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05 June, 2003

U.S. To Lay Off 500,000 In Iraq
By Warren Vieth

U.S. reconstruction officials will soon lay off nearly half a million Iraqi military and civilian personnel

The Story Of Nazeeh
By Oren Medicks

A palestinian farmer's efforts to cling on to his olive grove which is to be confiscated by the Israeli authorities to build the separation wall

Mass Strike Brings Peru To A Standstill
By Elizabeth Schulte

Thousands of Peruvians defied a state of emergency to take to the streets last week in strikes and protests that have spread like wildfire across the country

04 June, 2003

It Was About Oil
By George Wright

The US deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz has now gone further by claiming the real motive for the war on Iraq - Iraq is "swimming" in oil

Another Fiasco At Evian
By John Lichfield in Evian

Evian was another choreographed summit of fixed smiles that evaded all the most contentious issues, from the plunge of the dollar to the explosion of Aids in Africa

Lausanne Solidarity Declaration
In Support Of Activists At The G8

And The Truth The Victors Refuse To See
By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk Suggests George Bush who visits Iraq next week an Itinerary That Would Open his eyes to What’s Really Going on in Iraq

03 June, 2003

Tribesmen's Warning
By Andrew Marshall

Leave Iraq, Tribesmen and Sacked Troops Tell U.S.

Does The Usa Intend To Dominate
The Whole World By Force?

By Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky interviewed on the Amesterdam Forum

The Day Of The Jackals
By Arundhati Roy

speech at US anti war teach in

02 June, 2003

No Weapons In Iraq? We'll Find Them In Iran
By Neil Mackay

They told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but they've found none. Were they lying?

The State Sharon Is Talking About
By Amira Hass

The "state" will apparently be comprised of three enclaves cut off from one another inside the West Bank - in addition to the Gazan enclave, and with no guarantee the settlements inside the enclave will be dismantled

The Troops Are Afraid To Go Out At Night
By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk in the Shia Muslim Iraqi city of Nasiriyah

Reading In Iraq
By Amitava Kumar

Nishkam Gupta, an Indian who went to fight with the us forces in Iraq " to fight the larger war against terrorism, a war that would directly benefit Hinduism and its cause."

01 June, 2003

Great Wall of Water
By Jasper Becker

Today heralds the climax of a massive engineering feat to dam the world's third longest river. Todya Yangtze river starts to rise by 400ft to create the Great Wall of Water. While China's leaders celebrate, many of the 700,000 people displaced by the work are bitter. And fears remain that the scheme could spell disaster for the environment

Empire And The Corporate Media
By Arundhati Roy and Amy Goodman

Interview with Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now! co-hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

The lies that led us into war ...
By Glen Rangwala

How the UK and the US manipulated UN reports - and conjured an anthrax dump from thin air

Covering The Middle East

An Interview With Robert Fisk

Hitting dowry for a six
By Kalpana Sharma

So has young Nisha Sharma of Noida sparked off a new anti-dowry movement? One would like to think that this could happen

Who Are The Criminals?
By Dilip D'souza

Phase Pardhis are one of India's denotified tribes but the authorities and society in general continue to think of them as criminals. So who are the criminals?

31 May, 2003

Adam And Huwaida - A Love Under Fire
By Nicholas Blincoe

He's Jewish. She's Palestinian. They're married. And together they're trying to change the face of the Middle East

Enron Used U.S. Government To Bully
And Other Nations
By Emad Mekay

Enron used the U.S. government to coerce the World Bank and poor nations to grant concessions and resolve its investment problems

Fascist Future Of The Past
By K.N.Panikker

The history of India is being retold in a way to mould the future generations in a communal way

The Marad massacre
By V.R. Krishna Iyer

The Marad massacre proves that minority Islamic communalism is as militantly blood-thirsty as majority communalism... The voice of secularism cannot be soft towards either

30 May, 2003

Showdown In Evian
By Mark Engler

The French city of Evian is getting ready for a showdown between the super rich and the antiglobalisation activists

Nightmare Of Aceh
By Aboeprijadi Santoso

An East Timor should not be repeated and the worst nightmare of Aceh should be avoided

Patents and Pharmaceutical Access
By Sanjay Basu

The 56th World Health Assembly held in Geneva was alive by a controversy over a resolution mandating the WHO to advise governments about patent rules and access to medicines

Under Siege In The Narmada Valley
By Angana Chatterji

On May 14, 2003, the Indian government decided to further increase the height of the Sardar Sarovar Project to 100 meters. Over 12,000 families will be drowned out. Where will the people go?

Nisha's Law
By Rajeev Dhavan

The dowry law needs revision... providing for victim compensation and having a single civil and criminal court to try the cases

29 May, 2003

Unsafe World
By Gideon Long

Amnesty International Anual report says that US 'War on Terror' Has Made World An Unsafe Place

So, Why Was This War For?
By Rupert Cornwell

Rumsfeld concedes banned Iraqi weapons may not exist

Life Under Occupation
By Rory McCarthy

Just one town- Plight of Khalis. No electricity means no water, means disease

Will Iran Be Next?

Background and history relating to US - Iran - Israel relations.

28 May, 2003

Body counts
By Jonathan Steele

How many army men died in Iraq? Nobody knows. And nobody cares to count

Slaughtering For Territorial Intergiy
By Scott Burchill

Is it justifiable to slaughter the people of Aceh for the territorial integrity of Indonesia?

A Cage For Palestinians
By Jonathan Cook

The Road Map- the Palestinians can have a state on 42 percent of the 80 percent of the 22 percent of 100 percent of their original homeland. And live permanently behind a concrete and electrified fencing

An Emerging Axis Of Evil
By Jim Lobe

America, India and Israel are fast emerging as an Axis of Evil that the world should fear

Another 'Survey' Of Christians
By Manas Dasgupta

In total disregard of the Gujarat High Court's orders, the Patan district police have launched yet another "survey" of the Christians and the institutions run by the community

This ‘Witch’ Couldn’t Save Herself

A woman is branded a tonahi (village witch), dragged out of her house by her hair, beaten up in public, tortured and even forced to consume human faeces in Junwani village, Chhattisgarh

NHRC asks Modi Govt To Explain Lax In Riot Probe

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked the Gujarat government to explain why riot victims were not deposing before the Nanavati Commission

Goa College Girl Raped By Classmates
By Rupesh Sawant

In a shocking incident, an 18-year-old girl studying at the College of Art in Panjim, was raped by her own classmates during a college party

27 May, 2003

The Story Of Hiba
By Sa'id Ghazali

The story of Hiba, 19, a suicide bomber.Can the road-map put an end to all this?

All In The Timing-Indonesia invades Aceh
By Pranjal Tiwari

Indonesia's invasion of Aceh is noted for its timing, both internally and internationally

Summary Executions Become Routine In Aceh
By Kathy Marks

Summary executions become routine in Aceh as the world looks away

Dalits mobilising
By Gail Omvedt

In India, and the world as a whole... Dalits themselves are calling for action on all fronts, a cultural-economic and political revolution

26 May, 2003

A Lukewarm Acceptance Of The Road Map
By Chris McGreal

Israel's "acceptance" of the road map is without any commitment to its goal of a viable, independent Palestinian state. It is an effort to buy time and pleaseAmerica which keeps the Israeli economy and military afloat

On the Roads of Ruin
By Peter Oborne

In a remarkable journey, meeting militia leaders and the heavily guarded President, Peter Oborne found a nation left to fend for itself - and Taliban thugs undeterred

Marad: Untold Story Of An RSS "Liberated Area"
By Mukundan C. Menon

Within hours of the May 2 killing. All the 500-odd Muslim families of Marad moved away. The Muslim-free Marad is now an "RSS liberated zone".

Death Of Criminal Justice System?
Asian Human Rights Commission

Reforms Committee recommendations will throw the Indian criminal justice system back into the dark ages