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Obama The Stalker

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

30 October, 2008

No presidential candidate has ever used massive amounts of money to so effectively stalk voters. You cannot escape the Obama sales pitch wherever you are, whatever you watch, whatever you read. His campaign will go down in American history as the most successful advertising and marketing effort to sell a product.

While people on the left love to talk and bitch about Republicans stealing elections, what should worry people is how a candidate can buy the presidency, because they have conned millions of people to donate money while at the same time using those smaller campaign contributions to block the truth that a huge fraction of all the money has come from the same corporate, business and wealthy fat cats that have always funded both Republicans and Democrats. This ensures that Obama will never, ever take any action to remove the tyranny of the status quo two-party plutocracy.

It certainly helps that John McCain does not deserve the vote of any halfway intelligent person. Indeed, this election is like a national IQ test. There will surely be tens of millions of voters that go for McCain. They are overwhelmingly the least smart, least informed, and most delusional Americans that have actually fallen for McCain’s lies, distortions, terrible judgments, and imbecilic arguments.

This was the year that Americans should have overwhelmingly seen that BOTH Democrats and Republicans have brought this once great nation to its knees and rejected BOTH major candidates. But, alas, I fear that third-party presidential candidates will end up getting just about what they have always received: no nationally significant percentage of votes.

In this delusional democracy voters overwhelmingly delude themselves about whoever they vote for, except those that have the courage and true patriotism to vote their conscience and vote against the two-party plutocracy. Worst of all are those who consider themselves “progressives” but who will enthusiastically, once again, go the lesser-evil, delusional route and eagerly vote for Obama. When Obama fails to keep nearly all of his campaign promises and fills the Executive Branch with crowds of loyal Democrats (not true independent thinking progressives that are not registered Democrats) all those Obamatons will probably keep deluding themselves and come up with rationalizations why Obama had no other choice. And they will keep fantasizing that eventually Obama will show himself to be the political messiah that they think he is.

All that will be proven with the Obama presidency is that you can have a very intelligent person in the White House and not just an idiot like George W. Bush who ends up preserving and encouraging the two-party plutocracy that keeps the Upper Class and corporate state safe from attack while letting the middle class continue to slide down into a larger Lower Class. I would rather have had the first truly independent president elected than the first African-American one, someone like Ralph Nader.

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