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28 February, 2004

Hundreds Of Lost Souls Still In No Man's Land
By Astrid Van Genderen Stort

Hundreds of Iranians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis and Sudanese have spent the past 10 months in the no man's land between Jordan and Iraq, still with no hope of repatriation

Mining To Destruction And Hijacking
Their Rights To Submission

By Goldy M. George

Mining industry is an industry where large scale environmental degradation and humanrights violation takes place in full view of the public eye. But the persons involved in these crimes get away quite easily

27 February, 2004

British Public Is Funding Hindutva Extremism
By Awaaz - Soth Asia Watch

A report prepared by Awaaz - South Asia Watch Ltd, says RSS branches in the UK have been raising large amounts of money in the name of charity for natural disasters like the Gujarat earthquake and funding sangh parivar groups, including groups that have incited anti-minority violence

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending
World Oil Shortage

By Kenneth S. Deffeyes

An overview of the of the book "Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage" By Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Haiti - Insurrection In The Making
By Yifat Susskind

An excellent backgrounder on the political crisis in Haiti

26 February, 2004

Washington Utilizes Rightist Terror
To Effect “Regime Change” In Haiti

The Bush administration is utilizing an armed rebellion by fascistic thugs in the north and center of Haiti to effect a longstanding goal of regime change in the impoverished Caribbean nation

The Pentagon Sounds
The Alarm On Global Warming,
Why Isn't Bush Listening?

By Arianna Huffington

According to a new Pentagon study change will happen, according to the report's authors, as soon as the next three years, with the most devastating fallout potentially occurring between 2010 and 2020

25 February, 2004

Forecast Of Rising Oil Demand Challenges
Tired Saudi Fields

By Jeff Gerth

Saudi Arabia's oil fields now are in decline, prompting industry and government officials to raise serious questions about whether the kingdom will be able to satisfy the world's thirst for oil in coming years

Even if Palestine Wins At The Hague...
By Ali Abunimah

An ICJ decision on the separation wall in Palestine would be of no value unless it is accompanied by a determined Palestinian-led strategy to translate it into action

Democracy in Afghanistan?
By Meena Nanji

In sticking to the June 2004 schedule for Afghan elections against recommendations from a variety of sources, George Bush is confirming his own penchant for the appearance of democracy rather than any real participation in the political process by a majority of citizenry

Uma Bharati's Cow Agenda
By Ram Puniyani

Right from the word go Uma Bharati has brought in Hindutva into her style of functioning and polices.She has banned liquor and non vegetarian food in the three "holy" cities and to back it up she is now giving a 'cow tilt' to Madhya Pradesh's economy by giving primacy to establishing Goshala

Hindutva Culture And Electoral Alliances
By Nalini Taneja

Despite the recent victories in the assembly elections one can say that in electoral terms the BJP remains just where it was in the last round of national elections. In ideological terms it is much stronger than it was in the last round, primarily because its social and political vision finds favour with and reflects the prerogatives of the ruling classes better than any other party

24 February, 2004

Israel Boycotts International Court On
West Bank Barrier

By Chris Marsden

The Israeli government is refusing to accept the right of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague to render an “advisory opinion” on the legality of its West Bank security barrier

A Wall As A Weapon
By Noam Chomsky

The Hague hearings will end in an advisory ruling that the wall is illegal. It will change nothing

HAITI: How Washington Set
The Stage For Uprising

By Lee Sustar

The anti-Aristide opposition that is behind the uprising shaking Haiti today is a Washington-connected collection of Haitian businessmen and a scattering of former leftists

Gunned Down With Abandon
By Robert Fisk

Iraqis who fail to see US military checkpoints, who overtake convoys under attack--or who merely pass the scene of an American raid--are being gunned down with abandon. US official "inquiries" into these killings routinely result in either silence or claims that the soldiers "obeyed their rules of engagement"--rules that the Americans will not disclose to the public

For The Right To Strike!
By Tapan Sen

Today India is witnessing the 9th all India general strike since the onset of the disastrous liberalised economic policy regime. It's for the worker's right to strike made illegal after a court ruling

23 February, 2004

Haiti: Washington Gives Greenlight To
Right-wing Coup

By Richard Dufour

Former military and death-squad leaders are attempting an armed overthrow of the elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, with the connivance of an elite-controlled political opposition and under the complacent eyes of Western governments

Hindutva And The Dalit-Bahujans:
Dangerous Portents

By Yoginder Sikand

Hindutva, the unique Indian form of Indian fascism, is the modern incarnation of Brahminism. Although it projects itself as the defender of the 'Hindu' community against imagined 'enemies', such as Muslims and Christians, it is actually premised on an unrelenting hostility towards the vast majority of the so-called 'Hindus' themselves-Dalits, Shudras and tribals

Is It Safe To Play Cricket In India?"
By Raja Swamy

With the Indian cricket team's tour of Pakistan just days away, Indian's are fruriously discussing whether it is safe to play cricket in Pakistan, but they forget to ask the question," Is it safe to play cricket in India?"

Five Women Tonsured For Converting
To Christianity

By John Dayal

Five women in an Orissa village tonsured for converting to christianity

Get Converted & Damned Too
By Dr M P Raju

Till now Conversion to Christianity or Islam was to cost you only the Scheduled Caste status; now by the grace of the Judiciary it may cost even the Scheduled Tribe Status

Forget Valentine's Day
By Kalpana Sharma

Why should the Sangh Parivari's pay so much attention to Velentine's day? Will this not be better if they tackled the manner in which girls continue to be treated and deal with the mockery of marriage where girls are openly traded?

22 February, 2004

Now The Pentagon Tells Bush:
Climate Change Will Destroy Us

By Mark Townsend and Paul Harris

Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters

Iran's Elections Bolster Hardliners
By Angus McDowall

Hardliners in Iran could pursue a more aggressive nuclear policy and crack down on the country's reformists after taking control of parliament in an election boycotted by their opponents

21 February, 2004

India Shining: Ram, Raymond And Goan Holidays

Advani admits that the NDA government got the 'feel good' inspiration from a Raymond Suiting ad. Hence you have the glossy ‘India Shining’ images chasing and mocking at you wherever you go

No Honour In Honour Killings
By Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

In many honour killings, the women of the family actively participated in killing their own daughters or sisters. When the women themselves participate in such a disgusting crime, how can one blame only the men?

If Gods Become Silent The
Must Speak
By Udit Raj

Dalits are rejecting Hinduism. Why make a song and dance
about it?

20 February, 2004

Palestinian Issue Riddles Bush's 2005 Budget
By Sam Bahour

In the proposed $2.4 trillion Budget of the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2005 the Bush Administration failed in realistically engaging the issue toward a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian conflict, but, viewed through the proposed budget, President Bush has totally adopted the state line of Israel on almost every account. Bottom line, the Israeli military campaign against Palestinians will continue and the US taxpayer is knowingly, or otherwise, footing the bill

Detained And Tortured By The US Military
By Jim Loney

Ahmed is a 52 year-old farmer who lives on the outskirts of Bagdhad. He was detained and tortured by US forces at the end of January. Here is his story

19 February, 2004

One Third Of The World’s Urban Population
Lives In A Slum

By Simon Whelan

United Nations reported that one billion people—approximately one third of the world’s urban dwellers and a sixth of all humanity, live in slums

A Palestinian Authority Steeped In
Paralysis And Corruption

By Hasan Abu Nimah

The PA has been reduced from a national liberation movement and state-building entity to nothing more than a security agent and scapegoat for the occupier

Globalisation, Fascism And Dalits
By Goldy M. George

An alliance of Dalits, Adivasis, women and working class should emerge to challenge the existing citadels of power headed by a bunch of upper caste elite

18 February, 2004

Jean-Bertrand Aristide And The Dead End Of
“Left” Nationalist Politics

A letter on Haiti from a reader and a reply by World Socialist Website correspondent Richard Dufour which puts the Haiti violence in perspective

17 February, 2004

US Double Game In Haiti
By Tom Reeves

Even as Colin Powell insists the U.S. does NOT seek "regime change," the attempt to oust the legitimate elected government of Jean Bertrand Aristide grows more violent by the day

Basis of Minorities-Genetic or Social
By Ram Puniyani

RSS is no spokesperson of Hindus, it does represent the most retrograde values of a section of Hindu community. If it is serious about ensuring that the concept of minorities is done away with, it should stop the whole paraphernalia, which it has unleashed upon the country, to spread hate

Income Inequality In India
By Jayati Ghosh

The period since the neo-liberal economic reforms were introduced in India has been one of dramatically increased income inequality. For the bottom 80 per cent of the rural population - well more than half of India's total population , who now number nearly 600 million, per capita consumption has actually declined since 1989-90.

16 February, 2004

Tutu tells : Apologise For 'Immoral' War
By Nigel Morris

Archbishop Desmond Tutu will challenge Tony Blair and George Bush today to apologise for their pursuit of a counter-productive and "immoral" war in Iraq

Ngo Factor At Wsf Worries Activists
By Humeira Iqtidar

The anti-globalization movement can only continue its remarkable progress if the socially progressive participants are politicized. If it becomes a giant NGO forum, sponsored by rich donors, it can easily lose its effectiveness