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13 November, 2003

War Killed 55,000 Iraqi Civilians
By Shaista Aziz

The invasion, war and occupation of Iraq has cost up to 55,000 civilian lives, according to a shocking new report published by a UK-based charity

12 November, 2003

Apartheid Wall Will Harm One In
Three Palestinians

By Justin Huggler

The "separation fence" Israel is building in the West Bank will have "severe humanitarian consequences" for almost 700,000 Palestinians

Love And Marriage In Israel
By Suraya Dadoo

Israel is touted as the only "democracy" in the world that does not offer its citizens the option of civil marriage

Frightening Winds Swirl Around
The House Of Saud

By Robert Fisk

Sunday's attack in Riyadh is part of a growing insurrection against Bin Laden's enemies in the House of Saud

Learning In Saffron: RSS Schools Orissa
By Angana Chatterji

Sangh Parivar's tentacles have spread and thickened in Orissa during the last five years with the spread of Sangh Parivar education institutions throughout the state

11 November, 2003

Riyadh: A New Front Against US
By John R Bradley

The attack is a clear sign to the Saudi rulers and military that al-Qa'ida is willing and able to attack in the heart of the kingdom, despite asecurity clampdown and co-operation between the CIA and Saudi intelligence services

Saudi regime v al-Qaida: Only one survives
By Shaheen Chughtai

The deadly bomb attack on a housing complex in Riyadh represents the latest battle between the Saudi Arabian monarchy and its armed opponents in a war to eliminate the other

The Silence Of Writers
By John Pilger

For the great writers of the 20th century, art could not be separated from politics. Today, there is a disturbing silence on the dark matters that should command our attention

Europe Plans Huge Trade War With US
By Stephen Castle

American jeans, Florida orange juice and dozens of other US products could double in price from next month because of a growing transatlantic trade war

07 November, 2003

Iraq Tried To Reach Last-Minute Deal
To Avert War

By James Risen

New York Times reports that Saddam Hussein wanted to make a deal with America just before the beginning of the war

06 November, 2003

Cuba's 50 Years Of Defiance
By Noam Chomsky and Bernie Dwyer

An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Shadow Of Home
By Toine van Teeffelen

A Palestinian home or home town is often a prison and is also often divided in parts closed off to each other

A Liberation From Lies
By Prabhakar Sinari

In a bid to rewrite history, the RSS appropriates credit for the liberation of Goa. But its role in the state’s freedom struggle was only marginal

Poison Myths
By Anil Chamadia and Subhash Gatade

There is no correlation between the rate of growth of population and religion. Population growth rates are influenced by socio-economic and cultural factors

05 November, 2003

When Did "Arab" Become A Dirty Word?
By Robert Fisk

Is "Palestinian" now just a dirty word? Or is "Arab" the dirty word?

Fuzzy Words And Sharp Bullets
By Satya Sagar

Smokescreen of the global media has been dispensed with and the real messages in our times come from the armed forces of the imperialist powers. While their words have become fuzzier, their bullets have become sharper

India and Pakistan- The Nuclear Option
By M. Asghar Khan

India and Pakistan are today the only two hostile nuclear powers with a common border. The warning time is less than one minute. A misreading of a warning of a nuclear attack could initiate a nuclear conflict by miscalculation

04 November, 2003

The Wall: Building To Destroy
By Anwar Darkazally

The Sharon government has decided that the Palestinians will remain stateless and cut off from each other and imprisoned in their own houses

When Love Spells Death
By Anjali Modi

In parts of North India, if two young people, especially from different communities, hope to build a life together, they are hunted down for daring to think that they can

03 November, 2003

Resistence In Iraq
By Tariq Ali

This is the classic initial stage of guerrilla warfare against a colonial occupation

Bush Says God Chose Him To Lead America
By Paul Harris

A new book written by Stephen Mansfield details numerous incidents where Bush's faith has been shown to be at the centre of his political thinking

Keeping Habib Tanvir’s Naya Theatre Onstage
By Githa Hariharan

Every new attack on the already shrinking spaces of our cultural practitioners restricts and falsifies their art. Equally, it deprives the right of our people to information, ideas, debate

Women And Hindu Marriage Law

Some frequently asked questions

02 November, 2003

Orissa: A Gujarat In The making
By Angana Chatterji

With little resistance to its aggressive onslaught, the sangh parivar looks well set to meet its 2006 deadline for reshaping Orissa into the next ‘laboratory for Hindutva’

Hindu Or Sindhu
By Bharat Patankar

Exposure of the Bloodthirsty Hindutva of the Sangh Parivar

Losing Intelligence, Losing War
By Peter Beaumont and Patrick Graham

After eight days in which Iraqi fighters have scored a series of major blows to the coalition and its Iraqi allies, intelligence and military officials in Iraq and on both sides of the Atlantic are at odds over whether they are fighting a Saddam-led movement or a series of disparate partisan groups

01 November, 2003

The Iraq War And Contempt For Democracy
By Noam Chomsky

An excerpt from Noam Chomsky's new book "Hegemony or Survival:America's Quest for Global Dominance"

Hindutva versus Hinduism
By Saral Jhingran

The core of traditional Hinduism is religious toleration. In contrast, Hindutva's central message is aggression and destruction of enemies, real or imagined