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30 April, 2004

Interview With A Mujahideen
By Dahr Jamail

“This is not a rebellion, this is a resistance against the occupation.” An interview with a resistance fighter

Ahmed Chalabi And The “Liberation” Of Iraq
By Rick Kelly

The fraudulent nature of this “independence” and “freedom” is embodied in the figure of Ahmed Chalabi, one of the nine rotating presidents on the so-called Iraqi Governing Council

29 April, 2004

Stop The Slaughter In Iraq

Before the eyes of millions of people around the world, the US military has begun a systematic and deliberate slaughter in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. President Bush publicly lifted all restraints on the conduct of the US troops. American forces, Bush declared, “will take whatever action is necessary” to subjugate the city

Heavy Handed Raid Backfires
By Dahr Jamail

The 26 April explosions at a chemical warehouse being raided by the U.S. military constitute yet another example of heavy-handed tactics gone awry

The Military-Academic Complex
By Nicholas Turse

In 2003 Pentagon's prime contract awards to just two schools, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University which, together, raked in a combined total of $842,437,294

Demolishing Lives And Livelihoods In Delhi
By Nagraj Adve

Even as India goes to the polls, over 50,000 people have been effectively disenfranchised in the heart of the nation's capital, Delhi. This has happened following the destruction of over 15,000 jhuggis (slum dwellings) since mid-February

28 April, 2004

US: Procuring The World's Oil
By Michael Klare

In its pursuit of petroleum, the US is intruding in the affairs of the oil-supplying nations.This reality has already influenced US relations with the major oil-producing nations and is sure to have an even greater impact in the future

Earth's Riches Should Help the Poor
By Desmond Tutu and Jody Williams

It is a cruel irony that countries around the world that suffer from some of the highest rates of poverty, disease, corruption, violent conflict and human rights troubles are also - at least on paper - some of the richest

Ambedkar, The Nation-builder
By Vivek Kumar

It is beyond doubt that Ambedkar has been a victim of the process of "reductionism". He has either been reduced to the status of a Dalit leader or, at the most, as the chief architect of the Constitution

People's War in Nepal
By Li Onesto

The USA is training the Nepalese army and providing arms and ammunitions in plenty. Even those who do not support or have questions about the People's War in Nepal should oppose U.S. intervention--and cannot allow attacks on those who do

27 April, 2004

Attacks Halt Rebuilding Of Iraq
By Jamie Wilson

Essential work on the electricity network will not be complete before the extreme heat of the summer arrives, raising the prospect of months of power cuts similar to those that led to riots and widespread discontent last year

Beware The Fossil Fools
By George Monbiot

The dismissal of climate change by journalistic nincompoops is a danger to us all

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?
By Robert Freeman

When oil is gone, civilization will be stupendously different. The onset of rapid depletion will trigger convulsions on a global scale, including, likely, global pandemics and die-offs of significant portions of the world’s human population

Monsanto's Biopiracy
By Vandana Shiva

Millennia of breeding by millions of Indian farmers is being hijacked by Monsanto which is claiming to have "invented" the unique low-elasticity, low gluten properties of an indigenous Indian wheat, rice lines derived from such wheat and all flours, batters, biscuits and edible products made from such wheat

The Responsibility Of The Voters
By Ganesh S. Iyer

Elections 2004 are going to be a defining moment for Indian democracy. This election perhaps may decide whether this country remains secular or it turns theocratic under the Hindutwa fundamentalists. The responsibility of the voters is tremendous

25 April, 2004

How Deep Shall We Dig?
By Arundhati Roy

"There is a new kind of secessionist movement taking place in India. It is the kind of secession in which a relatively small section of people become immensely wealthy by appropriating everything." An essay on a country that is caught in the cross-currents of neo-liberalism and Hindu nationalism

Equality In Death
By Barbara Victor

When Wafa Idris blew herself up in Jerusalem two years ago, she immediately gained iconic status as the intifada's first female martyr. But Palestine's shahidas are often victims of their own society

Report From Fallujah
By Dahr Jamail

Estimates of total refugees vary, but most reports suggest at least 60,000 Fallujans -- or about a quarter of the city’s population -- have fled Fallujah for Baghdad and other cities

Two More Bullets
By Donna Mulhearn

"I had been shot at, not once, but twice by American soldiers after politely asking permission to transport aid to a hospital." Personal account of an Australian peace activist who was in Fallujah to deliver aid to hospitals

Caste In Yemen
By Marguerite Abadjian

In Yemen, lowest of the low Caste are the Akhdam, street sweepers and beggars, held down by prejudice and despair

BJP's Overtures To Minorities
By Ram Puniyani

This election (April2004) is very crucial to survival of Indian democracy. Its also crucial for those who want to bring in Hindu Rashtra, as having been in the seat of power from last six years, the victory in this election will give them a lever to push forward their agenda at a higher speed

Fiscal Responsibility Act: Issues and Concerns
By Siba Sankar Mohanty

The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Bill, 2000, has been enacted in Indian Parliament. The Act is based on the presumption that the fiscal deficit is the key parameter adversely affecting all other macroeconomic variables

24 April, 2004

Next Target Arafat
By Conal Urquhart

Ariel Sharon issued an ominous warning that Yasser Arafat could be the next Palestinian leader to be in Israel's line of fire

Dad ... What's A Terrorist?
By David Campbell

A child's definition of a terrorist

Uneasy Truce In Falluja
By Rory McCarthy

Rory McCarthy talks to survivors of the US forces' assault on Falluja, the bloodiest battle of the uprising, which doctors say killed up to 600 Iraqis

The image Turning America Against Bush
By Andrew Buncombe

The photographs that President George Bush does not want the American public to see show the flag-draped coffins containing the bodies of American servicemen and women

22 April, 2004

Global Warming Floods Threaten 4million Britons
By Paul Brown

Risks of flooding are growing to "unacceptable levels" because of climate change with up to 4 million Britons facing the prospect of their homes being inundated

Iraq Power Handover 'A Fraud'
By Robert Fisk & Tony Jones

When you build a war on illusions and fantasies and you don't get international mandate to run it, then your occupation will fail

Power, Reality & Dream Merchants
By Aman Namra

Dream merchants have again arrayed pawns & pieces of dreams and promises on the chessboard of Indian election. Common masses are being lured and beguiled by the major parties

21 April, 2004

Fallujah Cannot Even Bury Its Dead
By Aaron Glantz

So many Fallujahans have been killed by the U.S. marines that residents have had to dig mass graves. The city's football stadium now holds more than 200 bodies

'Living In A Grave'
By Mordechai Vanunu

Today, after spending 18 years in prison for exposing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons programme, the whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu will finally walk free. For much of his time in jail he corresponded with the actor Susannah York, a member of the campaign to release him. Here, in a selection of his letters, he talks about censorship, solitary confinement and the struggle to maintain his sanity

Waiting For The Apocalypse
By George Monbiot

US policy towards the Middle East is driven by a rarefied form of madness. It’s time we took it seriously

India Shining – Lies, And The PR Firms That Sell Them
By Raja Swamy

The BJP-NDA’s “India Shining” PR campaign is a project of the global PR giant ‘Grey Global Group’. The 7th largest PR firm in the world, Grey Global’s operations have earned notoriety in the United States on account of the activities

20 April, 2004

Shell Admits It Misled Investors
By Terry Macalister

'I am becoming sick and tired of lying...' The internal email that lifted the lid on one of Britain's biggest companies

Hospitals Are Closing Down In Iraq
By Rahul Mahajan

The occupation forces are targeting hospitals and ambulances across Iraq and fearing for the safety of the staff and patients the hospitals are being closed down

Dahr Jamail Blog From Baghdad
By Dahr Jamail

For those of us here, it has, needless to say, travel has become increasing difficult because of the deteriorating security situation

The Social Consequences Of
European Union Expansion

By Markus Salzmann

The accession of 10 Eastern European states to the European Union from May 1 will intensify the social crisis in these countries as well as in the rest of the EU

The Shadow People
By Bhaswati Chakravorty

Orissa’s migrant labourers are always away from home during elections

The Bizarre World Of Realpolitik
BY N C Gundu Rao

Intimidatory tactics now adopted in the run-up to the polls veers on the edge of fascism and bodes ill for a democracy

19 April, 2004

Birth Of A New Resistance In Gaza
By Conal Urquhart

As the whole of Palestine gather to bury the Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi we may be witnessing the birth of a new resistance

Sharon's Skin And Bush's Spots
By Uri Avnery

Sharon is prepared to evacuate the 7,000 Jewish settlers who are living in Gaza strip, in return for the consolidation of the West Bank settlements, where 250,000 Jewish settlers live

Dangerous Times
By Nick Pretzlik

“The world is too terrible a place to live in, not because of the bad things that happen, but because of the good people who stand by and do nothing.” -- Albert Einstein

Development Journalism vs.
‘Envelopment’ Journalism

By Aman Namra

The chasm between what is being told by the mainstream newspapers and what is being felt by people , particularly by indigenous populations is increasingly widening everyday

Politics And Politicians
By Acharya Ramamurty

The politics that we have developed during more than the last fifty years has affected both the state and the nation. If politicians are cancerous the roots of the cancer are there in our politics and that cancer has affected both the state and nation

18 April, 2004

Another Hamas Leader assassinated
By Donald Macintyre

Israel assassinated the Hamas leader, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, in a missile attack on his car only three weeks after killing the man he replaced as the leader of the militant faction in Gaza, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

George Bush Has Legitimised Terrorism
By Robert Fisk

What better recruiting sergeant could Bin Laden have than the President of the United States?

Muslim Dilemma In Atal Times
By Zafar Agha

Election-2004 is surely a difficult election for Indian Muslims.Vajpayee's image-makers are recasting the BJP as another liberal party.The Congress's attitude towards Muslims has been and is still, "vote us but don't expect anything from us"

Congress-BJP And Electoral Choices
By Ram Puniyani

What ever be his stated motives the likes of Arif Mohammad Khan are joining BJP, is it that a sheep, outraged by the inefficiency of the shepherd deciding to befriend the wolf himself?

17 April, 2004

Shell Scandal Points To Peak Oil
By Ed Blanche

The oil industry has been gripped by scandal since Royal Dutch/Shell twice this year downgraded its proven oil reserves by 20 percent, or nearly 4 billion barrels

Iraq Is A War Of National Liberation
By John Pilger

A nationalist uprising has been under way in Iraq for more than a year, uniting at least 15 major groups, most of them opposed to the old regime

For A Dignified Death
By Lila Rajiva

There is a sanctity to death as surely there is to its counterpart, life and that sanctity is violated when the body is forced to live in painful, humiliating weakness and dependency

Voting For Your Favourite Millionaire
By P. Sainath

It is quite likely that most — if not all — of those elected could be worth, on an average, between Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs.1 crore. How representative will they be of voters whose annual average income does not exceed Rs.12,000?

Saffronisation, Adivasis And
The Politics Of South Gujarat

By Dionne Bunsha

It is because political parties have deflected attention from development that many voters may not turn up to vote. Not in disgust. But simply because many villages such as Kadvali are empty. Migrants cannot afford to vote

Who Cares For Supreme Court In Gandhi's Gujarat?
By Digant Oza

Shameless defense of the Modi government continues

16 April, 2004

Fear And Gunmen Rule Najaf
By Rory McCarthy

Najaf is a city at the centre of a stand-off that could define the future of Iraq. If US troops carry out their threat to launch an offensive against Mr Sadr's militia, the fight would be bloody and could unleash an unprecedented wave of violence and uprisings across the south that could imperil the American occupation

Bush Backs Sharon’s West Bank Land Grab
By Bill Van Auken

With his endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s “disengagement” plan Wednesday, President George W. Bush broke with nearly four decades of official US diplomacy, dropping even the pretense that Washington is committed to a negotiated settlement of the Middle East conflict

Darkness And Light In Modern India
By Harsh Mander

The agony of Gujarat, its blood-drenched humanity soaked in ideologies of hatred and divide, has hurtled the people of our vast country into a defining crossroads. The manner in which they respond today will determine the kind of country and world that we leave behind for our children