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31 August, 2003

Iraq Into A Civil War?
By Robert Fisk

For what is happening is not just the back-draft of an invasion or even a growing guerrilla war against occupation. It is the start of a civil war in Iraq that will consume the entire nation

Tagore and Jana Gana Mana
By Monish R. Chatterjee

This article is written in response to the frequently perpetuated myth that Rabindranath Tagore wrote the song Jana Gana Mana for the British monarch

30 August, 2003

America's Other Quagmire
By Peter Symonds

While media attention has been focused on Iraq, Afghanistan is also becoming a quagmire for the US military

A Costly Friendship
By Patrick Seale

The war on Iraq. How did it all begin? An important part of the story, though not the whole of it, is the special relationship between the United States and Israel

Violence Will End When Occupation Ends
By Hasan Abu Nimah

The road to peace starts with nothing else other than ending the occupation, wherever that occupation may be

By Noam Chomsky

Interview with Noam Chomsky

29 August, 2003

Needed: An Inquiry Into A Slaughter
By John Pilger

In Iraq an estimated 10,000 civilians and 30,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed during the attacked on Iraq. These people were killed by weapons designed to reduce human beings to charcoal or to shred them. Why not an enquiry into this massacre?

Fisherman By Day "Terrorist" By Night
By Niko Price

An interview with an Iraqi resistance fighter. His account, which mixes verifiable facts with extravagant claims, gives a rare insight into the secret world of Iraq's anti-American resistance

Mythologies of Merit
By Gail Omvedt

Indian business as a whole has maintained a deafening silence on the issue of combating caste discrimination

The Hell That Was Naroda-Patiya
By Manas Dasgupta

Naroda-Patiya Victims Narrate `Hellish Experience' To Nanavati Panel

Shiv Sena Dangles Carrot For Dalits
By Ram Puniyani

The Ambedkar baiter Shiv Sena turns 180 degrees and
offeres to ally with dalits

28 August, 2003

The UN, de Mello And The US Occupation Of Iraq
By Peter Symonds

Throughout his time in Iraq, de Mello openly functioned as a political emissary for Washington’s proconsul in Baghdad, Paul Bremer III—sounding out Iraqi leaders, soliciting support and acting as a go-between

Beware The Bluewash
By George Monbiot

The UN should not become the dustbin for America’s failed adventures

A Progressive Discussion Forum On Kashmir

Report on a dynamic discussion forum on Kashmir , organized by People for Peace in Kashmir and Social and Cultural Anthropology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco

A Jew among 25,000 Muslims
By Jonathan Cook

The story of Susan Nathan the only Jew living in the Arab town of Tamra

Moksha In Modern Times
By Pankaj Pachauri

Modern India is always wrestling with its ancient culture and beliefs.Faith is supreme. It rules by ignoring rules. A reflection on the Kumbh mela

Violence Against Dalits- The Unused Ammunition

One principal source of continued caste violence is the lack of
implementation of existing laws in India designed to protect the lower castes

26 August, 2003

Mumbai Blasts-A Vicious Cycle Of
Terror, Counter-terror

By Praveen Swami

Monday's murderous twin bombings at the Zaveri Bazaar and the Gateway of India is part of the longest-running terror bombing campaign any major Indian city has ever seen

Want A Cow Bill? Go Tell It To This Child
By Nirmala Ganapathy

Five dalits were beaten, set ablaze on false charges of cow slaughter in Jhajjar. All 32 accused are out on bail threatening to do it again

Let Go Of Ayodhya
By Swami Agnivesh & Rev Valson Thampu

All non-Ayodhya intruders into this dispute must take their hands off and leave it to the Hindus and Muslims of Ayodhya to resolve what is, essentially, a local issue

25 August, 2003

Killing The Road Map
By Uri Avnery

The Road Map is dead, and the killing was a classic putsch

The Nightmare Continues In Palestine
By Gideon Levy

A generation is growing up in Palestine that is not only hungry, psychologically traumatized, unhealthy and without proper education-but is also thirsty for revenge and consumed by hatred

"How Can I Be sexist? I’m An anarchist!”
By Chris Crass

Personal Reflections On Challenging Male Supremacy

A War Without End
By Justin Huggler

Any illusion that the occupation might be working lies in the ruins of the UN's HQ

24 August, 2003

The Loneliness Of Noam Chomsky
By Arundhati Roy

An essay written as an introduction for the new edition of Noam Chomsky's "For Reasons of State"

A New Emergency
By Githa Hariharan

How does this obsessive harking back to the two-child norm impinge on human rights? Large numbers of women, Dalits, adivasis, and the poor cannot contest elections to panchayati raj institutions

22 August, 2003

A Privatized Occupation
By Ceara Donnelley and William D. Hartung

The Price of Freedom in Iraq and Power in Washington

The worst Indian
By Amulya Ganguli

The Choice of the 'worst Indian is bound to fall on Narendra Modi

Judiciary -Messiah In Residence
By Ashok Mitra

The much discussed judgment of Indian Supreme Court is
comprehensively asinine: it is awfully lacking in symmetry

The Right To Strike
By Rajeev Dhavan

Strikes and demonstrations are a democracy's hard-fought weapons against oppression. They cannot be wished away by a Supreme Court

A Blood Red Carpet Welcome
By Praful Bidwai

India is rolling out the red carpet for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon precisely when Israeli repression of the Palestinian struggle against occupation has reached new heights

21 August, 2003

America's Crumbling Authority
By Robert Fisk

UN Attack Underlines America's Crumbling Authority And Shows It Can Not Guarantee The Safety Of Any One

India - Vital Importance Of Coming Elections
By V.M.Tarkunde

As will be shown below, NDA government under the leadership of the BJP has caused grave damage to the secular democracy of India. If after the coming general election the BJP again come to power the secular democracy of India may be so materially damaged as to be on the of path extinction

Terrorists In Saffron
By Swami Agnivesh

Hindutva is Hinduism's internal enemy. It derives its inspiration not from Ram, Shiva or Krishna, but from Hitler and Mussolini. Hindutva is pseudo-Hinduism

Protecting Cows, Protecting Power
By Praful Bidwai

Faced with uncertain prospects in elections to five state
legislatures due within three months, India's pro-Hindu coalition is bringing in a bill in the national parliament to ban the killing of cows and win the sympathies and votes of Hindus

Pakistan's Sectarian Menace
By Dr. Iffat Idris

Sectarian killings are a relatively recent phenomenon in Pakistani society. The origins of sectarian violence in Pakistan can be traced back to the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan

20 August, 2003

Why Us?
By Jamie Wilson

They came to bring relief from war.The UN peace keepers in Iraq are asking: why us?

Myth And Denial In The War Against Terrorism
By William Blum

The word "terrorism" has been so overused in recent years that it's now commonly used simply to stigmatize any individual or group one doesn't like, for almost any kind of behavior involving force

State Repression In The Narmada Valley
By Angana Chatterji

The injustices in the Narmada Valley must be scrutinized by international human rights organizations. The government must comply with the rule of law

19 August, 2003

Heat On Cold Drinks
By Arjun Sen

Coke and Pepsi may be following the Enron foot steps in India, unless they do not answer the grave environmental and safety questions raised against them

Hero In War And Peace
By Uri Avnery

If Sharon and the army command succeed in disrupting the hudna (truce) and bring about the renewal of the intifada, they will not break the Palestinians, who will refuse to submit. And after large-scale bloodshed, Yasser Arafat will make a speech in the Knesset, as did Sadat, the "Hero of War and Peace".

17 August, 2003

'No War': A Full Throated Cry
By Robert Jensen

The U.S. `liberation' of Iraq has given way to a guerilla war against an `occupation army' that grows increasingly unpopular at home, while at the same time the `distortions and disinformation' that were used to justify going to war are beginning to unrave

Manufacturing Consensus For Collective Suicide
By Himanshu Thakkar

The Indian governments move to link major rivers in India is going to be an environmental disaster. But the authorities are going ahead with the plan disregarding warnings from environmentalists