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30 June, 2003

Neocon-Nazi War Crimes
By Schuyler Ebbets

The U.S. Army's actions in the town of Rawah are ominously reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s reprisal killings for the deaths of their soldiers in World War II

An Open Letter To The Survivors Of
The Sabra and Shatila Massacre

By Ellen Siegel

Ellen Siegel volunteered her expertise and services at the Gaza Hospital in Sabra Camp in Beirut in 1982, and was there during the massacre

Israel`s Lethal Weapon Of Choice
By Molly Moore

"Targeted killings," were described by Israeli officials two years ago as "rare and exceptional" measures. But now they are carried out with regularity

Imperialism Then And Now
By David Barsamian

David Barsamian interviews Tariq Ali,editor of New Left Review

Menace Of Moditva
By Amulya Ganguli

Instead of boycotting the Nanavati commission, as some of them are doing, they should forsake such a defeatist attitude and try all the harder to help it discover the truth by standing by the scared witnesses

RSS and Fascism
By Shyam Chand

The RSS is an organised hypocrisy, criminalised communalism, institutionalised terrorism and mytho-logised falsehood. It pretends to be a cultural organi-sation but it is a criminal mafia of the anti-national fascist forces

Religion And Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Religion is not only part of problem it can also be part of solution, if handled imaginatively

29 June, 2003

Indian Troops As Cannon Fodder
By P Sainath

The lives of Indian soldiers are more expendable — in American eyes. But should the eyes of an Indian government see it the same way?

Displaced And Despised
By Rory McCarthy

Rory McCarthy explains how life after Saddam has turned into a nightmare for many of Baghdad's Palestinian and Syrian inhabitants

Israel One More Step Into Open Apartheid
By Ali Abunimah

A law forbidding Israeli citizenship for Palestinians from the Occupied Territories who marry Israelis passed its first reading in the Knesset on June 18. This is another milestone on Israel's road to open, institutionalized apartheid

BJP - The Saffron Years
By Sabrang Alternate News Network

Taking a look at the last five years of BJP rule in India

Human Wrongs
By Ram Narayan Kumar And Tanu Thomas K

The Committee for Coordination on Disappearances in Punjab (CCDP) released a report, titled " Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab." The report analyses alleged cases of torture and extra-judicial killings in Punjab in the 1980s and early 1990s. An interview with one of its authors

We, The Guilty
By Sundeep Dougal

If the first verdict involving Gujarat's post-Godhra carnage is any indication, there is no hope for any justice in the other cases under trial. And we are responsible

28 June, 2003

Israeli Soldiers Exonerated In
Death of Rachel Corrie

Israel's military prosecutor exonerated Israeli soldiers in the death of Rachel Corrie, 23, who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in March

How The British Troops Became A Soft Target
By Robert Fisk

Whether or not Tony Blair realises it, the British are playing once more the game of colonial occupiers - and now it is time to pay the price

Guerrillas Hold Ace In Post-War Iraq
By Paul Buchanan

Observing post-conquest Iraq, we should remember Mao's maxim that the population is the sea in which the guerrilla fish swim

Dalit ‘Sahibs’ And Masses
By Manohar Yadav

Class divide among the dalits deprives the poorest of them of benefits of reservation while the rich dalits become richer. Will the dalit elite save its community from disunity or will it continue to stoke sub-caste communalism?

Beyond The Symbolic Ambedkar
K Satyanarayana

Book review of "The Essential Writings of B R Ambedkar". Through a biographical sketch and introduction to Ambedkar’s varied writings, the book accounts for the growing relevance of Ambedkar in contemporary India

Periyar's Movement

An introduction to the life and work of Periyar E. V. Ramaswamy

27 June, 2003

Kashmiri Identity
By Navnita Chadha Behera

Look closer at Jammu and Kashmir, and you see more than Kashmiri Muslims. There are also Ladakhis, Dogras and Gujjars, all of them seeking some space of their own within India and within the state of J&K

Polls And That Looming Dalit Factor
By Neerja Chowdhury

With polls just months away, the Dalit factor gets back to the
limelight in Madhya Pradesh

Michigan Prof Caste Off By Fellow Desi
By Chidanand Rajghatta

India's caste custom has reared its head in the groves of American academe.An Indian professor at a US university has sued a fellow Indian don, citing personal caste discrimination among reasons for a stifled career

26 June, 2003

The Meaning of Rachel Corrie
By Edward Said

"Important aspect of the Rachel Corrie story for me was the young woman's action itself, heroic and dignified at the same time"

Bush's Vietnam
By John Pilger

Once More, We Hear That America is Being "Sucked Into a Quagmire". The Rapacious Adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are Going Badly Wrong

Biotech Wars: Food Freedom Vs Food Slavery
By Vandana Shiva

Our bread is our freedom. Our freedom will ensure our bread. And each of us has a duty to exercise bread freedom for the sake of the earth, for all species, and for ourselves and the generations to come

No Indian Troops For Iraq
By Brian Cloughley

'Stabilising' Iraq is not peacekeeping: it is weasel-speak for muscular occupation of territory on behalf of a conquering power

Education For All
By Eduardo Faleiro

The ineptude of India and Pakistan to settle their bilateral disputes hampers not merely the progress of their own people but also of other countries of the region which are held hostage to the quagmire of the Indo-Pak conundrum

Hedgewar And RSS
By Sushila Ramaswamy

Compared to Gandhi's elaborate and inclusive plank that included every single Indian, Hedgewar was a minor prophet whose prescriptions reflected a myopic world view resulting in a narrow social base for the RSS

25 June, 2003

Global Peace Movement Still Vibrant
By Marco Garrido

Although the war in Iraq is over, the global peace movement has not gone away

Coffee, The Deadly Embrace
By Ben Gregory and David McKnight

A report of the Seventh Welsh Delegation to Nicaragua -Nicaragua’s economy is slowly being strangled by the dictates of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

I Was Wrong About Trade
By George Monbiot

George Bush seems to be preparing to destroy the WTO at the next world trade talks in September not because its rules are unjust, but because they are not unjust enough. "Our Aim Should Not Be To Abolish The World Trade Organization., But To Transform It", says George Monbiot

23 June, 2003

A Guide To Kashmir Peace Plans
By Muzamil Jaleel

By Muzamil Jaleel examines some of the suggested solutions to the longstanding dispute between India and Pakistan

Escaping What Entraps Us: Reflections From Jerusalem
By Laurie King-Irani

"Not only Palestinians are trapped now in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Jews are, too. Fear and anxiety are unshakeable daily companions.

War And Peace In Burundi
By Mandisi Majavu

On 01 July, Burundi will be celebrating its independence of 1962 from the Belgians, and while they will be observing this remarkable day the rest of the world will be hoping for the lasting peace of a ten year civil war that has ravaged that country, leaving more than 300 000 dead with over a million people, according to the UN, internally displaced or living abroad as refugees

In Hindutva Genes:Treason and Moral Turpitude
By I.K.Shukla

"Savarkar should have been tried for treason. He was let go in those days of national euphoria. It only whetted his passion for more treason and grosser crime, culminating in Gandhi's assassination"

22 June, 2003

Paralysed City
By Patrick Cockburn

Powerless Iraqis rail against ignorant, air-conditioned US occupation force

Dangerous Liasons
By Peter Beaumont

The gunner apologised and told us that he had been about to kill us. He said he had his finger on the trigger. A second later, it would have been too late

“Unrest” In Tehran-Pars Or Is It?
By Mozhgan Bahar

The public resistance we are witnessing in Iran is to restore people’s power over the rule of the clerics

Dollar Crisis And American Empire
By Jeffrey Sommers

An America in economic crisis would place the world in even greater danger of American military adventures by a government seeking both diversions from its domestic ills while it also sought means to shore up its empire

Unsolved Disappearances And
Beheaded Tourists In Kashmir

By Arshad H Naqshabandi and Richard Powell

Outcry over 3500 unsolved disappearances and beheaded tourists in troubled Kashmir

21 June, 2003

Bush Fries Climate Change
By Derrick Z. Jackson

White House took a draft report on the state of the environment by the Environmental Protection Agency and deleted references to studies that directly mentioned industrial pollution and vehicle exhaust as contributors to global warming

Saddam Alive In Iraq, Intercepted Calls Suggest
By Andrew Buncombe

New intelligence recovered by American agents electronically eavesdropping on supporters of Saddam Hussein suggests the former Iraqi dictator is alive and still living inside Iraq

No Defence For Arms Sales
By David Mepham

Is it intelligent to sell Hawk jets and components to India?

From Saddam’s Tyranny to Post-Liberation Tyranny
By Seumas Milne

“They create a wasteland and they call it peace.”

20 June, 2003

Theater Of Deception
By Sam Hamod

Most Arab and Muslims regimes have tried to continue believing in America, but many must consider by now that they have been duped--that America has no ally in the world except Israel

America's Nightmare:Is Iraq The New Vietnam?
By Gwynne Dyer

Come election time, Bush may have to justify the continuing deaths of US troops, writes Gwynne Dyer.

19 June, 2003

Just Another Day In Baghdad
By Rory McCarthy in Baghdad

The demonstrating Iraqis have no work, no money and are desperate. Two are shot dead. Nearby, an American soldier guarding a gas station is casually killed

From Liberation to Counter-Insurgency in
Less Than 80 Days

By Jim Lobe

U.S. Central Command in Baghdad has unleashed a new campaign with a far more ominous name. ''Operation Desert Scorpion'' is designed, in the equally ominous words of Monday's 'Wall Street Journal', ''to avoid a prolonged guerrilla campaign''

Indonesian Army involved in Aceh atrocities
By Jo Mazzocchi

William Nessen, who previously travelled with the rebel forces, is the only journalist who remains working within the rebel-held regions of Aceh, and he claims that unarmed civilians are being targeted by the Indonesian Army even after they've surrendered

What Is Happening in America?
By Eliot Weinberger

This article, one of the best short analyses of the Bush administration's policies, was published by "Vorwarts," Germany

18 June, 2003

Whose Security?
By Jonathan Cook

The real meaning of the road map- "that a solution to the conflict can be found in the Palestinians realising Israel's national ambitions rather than their own, far more limited, ones. Palestinians must once again be made to enforce the occupation on Israel's behalf. "

Kashmiri Students In India Face Discrimination
By Rama Lakshmi

Scores of Muslim students, traders and professionals who quit violence-wracked Kashmir for other parts of India in search of education and job opportunities face increased harassment and discrimination

PUCL-Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (VSA) Withdraw
From The Nanavati-Shah Commission Hearings

PUCL- VSA submitted an affidavit stating that, in view of their lack of faith in the inquiry proceedings, they will not participate in them further

Still Debating? 1,800 Indians Already There
By V K Shashikumar

Indians may be busy debating whether to commit troops to Iraq but what’s not known to many is that 1,800 of their countrymen are already engaged in supporting US military operations against remnants of the ousted Saddam regime

17 June, 2003

Sri Lanka's End Game

The peace carnival in Srilanka is now all but over

Girls In The war
By Manjushree Thapa

A visit to the hill districts of Dailekh, Kalikot and Jumla in west Nepal in February 2003, three weeks after the declaration of the ceasefire between government and Maoist forces, reveals that the much-touted female involvement in the Maoist movement is ethically problematic for the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (CPN-M)

Political Game Against Dalits
By Dr. Bizay Sonkar Shastri And Suresh Varghese

An interview with Dr. Bizay Sonkar Shastri, Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Border Crossing Blues
By Raphael Cohen

Writing from Rafah-Egyptian border

We Can seize The Day
By George Monbiot

Economic globalisation has made us stronger than ever before, just as the existing instruments of global control have become weaker than ever before

Pentagon Moving Swiftly to Become 'GloboCop'
By Jim Lobe

The Pentagon is moving at seemingly breakneck speed to re-deploy U.S. forces and equipment around the world in ways that will permit Washington to play ''GloboCop''

16 June, 2003

US Accused Of Stirring Up Student Protests In Iran
By Justin Huggler

Iran accused America of meddling in its internal affairs and deliberately stirring up the protests

Orwell and Me
By Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood cried her eyes out when she first read Animal Farm at the age of nine. Later, its author became a major influence on her writing. As the centenary of George Orwell's birth approaches, she says he would have plenty to say about the post-9/11 world

Sikh Civil Wars
By S P Singh

Casteism claims Sikhism. The long and invisible battle between Punjab’s Dalits and Jats is out on the streets

US Support In Iraq Fades After Raids
By Ellen Barry and Bryan Bender

How One Iraqi's Lifelong Love for America Shattered

Archaeology Of The Roadmap
By Edward Said

"That Ariel Sharon has accepted the roadmap (with enough reservations to undercut his acceptance) seems to augur well for a viable Palestinian state."