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31 August, 2006

Israel Targeted Farms And Homes
By Simon Assaf

An early survey of the destruction in Lebanon shows that Israel deliberately attempted to destroy the Lebanese economy during the month-long war - targeting farms, hospitals and generators

In Lebanon, France Converging
To Pre-mandate Policy

By Nicola Nasser

In a pattern that reminds of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, France seems converging to a role that belongs to its previous colonial era in Lebanon and Syria

Hurtling Towards The Next Intifada
An Interview with Jonathan Cook

Sooner or later they will find a way to fight back, even from behind their walls. My guess is that the next intifada will be called the Qassam intifada after the homemade rockets Palestinians fire out the Gaza Strip to try to hit Israeli communities. We are going to see more of that kind of resistance

Murder On Rucarb Street
By Eliza Ernshire

Palestine has been so reduced and so humiliated that it is now a country where the Occupying force can walk into a main city on nightfall, can walk down the main street of that city and kill a man and then walk away again as if that is a damn right of theirs and no one is going to blink an eye at it

US Military Escalates Confrontation
With Shiite Militia In Iraq

By Peter Symonds

Two days of fierce fighting in the Iraqi city of Diwaniyah is one more sign that the US military is preparing for a bloody showdown with the militia forces of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. The target of any new offensive will be not just Sadr’s Mahdi Army, but the Shiite urban poor who are overwhelmingly hostile to the US occupation

CNN's Vice President Of Racism
By Stephen Lendman

Why does CNN put up with the kind of demeaning and racist programming Lou Dobbs specializes in? Simple, because it draws large audiences meaning CNN can charge premium rates to corporate advertisers that want their message heard on highly rated programs

The Best War Ever
By Kevin Zeese & Sheldon Rampton

Interview with Sheldon Rampton: “Lies got us into this war. Only the truth will get us out.”

Letter From Australia
By Ghali Hassan

It is getting harder to describe Australia in terms of an independent, democratic and morally responsible nation. Australia has moved from a forward looking to a backward sliding society. Many people, including many Australians are regarding this shift in direction as morally reprehensible

Song For The Nation - Vande Matram Controversy
By Ram Puniyani

After Arjun Singh, MHRD Minister clarified that singing of the (August 2006) of Vande Matram is voluntary, on 7th September, the supposed centenary year of this song, BJP went hammer and tongs blaming Congress for this 'appeasement' of minorities

Naguib Mahfouz Is No More
By Jeff Black

Egypt paid tribute yesterday to Naguib Mahfouz, father figure of Arabic literature, who died in Cairo aged 94

30 August, 2006

Violence Rocks Balochistan
By Nirupama Subramanian

At least four persons were killed in a bomb blast as violence rocked the Balochistan province of Pakistan for the third straight day on Tuesday after funeral prayers for the slain Jahmoori Watan Party (JWP) leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

The Balochistan Cause Gets A Martyr
By Nirupama Subramanian

The killing of Akbar Khan Bugti has angered Balochistan. It has also sent shock waves through political circles in Pakistan. A former military intelligence chief has sounded an early warning that Bugti dead is more dangerous for Pakistan than Bugti alive

The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'
By Eric S. Margolis

The latest big lie unveiled by Washington’s neoconservatives are the poisonous terms, `Islamo-Fascists’ and `Islamic Fascists. They are the new, hot buzzwords among America’s far right and Christian fundamentalists

Return Of People Power
By John Pilger

There is no difference in principle between the people's movement that saw off the Israeli invaders and the stirring of people everywhere as they become aware of the real meaning of the ambitions and hypocrisy of Bush and his vassal, who want us to be ever fearful of and cowed by "terrorism" when, in truth, the greatest terrorists of all are them

The Day After: A Reading Into
The Post-Lebanon War

By Ramzy Baroud

The stratagem that was meant to crush any meaningful nationalistic project and secure the US and Israel’s economic and strategic dominance in the region, received another major blow in Lebanon

Collapse Of Greenland Ice Shield - Consequences
By Dr John James

The latest US Navy survey suggests there will be no sea ice left in the Arctic summer by 2016. Is this the date we have to look forward to?

Courage And Resistance In Oaxaca And Mexico City
By Stephen Lendman

It began on May 15 this year when teachers belonging to the 70,000 strong National Union of Education Workers in Oaxaca, Mexico took to the streets for the first time to press their demands to the state government to address their long-neglected needs

Remember Katrina By Voting For Peace
By Rev. Yearwood

Bring our troops and resources home to the Gulf Coast

Egypt: A Social And Political Tinderbox
By Jean Shaoul

Last week’s collision between two trains on a busy route packed with workers travelling into Cairo for work from the poorer northern outskirts of the city has exposed the social and political relations within Egypt today

Orphans In Doda: Hapless Victims
Of An Endless Conflict

By Yoginder Sikand

No one seems to be in a position to offer even a rough estimate of the total number of orphans in Doda. The largest district in Jammu and Kashmir after Ladakh in terms of area, Doda has been racked by seemingly endless violence in the last fifteen years

28 August, 2006

Remembering Katrina And The Need
For Climate Justice

By William Hughes

Nearly one year after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the Bush-Cheney Gang has done little, on the issue of global warming, to prevent another devastating disaster

Tearing Down The Master's House
By Adam Engel

An Interview With Derrick Jensen, author of End Game

An Environmental Disaster
Emerges On Lebanon Coast

By Christopher Allbritton

The sand along the public beach in south Beirut is blackened and stained. The sea, normally a rich azure, is a noxious yellowish green. The water reeks of petroleum. All the fish are dead; there is not a single bird in the sky. These are the scars of the Lebanese oil spill, triggered July 15 when Israeli jets bombed the power station at Jiyeh, 18 miles south of Beirut

Cuba Under Castro
By Stephen Lendman

The US may be planning to return the Cuban state to its ugly past, but the best guess ventured here is it won't happen because Cubans won't allow it to

"Every Generation Of Arabs Hates
Israel More Than The Last"

By Uri Avnery

In his latest speech, which infuriated so many people, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uttered a sentence that deserves attention: "Every new Arab generation hates Israel more than the previous one." Of all that has been said about the Second Lebanon War, these are perhaps the most important words

US Spy Agencies Pressed For “Intelligence”
To Justify War Against Iran

By Bill Van Auken

With the clock ticking to an August 31 deadline set by the United Nations Security Council’s resolution demanding that Iran abandon its uranium enrichment program, a section of the American ruling establishment is pressing US intelligence agencies to produce “evidence” that Iran’s nuclear ambitions pose an imminent nuclear weapons threat

Camp Democracy Comes To Washington DC
By Kevin Zeese

Interview with David Swanson: “This is do-or-die time for the people of this country”

Intellectual Discourse In Pakistan:
An Indian Visitor's Perspective

By Yoginder Sikand

'What both India and Pakistan desperately need', a Lahori friend told me while talking about the state of intellectual discourse in our part of the world, 'are organically rooted public intellectuals that articulate the lived realities and concerns of the masses. Only then can the radical transformations that we desire ever come about'

25 August, 2006

'I Can't Go To Iraq. I Can't Kill Those Children'
By Cahal Milmo

Jason Chelsea,the 19-year-old infantryman, from Wigan had even told his parents that he had been warned by his commanders that he could be ordered to fire on child suicide bombers.It was a fear that he never confronted. Within 48 hours of confessing his concerns to his family, Pte Chelsea was dead after taking an overdose of painkillers and slashing his wrists

Amnesty International Details Israeli
War Crimes In Lebanon

By Peter Symonds

An Amnesty International (AI) report published on Tuesday provides a chilling account of the death and destruction inflicted on the civilian population of Lebanon by the Israeli military during its month-long, US-backed offensive

Castro's Health And US Meddling
By Mavis Anderson

Now is the time for all of us to work together to make our voices heard in Washington to ensure that the Bush administration respects Cuba's sovereignty and international law, and promotes peace by refraining from interference in Cuba's internal political process

Finally, Fired Up Over Global Warming
By Bill McKibben

You've seen or heard of Al Gore's movie. The pictures of Hurricane Katrina remain in the back of your mind. You've sweated through this record summer. You sense -- with just a bit of panic -- that there's really no problem more important in the long run than global warming. So what do you do?

Never In Hisitory Have So Many
Been Cowed By So Few

By David Truskoff

How can so few cower so many? One of the reasons is that a large portion of the American population still believes that God gave the Jews the land Of Israel. The other reason is that the guilt of the Christian church’s anti-Semitism of the twenties and thirties seems to be passed down generation to generation

A Little Poverty Never Hurt Anybody
By Jason Miller

A collective populist movement is slowly evolving. It is only a matter of time before humanity’s oppressed put aside their religious, racial, and nationalist differences to unite against their common enemy. When six billion people act in unison against a few million, there will indeed be a new world order

24 August, 2006

Hizbollah Reconstructs Lebanon
By Robert Fisk

Hizbollah has trumped both the UN army and the Lebanese government by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars - most of it almost certainly from Iran - into the wreckage of southern Lebanon and Beirut's destroyed southern suburbs

Political And Sexual Abuse
By Robert Rosenberg

There is almost nobody in the public arena right now who objects to the view that the last month of fighting against Hizbollah was interrupted and that sooner or later, whether next month or next year, another round will erupt

Stop The Cancer, End The Occupation
By Uri Avnery

But, thank goodness, there is another remedy. An amazingly simple one: to free ourselves from the occupation once and for all. To get out of the occupied territories in agreement and cooperation with the Palestinians. To make peace with the Palestinian people, so they can establish their independent state side by side with Israel

Untold Story Of The Massacre Of Marjayoun Leaves
Blame On Both Sides Of The Border

By Robert Fisk

There are those who break down when they recall the massacre at Joub Jannine - and there are the Israelis who gave permission to the refugees to leave Marjayoun, who specified what roads they should use, and who then attacked them with pilotless, missile-firing drone aircraft

US Administration Rejects Iran’s
Offer Of “Serious Negotiations”

By Peter Symonds

The Bush administration yesterday signalled its rejection of Iran’s offer of “serious negotiations,” setting the stage for punitive economic sanctions and an escalating confrontation with Tehran

23 August, 2006

Bush Ensured Iran Offer Would Be Rejected
By Gareth Porter

Even before Iran gave its formal counter-offer to ambassadors of the P5+1 countries (the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) Tuesday, the George W. Bush administration had already begun the process of organising sanctions against Iran

“We’re Not Leaving So Long
As I’m The President.”

By Patrick Martin

President Bush’s press conference Monday gave a glimpse of the deepening political crisis of the US administration over the failure of its policies in Iraq and the broader Middle East

Bush -- "Take Your Time"
By Ralph Nader

Since you view yourself as a reborn Christian, and since you have the power to stop the Israeli state terror assaults on Lebanon, you may wish to reflect on Leviticus 19:16 "Neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor." Lebanon was a friendly country to you and you have stood by not just idly, but willfully aiding and abetting its devastation

Alternatives To The Collapsed
WTO Doha Round Talks

By Stephen Lendman

Chavez and his allies know how important these alliances are, and if they can convince enough other nations to join with them their strength in combination may give them the power they need to challenge US dominance and end its bullying days forever. For now it's just a glorious dream. But isn't that the way all great social movements begin?

The Real Terrorism Plot
By Ramzy Baroud

Is it not rational to deduce that "mass murder" in the Middle East, happening at such an "unimaginable" scale, could lead to a culmination of bitterness, resentment, anger and radicalisation that would unavoidably yield terrorism?

The Murtha Model: How The Democratic Party
Misleads Antiwar Voters

By John A. Murphy

We all know how the antiwar movement fell silent in 2004 so as not to jeopardize the bloodthirsty campaign of John Kerry who promised to kill more Iraqis faster and cheaper than George Bush. Last week some of us experienced a similar phenomenon in Washington, DC and in other cities around the nation

Despite President’s Denials, Sri Lankan
Military Continues Offensive War

By Sarath Kumara

In a meeting on Monday with diplomats from the US, the European Union, Norway and Japan, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse denied that his government was waging war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

22 August, 2006

War In Sri Lanka Creates A Flood Of Refugees
By Nanda Wickramasinghe

Ongoing fighting initiated by the Sri Lankan military against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is creating a social catastrophe. More than 160,000 people have been displaced since the army launched what the Colombo government falsely described as a “limited, humanitarian operation” on July 26 to seize the Mavilaru irrigation sluice gate inside LTTE territory

Israeli Apartheid: The striking Parallels
To South Africa

By Bruce Dixon

Someday the sun will rise on a post-apartheid Jerusalem, one that belongs to all the people who live there of whatever origin. This is bound to happen because Palestinians as well as substantial numbers of Israeli Jews do and will continue to resist the regime. They will do what they can. What will we do?

"I Was a Propaganda Intern In Iraq"
By Willem Marx & Amy Goodman

"I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq" - Fmr. Lincoln Group Intern Describes Paying Iraqi Press to Plant Pro-American Articles Secretly Written by U.S. Military

Iran- Little Chance Of Nuclear Compromise
By Siddharth Varadarajan

Tehran will respond to the pending European package but is unlikely to suspend enrichment under pressure. What the world must realise is sanctions will take us further from and not closer to a peaceful solution

Democrats Stifle Antiwar Voices, Again
By Joshua Frank

The Democratic Party doesn’t allow dissent, and like the Republican Party, they are even willing to stifle democracy in order to ensure their ascendancy on Election Day. Here in New York the Democratic Party has willfully ignored Jonathan Tasini’s popular antiwar campaign against Hillary Clinton

UK Terror Scare: Airlines Threaten Legal
Action Against British Government

By Steve James

A bitter row has broken out between the government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and companies operating airports and airlines in the UK, following the officially driven hysteria over the alleged plot to blow up aircraft en route from Britain to the US

A Motorbike Trip To Little Tibet- Part II
By Ingmar Lee

The Indian military occupation is an insidious cultural, environmental and economic calamity of the worst order for the people of Ladakh and should be as widely condemned as the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the Pakistani occupation of the Karakoram

21 August, 2006

Lebanon Ceasefire Under Threat
By Eric Silver

A high-ranking UN official has warned that the week-old truce in Lebanon could soon collapse

After Lebanon, Israel Is Looking For More wars
By Jonathan Cook

The bloody nose Israel received in south Lebanon has not shaken its leaders’ confidence in their restless militarism. If anything, their humiliation has given them cause to pursue their adventures more vigorously in an attempt to reassert the myth of Israeli invincibility

Where Are The Achievements Of This War?
By Uri Avnery

With A few words, a Lebanese army officer destroyed, the day before yesterday, the illusion that Israel had achieved anything in this war

Lebanon-A Land Reduced To Rubble
By Robert Fisk

'These places now look like French villages did after German bombardment during the First World War'

Lebanon Oil Spill Spells Environmental Catastrophe
By Alice Gray

As if the murder of 1,300 civilians and the wide scale destruction of homes and property were not enough, Lebanon's population will suffer for years to come from the effects of the massive oil spill caused by an Israeli attack on the Jiyyeh power station on July 14th

Condy Is Absolutely Right !
It Is A 'New Middle East' ?

By Subhash Gatade

Condoleeza Rice, the foreign Secy of the Bush Administration would not have imagined in her wildest dreams that developments in mid-east would so truly vindicate her prophesies albeit with a minor change

Günter Grass And The Waffen SS
By Peter Schwarz

The confession by Germany’s most celebrated author, Günter Grass, that he served in a division of the Waffen SS as a 17-year-old at the end of war, and not, as previously claimed, in an anti-aircraft unit, has unleashed a torrent of grotesque accusations

Kevin Zeese: Attack On Iran May Lead To WWIII!
By William Hughes

“The dividing line between peace candidates and pro war candidates is no longer opposition to the Iraq War. It is whether they oppose the premeditated destruction of Lebanon and a military attack on Iran.”

19 August, 2006

Count The UN Security Council Among The losers
By Hasan Abu Nimah

The so-called "international community" provided cover for extending the war under the guise of prolonged negotiations at the UN, hoping that Israel would win a decisive victory. But what Israel failed to win on the battlefield, its friends helped to deliver in the UN resolution

Does Lebanon Have The Rigth To Defend Itself ?
By Farzana Hassan-Shahid

The question then which more appropriately needs to be asked is: Do Israel's neighbors have a right to defend themselves from Israeli aggression? Does Lebanon have the right to defend itself and why hasn't this right been acknowledged by the world community at large?

The Day After: How We Suffered A Knockout
By Reuven Pedatzur

Bint Jbail is a symbol of the second Lebanon war. For the Hezbollah fighters it will be their Stalingrad, and for us it will be a painful reminder of defeat

Don't Forget Gaza
By Khaled Amayreh

With the UN-sponsored ceasefire between Israel and Hizbullah going into effect, Palestinians are apprehensive that Israel might embark on a fresh rampage in Gaza in order to boost the morale of a conspicuously dispirited Israeli public

'Misunderestimating' Bush's Iraq
By Sami Moubayed

In July, the number of Iraqis killed in sectarian violence - and what else can one call it? - was a staggering 3,438 - two times the number of Lebanese civilians killed during the 30 days of daily air raids by Israel, and more than 100 deaths a day

Venezuela Leading The Race For The UN
Security Council Seat

By Stephen Lendman

In October, elections will take place for five non-permanent UN Security Council seats to be held in 2007. One of them will be for the Latin American seat now held by Argentina. The two leading regional contenders vying to fill the opening are Venezuela and Guatemala

The Real Threat We Face In Britain Is Blair
By John Pilger

If the alleged plot to attack airliners flying from London is true -- remember the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, and to the raid on a "terrorist cell" in east London

Be Skeptical ... Be Very Skeptical
By M K Bhadrakumar

But there is no way that India can hope to gain entry into the exclusive, charmed circle that comprises the US Central Intelligence Agency, Britain's MI6 and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence. The so-called Islamic terror network is the trinity's fabrication. It has become what would be known in intelligence parlance as an "asset" or an "instrument"

Rising Sea Levels Worry Floridians
By Mark Weisenmiller

A dramatic rise in sea levels predicted by researchers at a major U.S. government agency has renewed concerns among scientists and community planners about the fate of Florida's coastlines

Runaway Global Warming - Denial
By Bill Henderson

The scientific debate about human induced global warming is over but policy makers - let alone the happily shopping general public - still seem to not understand the scope of the impending tragedy

18 August, 2006

The Army Is Back, But Don't Expect It
To Disarm Hizbollah

By Robert Fisk

Most of the Hizbollah live in villages south of the Litani and several of their officers made it clear that they had told the Lebanese army not to search for weapons. So much for the disarmament of the Hizbollah south of the Litani river. And so much for President Bush's "war on terror" which the Israelis claim to be fighting on America's behalf

The Gaza "Disengagement" Plan
And West Bank "Expansion" Plan

By George Bisharat

Thus, the Gaza "disengagement" plan is also the Jerusalem and West Bank "expansion" plan. The number of Israelis settling in the West Bank this year exceeds the number withdrawn from Gaza

Refugees Flood Back To Devastated
Southern Lebanon

By Rick Kelly

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have returned to what is left of their homes in Lebanon in defiance of Israeli warnings and threats to stay away. Openly expressing their support for Hezbollah, residents have rushed to reclaim their land in a display of mass opposition to US-Israeli aggression

Wall Street Journal Rhapsodizes Over Sham
UN Resolution To End Lebanon War

By Stephen Lendman

On its editorial page the Wall Street Journal never fails to disappoint or miss an opportunity to misinform its readers. The August 16 article by the right wing Hoover Institution George Shultz Senior Fellow and former US State Department legal advisor in the 1980s Abraham Sofaer is just the latest example. The article is a typical Journal litany of propaganda, distortion, and deliberate misstatement of facts

‘Never Again’ Does Not Mean ‘An Eye For An Eye’
By Lucinda Marshall

As Jews we must rethink the meaning of Never Again and realize that it applies not only to our own religion but to all people, even those we see as enemies. We must finally accept that An Eye for an Eye has truly made us blind. Only then can we begin the long road to real peace and security in the Middle East

Why Do We Hate Them?
By Jason Miller

Islamophobia is a mental and spiritual affliction. And our Western ruling elites bear the responsibility for inflicting it upon the psyches of the masses

The Fog Of Wars
By Jeff Berg

Now following the logic that the greater our perceived interest in the outcome the greater our difficulty with a non-partisan interpretation of events it stands to reason then that the more major the conflict the more intense the fog. Its effect becoming most pronounced when the conflict is classified by common consensus of the intelligentsia to be a “clash of civilizations” or a World War

US Suffers World's First Climate Change Exodus
By Jitendra Joshi

The first mass exodus of people fleeing the disastrous effects of climate change is not happening in low-lying Pacific islands but in the world's richest country.A quarter of a million people who fled the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina a year ago must now be classed as "refugees"

Muslim Leaders Begin To Doubt The Plot
By Sanjay Suri

Many Muslims in Britain are beginning to doubt the alleged plot to blow up aircraft flying to the United States from Britain

Islam And Indian Nationalism
By Yoginder Sikand

The claim that Muslims cannot be loyal citizens of India because of their faith, articulated in different ways by both Hindutva and radical Islamist ideologues, has been stoutly refuted by a major section of the Indian ulama or Muslim clerics. In fact, numerous ulama, particularly those associated with the Deoband madrasa, played a major role in the Indian freedom movement

17 August, 2006

Lebanon Death Toll Hits 1,300
By Robert Fisk

They are digging them up by the hour, the swelling death toll of the Lebanon conflict. By last night, they had found 61 more bodies, taking the Lebanese dead of the 33-day war to almost 1,300

The Thirty Three Day War-
From Mania To Depression

By Uri Avnery

In Israel, there is now a general atmosphere of disappointment and despondency. From mania to depression. It's not only that the politicians and the generals are firing accusations at each other, as we foresaw, but the general public is also voicing criticism from every possible angle

Palestinian Self-Defeating Unilateralism
By Nicola Nasser

With the Palestinian – Israeli peace process dormant, deadlocked and declared “dead” and at least two thirds of the Palestinians living in exile hosted and influenced by regional powers, the Palestinian leadership is facing an overdue review of its self-defeating unilateral approach to change course towards a multilateral, or better a collective, Arab approach to resolving the conflict with Israel

Could Sanctions And Divestment
End The Occupation?

By Am Johal

As in the case of South Africa, individual consumers not wanting to associate with the regime forced major corporations to divest from the country from a moral position. As long as Hezbollah is well armed as a militia movement, the likelihood of building broad based Western support for sanctions and divestment against Israel will be much more difficult given the most recent conflict

Lebanon: A Critical Battle For New Middle East
By Ramzy Baroud

The war on Lebanon indeed is generating a new Middle East, but hardly the one the US and Israel have long fought for. Arabs, and for the first time in their recent history unreservedly speak of a real military victory

Is the Lebanon Invasion A Step Toward
A Regional War In the Middle East?

By Kevin Zeese

The dividing line between peace candidates and pro-war candidates is no longer opposition to the Iraq War – a view now held by large majorities of Americans. It is whether they oppose the pre-meditated destruction of Lebanon by Israel – with U.S. weapons, and oppose a first strike military attack on Iran.

Pipelines To 9/11
By Rudo de Ruijter

This research article is intended to reveal the facts that lead to the US invasion of Afghanistan and to reveal the logical place of the 9/11events in that context. It is not meant to offend anyone. Don't read it if you are pleased with the "official" version of our history

Contradictions, Anomalies, Questions
Mount In UK Terror Scare

By Julie Hyland

It is fair to surmise from the unusual length of the hearing and the limited extension of the warrants that the evidence presented by the authorities fell considerably short of constituting a hard and convincing case

A People’s Freedom
By Anthony Ravlich

The introduction of the ‘unspoken’ economic, social and cultural rights in New Zealand

India Drowning In Pesticides
By Vandana Shiva

The issue of toxics and poisons in our food system has once again moved to the contre of national concern. CSE's study on pesticides in Coke and Pepsi shows that three years after the Joint Parliamentary Committee, no action has been taken by the cola giants

16 August, 2006

Iraq:To Many, Lebanon Appears As A Mirror Image
By Brian Conley & Isam Rasheed

Iraqis are beginning to see striking similarities between Lebanese civilians and their own position three years ago. Talk on the streets of Baghdad is taking a tone of oneness with the Lebanese

In The Face Of Bush's Lies, It's Left To
Assad To Tell The Truth

By Robert Fisk

The fact that Syria could bellow about the "achievements" of Hizbollah while avoiding the destruction of a blade of grass inside Syria suggests a cynicism that has yet to be grasped inside the Arab world. But for now, Syria has won

Lebanese Deaths, And Israeli War Crimes,
Kept Off The Balance Sheet

By Jonathan Cook

This urgent moral case is being quietly overlooked in favour of the material damages story, and for reasons not hard to discern. Because if we concentrated on the tally of war crimes, Israel would come out the undoubted winner in both Lebanon and Gaza

Lebanon: 'Peace’ Plan A 'Green Light’ For War
By Doug Lorimer

There is no timetable set out for this to happen — leaving the way open for Israel to continue its war on Lebanon under the guise of “defensive” military operations

When Demons And Criminals Rule Our World
By Habib Siddiqui

Through the invasion of Lebanon, Israeli warlords have shown that their hatred of Arabs is more than their love for their own children. The sheer brazenness of this operation and the American complicity to let this mayhem continue shows that the axis of evil seems to run through the administrative centers of the USA to Israel via UK

Bush & Co.: Desperate Desperados
By Bernard Weiner

Let's go behind the news and try to figure out what the Bushevik reactions to Lamont's victory and the liquid-bomb terror plot tell us about the current political situation in the U.S

The Persistence Of Fascism
By Ghali Hassan

Common in today’s parlance is that Fascism ended with the end of World War II (WW II). The reality is that Fascism did not end, but it was replaced by another variant of Fascism; one that is much more powerful and violent. Fascism violence and racial philosophy remain unaffected and were put into practice elsewhere against different nations

How Did We Let This Happen?
By David Truskoff

How did we let this happen? What was it Eugene O’Niel said, There is no tomorrow or today, just yesterday, again and again and now

The US Media And The London Terror Scare
By David Walsh

Since August 10, when British authorities arrested two dozen individuals in connection with an alleged plot to blow up a number of airplanes over the Atlantic Ocean, the American mass media has worked ceaselessly to create a climate of fear

India's Tryst With Secular Democracy
By Ram Puniyani

This 15th August, India completed 59 years of its independence. Today where do we stand in our resolve to have a secular democratic India? It is a tragedy that conditions have so shaped during last couple of decades that one is forced to think about the very future of the democratic foundation of the country

15 August, 2006

Israel's Verdict: We Lost The War
By Donald Macintyre

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, was obliged to admit "shortcomings" in the 34-day-old conflict in Lebanon yesterday as he launched what may prove a protracted fight for his own political survival

Desert Of Trapped Corpses Testifies
To Israel's Failure

By Robert Fisk

They made a desert and called it peace. Srifa - or what was once the village of Srifa - is a place of pancaked homes, blasted walls, rubble, starving cats and trapped corpses. But it is also a place of victory for the Hizbollah, whose fighters walked amid the destruction yesterday with the air of conquering heroes. So who is to blame for this desert?

America's One-Eyed View Of War:
Stars, Stripes, And The Star Of David

By Andrew Gumbel

There are two sides to every conflict - unless you rely on the US media for information about the battle in Lebanon. Viewers have been fed a diet of partisan coverage which treats Israel as the good guys and their Hizbollah enemy as the incarnation of evil

What The Hell Has Happened
To The Israeli Army?

By Uri Avnery

Before the choir of generals utters their expected cries of being stabbed in the back--"The government has shackled our hands! The politicians did not allow the army to win! The political leadership is to blame for everything!"--it is worthwhile to examine this war from a professional military point of view

Mad Dog On A Leash
By Sheila Samples

Edward Said pleaded with the American people to speak out before it's too late. "Who knows what more evil will be done in the name of Good?" Said asked. "Every one of us must raise our voices, and march in protest, now and again and again"

India- The Burning Train
By Satya Sagar

It may well be time for all of us to jump off this burning train and help derail it. It is an act of resistance that may launch yet another battle for Indian Independence- this time from our own home grown Colonial State

Ehren Watada
By Dahr Jamail

Lt. Ehren Watada, for those who don't already know, became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the unlawful war and occupation in Iraq. While doing this on June 22, 2006, Watada said, "As the order to take part in an illegal act is ultimately unlawful as well, I must refuse that order."Here is a speach he gave at the Veterans for Peace National Convention

The Politics Of The Latest Terror Scare
By Barry Grey

Why was the Bush administration so insistent that the alleged plot be exposed last Thursday? The answer has nothing to do with security considerations. It has, rather, to do with the machinations of the clique of political gangsters—Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, among others—who run the US government

Mexican Electoral Fraud Wins Round One -
Round Two Now Begins

By Stephen Lendman

It was no surprise on Sunday that the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) ruled its partial recount of about 9% of the ballots cast in the disputed presidential election held on July 2 showed ruling National Action Party (PAN) candidate still the winner. In doing so, the IFE ignored the clear evidence of election irregularities and blatant fraud uncovered by losing Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

The Moment Of Confrontation
By Dan Lieberman

Somewhere in the history of Israel, there occurred a moment of confrontation that could not be resolved. Hezbollah is not a result of this moment, but the unresolved situation has fueled Hezbollah’s anger and paved the road to the war between Israel and Lebanon

Sri Lankan Air Force Bombing Kills
Scores Of Students

By Sarath Kumara

Amid escalating fighting between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Sri Lankan air force bombed a school compound in the LTTE-held Mullaittivu district yesterday, killing 61 students and injuring more than 100

'Karmayogi' Golwalkar Guruji-
Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

By Subhash Gatade

As part of the grand birthday centenary celebrations of the second Supremo of RSS, Madhav Sadhashiv Golwalkar the Sangh Parivar is organising number of programmes intended to sanitise the man including a film directed by Nitish Bhardwaj,( of ‘Mahabharat’ fame)

14 August, 2006

As The 6am Ceasefire Takes Effect...
The Real War Begins

By Robert Fisk

The real war in Lebanon begins today. The Israeli army, reeling under the Hizbollah's onslaught of the past 24 hours, is now facing the harshest guerrilla war in its history. And it is a war they may well lose

Bush 'Viewed War In Lebanon As A
Curtain-Raiser For Attack On Iran'

By Andrew Buncombe

The Bush administration was informed in advance and gave the "green light" to Israel's military strikes against Hizbollah ­ with plans drawn up months before two Israeli soldiers were seized ­it has been claimed. The US reportedly considered Israel's actions as a necessary prerequisite for a possible strike against Iran

Washington’s Interests In Israel’s War
By Seymour M Hersh

The Bush Administration, however, was closely involved in the planning of Israel’s retaliatory attacks. President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney were convinced, current and former intelligence and diplomatic officials told me, that a successful Israeli Air Force bombing campaign against Hezbollah’s heavily fortified underground-missile and command-and-control complexes in Lebanon could ease Israel’s security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a potential American preëmptive attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear installations, some of which are also buried deep underground

Sham UN Resolution Guarantees No End
To Israel's War Of Illegal Aggression

By Stephen Lendman

UN Resolution 1701 is little more than an outrageous and illegal expression of victor's justice. It allows Israel the right to resume hostilities any time it wishes and for any reason so long as the Israelis claim an imminent threat exists regardless of whether or not it's true

Tea And Rockets: Café Society, Beirut-Style
By Robert Fisk

Too many journos are wearing flak jackets and helmets, little spacemen who want to show they are "in combat" on television. I notice how their drivers and interpreters are usually not given flak jackets. These are reserved for us, the Westerners, the Protected Ones, Those Who Must Live

Venezuela’s Revolution Of Hope
By Joshua Frank, Kim Peterson & Sunil K. Sharma

We were fast waking up to something we hadn’t felt before as we battled Bush day in and day out in North America: revolutionary hope, Bolivarian style. And we hadn’t even had our first sips of Venezuelan coffee yet

Terror Nation: Lies, Injustice,
And The American Empire’s Way

By Jason Miller

We live in a fascist state that inflicts terror on billions of human beings. Terror Nation….Notes from the Perimeter, the latest book by Mike Palecek, offers us a glimpse of the future potentially awaiting those of us in the United States who pose a threat to corporate and plutocratic hegemony

Penis Politics
By Lucinda Marshall

In Israel, in Iran, in Afghanistan, when women speak out about the global ramifications (word used intentionally) of penis politics, they are screamed at, shot at, arrested. But this is a truth that must be spoken and we dare not be silent

After Heathrow: What Accounts
For The Threat Of Terrorism?

By Chris Marsden & Julie Hyland

There is still little substantive information on the alleged plot to explode transatlantic flights from Britain to the US in mid-air. To date, the British government has provided no facts to substantiate its claims of a conspiracy to commit mass murder in the air

How London's Terror Scare Looks From Beirut
By Robert Fisk

I think Paul Stephenson huffs and he puffs but I do not think he stands for law and order. He works for the Ministry of Fear which, by its very nature, is not interested in motives or injustice. And I have to say, watching his performance before the next power cut last night, I thought he was doing a pretty good job for his masters

War Spreads To The North Of Sri Lanka
By Sarath Kumara

Fighting between the Sri Lankan military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) intensified and expanded over the weekend to the northern Jaffna peninsula, claiming as many as 200 lives. While neither side has formally withdrawn from the 2002 ceasefire, the agreement is effectively a dead letter. The island is rapidly sliding back into full-scale civil war

11 August, 2006

End This Tragedy Now !
By Fouad Siniora

We in Lebanon call upon the international community and citizens everywhere to support my country's sovereignty and end this folly now. We also insist that Israel be made to respect international humanitarian law, including the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, which it has repeatedly and willfully violated

Hizbollah's Iron Discipline Is
Watch For Military Machine

By Robert Fisk

Hizbollah is a different enemy, one which turns the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert's, claims that he is pursuing the same "war on terror" as George Bush into dust. The Hizbollah is officered by men who spent 18 years fighting Israeli occupiers, and who learned the hard way that improved weaponry and iron discipline are more important than nationalist rhetoric

Who? Me?!
By Uri Avnery

WHO? ME? Now everybody already admits that something basic has gone wrong in this war. The proof: the War of the Generals, that previously started only after the conclusion of a war, has now become public while the war is still going on.The Chief-of-Staff, Dan Halutz, has found the culprit: Udi Adam, the chief of the Northern Command

How I Found Myself With The "Islamic Fascists"
By Jonathan Cook

So I find myself standing with Bush’s “Islamic fascists” in the hope that -- just possibly -- my solidarity and that of others may dissipate the rage, may give it meaning and offer it another, better route to victory

Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its
International Law Violations

By Stephen Lendman

The prime motive of Israel's assault on Lebanon and invasion in the south is to seize, occupy and then annex the 20 mile stretch of territory into the country up to the Litani to be able to use for its own needs what now supplies a major portion of Lebanon's fresh water

Facing Reality In Derrick Jensen's "End Game"
By Adam Engel

Civilization, as we know it, is on its way to extinction. The signs are too apparent for the corporate media to hide any longer. Global warming, peak oil, these are realities that will reach a critical point, if they have not done so already, of no return

Greenland's Ice Cap Is Melting
At A Frighteningly Fast Rate

By David Perlman

The vast ice cap that covers Greenland nearly three miles thick is melting faster than ever before on record, and the pace is speeding year by year

Pornification Is A Disease And
We Have An Advanced Case

By Jason Miller

Obscenity Yields Obscene Profits And Capitalists Can’t Resist

Arrogance And Impunity - Coca-Cola In India
By Amit Srivastava

In what can only be characterized as arrogance and impunity, we are learning that Coca-Cola and Pepsi have continued to sell soft drinks in India with dangerously high levels of pesticides - three years after even the government of India confirmed that these products were dangerous

Class Warfare – Delivering A Rare
W For The Bush Team

By Robert S. Becker, Ph.D.

So, respect is due – in whatever skirmishes define class warfare, there’s hardly been a pitched battle – so Republicans (and operators like Karl Rove) should at least take credit for what they worked so hard to achieve: enrich the rich by soaking the middle class. Class warfare at its best!

Sri Lankan Government Intensifies Military
Offensive Against LTTE

By Sarath Kumara

Despite the opening of the Mavilaru irrigation sluice gate on Tuesday, the Sri Lankan military has intensified its offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the eastern province, making clear that the government has no intention of upholding the 2002 ceasefire

10 August, 2006

If Pressure Continues, Iran Can Change Mind On NPT
By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Siddharth Varadarajan
& John Cherian

"If they decide to use the instruments at their disposal to put pressure on us to limit our activities, and try to take away or deny what is rightfully ours, and to distort our rights, obviously we are going to change our mind" - An interview with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Lebanon War Resonates In Iraq
By Nicola Nasser

The Israeli war on Lebanon has shaken the sectarian pillar of the U.S.-Israeli regional plans, especially in the Iraqi launching pad of the U.S.-promoted “New Middle East”

Hypocrisy And The Clamor Against Hizbullah
By Jonathan Cook

Hizbullah’s strikes against civilians may be intentional or they may be the result of inaccurate guidance systems trying to hit military targets. Israel’s strikes against civilians are either intentional or the result of accurate guidance systems and very faulty, to the point of reckless, military intelligence

Destruction, Death, And Drastic Measures
By Dahr Jamail

"I never supported Hezbollah before," a young student at the American University of Beirut told me shortly after I arrived in the capital city. "But now they are defending us against Israel." His view of Hezbollah is quickly becoming the norm for hundreds of thousands of previously unsympathetic Lebanese as American-made Israeli bombs and missiles continue to rain down on the country

A Million Mutinies Now: It's Time To Say 'No!"
To The Bullies In The Middle East Playground

By Am Johal

The UN is desperately in need of a backbone. This is what our civilization has come to after all these years. The bureaucratic intransigence and diplomatic foot dragging of Western powers in their inability to call for a ceasefire when it matters, will no doubt have violent implications in the future

A Connecticut Donkey In King George's Court
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Congrats and thanks, Ned Lamont, for your wake up call to the Democratic Party, and for causing more sleepless nights for all those other minor and major Liebermans in the Senate

Lieberman’s Defeat And The State Of
American Politics

By Barry Grey

The response of Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and the Democratic Party leadership to Lieberman’s defeat in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election says a great deal about the politics of the Democratic Party and the state of American politics as a whole

Arctic Thawed In Prehistoric Global Warming
By Steve Connor

The last time massive amounts of greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere, the North Pole was an ice-free expanse of open ocean that was teeming with tropical organisms, a study has found

Teach The Girls To Swim
tsunami, survival and the gender dimension
By S Gautham

In Indonesia, in the four villages in the Aceh Besar province surveyed by Oxfam only 189 of 676 survivors were female. That is a ratio of 3:1. In the worst affected village, Kuala Cangkoy, for every male who died, there were four females. In Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, almost three times as many women were killed as men, with 391 female deaths, compared with 146 men. In Pachaankuppam village, every single person to die was a woman. Why does this happen?

Stop Harrassing The Innocents
An Appeal from All India Secular Forum

The Mumbai blasts shook the nation and killed over 200 innocent people. This act is highly condemnable and the perpetrators of this ghastly crime need to be punished with all severity. In the wake of horrific bomb blasts the police is blindly operating on the formula that all Muslims are suspects and has been arresting and harassing innumerable innocent Muslims

09 August, 2006

Lieberman Loses Battle Over War
By John Whitesides

Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman lost a Democratic Party showdown to a relative unknown on Tuesday, a casualty of voter anger over his support for the war in Iraq and President George W. Bush

Beware:Peace Voters Mean Business
By Linda Schade

For months, polls revealed increasing opposition to the US occupation of Iraq. Lamont’s victory shows clearly that Americans oppose the war and are willing to vote en mass against pro-war incumbents

Antiwar Challengers Across US
Get A Vote Of Confidence

By Susan Milligan

Upstart challenger Ned Lamont's win last night in Connecticut's Democratic Senate primary election against three-term incumbent Joseph I. Lieberman has given added momentum and confidence to antiwar candidates like Lamont across the nation, politicians who believe discontent over Iraq could be a deciding factor in their campaigns

The Failures Of The Antiwar Movement,
Summer ’06

By Joshua Frank

The only visible opposition to all this madness here in the US is Cindy Sheehan and her followers. If it wasn’t for her bravery and commitment it’s certain the antiwar movement would still be sitting here without a voice or a conscious. But for all the wonderful things Sheehan has done for us, I still don’t think she understands the importance of breaking with the Democratic Party -- the two-faced warmongers that they are

"Shallow Throat" On Nov. Vote:
It's Now Or Never

By Bernard Weiner

"Do you Democrats still have your death wish? Can't you see that this may be your last chance to take the country away from the extremists that have hijacked my party and to start moving America back to the rational center?"

What Do You Say To A Man Whose Family
Is Buried Under The Rubble?

By Robert Fisk

What do you say to a man whose family is buried under the rubble? The last corpse had been a man whose face appeared etched in dust before the muck was removed and he turned out to be paper-thin - so perfectly had the falling concrete crushed him

Israel's Promise Of Humanitarian
Corridors Is Exposed As A Sham

By Robert Fisk

So much for Ehud Olmert's "humanitarian corridors". Two weeks after the Israeli Prime Minister's comforting assertion - which no one in Lebanon believed - the Israeli air force has blown up the last bridge across the Litani river, in effect ending all humanitarian convoys between Beirut and southern Lebanon

Israeli War Crimes Aimed At
“Cleansing” South Lebanon

By Bill Van Auken

What the US-Israeli offensive aims to accomplish as its immediate goal is the thorough ethnic cleansing of southern Lebanon.This is a term that never appears in the mainstream media in relation to the present war in Lebanon

Extraordinary Precision: The Logic Of
Israel's War On Civilians

By Ramzy Baroud

The Israeli tactics are reaping a conflicting outcome, as both Hezbollah and Hamas are emerging more powerful than ever before, widely viewed as the only defenders of Lebanon and Palestine

"Positive Conditions" - The Water Crisis In Gaza
By Alice Gray

The political rhetoric and frequent violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often serve to mask underlying environmental issues which, if not resolved, may pose an even greater threat to the well-being of the Palestinian population than the guns and bombs of the military occupation

Kerala State Government Bans Coke, Pepsi
By Kerala News

The Kerala State government today banned the production and sale of soft drinks marketed by cola majors Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the state

A Disastrous Model
By Praful Bidwai

Those advocating armed attacks on Pakistan in response to the Mumbai bombings wish to emulate Israel's aggression. That is the worst model India could follow

08 August, 2006

The Theater Of War Moves To The UN
By Jonathan Cook

If there were any remaining illusions about the purpose of Israel’s war against Lebanon, the draft United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a “cessation of major hostilities” published at the weekend should finally dispel them

Crocodile Tears Of Leaders As City Burns
By Robert Fisk

It was preposterous, scandalous, shameful to listen to these robed apparatchiks - most of them are paid, armed or otherwise supported by the West - shed their crocodile tears before a nation on its knees

Behind Bush’s “Truce” Plan: The Drive
Towards A Wider Middle East War

By Bill Van Auken

US President George W. Bush on Monday declared his full support for a US-French United Nations resolution that dictates Israel’s terms to the Lebanese people while allowing the Israeli military to indefinitely continue its occupation and devastation of Lebanon

The Junkies Of War
By Uri Avnery

So we shall get to the Litani River. Beyond it, there is another river, and another one. Lebanon has an abundance of rivers we can get to.Perhaps it would be worthwhile for these two junkies, Olmert and Peretz, to come down from their "high" and study the map

Pornography Of Violence
By Mathew Maavak

As fighting intensifies in Lebanon, a concurrent battle for the global hearts and minds is being waged in any every possible fora, from the U.N. to the blogosphere

Collateral Damage Is Murder
By Michael Boldin

Collateral damage is nothing more than a euphemism for state-sponsored mass murder. It is the term given to people killed in military actions who were "not intentionally targeted." In reality, this is pure propaganda

Collapse Of Greenland Ice Shield - Consequences
By Dr John James

The Greenland glaciers that cover the island contain enough water to raise sea level twenty feet, or seven meters. The latest US Navy survey suggests there will be no sea ice left in the Arctic summer by 2016. Is this the date we have to look forward to?

What Is A Jew
By David Truskoff

Why is Senator Lieberan the hypocrite that he is, because he does not have the character or the moral strength that the polish workers had back in the thirties. He can not believe that the war in Iraq is good for America.He only believes what he is told to believe and that it is good for Israel. Therefore, he does not represent the people of the state of Connecticut. He represents the ,blind faith, right wing, Zionists of Israel

Democrats Running Scared... Again
By John A. Murphy

The Democratic Party in Pennsylvania is once again trembling in fear. The last time it suffered such a political panic attack was when it faced the prospect of having to run against Ralph Nader in 2004

Terrorism And Muslims!
By Ram Puniyani

Doctoring of Mass Consciousness in the era of US Oil Hunger

07 August, 2006
While The UN fiddles... The Middle East Burns

By Donald Macintyre , Eric Silver ,
Anne Penketh and Colin Brown

Israel suffered its worst casualties in its 26-day war on Hizbollah while United Nations negotiations for a ceasefire intensified. A direct hit by a Katyusha rocket killed 12 Israeli soldiers in the border kibbutz of Kfar Giladi yesterday while a barrage of rockets aimed at Israel's third city, Haifa, left three civilians dead and 150 wounded

This Draft Shows Who Is Running
America's Policy... Israel

By Robert Fisk

So the great and the good on the East River laboured at the United Nations Security Council - and brought forth a lemon. You could almost hear the Lebanese groan at this draft resolution, a document of such bias and mendacity that a close Lebanese friend read carefully through it yesterday, cursed and uttered the immortal question: "Don't these bastards learn anything from history?"

UN Resolution On Lebanon:Blueprint For
Intensified War And Colonial Occupation

By Bill Van Auken

The US-French resolution that is to be voted on by the United Nations Security Council early this week represents an imperialist diktat to the people of Lebanon and an attempt by Washington to legitimize and consummate the geo-strategic goals pursued in the last month of US-Israeli war of aggression

Slaughter In Qana
By Robert Fisk

Fifty-nine dead? Thirty-seven? Twenty-eight? An air strike this time, and the usual lies follow. Ten years ago, Hizbollah were "hiding" in the UN compound. Untrue. Now, we are supposed to believe that the dead of Qana - today's slaughter - were living in a house which was a storage base for Hizbollah missiles. Another lie

Hezbollah Rides A New Popularity
By Dahr Jamail

As the war in Lebanon approaches the one-month mark, and amid the destruction of much of Lebanon, Hezbollah appears to be gaining strength within the country and around the Arab world

Out To Lunch
By Remi Kanazi

The US media’s biased coverage of the crisis in Lebanon should come as no surprise. While the White House and Congress claim a “special relationship” with Israel, our news outlets are not supposed to have a “special relationship” with anyone. Their job is to fairly reports on matters; anything less is a disservice to those watching their news programs and reading their newspapers

Arrogance Of Power
By Dr. Bernard Sabella

Neither the horror of history nor the arrogance of power can justify Israel in what it is doing in both Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories

Israel Tightens The Siege Of Gaza
By Rick Kelly

While the world’s media has focused attention on Israel’s four-week offensive in Lebanon, a no less ferocious assault is also underway in Gaza. The Palestinian territory’s 1.4 million residents have been subjected to an unrelenting Israeli military offensive, as well as an air, land, and sea blockade which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe

Iraq:Shias Going Their Own Way
By Mohammed A. Salih

Amid failed moves for a peace deal between the government and insurgents through a national reconciliation plan, the Shia majority in Iraq are pushing ahead for creating a federal region for themselves in the southern part of Iraq

Converging Ecological Crises:
Are We Up To The Challenges?

By Dr. G.F. Hartman

There is a very substantial volume of highly credible writing, for anyone that wants to see it, that warns us that humankind has only a few decades left in which to ‘get it right’

Comments On Helen Caldicott's New Book:
Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer

By Stephen Lendman

In her new book, Dr. Caldicott makes her convincing case in 10 chapters, each one covering a separate crucial issue about commercial nuclear power. Eight of them explain in detail its dangers and problems, and the two final ones propose sensible and urgently needed solutions so far largely unaddressed

Can You Say Hidden Agenda?
By Jason Miller

The Discovery Institute's True Raison d’être and Why We Need to Be Deeply Concerned

Police And Communal Riots
By Vibhuti Narain Rai & Yoginder Sikand

Vibhuti Narain Rai is a senior Indian Police Service officer. He is also the author of 'Combating Communal Conflicts--Perception of Police Neutrality During Hindu-Muslim Riots in India'. In this interview with Yoginder Sikand he talks about the role of the Indian police in handling communal riots

05 August, 2006

Children Begin To Unlearn Some Lessons
By Urban Hamid

"Rockets landed on our house and destroyed it totally, so many people were injured," says nine-year-old Issara. Her two brothers, four-year-old Hussein and five-year-old Mahmoud, listen carefully. So does Ola Attaya, 31, a psychologist heading a pilot project to help traumatised children

A Terrible Thought Occurs To Me -
That There Will Be Another 9/11

By Robert Fisk

And watching the martyrdom of Lebanon this week - its slaughtered children in Qana packed into plastic bags until the bags ran out and their corpses had to be wrapped in carpets - a terrible and daunting thought occurs to me, day by day. That there will be another 9/11

A City Lives On With Its Ill-Fated Charm
By Dahr Jamail

The poster on the corniche near the American University campus in Beirut has become justly well known. It shows a Muslim woman in full black abaya walking next to a slender woman in a bikini. Together, they're the face of Beirut

Iraq Faces Civil War And Sectarian Partition
By Julie Hyland

Iraq is sliding into civil war and sectarian partition. That is the view of leading personnel in the British foreign service, the US military and the government of Iraq itself

Summer Of Goodbyes...
By Baghdad Burning

I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever know just how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis left the country this bleak summer. I wonder how many of them will actually return. Where will they go? What will they do with themselves? Is it time to follow? Is it time to wash our hands of the country and try to find a stable life somewhere else?

Feel The Beat : A Boshian Peak Oil Canvas
By Bill Henderson

With billions now contemplating the imminent peak of oil production and the consequent peak of that spike of human population we are all a part of, each day brings a wider, deeper understanding of what life at the peak means

An Evolution That Would Blow Darwin’s Mind
By Jason Miller

Since 1998, pro-Evolutionary forces have been grappling with anti-Evolutionary forces for control of the Kansas State School Board. In the recent election, power changed hands for the fourth time in eight years as Darwinists reclaimed a 6-4 advantage on the board. It is virtually a foregone conclusion that the board will again re-write the science standards to restore Evolution to its proper stature. Thankfully, reason will again prevail in science classes from Overland Park to Dodge City

Ayodhya's Forgotten Muslim Past
By Yoginder Sikand

The Ayodhya controversy continues to drag on, with no sign of any solution in sight. Hindutva ideologues insist that Ayodhya must be theirs alone. Reinventing tradition and myth, they claim that Ayodhya has always been Hindu, thus promoting it to the status of a Hindu Vatican. Yet, as critical historians have pointed out, this claim is completely unsubstantiated

04 August, 2006

300,000 Children Who Want To Go Home
By Anne Penketh & Kim Sengupta

"I don't want to die. I want to go to school," says Jamal, a four-year-old Lebanese boy scarred by the Israeli bombing of his country. Home for Jamal is now a "displacement centre" in the southern town of Jezzine, where his family fled in fear for their lives

Human Rights Watch Catalogues Israeli
War Crimes In Lebanon

By Rick Kelly

The US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Israel of committing war crimes in a 50-page report released yesterday

Knife In The Back
By Uri Avnery

The day after the war will be the Day of the Long Knives.Everybody will blame everybody else. The politicians will blame each other. The generals will blame each other. The politicians will blame the generals. And, most of all, the generals will blame the politicians

Future History: A Glimpse Of What U.S.
Lebanon Policy Could Spawn

By Lawrence Pintak

It is very likely that the world will look back at the summer of 2006 as a seminal moment in Middle East history. We may well be seeing, as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says, “the birth pangs of a new Middle East.” But it is also quite possible a monster will be born

The Fig Leaf(let) Of Warning
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Along with its leaflets, myths of Israeli military invincibility and moral superiority too have dropped out of the sky, making their way to the ground where Hezbollah stands

Prince Of Peace- Ban Religion!
By David Truskoff

One would think that if there was a supreme being, be it a he or she supreme being, the first thing that Supreme Being would do is ban religion.If God sent his son down to be the Prince of Peace then the first thing the Prince of Peace would have to do would be to get rid of the most deadly weapon man has ever invented. RELIGION

Untying The Gordian Knot
Of The Christian Faith

By Doug Soderstrom

Christianity (as understood by Christian fundamentalists) is not a rational system of thought, that the primary axioms upon which the faith is based are inherently flawed, internally inconsistent, to the point that such can no longer be considered to be an ontologically valid theory of life

Freedom To Fascism - A Must-See Film
By Stephen Lendman

Aaron Russo has produced an important documentary film titled Freedom to Fascism that should be must viewing for everyone

An Open Letter To America
By Ibrahim Ebeid

Are we really aware of why people around the world don’t harbor love and respect for us? Have we ever thought why people around the world "hate" us?

More Evidence Of Lieberman’s Republican Nature –
His Support From The Chamber Of Commerce

By Ralph Nader

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - - the largest, cruelest and most extreme corporate lobby against workers', consumers' and environmental protections - - endorses Senator Joseph Lieberman

Fighting In Eastern Sri Lanka Spreads
To The Town Of Muttur

By Wije Dias

Fighting is intensifying between the Sri Lankan military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Pesticide Spray Proves Disastrous
In Salkiana Village, Jalandhar

By Kheti Virasat Mission

Report of a Fact Finding Visit by Kheti Virasat Mission

03 August, 2006

US-Israeli Onslaught On Lebanon Intensifies
By Mike Head

Backed by the Bush administration, Israel has poured thousands more troops into Lebanon and escalated its aerial bombardment in its bid to crush all resistance and take control of the south of the country

Entire Lebanese Family Killed In
Israeli Attack On Hospital

By Robert Fisk

An attack on a hospital, the killing of an entire Lebanese family, the seizure of five men in Baalbek and a new civilian death toll - 468 men, women and children - marked the 22nd day of Israel's latest war on Lebanon

'No Hezbollah Rockets Fired From Qana'
By Dahr Jamail

Red Cross workers and residents of Qana, where Israeli bombing killed at least 60 civilians, have told IPS that no Hezbollah rockets were launched from the city before the Israeli air strike

Israeli Newspaper Reports That
The Army Lied About Qana

By Ira Glunts

There Were No Hezbollah Fighters or Missile Launchers In Qana

Lebanese Red Cross Repeatedly Targeted
By Dahr Jamail

Israeli warplanes are attacking the Lebanese Red Cross repeatedly, members of the medical aid group say

"You Reach A Place Where You Look At
Life Like It's Nothing."

By Dahr Jamail

Walking into the scene of the massacre yesterday in Qana felt like entering a bottomless pit of despair. A black whole of sadness, regardless of the fact that the bodies of the women, 37 young children, the elderly, and what few men were there had been removed

Israel, Not Hizbullah, Is Putting Civilians
In Danger On Both Sides Of The Border

By Jonathan Cook

So if Israeli officials have been deceiving us about what has been occurring inside Lebanon, have they also been misleading us about Hizbullah’s rocket attacks on Israel? Should we take at face value government and army statements that Hizbullah’s strikes into Israel are targeting civilians indiscriminately, or do they need more serious investigation?

De-Arabization Of Arab League
By Nicola Nasser

Did the Arab League change since 1987? Yes it did, but towards more de-Arabization.The failure of the Arab leaders to convene an emergency summit meeting on the Israeli offensive on Lebanon has exacerbated the people-state conflict

US - Israeli UN Resolution Hypocrisy
By Stephen Lendman

Two nations stand out above all others as notorious serial abusers of UN resolutions - the US and Israel. Over the last half century, the US has used its Security Council veto many dozens of times to prevent any resolutions from passing condemning Israel for its abusive or hostile actions or that were inimical to Israeli interests

No Lasting Peace Without Hezbollah
By Taj Hashmi

A peace without Hezbollah might look impressive, but it would remain hollow and meaningless in the long run

Young People Of America…Rise Up And Rebel!
By Doug Soderstrom

I am calling upon the youth of this country to say no to war, to tell their leaders that they will not obey the government’s request that they take up arms, that they will not go to war for the purpose of killing the enemy

Naked Terrorism
By Ghali Hassan

Most Lebanese see the U.S. as being complicit in Israel’s terror against Lebanon and want to join the Hizbullah resistance to defend their nation against Israel’s aggression

The West Needs Moderate Voices
By Shajahan Madampat

The West is in serious need of moderate moral voices. The ones that exist - like Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Howard Zinn, Jean Baudrillard - are all completely marginalized from the public, or have been conveniently imported whole sale into the East. The East, of course, loves them all intensely, but that is of hardly any consequence, unless they are heard clear and loud in the West

When Is Violence ‘Terror’ And When Is It Not?
By M R Narayan Swamy

There was nothing ‘natural’ about the slaughter of Sikhs in 1984, and nothing ‘natural’ about Gujarat 2002

01 August, 2006

Israel Rules Out A Ceasefire As Syria
Puts Troops On Alert

By Donald Macintyre

Israel plans to "expand and strengthen" its military operations in Lebanon, despite the growing international calls for a ceasefire and its own agreement to a 48-hour halt to bombing after killing 56 civilians, including many children, in Qana

Syria In the Gunsight
By Uri Avnery

The cabinet ministers recite in unison: No! Never ever! We shall not attack Syria! Perhaps some of them really don't intend to. They do not dream of a war with Syria. Definitely not. But the ministers only delude themselves when they believe that they control the war. The war controls them

A Nato-Led Force Would Be In Israel's
Interests, But Not Lebanon's

By Robert Fisk

Every foreign army - including the Israelis - comes to grief in Lebanon. So, how come George Bush and Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara - after their inevitable disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq - believe that a Nato-led force is going to survive on the south Lebanese border?

"Supporters Of Hezbollah"
By Dahr Jamail

Just last Thursday, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon announced on Israeli army radio, "All those in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah.

Four-Year-Old Qana Survivor's
Night Between The Dead

By Hanady Salman

"Why did you leave me there alone, sleeping with our neighbor's kids? How could you? You know, if I weren't scared I would have followed you home. But it was dark and they were shelling, so I slept again. Where is Zeinab?"His mother, Rabab, told him the following: "She's having fun in heaven. There are no Israelis there. She's happy there."

Iraq’s Destiny
By Ghali Hassan

While most people have reached a (false) conclusion that the U.S. has “failed” to shape Iraq according to its planned agenda, it is not hard to see that the U.S. is carrying out its original plan to destroy Iraq and colonise its people and national resources

Fed Up With War
By David Howard

The Iraq War is an outrage, an obscene feast of aggression. Here’s how US citizens can help end it: Write, call or e-mail Congress and the President; sign the Voters Pledge to refuse to support pro-war candidates

Energy Dependence And Why we War-War
By Jeff Berg

Now more than ever America is dependent on other people’s oil and this is what the wars in the Middle East are about everything else by contrast is mere pretext. The one exception being water issues which are still a very distant second

The Decider And Its Poodle
By Ingmar Lee

As the Zionist obliteration of Lebanon will surely yield the long sought-for pretext for the PNACian grand masterplan, the hair-trigger nukular Decider's got his sights steadfastly set on Iran, while its short-leashed quisling wag Poodle gasped as he glimpsed his glorious Road to Damascus leading off to the brink of that unfathomable abyss beyond


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