’t need a Chinese, Russian, or Cuban revolution – we need a brand new American one, forged with its own unique proud voice

Savarkar's Phoney Followers
By Subhash Gatade

Politics is a game of the impossible. The Sangh Parivar, which never enjoyed a smooth relationship with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar when alive, now wants us to believe that it is the true and the only heir to his legacy. It is a different matter that even Savarkar's diehard followers do not seem amused with all their ropetricks. The manner in which RSS-BJP handled the issue of memorial for Savarkar in faraway France indicates once again the floundering of their strategy

The Lock Step Conformity Of America
By Mustafa Khan

It is pitiful to note that the United States mocks its own Yankee pragmatism when it comes to the Palestinians and women. This is even more pronounced in the days of the administration of President Barack Obama

86% Of North Easterners Face Racial
Discrimination In National Capital

By Madhu Chandra

86% of North East Indian communities face racial discrimination living in Delhi and NCR for period of two years and more according to a study conducted by North East Support Centre & Helpline

So, Who Needs Corporations, Anyhow?
By Case Wagenvoord

Meanwhile, the Left loudly proclaims that, “Something must be done! Systemic change is needed; reform is called for!” And, there it ends as the Left fragments into a spray of mini issues--gay rights, women’s rights, peace, the environment, animal liberation, universal health care—each droplet suspended in space independent of the others. Each of these issues is important, but each is made all the more difficult because we are confronting a system that is decayed and corrupt, and until this tottering superstructure is addressed, the above issues will simply limp along without any satisfactory resolutions

09 July, 2009

Afghan Genocide: An Open Letter
By Dr Gideon Polya

An Open Letter sent out to Anti-war groups and Anti-war folks around the world

Forget The Headlines: Iraqi Freedom Deferred
By Ramzy Baroud

Before we take our eyes off Iraq, Americans must remember their own culpabilities in what transpired there. Antiwar activists and people of conscience must not forget that 130,000 US soldiers remain in the country; that the US has complete control over Iraqi airspace and territorial water; that there is not yet a reason to celebrate and move on

The Two-State Solution, Israeli-Style
By Jonathan Cook

Should Mr Abbas and his PA functionaries sign up to this Israeli vision of statehood, the defeat for the Palestinians will be greater still

Settlements First
By Yacov Ben Efrat

Obama's basic problem when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the same as his problem when it comes to America's economic issues: he is trying to bring about far-reaching change within a failed framework. His apparent inability to go outside the box – global capitalism on the one hand, and the Oslo agreement on the other – is likely to be his nemesis

The Story Of Silwan
By Michael Galvin

Palestinian residents of Silwan are threatened with demolition and expulsion

Obama's Cap And Trade Carbon Emissions Bill -
A Stealth Scheme To License Pollution And Fraud

By Stephen Lendman

It's to let corporate polluters reap huge windfall profits by charging consumers more for energy and fuel as well as create a new bubble through carbon trading derivatives speculation. It does nothing to address environmental issues, yet on June 26 the House narrowly passed (229 - 212) and sent it to the Senate to be debated and voted on. More on that below

A Tale Of Two Encounters:
Dehradun And Batla House

By Manish Sethi & Adeel Mehdi

Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Group reiterates its demand for a judicial probe into the Batla House incident, and the application of the same standards of justice for Atif and Sajid as those applied in the unfortunate and tragic case of Ranbir Singh

So, Who Needs Corporations, Anyhow?
By Case Wagenvoord

I see the makings of wonderful guerilla campaign as young people spray paint the number “28” of walls and signs; I see pin and bumper stickers sporting the number “28” along with a line of T-shirts and hoodies displaying the same. This is a movement that could cut across class, gender and ethnic divisions because if there is one thing unifying America, it is our economic misery. And if nothing else, the drive for a 28 th Amendment would make our oligarchs and plutocrats sweat. That, alone, would make the effort worthwhile

Child Labour-A Hindrance In Development
By Divya Bhargava

Child Labour is not only a hindrance in child's development but also a hindrance in nation's development. Children are universally recognized as the most important asset of any nation and child Labour, in the recent past, has evoked a great concern among all. Children have been the main focus of attention especially after proclaiming the year 1979 as the International Year of the Child by the United Nation's General Assembly

Signs, Symbols And Arguments
By Chandi Sinnathurai

The Tamil struggle for freedom, equality, dignified and decent living is not something that requires re-kindling. The agonising voice of the Tamils in IDP camps is a living witness of suffering. Some one in Sri Lanka who had been working with the suffering people said over a telephone conversation to me that there are those who have lost limbs and arms were pleading passers by to scratch their bodies. Many have heat pimples and mosquito bites

07 July, 2009

The Climate Imperative
By Rajendra Kumar Pachauri

Today, international action on climate change is urgent and essential. Indeed, there can no longer be any debate about the need to act, because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of which I am chairman, has established climate change as an unequivocal reality beyond scientific doubt

Are Afghan Lives Worth Anything?
By Tom Engelhardt

Mourning Michael Jackson, ignoring the Afghan dead

The Death Of Robert McNamara
By John Chuckman

McNamara may be the greatest modern example of the banality of evil

Cindy Sheehan: A “Class” Act
By Mary Lynn Cramer

Cindy Sheehan has shown remarkable growth in her knowledge and understanding over the past years of the anti-war struggle. She has not only demonstrated intelligence and integrity in speaking truth to power, she also has a voice people across the nation have heard, understood, and apparently like listening too

U.S. Occupation Of Iraq Continues Unabated
By Dahr Jamail

From June 28 to July 5, at least 82 Iraqis were killed and 225 wounded, which amounts to another typical week of US occupation of their country. Let us watch how the Obama administration reacts to the referendum at the end of this month, since President Obama is clearly not interested in withdrawing from Iraq anymore than he is interested in a withdrawal from Afghanistan

Central America Plunged Back Into Chaos
By Jim Taylor

A military coup in a Latin American nation sounds as routine as afternoon tea in England. It feels a bit different if you’ve been there

Vanunu VS The Unjust Justice System Of Israel
By Eileen Fleming

Mordachai Vanunu is again denied the right of travel by Israel

Exiling Hunger From Every Home
By Harsh Mander

The right to food law can become another significant contribution of the new government to humane and accountable governance

Lifting The Veil
By Ram Puniyani

The statement of Nicholas Sarcozy that Burqa is not welcome in France, that it is a symbol of oppression and not of religion has raised serious debate all over

06 July, 2009

How Cynthia McKinney Honored America
On The 4th Of July From An Israel Jail

By Franklin Lamb

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney returned home today after 6 days being held by the government of Israel while attempting with 21 colleagues to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza on the vessel, the Spirit of Humanity. Cynthia Mckinney, without support from her own government, stood up for the principals on which her country was founded 233 years ago and spent Independence Day inside a foreign jail. All people of peace and good salute her and her colleagues who sailed the Freegaza Spirit of Humanity with the universal message of self determination

Letter From USA In Spirit With Humanity
By Eileen Fleming

The altruistic, courageous, righteously angry, FreeGaza21 inspired me to re-read "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" a scalding critique of American Christianity that Reverend Martin Luther King addressed to his "Dear Fellow Clergymen" who had abandoned him. I have taken a few liberties with King's masterpiece by adding and negating some words to address the ongoing turmoil in Israel Palestine in light of the FreeGaza21

Israel Calls On Jewish Fanatics To ‘Save’ Galilee
By Jonathan Cook

Israel’s housing minister called for strict segregation between the country’s Jewish and Arab populations last week as he unveiled plans to move large numbers of fundamentalist religious Jews to Israel’s north to prevent what he described as an “Arab takeover” of the region

Why Jerusalem? Israel’s Hidden Agenda
By Dan Lieberman

So, if Israel is destroying Jerusalem’s heritage and subjugating its spiritual meaning, why does Israel want to unify Jerusalem?

Critiquing Netanyahu's Speech
By Saree Makdisi

What Netanyahu was saying to any Palestinians foolish enough to accept his terms is that if they want to stick a flag in their archipelago of little impoverished islands of territory and call it a state, they can go right ahead

Bioweapons, Dangerous Vaccines,
And Threats Of A Global Pandemic

By Stephen Lendman

As they say, forewarned is forearmed. Better be safe than sorry. Something nefarious may or may not be afoot, but it's vital to learn the truth, know the risks, and assert your legal right to refuse all dangerous vaccines and other medications, even if mandated

Caught Between State And Maoists
By Harsh Dobhal

While the Chhattisgarh government claims that Salwa Judum is a spontaneous civilian movement of tribals against the atrocities of Maoists, there is overwhelming proof that its members indulge in atrocities against poor tribals and are a law unto themselves

Pediatrician Sees Three-Year-Old On Cell Phone
By Shepherd Bliss

The long-term consequences of young children already taking their gaze away from living people and constantly-changing nature to look down into and be captured by static machines concerns me. Who benefits and what is lost? What is appropriate technology use? What induces obsessive/compulsive/addictive behavior?

Women And Negative Stereotypes:
An End Before A Start

By Divya Bhargava

We may be reluctant to believe that discrimination against individuals because of their sex, race, age, sexual orientation or health status still exits in institutions in most countries. We also may not want to accept the fact that sexual violence is common in all culture, that women are victims of rape, battering and sexual harassment each day, despite legislation prohibiting such violence, common policing, workplace policies, counseling and training programs exist. Yet this is the reality for most women

05 July, 2009

McKinney, 14 Activists Still In Israel Jail
By World Bulletin

Five Bahraini activists was deported on Friday but 14 international activists are still under Israeli jail, including Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Letter From An Israeli Jail, By Cynthia McKinney
By Free Gaza Team

The Israeli authorities have tried to get us to confess that we committed a crime ... I am now known as Israeli prisoner number 88794. How can I be in prison for collecting crayons to kids?

Al Jazeera Interview With Mairead Maguire
By Free Gaza Team

The Israeli prison guards are denying the right for Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire to access her medicine. Mairead is fasting, not just for her friends incarcerated along with her, but for the 11,000 Palestinians also thrown into jail, many without benefit of trial

Report From The Kidnapped Passengers
In Ramle Prison, July 4, 2009

By Free Gaza Team

Testimonies from Israeli jail

Independence, Interdependence And Humanity
By Eileen Fleming

I imagine the best good any of us can do at this time is be a like a gnat in the eye, a mosquito on the neck, a thorn in the side and a voice of conscience that speaks truth to power, for words can be the most powerful weapons

Manmohan And The Maoists
By Satya Sagar

All I wanted to say for the time being is that Manmohan Singh and his policies are the biggest threat to the future well-being of India, the CPI (Maoist) is not as big a threat to the Indian state as it is made out to be and there are many more ways in which resistance to the Indian state can manifest itself than simply through armed struggle

Obama Sends Marines To Suppress
Population Of Southern Afghanistan

By James Cogan

The Obama administration has ordered the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2 MEB) into a potentially bloody offensive in the southern province of Helmand. The objective is the suppression of the ethnic Pashtun population, which is overwhelmingly hostile to the seven-and-a-half year US and NATO occupation of the country and rejects the legitimacy of the Afghan puppet government headed by President Hamid Karzai

Hamas’ Political Impasse:
Between Principle And Necessity

By Ramzy Baroud

Much can be said to explain, or even justify Hamas’ recent political concessions, where its top leaders in Gaza and Damascus agreed in principle with a political settlement on the basis of the two-state solution

Chris Knight Suspended For Organising
Alternative G20 Summit

By Pat Corcoran 

Prof Chris Knight who is Chair of the University and College Lecturers Union (UCU) at the University of East London has been suspended from work for "gross professional misconduct". His crime was to proceed with organising the Alternative G20 Summit despite the University managements decision to close down the University at the last moment. Chris now facing likely dismissal on July 10

Gay Rights And Us
By Dr. Shah Alam Khan

It is wrongly felt that by legalising the LGBT community, the Delhi High Court has opened the flood gates for such relationships. "Oh my God, my son will be a gay now", screamed a man from inside his new Skoda on a TV channel. I wish I could tell him that his son will be a gay or a heterosexual not because of the High Court order but because of his sexual orientation and preferences

02 July, 2009

Israel's Act Of Piracy
By Paul Craig Roberts

On June 30, the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the "Spirit of Humanity," kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire, and confiscated the cargo of medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials, and children’s toys that were on the way to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza

Emergency Email To Obama Re Gaza
By Cindy Sheehan

If it's Israel, the US government and media are silent and paralyzed. What if Iran imprisoned a former US Congressomen. The entire EU is thrreatening Iran with sanctions if it doesn't release 1 Iranian employee of UK Embassy

Future Of Fatah In Doubt
By Mel Frykberg

Fatah's Revolutionary Council holding its sixth general conference Aug. 4 in Bethlehem will be an indicator whether the fragmented Fatah is a spent political force and a mere footnote in the history of the Palestinian national liberation struggle. The conference will also lay the groundwork for unity talks with arch-rival Hamas and peace talks with Israel

Ethnic Cleansing As A State Policy
By Nicola Nasser

When Netanyahu makes Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” as the cornerstone of his “peace” policy and has Avigdor Lieberman, who calls on record for the transfer of Israeli Arab Palestinians, as the foreign minister of his ruling coalition, he officially raises ethnic cleansing to the level of state policy

Unorthodox Reflections Of A Revolutionary
By Christiana Voniati

An interview with pedagogue Bill Ayers, the black President's “terrorist” friend

Sri Lanka - Camps, Media…Genocide?
By Martin Shaw

The continuing concentration of over 250,000 people in the camps both blocks the search for answers to these questions, and itself constitutes a most serious crime. If the doors are not opened quickly, this will raise questions of whether the government seriously intends a restoration of Tamil society in the conquered zone. This would indeed pose a question of genocide, in the sense of the deliberate destruction of a population group in its home territory

How To Deal With America's Empire Of Bases
By Chalmers Johnson

The U.S. Empire of Bases -- at $102 billion a year already the world's costliest military enterprise -- just got a good deal more expensive. As a start, on May 27th, we learned that the State Department will build a new "embassy" in Islamabad, Pakistan, which at $736 million will be the second priciest ever constructed, only $4 million less, if cost overruns don't occur, than the Vatican-City-sized one the Bush administration put up in Baghdad

Waging War Upon Our Friends
By Peter Chamberlin

The United States corporacracy is a monstrous devouring beast and “Islamist terror” is her illegitimate offspring

01 July, 2009

$2,000 For A Dead Afghan Child, $100,000 For
Any American Who Died Killing It

By Jay Janson

After Obama apologized for the strike which the Afghan government claimed killed well over a hundred ordinary country folk, came the report that the families of those killed, and subsequent Afghani dead falling in harms way of the US military, continuing as before, can apply to receive up to $2,000 compensation. This is the price the great United States of America puts on an Afghan or Pakistan human being, while awarding $100,000 to families of Americans who die while fighting and killing wherever

Afghanistan: No Exit Plan, No Exit, No End
By Robert S. Becker

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but our government can’t find one to quit Afghanistan. Nor propose a truce. Nor, after seven brutal years, disclose an exit strategy, despite recent legislation from fed-up House Democrats

Questioning The Ethical Legitimacy Of
Drone Attacks In Pakistan And Afghanistan

By Brian McAfee

Drone or any other attacks that routinely result in civilian casualties must be curtailed or the reasons for the U.S. presence and the purpose for the ongoing war must be, and should be, questioned

Who's A Low Level Terrorist? Are You?
By Emily Spence

Recently, an American Civil Liberties Union report pointed out, "Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense (DoD) teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as ‘low level terrorism’.”

The Roots Of Iran's Revolt
By Lee Sustar

Lee Sustar sets out 30 years of background to the mass demonstrations that shook Iran after the June 12 election

The Significance Of Washington's
Coup Attempt In Honduras

By Shamus Cooke

The coup is likely to crumble, and Obama’s first attempt to re-tame Latin America will have failed. The actions of the U.N. and OAS are striking examples of the shrinking international influence of the U.S., meaning that future interventions — both military and economic — are likely to be more direct to restore U.S. hegemony. Obama’s more-subtle attempts to uphold U.S. “influence” in the world will ultimately require blunter, Bush-like tactics

Refusing To Comply: The Tactics Of Resistance
In An All-Volunteer Military

By Dahr Jamail

The Iraq War boils on at still dangerous levels of violence, while the war in Afghanistan (and across the border in Pakistan) only grows, as does the U.S. commitment to both. It's already clear that even an all-volunteer military isn't immune to dissent. If violence in either or both occupations escalates, if the Pentagon struggles to add more boots on the ground, if the stresses and strains on the military, involving endless redeployments to combat zones, increase rather than lessen, then the acts of Agosto, Bishop, and Shepherd may turn out to be pathbreaking ones in a world of dissent yet to be experienced and explored

The Spirit Of Humanity's 21
And The Spirit That Preceded It

By Eileen Fleming

On June 30, 2009 around 3:30 PM, 23 miles off the coast of Gaza, Israeli Naval Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY and abducted 21 human rights workers representing 11 countries

Settlement Freeze Flap Reveals Israel
As Difficult Peace Partner

By Ira Glunts

The very public disagreement about the “settlement freeze” came as a complete surprise to many observers

Michael Hudson's "Super Imperialism:
The Economic Strategy Of Imperial America"

By Stephen Lendman

First written in 1972, it was updated in a 2003 edition that's every bit as relevant now - thus this review focusing on Hudson's new preface, introduction, and detailed account of the book's theme

Remembering Amnon Kapeliouk
By Franklin Lamb

Israeli jounalist Amnon Kapeliouk was my kind of Journalist and my kind of Jew. Sadly, he died the other day and was buried near his birth place in West Jerusalem. For more than 40 years Kapeliouk reported on Palestinian and Arab affairs for half a dozen newspapers and was an old school Robert Fisk- Janet Stevens’s type journalist

‘We Still Dream Of African Unity’
By Hamid Golpira, Gul Jammas Hussain & M.A. Saki

South African Ambassador Ebrahim M. Saley says that Africans still believe in the dream of a united continent. The South African ambassador to Tehran made the remarks in an interview with the Tehran Times earlier this month in which he also discussed the new South African government’s program, political developments in Africa, the war in the Congo, the Palestine issue, the prospects for Iran-South Africa trade, Iran’s nuclear program, and a number of other issues

SEZ: Corporate Statehood Defined
By C.R Bijoy

The SEZ Act ( Special Economic Zone Act ) heralds the integration of the powers of the executive, the elected institutions and the judiciary, centralisd in the SEZ Authority – the Development Commissioner (DC) and/or the developer (company) – paving the way for the creation of of a political and economic entity, separate from the Indian state. SEZs internally are structured for the establishment of authoritarian capitalism with the Indian state as an instrument of capital

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