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18 November, 2004

Africa's Children Of War
By Meera Selva

More than 100,000 children have been abducted, tortured and sexually abused before being recruited to fight in Africa's long-running civil wars in the past three years

28 October, 2004

Confronting Honour Killings
ACHR Report

The Pakistan government bulldozed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2004 against “honour killings” in the National Assembly and adopted it on 26 October 2004 without any debate amidst opposition walkout

24 October, 2004

Indian Army And The Legacy Of Rape In Manipur
By Shivali Tukdeo

Masculine military privilege and its visible aggression in Manipur can only be understood in terms of an ancient war tactic which uses rape as a tool to control and dehumanize the ‘enemy’. As Manipuri women take their struggle to streets, they have become an inspiration to everyone suffering and fighting patriarchy. In struggle, together!

15 September, 2004

Student Loans And Suicide
By Ajit Kanitkar

Engineering student Rajani's suicide is a wake-up for India's banking system, and is also a clear signal that we need to urgently address issues of equity in our educational system

24 August, 2004

India's Intifada
By Satya Sagar

The rest of India should oppose what is happening to their brethren in the north-east as the Indian State is perpetrating atrocities in their name

19 August, 2004

As ‘Help The Needy’ Charity Trial Nears,
Case Further Politicizes

By Madeleine Baran

In the eighteen months since Central New York oncologist Rafil Dhafir was arrested and charged with violating the US embargo against Iraq, he has been sitting in a Syracuse jail, ignored by most of the national media, as prosecutors continue to add charges threatening him with a maximum sentence of almost 300 years in prison

09 August, 2004

Manipur Burns
By Biswajyoti Das

Manipur, a remote northeastern state of India, has been simmering for nearly a month with hundreds of people demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which gives sweeping powers to security forces

25July, 2004

Manipuri Women's Dramatic protest
By Kalpana Sharma

The photograph was riveting. Manipuri women holding up a banner that read: "Indian Army: Rape us". The women, all middle-aged, were naked, masking their state of undress behind the banner

24 July, 2004

In The Name Of Modi
By CPDR, Mumbai

A report of All India Fact Finding Team on the 'encounter' of four alleged terrorists by Gujarat Police on June 15, 2004 at Ahmedabad

17 July, 2004

Saudi Arabian Bad Dreams
By Human Rights Watch

A new 135-page report, "Bad Dreams: Exploitation and Abuse of Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia", released recently by the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) provides the first comprehensive look at the pervasive abuses foreign workers endure in Saudi Arabia

Muslims Portrayed
By Ghali Hassan

Media images of Islam are omnipresent and are part of Western culture of racism and imperial design

16 July, 2004

Encounters Of A Fascist Kind
By J. Sri Raman

"Encounter killings" in India refers to mystery-shrouded police killings of targets, especially "extremists" of various kinds, to killings for which lawless law-keepers see no need to provide elaborate explanations

15 July, 2004

Encounter Truth : Gujarat Police
As Investigator, Prosecutor And Judge

By Mukundan C Menon

Even after three weeks of making all that orchestrated loud claims, charges and accusations against the four alleged Lashkar terrorists killed in the June 15 encounter at Ahmedabad outskirts, the Gujarat police fails to produce evidence to their claims

09 July, 2004

Stigma Of Criminality
By Human Rights Features

The discrimination, abuse, and social and economic marginalisation faced by millions of Indians belonging to 'denotified and nomadic tribes' have their roots in 19th century British colonialism but this historical pattern of marginalisation and abuse continues even today

08 July, 2004

Every Moment For Me Is Fear
ByKamwaura Nygothi

As an asylum seeker, I discovered what racism really means when I was 'dispersed' to Middlesbrough

26 June, 2004

I Am A Terrorit: Come shoot Me
By Shabnam Hashmi

A powerful article written in the context of the Gujarat encounter killings in which four persons including a young girl lost their lives

24 June, 2004

Torture In Custody

The government of India legitimises torture by encouraging its use in the administration of justice and by providing impunity to the law enforcement personnel

21 June, 2004

Some Mother's Son
By Beena Sarwar

There is strength and inspiration to be drawn from those who use their pain, not to cause further destruction, but to heal and move ahead. One such woman is Visaka Dharmadasa, whose young son Achinte went missing in September, 1998 when the LTTE attacked his unit of the Sri Lankan army

05 June, 2004

I Have Been In Torture Photos, Too
By Gerry Adams

The Abu Ghraib images are all too familiar to Irish republicans.Gerry Adams , president of Sinn Féin and MP for Belfast West recounts how he was treated in jail

17 May, 2004

'They Tied Me Up Like A Beast
And Began Kicking Me'

By David Rose

As America struggles to come to terms with military abuse in Iraq, similar stories are emerging from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Tarek Dergoul, a Briton released from the camp in March, talks here for the first time about his two-year ordeal.

09 May, 2004

Six Pakistanis And One Indian Were
Gunned Down to Impress America

By Greg Bearup

Six Pakistanis and one Indian migrant workers who were trying to get to Greece to find work on the Olympic sites were picked up Macedonian officials and they were shot in a stage managed encounter

08 May, 2004

Panic In Bangkok
By Satya Sagar

The massacre at Pattani's Krue Se Mosque could be a turning point in the history of Thailand with the heightened possibility of retaliation and real (as opposed to the hitherto imagined) terrorism in different parts of Thailand including the capital city Bangkok

07 May, 2004

The Right To Conversion
By Nivedita Menon

Why is religious conversion any different from other conversions?

06 May, 2004

Tharu Autonomy: When The Slaves
Rise Up On The Nepal Plains

By A World to Win News Service

The Tharus, an aboriginal people who inhabit the western plains of Nepal are asserting themselves and winning back their lost under the programme of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Killings At Pattani's Krue Se Mosque
And A Cover Up Enquiry

The commission of inquiry inquiring into the killings at Pattani's Krue Se mosque is restrictive, unrepresentative and inconsistent with international standards on independence and impartiality for holding such inquiries

29 April, 2004

Demolishing Lives And Livelihoods In Delhi
By Nagraj Adve

Even as India goes to the polls, over 50,000 people have been effectively disenfranchised in the heart of the nation's capital, Delhi. This has happened following the destruction of over 15,000 jhuggis (slum dwellings) since mid-February

25 April, 2004

Caste In Yemen
By Marguerite Abadjian

In Yemen, lowest of the low Caste are the Akhdam, street sweepers and beggars, held down by prejudice and despair

17 April, 2004

For A Dignified Death
By Lila Rajiva

There is a sanctity to death as surely there is to its counterpart, life and that sanctity is violated when the body is forced to live in painful, humiliating weakness and dependency

05 April, 2004

Protect The Life Of Sreeni Pattathanam

A National Defense Committee was formed by PUCL, Kerala to further the actions against the Kerala Government's inhuman Order of prosecution against the Malayalam writer and eminent rationalist leader Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam

02 April, 2004

Aliens In Their Own Country
By Massoud Shadjareh

Forget about the latest arrests around London. Forget about police profiling of Muslims - the general public now categorises all things Muslim as terror-orientated. Why?

28 February, 2004

Mining To Destruction And Hijacking
Their Rights To Submission

By Goldy M. George

Mining industry is an industry where large scale environmental degradation and humanrights violation takes place in full view of the public eye. But the persons involved in these crimes get away quite easily

24 February, 2004

For The Right To Strike!
By Tapan Sen

Today India is witnessing the 9th all India general strike since the onset of the disastrous liberalised economic policy regime. It's for the worker's right to strike made illegal after a court ruling

23 February, 2004

Is It Safe To Play Cricket In India?"
By Raja Swamy

With the Indian cricket team's tour of Pakistan just days away, Indian's are fruriously discussing whether it is safe to play cricket in Pakistan, but they forget to ask the question," Is it safe to play cricket in India?"

19 February, 2004

One Third Of The World’s Urban Population
Lives In A Slum

By Simon Whelan

United Nations reported that one billion people—approximately one third of the world’s urban dwellers and a sixth of all humanity, live in slums

27 January, 2004

A Gun as Tall as Me'
By Jo Becker

Burma has more child soldiers than any other country in the world. They account for approximately one-fourth of the 300,000 children currently believed to be participating in armed conflicts around the globe

21 January, 2004

Nepal's TADA - Tool Of Terror

One of the dangers of Nepal's TADA is the inclusion of disruptive activities within the broad definition of terrorist acts. This allows for the application of TADA to political acts also

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