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27 April, 2003

The Men Who Would Sell Palestine
By Ali Abunimah

The elavation of Mahmoud Abbas to Prime Minister and his insistence that Muhammad Dahlan be placed in charge of security, two men with dubious past, raises serious questions

Anger MountsAfter Iraqi Arms Dump Carnage
By Peter Ford

Residents blame the US military for the deadly barrage that rained on their village.

American to Oversee Iraqi Oil Industry
By David Teather

The administration is planning to structure the potentially vast Iraqi oil industry like a US corporation

The Origin Of Trishul
By Sheela Reddy

The Trishul which the Vishwa Hindu Parishad claims as part of the legitimate Hindu heritage was better known in Greek and Roman myths than in India.

On The March To Modernity
By Aniket Alam

Standing on their own feet. This is what Hyderabad's Muslims are increasingly doing aided by growing prosperity and confidence. But community leaders say the state is not helping.

26 April, 2003

SARS, Wars And The Farce
By Satya Sagar

Is the global panic of the SARS just a farce?

Sub-Contracting Palestine
By Ira Chernus

New Palestinian Leadership May Dim Hopes for Peace

by John Pilger

There is something deeply corrupt about journalism. It is not a recent phenomenon. What makes the difference today is the technology that produces an avalanche of repetitive information

Obscuring The Reality
By Kalpana Sharma

A full two weeks after the so-called "victory" of the "coalition" forces in Iraq, we have yet to hear about the numbers of Iraqi civilians or soldiers killed or injured.

Are You a Mumbaiite?
By Mahesh Vijapurkar

The Shiv Sena declares that all those who came to Mumbai prior to 1995 are Mumbaiwallahs.

Ban Trishul Distribution Immediately
Summary Report of PUCL, Rajasthan

Distribution of Trishuls in the State of Rajasthan must be
Immediately banned to prevent the repetition of Gujarat carnage in the state.

Stopping Togadia
By T.K. Rajalakhshmi

The arrest of Praveen Togadia has temporarily halted the VHP's provocative trishul distribution campaign in Rajasthan, but will the Congress(I) government deal firmly with the Hindutva forces?

Building Hatred Around Bhojshala
By Naunidhi Kaur

The order of the Archaeological Survey of India allowing Tuesday prayers at the Bhojshala complex in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, raises fresh fears about an escalation of communal tensions in the town.

Dollar Lose
By John Brinsley

Dollar Heads for Losing Week Versus Euro

Resist Bio-Imperialism
By Vandana Shiva and Ratheesh Kaliyadan

Vandana Shiva visited Plachimada of Palakad district in Kerala to inaugurate the first anniversary and second phase of Anti Coca-Cola agitation and “to pay tribute to brave Earth warriors”. She chats with RTHEESH KALIYADAN on related issues.

25 April, 2003

Argentina's Luddite Rulers
By Naomi Klein

The workers' co-operatives which continue to take over buiseness establishments all over Argentina gives the workers fresh lease of life in a collapsing economy

Judgement Day
By Anand Patwardhan

The judgement on the WAR AND PEACE (JANG AUR AMAN) Vs Censorship case is a shot in the arm for the fight for freedom of expression

Stop Hate Speech
Suggested FIR on Hate Speech

Do Not Turn Korean Peninsula Into Waste Land
By Vladimir Tikhonov

Washington's plans are aimed at pressing potential military rivals, China and Russia, by occupying North Korea or through launching a "preemptive strike" on China

Pilgrims Threaten Jihad Against American Forces
By Kim Sengupta in Karbala

The Shia pilgrimage to Karbala, took on a strident political and martial note with demands for the establishment of an Islamic state and threats of a jihad against the "American occupiers".

Baptising In Troubled Waters
By Andrew Gumbel

Evangelical Crusaders Prepare to Fight Islam with Aid and a Bible

Abu Against Abu
By Uri Avnery

The clash between Yasser Arafat (Abu-Amar) and Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) is not a clash of egos but a debate about existential questions

IOF Kill 2, including Student

Palestine Media Center

Shot Through The Lens
By Amy Goodman and Abed Qusini

Israeli troops shoot and kill an AP cameraman in Nablus.
Democracy Now! talks to a photographer who witnessed the killing