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28 February, 2004

Hundreds Of Lost Souls
Still In No Man's Land

By Astrid Van Genderen Stort

Hundreds of Iranians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis and Sudanese have spent the past 10 months in the no man's land between Jordan and Iraq, still with no hope of repatriation

24 February, 2004

Gunned Down With Abandon
By Robert Fisk

Iraqis who fail to see US military checkpoints, who overtake convoys under attack--or who merely pass the scene of an American raid--are being gunned down with abandon. US official "inquiries" into these killings routinely result in either silence or claims that the soldiers "obeyed their rules of engagement"--rules that the Americans will not disclose to the public

20 February, 2004

Detained And Tortured By The US Military
By Jim Loney

Ahmed is a 52 year-old farmer who lives on the outskirts of Bagdhad. He was detained and tortured by US forces at the end of January. Here is his story

16 February, 2004

Tutu tells Blair: Apologise For 'Immoral' War
By Nigel Morris

Archbishop Desmond Tutu will challenge Tony Blair and George Bush today to apologise for their pursuit of a counter-productive and "immoral" war in Iraq

15 February, 2004

The Bloody Price Of Occupation
By Tariq Ali

How far will the US go to maintain its illegitimate primacy in Iraq?

14 February, 2004

Operation Sweatshop Iraq
By Pratap Chatterjee

Halliburton is hiring temps to work in Iraq: $100 a month for locals, $300 for Indians and $8,000 for Texans

13 February, 2004

Iraqi Deaths Rise But No Count On Bodies
By Fiona O'Brien

The U.S. military knows 537 of its soldiers have been killed in the war in Iraq, can cite names, how and when they died. But when it comes to dead Iraqi civilians, it will not even talk hundreds or thousands

11 February, 2004

Love Across The Lines
By Julian Borger

It was never going to be easy for the American sergeant and the Iraqi doctor who fell in love in Baghdad - he was kicked out of the army and the country and she was threatened in the street. But now the couple, who married last August and haven't seen each other since, are to be reunited

This War Is Not Yet Over
By Jonathan Freedland

The consequences of Iraq could still break Blair and Bush, and change forever the way our world is ordered

10 February, 2004

A soldier’s View Of The Iraq War

A soldier who returned to the united states from Iraq writes about the life of soldiers in Iraq

09 February, 2004

10,000 Civilians Were Killed
In Iraq During 2003

As many as 10,000 non-combatant civilian deaths during 2003 have been reliably reported so far as a result of the US/UK-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, according to Iraq Body Count (IBC), an independent group of US and UK researchers

05 February, 2004

Irbil Suicide Bombings Aggravate
Tensions In Northern Iraq

By James Conachy

Two coordinated suicide bombings in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil last Sunday against gatherings of both main Kurdish parties supporting the US occupation of the country have inflicted a severe toll

30 January, 2004

The Hutton Saga - A Sideshow
By Seumas Milne

Hutton's unqualified endorsement of the government's behaviour is bound, in the current climate, to be widely regarded as a cover-up

False Casualty Counts
By Dahr Jamail

In Khaldiya, 60 miles west of Baghdad, a powerful roadside bomb exploded killing US soldiers. Iraqi civilians were killed by US soldiers’ gunfire during the aftermath. However, questions about the conflicting numbers as to the number of dead US soldiers and Iraqi civilians remain

26 January, 2004

US Plans For A New Iraqi Regime In Disarray
By Mike Head

Recent days have seen a new wave of attacks, the most concentrated since the capture of Saddam Hussein last month. Apart from US and Coalition troops, those targetted have been political accomplices of the occupation

21 January, 2004

Walking The Streets Of Baghdad
By Dahr Jamail

In Baghdad, a place that is the front line of a low-grade guerrilla war between insurgents and the occupation forces, daily life for 6 million Iraqis goes on as usual

15 January, 2004

Sean Penn Returns To Iraq
By Sean Penn

Sean Penn went to Iraq from Dec. 13 to 15, 2002, to learn about the American-Iraqi conflict from the people who were living through it. A year later, the week before Saddam Hussein was captured, Penn returned to Iraq to find out how life had changed after the American invasion. What follows is his account of what he saw

11 January, 2004

Falluja- Iraq's Cockpit Of Violence
By Peter Beaumont

Dangers lurk on every street corner for the US 82nd Airborne in Falluja

04 January, 2004

Saddam’s Capture: Was A Deal
Brokered Behind The Scenes?

By David Pratt

When it emerged that the Kurds had captured the Iraqi dictator, the US celebrations evaporated. Subsequent power-brokering in Iraq reveal that it is quite possible that secret deal was struck between the US and the Kurds that could ultimately determine the emerging power structure in Iraq

Controlling What We Hear From Iraq
By Dahr Jamail, has been banned from at least one of the US military bases in Iraq. Like other repressive dictatorships and regimes, the US military has now followed suit in Iraq by attempting to select what its personnel should and should not read

01 January, 2004

Why is Al-Adamiyah Targeted
By the Americans?

By Dahr Jamail

Al-Adamiyah stands as the symbol of 'Kholmi', the idea and hope for one united great Arab Nation. The area has always been known as 'The Mother of the Revolution', even during the reign of Saddam Hussein







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