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15 October, 2003

Environmental Refugees
By Andrew Simms

Global warming could create 150 million environmental refugees - but the countries responsible are in no hurry to carry their share of the costs

Sharon Stirs Up Conflict In Pursuit Of
Greater Israel Policy

By Jean Shaoul

Israel has taken an unprecedented series of measures aimed at heightening tensions with its neighbours, Syria and Lebanon, provoking a conflict that can be used as a pretext to launch a supposedly defensive campaign as a cover for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s expansionist policy

Witnessing The Rafah Atrocity
By Laura Gordon

Eyewitness account of the invasion of Rafah

IMF Confidential
By Greg Palast

To reduce its deficit per IMF decree, Argentina had cut $3 billion from government spending-a cut that was necessary, the authors note here, to "accomodat[e] the increase in interest obligations." The Secret Documents the Masters of the Universe Would Rather You Not See

14 October, 2003

Inside The Iraqi Resistance
By Zaki Chehab

Popular anger is forging an alliance between diverse strands of Iraq's guerrilla movement

Rafah: New Nakba, More Refugees

Nine Palestinians were killed, including two children and two teenagers, and about 80 injured, leaving 2000 homeless during the Israeli raid on Rafah refugee camp that began on Thursday night, October 9

Human Shield
By Uri Avnery

A personal account from Gush Shalom activist Uri Avnery who is in the courtyard of Arafat's Mukat'ah (compound) in Ramallah as a human shield

Being A Eunuch
By Siddarth Narrain

The eunuchs of India constitute a much-misunderstood community; they are often denied humane treatment by the state machinery and are deprived of the rights that other citizens enjoy

13 October, 2003

Anxious Time Ahead For World Economy
By Nick Beams

The annual report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) issued in Geneva earlier this month pointed to an “anxious time for the global economy.”

Iraq's Hidden War
By Rory McCarthy

Almost every day brings news of another US death in Iraq, but we hear almost nothing of the hundreds - maybe thousands - wounded by Saddam loyalists. In a rare visit to an army hospital, Rory McCarthy glimpses the victims of a hidden war

US Soldiers Bulldoze Farmers' Crops
By Patrick Cockburn

Americans soldiers are resorting to brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops

Dominance And Its Dilemmas
By Noam Chomsky

Violence is a powerful instrument of control, as history demonstrates. But the dilemmas of dominance are not slight

Downsizing American Imperialism
By Richard Gwyn

As most people around the world are uneasy at, or are enraged by, American power, so are most Americans

Muslims In The Forces
By A.G. Noorani

Even over half a century after Partition, communal prejudice continues to blight Muslims hopes of economic advancement in India

12 October, 2003

Stalking Syria
By Christopher Kremmer

Cornered and up against clever enemies, Syria is running out of luck. Israel's air strike is just the beginning of the torment

Why Women Turn To Suicide Bombing
By Kevin Toolis

As the honour codes that bound Palestinian familes unravel, Islamic Jihad has stepped up its recruitment of women. A report on the cycle of slaughter that drove an ambitious female lawyer to become a human bomb

The War on Human Rights in Colombia
By Philip Cryan

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez's accusation that human rights organizations are "serving terrorism" would be understood by right-wing paramilitaries as a green light to execute human rights defenders

Misquoting To Save Advaniji
By Manoj Mitta

Anju Gupta was in charge of Advani’s security on the day Babri Masjid fell. Her testimony is the most damning against him. And yet, Rae Bareli magistrate quotes her to discharge Advani

10 October, 2003

Iraq, Six Months On

A survey of the good, the bad and the uncertain

No Money, No Play:US On The Brink In Iraq
By Herbert Docena

The US is now forced to turn to the creditor countries, including war opponents France and Germany, and international financial institutions because it has nowhere else to go

09 October, 2003

Turkish Troops In Iraq:
Recipe For A Civil War
By Pepe Escobar

If the Turks are allowed to go mobile in Iraq, nothing could prevent Iranians from doing the same in the Shi'ite-dominated south. This would be the recipe for a sectarian civil war

Slow Motion Ethnic Cleansing
By Uri Avnery

"But there are other ways to implement ethnic cleansing: not dramatically, but slowly, daily, even routinely. Like, for example, what's happening now in Bethlehem."

Israel's Date With A Runaway Freight Train
By Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah

The Haifa attacker was a young woman training to become a lawyer. Why would a person who ought to have had everything to live for choose, instead, to end her life in such a cruel and devastating manner? As we learned about her victims, we also learned that she too was a victim

Dalit Killed For Attempting Puja
By Alok Chamaria

A Dalit of Bahera village under the Karam Chat police
station of Kaimur district was killed on Saturday evening when Dalits of the village tried to offer prayers and prasad to Goddess Durga, defying the long-standing ban imposed on them by upper caste villagers

Ayodhya's Voice
By Asghar Ali Engineer

"Hindu-Muslim unity is more important than the temple" This is the voice from Ayodhya

08 October, 2003

Is The US Plotting To Murder
Venezuela’s President?

By Bill Vann

There is no reason to doubt that elements within the Bush administration have ordered plans drawn up for the realization of “regime change” in Venezuela by means of assassination

Al-Sayafa: A Case Study In Dispossession
By Jacob Pace

Al-Sayafa was home to a successful agricultural development project during the Egyptian occupation of Gaza from 1948-1967. The land now is dry and bare and a fence cut across the land

Israel's Proxy War?
By William Bowles

Israel’s attack on Syria this past weekend revives an aspect of the Cold War period.War by proxy – a tactic used so effectively by the US in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Angola and elsewhere in the 1970s and 1980s

Over 1,500 Violent Civilian Deaths
In Occupied Baghdad

From April 14th to 31st August, 2,846 violent deaths were recorded by the Baghdad city morgue. When corrected for pre-war death rates in the city a total of at least 1,519 excess violent deaths in Baghdad emerges from reports based on the morgue's records

Right To Education: China Fails
To Make The Grade

UN Special Rapporteur Katarina Tomasevski's two week visit of china destroyed every myth about China's upholding of the right to education. It was failing to provide education to children of migrant workers, barred children from receiving religious education, and covered only 53 percent of school funding

Marad Settlement Mocks The Justice System
By The Moderator, India Thinkers Net

The youth of Kerala can now be assured that being a goonda,preferably a communal goonda or terrorist is much more worthwhile than being a model citizen. If one gets injured or killed in a clash , there will be 'state insurance' for huge amounts plus government jobs

History At The Madrasas
By Nita Kumar

If our aim is to have a successful teaching of secular and nationalist history, the madrasas are not the main defaulters at all. Insofar as they offer free or subsidised teaching to children, try to preserve a continuity between home and school and invest in most of the paraphernalia of modern schooling, they are indeed institutions to be emulated

07 October, 2003

A Lethal Step Towards War
By Robert Fisk

US gave Israel greenlight for attack on Syria

Will Syria Reply Via Lebanon?
By Nicholas Blanford

The Lebanese-Israeli border, the traditional venue for Syria to settle scores with its arch enemy, was bracing yesterday for a possible flare-up of violence after Israeli jets bombed a Palestinian camp in Syria

One Afghan Woman's 'Liberation'
By Yola Monakhov

The Taliban's fall was supposed to bring freedom for women. But for many, life is still a misery - and for one, jail is the safest place to be

Action Alert
Maharashtra Government Destroys
Tribal Homes

Hunger strike of adivasis at Rahata Tahasil office, Maharashtra

Historical Pedagogy Of The Sangh Parivar
By Tanika Sarkar

The urgency of building up counters to the Sangh entails the construction of alternative histories that the Sangh cannot accommodate, that provide the vital lie to the Sangh’s monochromatic narrative of Hindu community and its others

06 October, 2003

Seven Awkward Questions To George Bush
By Michael Moore

By Michael Moore fired his opening salvo against George Bush and his rightwing cronies with his bestseller Stupid White Men. Now the president is in his sights again. In this second extract from his new book "Dude, Where's My Country?" he asks his old enemy seven awkward questions

WMD Report: More Proof Iraq War Was
Based On Lies

By Bill Vann

The interim report delivered by Washington’s handpicked chief weapons inspector has confirmed yet again that the Bush administration’s war against Iraq was an unprovoked act of aggression that was based on lies

The South Indian Adivasi Experience
By CK Janu

Speech delivered at the fifth World Parks Congress, Durban

04 October, 2003

Peak Oil A Reality
By Charles Arthur

World oil and gas supplies are heading for a "production crunch" sometime between 2010 and 2020 when they cannot meet supply, because global reserves are 80 per cent smaller than had been thought, new forecasts suggest

Democracy And Its Global Roots
By Amartya Sen

Why democratization is not the same as westernization

The Riot Economy:The Ganj Basoda Case

The riots erupted on the 14th of January, 2003 in Ganj Basoda, a small town of Madhya Pradesh was attributed to the slaughter of a cow. This article following the incident and its surroundings inverts this modality to argue that the alleged ‘cow-slaughter’, far from being a reason of the riots could only have been a necessary appendage of the economy of the riot itself

02 October, 2003

The Wall Grows
By Justin Huggler

The Israeli Cabinet voted yesterday to go ahead with a particularly controversial section of its "security fence", which Palestinians call Israel's Berlin Wall. The Cabinet approved a new stretch of the fence east of the Jewish settlements of Ariel and Kedumim deep inside the West Bank

Defending Palestinian Homes:
Tears Amid The Rubble

By Kathy and Bill Christison

Eye witness account of a house demolition in the Jerusalem suburb of Shuafat

Noam Chomsky Interviewed

A Kurdish and an Estonian newspaper Interviews Chomsky

Oil, War And A Growing Sense Of Panic In The US
By Robert Fisk

The USA occupied Iraq but it can't make the oil flow. The cost of making it flow could produce an economic crisis in the US. And it is this - rather than the daily killing of young American soldiers - that lies behind the Bush administration's growing panic

01 October, 2003

The Changing Face of Occupation
By Eman Ahmed Khammas

Baghdad today is another city. Everything has changed - the most significant change is on Iraqi faces that articulate mounting bewilderment and shock. Occupation Watch's Eman Ahmed Khammas on the First Six Months of the Occupation

Veiled And Worried in Baghdad
By Lauren Sandler

A single word is on the tight, pencil-lined lips of women here. The word is "himaya," or security. Women fear the abduction, rape and murder that have become rampant here since Saddam's regime fell

Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain
By Dr Barnita Bagchi

The life and work of multifaceted South Asian Bengali feminist Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain provides inspiration and a rich source of insight

Fascism - The Emerging Threat To Indigenous People
By Goldy M. George

Expansion of fascism is disintegrating the Dalit-Adivasi ideology, theology, and identity and intimidated their very existence. This ruptures the community, deteriorates the noble notions of sharing, caring and co-operation