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16 April, 2003

Final Chapter: Burning Books
By Robert Fisk

Library Books, Letters and Priceless Documents are Set Ablaze in Final Chapter of the Sacking of Baghdad

US Troops Kill 10 Injure 100 As they fire on protesters
Agence France-Presse

US troops opened fire on a crowd hostile to the new pro-US governor in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul , killing at least 10 people and injuring as many as 100

Deadly fruits of Baghdad
By Peter Ford and Scott Peterson

Hundreds of unexploded cluster bombs lie scattered in Baghdad, threatening the lives of its citizens

Baghdad Did Not Fall - It Was Handed Over
By Jalal Ghazi

Arabic media are speculating that a secret deal was arranged between the United States and the Baath regime to hand over Baghdad.

Iraqis Say Lynch Raid Faced No Resistance
By Keith B. Richburg

Gizzy and other doctors said no Iraqi soldiers or militiamen were at the Saddam Hospital in Nassariya that night, April 1, when the U.S. Special Operations forces came in helicopters to carry out the midnight rescue.

Israel is Planning for Ethnic Cleansing

After another peace activist was rendered clinically dead by an Israeli sniper, it is becoming clear that Israel is speficifically targeting international peace activists

Dalit threat to Gujarat conversion law

A Dalit organisation is threatening mass conversion as a mark of protest against Gujarat anticonversion law

15 April, 2003

Why Syria Is in America’s Gunsights
By Robert Fisk

Syria, Israel’s second most powerful enemy is now in America’s gunsights

US' New Found Syria-fixation Draws Ire
By Chidanand Rajghatta

Washington's new-found Syria-fixation amid its military swagger in Iraq is drawing sharp criticism both in the US and abroad

ISM Rejects Israeli Investigation into
Death of US Peace Activist

The army report claimed Corrie was struck as she stood behind a mound of earth that was created by an engineering vehicle operating in the area and she was hidden from the view .

"US Forces Encourage Looting"
By Ole Rothenborg

An eye witness says, he saw american soldiers encouraging people in Baghdad to loot

RSS Supports Americas War on Iraq
By Ram Puniyani

RSS chief Sudarhan is embarrassing the BJP Government by defending the US aggression on Iraq

Ambedkar As Hindu
By Shamsul Islam

The RSS lie machinery does not leave even Dr. B.R. Ambedkar alone. They present him as a leader in league with Hedgewar and Golwalkar and as a defender for the cause of the Hindu Rashtra.

14 April, 2003

Noam Chomsky Interviewed
By Noam Chomsky and MIchael Albert

Noam Chomsky talks about the invasion and occupation of Iraq

Americans Knew What to Defend
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

If the Americans looked on as looters plundered and vandalized Baghdad musuem, tanks and armoured personnel carriers were positioned to defend the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Oil

The Rape of Mesopotamia
By Paul Street

American soldiers encouraged the looters to vandalize Baghdad museum.

13 April, 2003

Vandalization of Iraq's History
By Robert Fisk, In Baghdad

In Baghdad's most important museum, something truly terrible has taken place, while the occupation looked on

Common Images Of Brutality
By Jonathan Cook

2,000 men aged between 15 and 40 rounded up by the Israeli army a week ago in the refugee camp of Tulkarm, in the northern West Bank, for questioning.

The Realignment of the World
By Stanley Kober

As USA goes ahead with its programme of Empire building other nations around the world are building coalitions to confront the empire

Screening The Truth
By Anupama Katakam

In a concerted effort to muffle the hard truths, the CBFC has denied a certificate of release to Aakrosh, a 20-minute documentary film on Gujarat riots

12 April, 2003

Image-Making, Lies and the "Liberation" of Iraq
By Patrick Martin

The Images of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Firdos Square was stage managed to give the false impression that the vast majority of the Iraqi people are joyfully welcoming the invasion and occupation of their country by US and British troops.

Revealing Photographs

Here are the photographs from Information Clearing House

'Embedded Dancers?' Was That Another PR Masterpiece?
Cathy Breen, Iraq Peace Team

Is it true that the revelers who danced to welcome the occupation forces 'embedded dancers' the American military brought with them to Baghdad?

11 April, 2003

LS adopts resolution against cow slaughter
The Hindu

The Lok Sabha adopted by voice vote resolution moved by Prahlad Singh Patel, asking the Centre to enact a law banning cow slaughter.

Spoils of War
By Bob Herbert

The Pentagon and its allies are close to achieving what they wanted all along, control of the nation of Iraq and its bounty, which is the wealth and myriad forms of power that flow from control of the world's second-largest oil reserves.

Crime Against Humanity
By John Pilger

Nothing Bush and Blair, their cluster-bombing boys and their media court do now will change the truth of their great crime in Iraq.

Israel Eyes Iraqi Pipeline Project
By Atul Aneja

As the Anglo-American forces consolidate the occupation of Iraq Israel is exploring the possibility of revivvin the oil pipeline from Mosul in northern Iraq to the Israeli Mediterranean port of Haifa

Privatizing Water: What the European Commission Doesn’t Want You to Know
By Daniel Politi

Leaked documents and an exchange of e-mails reveal that the European Union has asked 72 countries to open up their markets to private water companies.