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28 July, 2004

Opium Trade Booms In Afghanistan
By Colin Brown and Andrew Clennell

The opium harvest in Afghanistan this year will be one of the biggest on record.The revelation will prove highly embarrassing for Tony Blair, who cited cutting the supply of heroin as one of the main reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001

The Corruption (and Redemption) Of Science
By David W. Orr

A recent investigation into the use of science by the Bush Administration alleges a systematic pattern of suppressing or distorting scientific evidence across a wide range of issues

Film Review: "Control Room"
By Maureen Clare Murphy

A particularly troubling issue presented in the film is how the lines between media and military are blurred by the U.S. administration during wartime, demonstrated by U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld discussing how the U.S. government hopes to change Al-Jazeera's coverage as though doing so is part of U.S. military strategy

Why Manipur Burns?
By Ashok Mitra

The Meiteis are a very gentle people, grace spilling from their countenance and bearing. Provoked beyond endurance, the Meiteis are now on the warpath, and they are led particularly by the women

27 July, 2004

Iran Warns Israel Of Retaliation If Attacked
By Aljazeera

Iran responds to regional and Israeli threats of attack by vowing to wipe Israel "off the face of the earth" if it attacks the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities

Palestine's People Never Say Goodbye
By Suheir Hammad

Palestine's people never say goodbye. How can they? One cannot say goodbye to friends, family and land, because these things are with us always. And when strangers come to her, with an open heart and an open mind, they become her family as well. So we gather to say "Travel safe. See you soon. The best days are ahead

Terror By Video
By Robert Fisk

As the heads of Iraq's kidnap victims are sawn off, Koranic recitations--usually by a well-known Saudi imam--are played on the soundtrack. Terror by video is now a well-established part of the Iraq war

Who Is A Terrorist?
By Ghali Hassan

The only truth about this "war on terror" is that it has no end in sight, and it will absorb resources vital to the well being of societies. It is a war on the poor and powerless

26 July, 2004

Unemployment Rate In Iraq Reaches 70%
By Ahmed Janabi

A study by the college of economics at Baghdad University has found that the unemployment rate in Iraq is 70%. The study says the problem of high unemployment is going from bad to worse, with the security situation deterioriating and the reconstruction process faltering

Death In A Cemetery
By Gideon Levy

Night of horror of the Salah family, in which the father and a son shot dead inside the home, to undergo an interrogation and humiliation; and to discover that the entire contents of the house had been destroyed

Abducted, Beaten And Sold Into
Prostitution: A Tale From Iraq

By Victoria Firmo-Fontan

When the gunmen came to the gate of their Baghdad home, the lives of the sisters-in-law Huda, 16, and Sajeeda, 24, were about to change for ever. It was 17 September 2003.After losing consciousness, she remembers waking up in the house of Um Ahmed, a female pimp, in the Saidiye district of Baghdad

Torture Gets The Silence Treatment
By James A. Lucas

The torture revelations in Iraq is not an isolated occurrence. This report shows that for many years the U.S. government has had a pattern of using torture against people in other nations

Iran New U.S. Whipping Boy
By Eric Margolis

Those who deceived America into attacking Iraq may be at it again

Price Of Life
By Praful Bidwai

Rs. 15,000 to compensate you for a grievous injury that scars your lungs or kidneys for life or even affects your immune system? Well, that's what 95 percent of the victims of the world's worst-ever industrial accident received-after 10 to 15 years of lost income and aggravated health damage

25 July, 2004

The Resistance Will Win
By Scott Ritter

The battle for Iraq's sovereign future is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. As things stand, it appears that victory will go to the side most in tune with the reality of the Iraqi society of today: the leaders of the anti-U.S. resistance

What's At Stake In Venezuela
By Claudia Jardim and Jonah Gindin

An Interview with Tariq Ali

The Baby Doom
By Kavery Nambisan

The world's largest minority is an endangered species, thanks to one of the most privileged and influential groups: the doctors. The medical profession has been co-opted in a crime against girls and it is not complaining

Manipuri Women's Dramatic protest
By Kalpana Sharma

The photograph was riveting. Manipuri women holding up a banner that read: "Indian Army: Rape us". The women, all middle-aged, were naked, masking their state of undress behind the banner

24 July, 2004

Two Sides Of The Same Coin
By Roger H. Lieberman

The imposition of a pro-American client regime in Baghdad through direct foreign aggression was an act as illegitimate as the Soviet take-over of Afghanistan in 1979

In The Name Of Modi
By CPDR, Mumbai

A report of All India Fact Finding Team on the 'encounter' of four alleged terrorists by Gujarat Police on June 15, 2004 at Ahmedabad

Bengal's Caste Prejudices
By Sandip Bayopadhyay

Caste may have been cast aside in `progressive' Bengal's myth-making exercise supervised so assiduously by the ruling Marxist regime, but empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests that caste prejudices thrive in the state

Men In Khaki Proudly Wear Hindu Identity
On Their Sleeves

By Anand S T Das

As you step into any police station in Ahmedabad, you can't help feeling that the force is Hindu first

23 July, 2004

An Iraqi Woman's Ordeal At Abu Gharib

The rape ordeal she suffered at the hands of US soldiers, both males and females, in the notorious Abu Gharib prison will continue to haunt Nadia for the rest of her life

“A deplorable misunderstanding,”
Or “Shut up, you bastard!”

By Uri Avnery

The Israeli Prime Minister called on the French Jews to leave their homeland “as soon as possible” and come to Israel, in view of the – alleged – anti-Semitic wave in France. The French government and media reacted exactly as their Israeli counterparts would have done. “A deplorable misunderstanding,” the official French spokesman intoned. Meaning, in non-diplomatic language: “Shut up, you bastard!”

Liberating America From Israel
By Paul Findley

Nine-eleven would not have occurred if the U.S. government had refused to help Israel humiliate and destroy Palestinian society. Few express this conclusion publicly, but many believe it is the truth

Desaffronising Education
By Kancha Ilaiah

India suffers from both religious and caste communalism. So education should decasteise society as a whole

21 July, 2004

Who Control's Iraq?
By Robert Fisk

But the evidence of my journey yesterday - through the southern Sunni cities which long ago rejected American rule, to the holiest Shia city where its own militia controls the shrines and the square miles around them - suggested that Mr Allawi controls a capital without a country

This Empire Too Will Fall
By Ali Al-Saeed

Just like the Romans before them and the Ottomans, the Americans are now busy with their empire-building, both in the territorial and power accumulating sense. But this empire too will fall

Double Standards
By Gideon Levy

And what would happen if a Palestinian were to shoot an Israeli university lecturer and his son in front of his wife and their young son? Dr. Salem Khaled, from Nablus called to the soldiers from the window of his house because the front door had jammed. The soldiers shot him to death and then killed his 16-year-old son before the eyes of his mother and his 11-year-old brother

Whither Gender Parity?
By Ram Puniyani

The India Muslim Personal Law board's meeting gave the hope that it will abolish triple talaq, will take a step towards justice for Muslim women. But that was not to be

20 July, 2004

Iraq's Terrorist Prime Minister
By Mike Whitney

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Paul McGeough tells of Allawi's involvement in the murder of six alleged insurgents' just days before he was handed over control of the interim government. "Informants told the Herald that Dr Allawi shot each young man in the head as about a dozen Iraqi policemen and four Americans from the Prime Minister's personal security team watched in stunned silence."

Crisis Of Information In Baghdad
By Robert Fisk

Here is the central crisis of information in Iraq just now. With journalists confined to Baghdad--several have not left their hotels for more than two weeks - a bomb-free day in the capital becomes a bomb-free day in Iraq

The World Is Knocking On Israel’s Door
By Sam Bahour

The question that begs an answer is what can an entire community of nations do if the violating party, Israel in this case, and the world’s sole superpower shun an International Court opinion?

India Introduces Securities Transaction Tax
By Kavaljit Singh

India is about to introduce Securities Transaction Tax (STT) in the Indian financial markets which will slow down the flow of speculative money and curb purely short-term speculation by day traders, “noise traders,” arbitrageurs and big operators without significantly affecting the long-term investors

Mounting Sucides: Urgent Need To
Save Wayanad Farmers

By P Krishnaprasad

In the recent years, Wayanad, a tiny hill district in Kerala famous for its spices and coffee plantations, has been in the news for the widespread suicides by distressed farmers - a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly commonplace in rural India as a result of implementation of free market

Dalit Diary 1999-2003
By Harsh Sethi

Review on the book "DALIT DIARY 1999-2003- Reflection on Apartheid in India" by Chandra Bhan Prasad

19 July, 2004

Book Of Revelations Is A Must Read
By Gary Leupp

Revelation is must reading nowadays, especially for the nonbeliever. But for great many believers in America this piece of Holy Scripture somehow justifies ongoing imperialist war, which they (with their commander-in-chief) conceptualize religiously as a war of Good versus Evil

Jesus And Jihad
By Nicholas D. Kristof

Evangelical thrillers are the best-selling novels for adults in the United States, and they have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. The latest is "Glorious Appearing," which has Jesus returning to Earth to wipe all non-Christians from the planet. It's disconcerting to find ethnic cleansing celebrated as the height of piety

Isolated From The Human Community
Israel Builds Another Wall

By M. Shahid Alam

In editorials and speeches ringing across Israel and America, a thousand apologists are protesting that beleaguered Israel is building a 'security fence'--not a wall--whose only purpose is to safeguard innocent Israeli civilians against the primordial violence of Palestinians

Videocon Int'l Ltd Is India's Future
By Chandrabhan Prasad

The recent job reservation debate in the private sector has mirrored the character of Indian society than ever before. The unpolished, private sector did not care to maintain minimum demeanour in rejecting the issue, and went on insulting the collective Dalit genius. But one corporate stood out among the crowd to welcome the move! Videocon Int'l Ltd

Emergent Challenges Before The New Government
By Goldy M. George

The major challenge now is how the UPA government reverse the trends of imperialist globalisation and Hindutva fascism.In the past the Communists and Ambedkarites have taken the challenge against these two outgrown trends. Could they continue to resist and combat them?

18 July, 2004

US Prisons vs Indian Call Centres
By Indo - Asian News Service

Competition is brewing for Indian call centres from an unlikely source, American prisons

Muslims Portrayed
By Ghali Hassan

Media images of Islam are omnipresent and are part of Western culture of racism and imperial design

Saudi Arabian Bad Dreams
By Human Rights Watch

A new 135-page report, "Bad Dreams: Exploitation and Abuse of Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia", released recently by the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) provides the first comprehensive look at the pervasive abuses foreign workers endure in Saudi Arabia

Mourning The Death Of Nick Pretzlik
By Karthika Thampan

We mourn the death of Nick Pretzlik, freelance journalist and peace activist, who died suddenly of heart failure early on 11 July at home in London

Open Source Television: Liberte! Facilite!! Egalite!!!
By Mark Pesce

It is my belief that the day of the Internet tuner has come, that the dam which has thus far held back the overwhelming torrent of audiovisual content is about to burst.Those who have built their houses on the sand of anti-markets will be swept away in the flood

16 July, 2004

Carbon Dioxide Emissions May Harm Ocean Life
By Christopher Doering

The world's oceans have absorbed nearly half of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans during the last 200 years, creating potential long-term challenges for corals and free-swimming algae

From Hague To Mas'ha
By Tanya Reinhart

With the ruling of the International Court that Israel must immediately dismantle the sections of the wall that have been built inside the West Bank and move them to the Green Line. This should begin at once with the dismantling of the wall at Mas’ha

Before And After The Wall In Jayyous
By Sharif Omar

Now, many people in Jayyous rely on humanitarian assistance to survive because their land lies inaccessible, just on the other side of the Wal

Hospital In Najaf Remains Closed
IRIN Report

Sadr Teaching Hospital in the southern city of Najaf has been closed since early April, a victim of the fighting between Shi'ite cleric Moqtada Sadr's Mehdi militia and US-led Coalition forces, according to local people

Encounters Of A Fascist Kind
By J. Sri Raman

"Encounter killings" in India refers to mystery-shrouded police killings of targets, especially "extremists" of various kinds, to killings for which lawless law-keepers see no need to provide elaborate explanations

Sabarimala:For Women's Right To Worship
By Raji Rajagopalan

Sabarimala temple in Kerala, South India, prevents women between the age group of ten and fifty from entering and worship the idol. This is a discriminatory action which has been going on for ages

15 July, 2004

The Fantasy of “Fair Globalisation”
By Sukomal Sen

The recent publication" Fair Globalisation: Creating Opportunities for All", produced by the World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalisation, appears as a formal recognition of the unfair and inhuman character of globalisation

There Are Judges In The Hague
By Uri Avnery

The same crane that puts the blocks there can also remove them. It happened in Germany. It will happen here. The decision of the judges of The Hague, coming from 15 different countries, has made a contribution to that

Dalits As 'Dalits' In Budget 2004
By Chandrabhan Prasad

Year after year since 1947 we have seen the ritual of the government presenting the Finance Bill. The common thread running through all the Budgets tabled so far is the exclusion of the Dalits. The political formations in power, or in the Opposition, transcend their ideological divide, howsoever artificial that may be, to unite on the Dalit question

Encounter Truth : Gujarat Police
As Investigator, Prosecutor And Judge

By Mukundan C Menon

Even after three weeks of making all that orchestrated loud claims, charges and accusations against the four alleged Lashkar terrorists killed in the June 15 encounter at Ahmedabad outskirts, the Gujarat police fails to produce evidence to their claims






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